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Gimmee . . . Gimmee . . . Gimmee – And Where Does It Stop?


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Where Does It Stop? . . . Does it Stop when White People like me NEVER Watch an NFL Game Again Because Black Millionaire Players think that I & People like me Have White Privilege . . . Whatever That’s Supposed To Mean?

Does it Stop when the American National Anthem, for which Men & Women from all Cultures, Races & Religions Suffered, Bled & Died in Revolution, Civil War, World Wars, Wars Against the Tyranny of Communism and the War Against Islamism . . . Is Replaced With The Anthem Of A Black American Aggrieved Minority?


Who The Hell Is Bari Weiss, Because Before this Week, I Never Heard her Name Mentioned Anywhere? But now, all of a Sudden Bari Weiss is National & International News, Because she Quit as a Public Opinion Writer & Editor of the New York Times.

So Why Did Bari Weiss Quit – And Why All Of A Sudden Has Weiss Become A Household Media Name?

Weiss Quit The New York Times . . . Because Weiss Said She Was Constantly Under Attack For Her Centrist Views . . . And Because Of Her Jewishness. Weiss Said that her Situation became so Untenable after Being at the Times for Two Years, that she couldn’t Take-It Anymore, Claiming that Freedom of Expression at the New York Times is Only As Free As The LEFT Allows.

But Weiss Isn’t The Only Writer/Editor to Leave the New York Times . . . Making the Same Claim, that Freedom of Expression Does Not Exist at the New York Times.


Weiss Considers Herself A Centrist . . . She’s Not. And Now She’s Railing Against Restricted Opinions & Anti-Semitism At The New York Times – Why Now, All Of A Sudden?

I Wrote In My Previous Editorial . . . They Reap What They Sow. They Didn’t Care about Journalistic Integrity & Freedom of Expression when the Publication they Worked-For (New York Times) Pilloried Everything Conservative, Everything Israeli & Everything “Trump” – Until They Themselves Got Pilloried.

These All Of A Sudden “Born-Again” (Sold-Out) Journalists Deserve Nothing From Any Of Us But Our Derision.

This is Only the Tip of the Iceberg for the Writers, Pundits, Producers, Publishers – Etc, who will Run Afoul of the Tyranny of the Anti-Freedom of Expression Mob, who Up-Till-Now Relished in their “Wisdom” of Defaming all the Conservatives they Could.

Soon – We will all Witness the Extraordinary Demise of the NOT-LEFTIST-ENOUGH Media Members who Won’t Kotow to the Far LEFTIST Line, who will Find Themselves on the Outside of their Industry, Trying to Figure-Out where they Could Go Next, because Their LEFTIST Media-Home is Closing Down the Door to Them & Conservatives Need Them Like We all Need the China Virus.


I Never Would Nave Dreamed That So Many Black People Could Be Such Human Garbage.

And Before Any of you Begin this Racism BS, because I called these People Human Garbage, Take a Little Walk Back Along Memory Lane.

We’ve all Grown Up Hearing about the Ubiquitous Number of White-TRASH Americans Living Out of the Mainstream. To the Delight of White Liberals.

Movies Throughout The Years Have Been Made Which Featured Dumbass White-Trash Hillbillies.

As a Matter of Fact, one of the Most Successful Box-Office Movies of all Time was DELIVERANCE, which set the Tone that People who Lived in Poor Rural or Southern States were Backward, Stupid, Mentally Challenged & Dangerous.

And Didn’t we all Laugh at the Antics of the Beverly Hillbillies. And even though the Heroes of the Dukes Of Hazzard were “Good Guys” . . . they were also Nonetheless Portrayed as Hillbilly Rednecks.

And What About The Way Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Were Portrayed?

I Don’t Recall . . . And Someone will Correct me if I’m Wrong, but I Don’t Remember White People, Especially Poor White People from the South who were Maligned & Defamed as White Trash for More than 100-Years in the Mass Entertainment Media, Demanding Apologies, Affirmative Action & Restitution.

A Black Piece Of Crap – George Floyd, who was a Reprehensible Thug, who was in the Process of Committing yet Another Crime to Add to his Extensive Rap-Sheet, was Murdered by a White Piece of Crap Cop, Most Probably because the Two of them Knew each other from Both Working as Bouncers at the Same Local Bar . . . Lit The Fuse, Which Created The Excuse For Black Americans To Show Their True Colors. And I Don’t Mean That Frivolously.

With Exception Of Conservative Black Americans . . . Liberal Black Americans, Uneducated & Uninformed Black Americans, have Seized this Nefarious Opportunity . . . To Spew Their Unfounded Hatred For White Americans.

Every time I Hear A Liberal, Black Or White Person State . . . We Have To Start The Conversation, I want to Puke.

What Conversation Would That Be?

Would The Conversation Be About . . . The Uneducated Black Masses? The Fatherless Black Children? The Black on Black Murders? The Obscene Black Rap “Music”? The Horrific Number of Black Committed Crimes? The Black on White Violence? The Black Arsonists? The Black Looters? The Disgraceful Millionaire Back Athletes? The Black Disrespect For Law & Order? The Black Destruction of American Historical Monuments? Or The Black Mega Performers Who Wear their Anti-White Racism as a Badge of Black Honor?

Should We Discuss Black Self-Disrespect?

Should The Conversation Be About . . . The White Congressional Congress? The White Academy Awards? The White Music Awards? The White Theater Awards? The White Miss USA Awards? The White Miss America Awards? . . . Because If It Is, There Are No Such Things – But They All Do Exist In The Black World.

Or Should The Conversation Be About . . . The Quarter Million (Give Or Take) White Americans who Died Freeing the Slaves Between 1861 & 1865? Or How President Lincoln was Assassinated for Freeing the Slaves? Or About the White People who Marched with Martin Luther King? Or About the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Or the Full Integration of the US Military? Or Black Americans who Became Military Generals? Or the Black Politicians who Became Major Political Players & Influencers? Or the Fact that America Celebrated its Black President, Black First Lady & Black Family in the White House? . . . Or Should The Conversation Be About Anti-White Discrimination Through Affirmative Action?

I’m Sick & Tired Of Hearing About Black Grievances . . . To The Point That White Liberals Will Destroy America Just From Pandering To People Who Don’t Deserve It. White America Has Nothing To Atone For. Nothing To Apologize For. Nothing To Be Ashamed Of . . . And No Reason To Give Any Restitution.

THE BLACK COMMUNITY HAS NO IDEA . . . Of The Counter Revolution They’re Creating. They Don’t Know, that they’re Nothing Less . . . And Nothing More than Useful Idiots for the LEFT. And When this will be all Over, which it will, the White Socialist Jackasses who’ve Spurred the Ignorant Black Mases-On – Will Walk Away . . . Leaving The Black American Community To Hold The Bag.

In Addition To All That . . . Whatever White America Gives To Black Americans Or The LEFT Will Never Be Enough, Because There Will Always Be More & Something Else.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, black/white racism ended when Obama was elected president and served two terms.

  2. They should visit any one of the African sh hole countries and then come back and tell us how poorly blacks are treated anywhere in North America,

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this article. Seems like I have waited forever for someone to actually come out in print and say these things. I particularly agree with the part about the white awards, TV programs, etc when there is no such thing but there is for blacks. Is that discrimination? I think so!!!!!

  4. Until now the United States of America was the LEAST racist country in the world. Now, thanks to the fascist/communist Black Lies Murder mob and their corrupt corporate media enablers, America is more racist than it has ever been. Blame the Black Privilege radicals and the lunatic fringe who have taken control of the Democrat Party.

  5. Absolutely correct. About 20 years ago, I was visiting a city, don’t remember where, for a conference. Walking down the hall to my lecture room, passed a door with a sign on an A frame stand saying, “Association of Black Lawyers.” I was appalled then, have never forgotten it. The crime committed by Congress was writing laws to pay endless welfare for fatherless black families. Take away responsibility=no accomplishments or pride, creating dependent voters. Gov’t knew. never forgotten it.

  6. We will always have strife until EVERYONE follows Dr. King’s admonition: Know people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

  7. In as much that most white Americans emigrated to the US long after the age of slavery, why do so many liberals buy into the guilt of slavery? It wasn’t their ancestors who promulgated slavery. Silly snowflakes.

  8. Howard you said it all…I wish I could add but your words are my words.

  9. Every problem or hot spot has majority blacks involved. Weather it’s New York or Portland or St. Louis, it’s always predominately Blacks attacking, destroying, looting. It’s not a race problem it is the way blacks were raised problem– If Blacks were so great then why is Africa a S— hole. Sounds racist, but, accurate.

  10. I post your articles on Facebook. Hope everyone does.

  11. a few years back my wife and I took a safari trip that started in Nairobi Kenya our hotel (the best in town was at best 3rd class accross the dirt street was gatherings of unemployed. Were people nice? YES but the poverty was devastating.No glass on the windows Visiting a school, benches for the kids flies inside the biggest I have ever seen. It was a memorable trip seeing all the animals but why they go out of the way to call themselves African Americans is beyond me. American is fine by me.

  12. 40 years ago I couldn’t fathom what mankind must have been like in Noah’s day that God repented he’d made man; then destroyed all earth save 8 humans & pairs of animals & birds. Now my thought is “I never though I’d live to see the day when man was as evil as in the days of Noah. God promised after the flood to not destroy earth that way again. I don’t think God need worry because man seems to be doing a great job of that himself. But God will man b4 the end, hoping man will repent to no avail.

  13. The term RACIST has been used so often in so many instances that it is now meaningless! I am white and would like a little of that so called white privilege. Nobody gave me anything.

  14. In plain view. Obama’s “legacy”. Violent barbarians, murders, mayhem, arson, looting, defacing… sabotage, …insurrection. We stand up, the scum kneels BTW. Both in Somalia and S. Africa there have been recent sentences against cannibals.

  15. Black Lives Matter, so do all lives, until they become criminal, then they forfeit that right. A person when they choose to become criminal, does so of their own free will. A person that repeatedly, steals, damages, burns what others worked for and paid for loss their rights, and if they attack law enforcement, it should be the last time. Are there bad cops, yes. Just as there are Bad Politicians, Lawyers and others who have risen to power on other peoples efforts and money. All life matters.

  16. Wow! Someone who has the “balls” to tell it like it is! THANK YOU!!!

  17. You are in my head Howard but I don’t have the talent of writing my concerns like you do. What you write is what I think. Keep up the good job.

  18. Exactly right Howard, you are the guy with the balls to tell the truth.

  19. Have you read the autopsy of George Floyd, and the body cam shots and the speach from them. Don’t be so quick to say murder.

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