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Like 99.9% Of The People Throughout North America, I Didn’t Personally Know Justice Ginsburg, so I have to Take the Word of Others that Ginsburg was a Nice Person. I will Assume that she was Also Smart. And I will Acknowledge that Ginsburg Contributed in a Very Meaningful Way . . . To The LEFTIST Transformation Of America.


However . . . Ginsburg Was 87-Years Old, and in Spite of the Fact that Ginsburg Died, No One Lives Forever And 87-Years is (was) a Long Time, Especially Considering the Fabulous (Fairytale) Life Ginsburg Seemed to have Lived.

Justice Ginsburg Was A Lawyer . . . and from all that I can Discern, Ginsburg was a Very Good Lawyer. She was Also a University Professor – So How Does That Elevate Ginsburg To Sainthood, as we Witness the Hordes of People Laying Wreaths, Lighting Candles & Weeping at the Footsteps of the Supreme Court Building in Ginsburg’s Memory & Honor?

The Legacy Ginsburg Leaves In My Mind . . . Is of a LEFTIST Lawyer, Come University Professor, Come Supreme Court Justice who was Part of the Swamp . . . that in the Words of Barack Hussein Obama . . . Contributed in a Major Way to the Fundamental Change of America . . . And Not In A Better Way.


President Trump . . . Win Or Lose On November 3, 2020 – is the President of the United States of America Until January 20, 2021 when President Trump is Re-Sworn-In or his Opponent (Biden Or Harris) is Sworn-In as America’s 46th President.


In October 2013 – Obama Told McCain . . . “I Won, You Lost – Deal With It”.

Part of the LEFTIST Argument Against President Trump Being Permitted to Name a New Supreme Court Justice . . . Is How Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Wouldn’t Give a Hearing to Outgoing Obama’s Choice of Chicago Based Merrick Garland to Replace Antonin Scalia.

As An Aside – There Seems To Be Something Really Sick About The People Going To Washington From Chicago.

I Won’t Go Into A Litany Of Constitutional Nuances – Other Than To Say . . . Like it or Not, Constitutionally, it is Up to the Senate to Decide Upon the Voting of a Supreme Court Justice from the Nominating Process to the Final Decision.

In The Case Of The Passing Of Ginsburg . . . President Trump, just Like Past President Obama has the Right to Present a Replacement Supreme Court Judge, Just as the Senate Leader has the Right to Give that Replacement a Hearing or Not.

The Current Problem With The LEFT, and all the Tears for Ginsburg that aren’t Really Tears for Ginsburg, as Much as they are Tears for the FACT that President Trump  will Make the Court Constitutionally Adherent to the Will of the Originalists (Framers).


Yet Another Racist Moment In America . . . Biden Criteria – Next Supreme Court Justice Must Be A Black Woman.


Not Only Did Biden & The Democrat LEFT Insult 87% of the American People (White Americans) by Making the Absolute Criteria for Biden’s Presidential Running Mate to be a Woman, Not Just A Woman . . . But A Black Woman, it also Insulted every Black American, by STATING through Inference that Black Americans Can’t Measure-Up on their Own Merit to White, Hispanic & Asian Americans, Without The  Racist Benefit Of Affirmative Action.

Whatever Happened To The Best Person For The Job – Man, Woman, Black, White, Latino, Asian & Whatever Religion?


On Wednesday September 16, 2020, Melissa Francis, Marie Harf & Harris Faulkner of the Fox News’ Lunchtime Show “Outnumbered” . . . Insulted & Disparaged Newt Gingrich – Their Invited Guest.

I Didn’t See It As It Happened, because I Make it a Habit Not to Watch or Care About the Pontifications of Francis, Faulkner or Harf – who is the Former Mouth-Piece of the Traitor (Former) Senator & Secretary of State John Kerry, who while Kerry Served in Uniform DURING the Vietnam War, Met Surreptitiously (Illegally) in Paris France with the Enemy, and then Came Back to America, before Becoming a Senator – To Testify Before the Senate on April 22, 1971 . . . to Disparage the Millions (2,709,918) of American Vietnam Vets By Describing Them As War Criminals.

I Saw It After The Fact . . . Because Angry People Sent Me A Link Of This Reprehensible Event.

While Gingrich Spoke – Gingrich Pointed-Out . . . That Much of the Problems Plaguing America Today, were Financially Supported by LEFTIST Billionaire George Soros, when he was RUDELY Cut-Off by Melissa Francis, Followed-Up by an Equally RUDE (Socialist) Harf, Followed-Up by a Stupidly Silenced (Stunned) Faulkner – NOT To Include George Soros In Gingrich’s Conversation.

From This Disgraceful Moment . . . Newt Gingrich Simply Stopped Talking After Basically Saying . . . I Guess This Topic Is Verboten . . . The German Word Used Extensively By The Nazis For Forbidden. And That Was That.


The Next Day . . . Harris Faulkner Feebly Tried to Defend What Happened by Describing Criticism Against Soros as she (Alluded) to such Comments as Anti-Semitic, which was in itself an Extremely Anti-Semitic Statement by Harris Faulkner, since Gingrich Said Nothing about George Soros’ Religion.

FIRST-OFF . . . Soros Is Himself A Self-Hating Jew, who has a Sick Antipathy Against Israel, the Only Jewish State in the World . . . and by Soros’ Own Words, he Survived & Prospered without Guilt During the Holocaust, by Pretending Not to be Jewish, while Helping Seize Jewish Property for the Nazis in Hungary.

But That’s Not The Issue . . . Since Soros Is A Despicable Person Regardless Of His Religious Association, Affiliation Or Beliefs.

SO ACCORDING TO FOX NEWS’ FAULKNER WHO ALLEGED  . . . We Can’t Criticize this Man (George Soros) who Legitimately is Working with his Billions to Destroy the Constitutionality & Independence of the United States of America because that would be Anti-Semitic . . . Then What About Adam Schiff, Gerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer Etc? 

Is Criticism Of These & Other LEFTIST Prominent Jews – ALSO VERBOTEN?

To Suggest that Jews are that Sensitive to Legitimate Targeted Criticism, or Legitimate Criticism Against all Jews, is an Insult of Great Proportion – Lumping Jews in with the Socially Obscene Cultures that make Racism their Calling Card.

Tantamount To This Idiocy . . . We Shouldn’t be Able to Criticize Black Lives Matter, because we would be Criticizing Black People. And we Shouldn’t be able to Point-Out that George Floyd was a Common Thug whose Death was No Loss to Society, because Floyd was a Black Man.


What’s The Statute Of Limitations?

If Black Americans can Ask for Reparations for Slavery that Ended 150-Years Ago, What About For Me & Mine, since Black Americans & Useful White Idiots are Stating their Case?

Some 2,500 Years Ago . . . The Egyptians ENSLAVED My People (Jews) – Who Do I See For Reparations?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! I wonder how much financial backing Fox has from Soros? Otherwise, why stifle Newt?

  2. Regarding John Kerry: We veterans cannot forget his three Purple Hearts, all three of which we believe he did not deserve. As a former Awards Clerk in Vietnam, I can tell you that it is truly possible for him to receive those medals without merit. I know because I’ve heard from a reliable source that a Silver Star medal (an award for gallantry in battle; the third highest medal below the Medal of Honor) was awarded to someone who didn’t deserve it.

  3. I agree with your comments about Fox News. I have been a Fox. Only will watch the few conservative and honest programs. I think the black slaves received plenty of reparations in the Civil War. Over 300,000 Union solders died and about 200,000 had permanent disabilities in the war to free the blacks from slavery. That was a huge price not counting the millions of $ spent by the Union. I have become a fan of OAN news network and appreciate them more than FOX. I have not seen much real racism.

  4. Guarantee you those women on Fox wouldn’t have said a word to stop Gingrich had he been talking about Netanyahu in such a way. Again, I hope & pray Nov 3rd will see not only a literal run-away voting for Trump, but a decidedly GOP majority in both houses of Congress. We conservatives and all those who SEE the truth about Democrats willingness to allow their cities burned down as well as Dems turning Socialist, need to turn out in record numbers AND VOTE FOR TRUMP. Then see how they dispute it.

  5. Where was all this adulation when Justice Scalia died?? He was worth at least as much a Ginsberg. This is just more of the leftist attempt to destroy our country.

  6. My maternal great-grandfathers-‘s brother and paternal great-great-grandfather’s brother both fought for the Union and died at Andersonville -the notorious Confederate Prison. We don’t owe any reparations.

  7. Excellent! The left are probably mad at Ruth Bader Ginsburg for dying because they know POTUS will replace her with a Conservative judge. Also, I believe the crew at “Outnumbered” had a bug in their ear to cut the interview with Newt. They are constantly getting orders from higher up through their ear pieces. Fox was once my favorite, now I only check out “The Five” and move on. Jesse and Greg always give me a laugh.

  8. Excellent Editorial. RE:: RBG may have been an excellent litigator, however; she was a Radical, Leftist Activist & continued her agenda on the SCOTUS. From her death bed, she requests NO REPLACEMENT until after the election. She was continuing her activism AGAINST Trump for the PRO LIFE stance. MYPOV I did NOT see (Outnumbered) & I agree with your assessment. God Bless. Go Trump Go……………

  9. RBG was a very smart person, her views were very Liberal and she voted them. A SCJOTUS is supposed to be unbiased, fair minded and above reproach. She was none of these, she wrote many decisions that proves that. I saw her vote Liberal on many things, 2nd Amendment rights while she had armed security, She hated Trump, period. She is the poster child for Term Limits, I do no agree on life time appointments, they breed contempt. We are one step closer to Civil WAR as their is no repercussions

  10. George Soros should not be in America. He has bought out FOX news & as soon as their contracts are up like Judge Jeanne they will be gone! George Soros nephew is married to Clinton’s daughter. Dr. Fauci first company he worked for out of college was George Soros company. Bill Gates was Dr. Fauci room mate in college you getting the picture the virus was spread because of George Soros. We have known for a long time that George Soros is a traitor to America he is the money behind of the BLM riots!

  11. Howard, once again you have echoed my thoughts exactly. Ms. Ginsberg does not deserve deification simply because she was a woman who Democrats are attempting to make her. Her desires for waiting for a new president carry no more weight than mine. She lost all influence when she died, just as you and I will. Thank you for another HONEST appraisal.

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