Want Some Good News?


As America & The Entire World Convulse-Some . . . with this China Virus, the Massive Rate of Unemployment, the Political & Social Onslaught from the LEFTBear This In Mind . . .

There are Approximately 330-Million People Currently Living in the United States of America. Of the 330-Million People, about 150-Million People are Eligible Voters, Yet, as Many as 90-Million Eligible Voters Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Election, which Heralded-In the Presidency of Donald J Trump.


1 – People are Ignorant About Politics & Don’t Realize their own Personal Value in Voting.

2 – People . . . Usually with the Most Strident Political Opinions are Too Lazy to Vote, Yet, are Amongst the First & Loudest to Complain about the People who Govern-Us.

3 – There is No Shortage of People who Believe . . . “What’s the Difference?”, since they’re (Politicians) all Crooks, Liars & Cheats – So Why Bother?

Personally . . . I Don’t Believe Ignorant Uninformed People Should Vote – Nor do I Believe Anyone who is Too Lazy to Make the Effort to Vote should Either . . .

But I do Believe that People who are Frustrated with the System and the Choice of Politicians – who Feel . . . “What’s The Difference?” . . . Should Vote, because the Difference is Sometimes so Stark – that it Makes the Difference so Meaningful, that it Gives Purpose to their Vote . . . Which Brings Me To The Good News.

First Let Me Reiterate . . . I Have No Doubt That “President Trump” Will Win-Back The White House.

I am Also Quite Confident that the Republicans will Retain the Senate. And I’m Somewhat Hopeful that the House will Fall to a Republican Held Gavel.

90-Million Americans . . . Didn’t Vote in the 2016-Elections – because they Really Didn’t Want Hillary Clinton, and they Didn’t Want this Foul-Mouthed Bombastic “Blowhard” Trump.

But This Isn’t 2016 Any more . . . This Is 2020, where there is No Longer A Hillary Clinton, but Rather – a Bevy of Radical America Hating Anti-Semite Socialists (The Squad) Vying to Transform America into a Communist State.

There are Also Hateful Racists (Black Lives Matter) & Domestic Brown Shirts (Antifa) who Incite, Riot, Smash, Loot & Burn . . . But There’s Also President Donald J Trump . . . Who Delivered Far More Than What He Had Even Promised.


Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Faces The People & Leads? Or do you Want a Leader who Cowers in his Basement, Only to See the Light of Day in Carefully Scripted Moments?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Gives Better Than What He Gets From An Angry Media? Or do you Want a Leader who is Rehearsed with the Media through Scripted Questions & Answers?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Shouts His Achievements? Or do you Want a Leader who has to Lie to Keep the People from Knowing his 5-Decades of Government Failures?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Has Already Made America Great Again? Or do you Want a Leader who Wants to Take American Exceptionalism Back to the Basement?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Stands Up To The World? Or do you Want a Leader who Panders to the Empty Dream of a One World Government?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Brings Jobs Home? Or do you Want a Leader who’s Already been Responsible for Shipping Jobs Offshore?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Will Reduce As Many Burdens As Possible From The Backs Of All The People? Or do you Want a Leader who will Re-Impose Suffocating Regulations, Raise Taxes & Impose Draconian Punishments?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Will Protect The Integrity Of American Sovereignty? Or do you Want a Leader Opposed to Honest Immigration and is Against Border Security?

Do You Want A Leader . . . Who Stands – For Law & Order? Or do Want a Leader who Takes A Knee to an Angry Racist Mob?

There’s Much More Than That . . . But Those Are Just A Few Of America’s Choices.

For Many Months Now . . . We’ve been Reading, Hearing & Seeing the Polls that Show Biden is as Much as – and More than Double Digits Ahead of President Trump.

They Are Not True . . .

. . . Unless you Want to Believe Skewed Polls, where Mostly Democrats are Polled. Or the Questions are Asked in such a Way which Don’t Favor Donald Trump. Or are Questions Asked of Stupid Ill-Informed People.

Here’s The Good News . . . Unless the Democrats will be Able to Cheat at a Level that even I Don’t Believe is Possible . . . the Republicans will Turn-Out in Unimaginable Numbers to Vote for Donald Trump.

The Moderate LEFT who are Not Socialists, of which there are Still Many, will Either Not Vote for the Presidency, or will Vote for President Donald Trump.

The Angry Non-Voters Who Never Vote . . . because of “What Difference Does It Make?”, Now have a Reason to Vote, because they will Either Vote for their Continued Freedom Under President Trump, which they Currently Enjoy . . . or they will Vote for a Black-Hole Under Joe Biden, who if he Wins will be President-In-Name-Only . . . And a Majority of these People will Know that.

And For All The People Who Can’t Be Bothered To Vote – They Still Won’t Vote. There’s No Loss There.


The VAST Majority of Voting Americans are Either Sickened by the LEFTIST (Antifa/Black Lives Matter) Violence, Intimidation & Democrat Failure to Preserve & Protect, or are so Upset, Angry & Desperate, that at One Point they will Take-Up Arms & Deal with what the Democrats Refuse to Deal with Themselves.

The Defund Police . . . Is A Democrat Voting Horror-Story Of Their Own Cowardly Making.

Let Me Put This Into Proper Perspective . . . Even if a Million Young Punks (Probably Not Even Close To That Number) – Including Antifa, Black Lives Matter, School Teachers, Students and the Such have Taken to the Streets to show their Disdain for America & Donald Trump . . . 329-Million People Didn’t Take To The Streets.

The Preceding Percentage . . . Wouldn’t Even Register As A Correcting Error In A Bank Statement. Yet, to Watch Television News, that’s all we Seem to See . . .


We See Some People Being Beaten-Up, Usually the Same On-Person Violence Over & Over Again. White Punks Dressed in Black Masks & Clothing – Committing as Many Acts of Violence as Possible, Stores being Looted Mostly by Blacks, Police Being Pelted with all Kinds of Projectiles, some Buildings Burning & Huge Mobs Marching & Blocking Roads & Bridges . . . Chanting The Same Crap Over & Over Again.

And What Else Do We See With All This Mayhem? – We See The Silence Of The Lambs (Democrats).

We See The Full Throated Endorsement Of The Democrat Hard Left To The Violence. We see Nancy Pelosi and a Huge Number of her Democrats Take A Knee In Subservience to the Racists of Black Lives Matter.

We See The NFL, NBA, NBL & Even NASCAR Take A Knee – We See Almost Everyone Take A Knee Except Donald Trump. Do You Think We’re The Only People Who See That?

The LEFT Is Terrified, Because They Know What Awaits Them On November 3, 2020.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You hit the ball out of the park again, Howard. Thank you for giving us some good solid hope for the future.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump will win again and even bigger than before. The Democrats will cheat and have even more voter fraud than before. When the Democrat loose what can we expect from them? They will try every rotten trick in the book and it will be impeachment all over again. They will do nothing for what they are paid to do. Those will some balls will resort to street fights and shootings if they can find a gun. The Democrats will never admit that Trump won an honest race.

  3. I agree with your assessment. The one thing that has me worried is Democrat cheating, especially fraudulent paper ballots, but also punks harrassing people at polling sites.

  4. I hope and pray that the corrupt corporate media do not overwhelm the American voters’ sensibilities come election day. Donald Trump, with all his flaws and foibles, is still head and shoulders superior in every respect to the pathetic empty suit Joe Biden. I just wish someone within his inner circle would teach him how to articulate and not butcher the English language.

  5. We need massive turnout to overcome vote fraud that’s coming If they get mail in voting, it’s all over. Volunteer to be an ELECTION JUDGE. they never have enough& most they pay you to do it. In IL it’s $150 a day I did 3 days in 2018; made $500 with mileage We say who votes&compare signatures on absentee ballots In 2018 I bounced 25% as fraudulent. Early voting&Nov 3 are needed. Sign up at county clerk/election office Poll watchers ARE NOT same thing, have NO authority& don’t get paid!

  6. Howard, If President Donald J. Trump does not win in November, America will get transformed into AmeriKa……., RAPIDLY!

  7. All said and done… Citizens must arm and train for self defense. And call the well planned antifada, insurrection, by its name. Seotoro Obama was trained as a “community organizer” for years before his handlers voice trained the Kenyan Hawaiian Into the WH . He controls antifa, BLM and ms 13. He led the spies system, saboteurs, document falsification operations, evidence destruction, the arms for the cartels, coups, insurrection, arson, all.

  8. I concur !! Those voters who did NOT vote because they didn’t want the Blow Hard Trump may or may not have changed their minds, I wonder WHO they will vote for THIS time?

  9. I’m going to think positive and say that Trump will win in Nov. What I worry about is who will we replace him with in 2024? That is when we could really be in trouble.

  10. RE: Do you want a Leader? All of the above points apply to Canada and our corrupt Prime Minister. Vote for Derek Sloan. Take Back the Nation Rally: August 5, 2020 on Parliament Hill, Ottawa

  11. Should our President Donald Trump not win, in less than a year we will be in another 3rd world country. Violence like the likes of the first Civil War will erupt in major cities. Marshal law will be declared and NATO will be asked to send military to this great land. At that point, Blue Helmet soldiers will be at our doors to take weapons, just like Stalin, Hitler, MoSeTung and others did. Hold on to your GUNS, BIBLES AND FAMILIES as Soros, Obama, Clintons and Biden will be cheering them on.

  12. An answer to Traci Bell: Trey Gowdy and Tim Scott immediately come to mind.

  13. I sure hope you’re right Howard. If Trump loses Canada will descend even further into corruption and tyranny. To my American neighbours, if you want to see how bad it can get, just start to follow what’s happening in Canada with free but severely delayed or rationed healthcare and our “green new deal” government.

  14. I pray Mr.Trump wins the election again, and as for Traci Bell wow that is something to really worry about after he is gone. But William Dyson of Ga we cam PRAY & PRAY TREY GOWDY would run and win the election then, He is so smart and brave. Trey dislikes D.C. very much and is happy home in S.C. We all best start praying folks praying a whole lote. Thank you once again Howard for a great editorial . You always tell us the truth, are you sure you don’t want to run? God bless you and Ann & furrie

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