Which Is Deadlier . . . The China Virus, The LEFT, Antifa Or Black Lives Matter?


Easy Question . . . Easy Answer.

BUT FIRST . . . Anne, Stryker & I took a Few Days-Off to Recharge our Batteries. In my Case, I Really Needed a Break from the Insanity Happening all over the World, but Mostly in the USA & Canada.

I also Wanted to Organize & Focus my Thoughts & Write Honestly about what I Believe Needs to be Written, which is a Major Part of the Existential Threat Facing all Freedom-Loving People . . . Starting At The Grass Roots.

When Fighting A Fire . . . You Never Spray the Water or Chemical Retardant at the Top of the Flame . . . It’s Always at the Base, to Snuff out the Source. And as I See-It, the Source Right now . . . Is The Contrived Grievance Against The Greatness (History) Of Our Culture That Has Given Us So Much.


Eventually – the China Virus is Going to Peter-Out, or there will be an Effective Treatment in the Case of Infection, or there will be a Vaccine (More & More Unlikely). But One Way or the Other . . . The China Virus will Become Nothing More than a Miserably Bad Memory, Leaving Behind a Socio/Economic/Political Mess in its Wake.

The Other Issue With The Virus, Is That It Is An Unthinking Organism . . . Without a Socio/Political Agenda Scheming to Destroy a Nation Including that Nation’s Freedoms.

On The Other-Hand However . . . The LEFT, Antifa & Black Lives Matter spends 100% of its Time Wheeling, Dealing & Scheming to Destroy the Nation of Its Own from the Inside-Out . . . And Unlike the China Virus . . .  The LEFT Antifa & Black Lives Matter Will Never Go Away.

And Also Unlike The China Virus . . . There is No Inoculation on the Horizon to Protect us from the LEFT, Antifa & Black Lives Matter. And the Only Possible Treatment from the Disease of the LEFT, Antifa & Black Lives Matter . . . is the Constant Drumbeat of Truth and our Willingness to Fight. I Think We Should Put Some Emphasis On The Word “Fight”.


I’ve Written & Spoken a Great Deal over the Past Months About the Failings of Black Americans & How their Antics will be the Death of all They’ve Achieved, Certainly Since The 1964 Civil Rights Act. But It Needs a Lot More Discussion, because Black Americans are being Sucked-Into a Vortex of No Return, by People who Couldn’t Care in the Least about Black Lives. And I Refuse to be Sucked into that Vortex with Them. And Neither Should You!

I Have Reached The Point. . . Where I Really Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass About Black Lives Matter – Why Should I?

If Black Lives Matter So Much – Why Doesn’t Blacks Murdering Blacks Matter to these Violent Socialist Anti-Semitic Thugs? . . . Go Figure – that a Main Argument from Black Lives Matter is that they Really Don’t Like Jews and they Hate Israel.

How Does That Square That Circle?

If Black Lives Matter So Much to these Black Anarchists – Why aren’t they Encouraging by all Means Possible – the Best Social Behavior for Black Americans . . . Starting With Black Families?

If Black Lives Matter So Much – Why do Black Americans Disparage Themselves With Such Ugly Self-Defacing Rap Music? And Ugly Racist Language. And Why Don’t So Many Black Americans Not Know How To Speak Reasonable English?


I Wrote Previously . . . On Our Way Through the United States Going to the Deep South this November – Anne & I Will Not Drive Through Black Communities. We Will Not Shop at Black Stores. I Won’t Stop at Black Gas Stations & We Won’t Eat at Black Restaurants.

That Was Never A Consideration . . . Until Now – Anne and I Always Loved Going to Black Owned BBQ Joints to Feast on Fabulous Ribs, Brisket & Chicken in such a Different & Robust Culture.

Knowing What I Now Know . . . To Black Americans – Anne & I Are Privileged Whites To Be Hated Because We’re White.

OR WORSE . . . Now that so Many Black Lives Matter Proponents are Feeling their Oats, we now Know from their Rallies, Marches & Writings that they Really Don’t Like Jews. So Not only are Anne & Myself Products of White Privilege – We’re Jews Guilty Of White Privilege.

Who The Hell Needs That?

We Know That A Huge Number Of Black Americans Are Violent & Behave As A Mob. We’ve Seen-It throughout the United States of America. We Know that so many Black Americans Really Don’t Like or Openly Despise White People. So Why would I Want to Place Anne & Myself in a Position where we Can be Attacked just for Being White?

And It’s Not Just Because Of Being White – Every time there is a National Crisis (Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Fire – Etc) you Can See Black Looters Taking-Out all they can Carry. What Kind of Civilized People Do Such A Thing?

Knowing This, How Safe Should We Feel In Our Late Model Truck & Fancy RV As We Travel?


Anne & I Have Already Reserved & Deposited a Significant Amount of Money at a Gorgeous & Affordable RV Park in the South from November Through Mid-April, as we’ve Done for the Past 6-Years.

We Don’t even know if the Border between Canada and the USA will be Open by November 1, 2020 . . . But even if it is, Anne & I are Really Rethinking whether or Not we Want to be Traveling on the Highways through the United States from Canada to the Deep South.

Up Until The Killing Of George Floyd . . . Which was Nothing Other than an Excuse for the Worst of the Worst within the Dregs of American Society – The Stupid & Ill-Informed Ignorant Children of the LEFT, Antifa & Black Lives Matter, who are the Tools of Socialists (Communists), Democrats & Global Forces . . . to Reign Hell & Damnation on America from Coast to Coast . . . I Never Lived In Fear Of The Black Community – Now . . . It’s A Different Story.


So Start With This Premise . . . I Am Not A Racist.

I Always Believed that much of the Black American Community Needed some Serious Remedial Attitude, Education & Family-Value-Based Adjustments. But I Never Imagined that the American Black Community Could or Would be so Stupid as to Literally Start A Cold War Based On Race.

I’m No Longer An Employer . . . But as an Employer, I would have Never Hesitated to Hire a Black Person . . . But Today, if I was Still an Employer, why would I want to Hire someone who Might Hate my Guts because of my “White Privilege” – or Worse, my Jewish White Privilege?

And Why Would I Want to Hire Someone who Might Run to a Human Rights Commission if He or She Wasn’t Doing a Good Job, where He or She Needed to be Disciplined or Fired . . . And He Or She Screamed Racism?


I Like Lawrence Jones . . . He’s My Kind Of Conservative – But . . .

Lawrence Jones . . . (Black) Full-Time On-Air Employee of Fox News was Asked on a Fox Talk (Panel) Program a Short While Ago About the Riots, Lootings & Violence Carried Out by The Black Community.

Lawrence Jones Response Was Troubling To Me.

He Said (To Paraphrase) . . . I Don’t Support the Looting & Violence, but you Have to Understand Where We’re Coming From. My Question Is . . . Where Are you Coming From & What Does that Have to do With Me & Hundreds of Millions of White People? . . . And That’s The Problem.

Stop Blaming Everyone Else (White People) Because Too Many Black People Won’t Make The Effort To Measure-Up!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If President Trump is not re-elected in November, there will be a race war that will make the War Between the States look like a lemonade social. Personally, I am over being treated as a second class citizen because I’m White.

  2. It would seem the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” may not apply just to birds.

  3. The founders of Black Lies Murder have publicly stated that they are Marxist revolutionaries. Middle America should sit up and take notice. Cowardly corporate leaders are siding with BLM. It’s time to boycott the NFL and the NBA.

  4. Thanks for your sound comments. Keep up your good website. Doc Crisman

  5. Why, Why, WHY Are Young Black CHILDREN Being Murdered by Blacks, IF BLACK LIVES MATTER?? Why, Why, WHY are there so many Black on Black Crimes committed, IF Black Lives Matter? Coming from the Bronx and Marching in some Civil Right March’s of the 60’s I met up with some who were so prejudiced toward me because I was white and marched with Black People because I did NOT Agree with the Prejudice I witnessed.Learning that WE ALL BLEED RED! I MARCHED! Learned also WE ALL Have Choices to Make TOO!

  6. This whole mess is beyond the pale! I agree, if Trump loses in Nov., the USA is totally sunk. Atlanta had 28 shootings this past weekend & an eight (8) year old girl was killed by thugs, who shot the car up that she was in. This has torn up Atlanta. Especially, since a lot of police resigned, due to all this B/S by BLM, Antifa, as well as Soros backing a lot of what is going on. I am highly worried about a race war. The Dems are monsters to me & I don’t think that will ever change, in my heart.

  7. Howard, I live in a suburb of Chicago. Lightfoot and Pritzker are destroying Illinois. BLM could care less about the number of innocent black lives that are killed here every week by black THUGS/PUNKS! It is absolutely sickening!

  8. Well … I am dumbfounded it took you so long to come to the above realizations and attitude adjustment . This situation has been developing for 30 years , a little less in evidence, smoldering , but there. It exists and is being aided and abeted by gov’s . additionally with Natives and our latest immigrant waves : all at the expense of hard working Ca.’s who Built and Paid for this Country. That means Whites , Canada’s original settlers by far. Not Politically Correct I’m sure .

  9. Leo Terrell is a black commentator on FOX News that used to be a demon rat but now is ashamed of being a demon rat because of what’s happening with the demon rats, blm and antifa. Leo Terrell is my kind of guy and he speaks the truth. Now as for biden, the letter of his name spell it perfectly: (b)biggest (i)diot (d)emon rats (e)ver (n)ominated.

  10. Great article as usual. I particularly liked your very last sentence. If and when someone leads, or shows these people a way out of their dismal habitats, will they ever know that their plight is not someone else’s fault. Right now their mindset is shaped and locked into a highly indoctrinating and intoxicating mob mentality, aided and abetted by some of Americas most prominent wealth bearing icons. Only a highly organized, unrelenting effort by the black community can stop this social disaster.

  11. The China Virus is here for a while and it’s being USED by America’s FOES as one of its TOOLS to RUIN it! LEO TERRELL is only ONE of MANY BLACKS who are finally REALIZING that the BLM group’s FOCUS is NOT to HELP them but to only CREATE more DIFFICULTIES for them. The BLM is also being USED by the RADICALS to PROMOTE their POLITICAL AGENDA which IS to DESTROY AMERICA. Trump MUST be RE-ELECTED or this Country will be DOOMED! When will Sleepy Joe WAKE UP and come out of his cave? GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  12. I attended high school in Columbus, OH, and lived in a racially mixed, middle-class neighborhood. We had black lawyers, doctors, professors, business people, and others living around us. Only about 25% of blacks don’t make the leap out of poverty. I’d guess about the same percentage as whites, In the white community there are certain groups that share the same characteristics as poor blacks: lack of education, pregnancy before marriage, and not having a job. But, this group does not riot.

  13. I don’t know. But can anyone tell me if Hong Kong lives matter.

  14. Great article, Howard. I especcially like your last line: Stop blaming everyone else (white people) etc,,,,this is very true and it’s time for them to open their eyes and see the truths about themselves and take responsiblity for their own lives and clean up the messes they’ve left behind.

  15. I could be wrong but there is the strong appearance that there is coordination among various the anti-American groups. As you have stated their intent is the destruction of America and more specifically President Trump. In addition there are indications some world governments are also working to destroy President Trump. As for Hong Kong – no one cares, UNTIL, it falls under the iron boot of Communist China and economies across the globe fail.

  16. My husband and I have been saying exactly what you expressed today. Why should I believe BLM is seriously committed to improving black lives if they don’t. In the past three days, I have heard three black men and one black lady say exactly what we have been saying. “If black lives matter when the killer is white; when will we be concerned when the killer and victim both are black?” My husband and I were on our feet cheering them on as though we were at our hometown football game!

  17. My father farmed and had black workers for many years.They were like family to us. I taught school 32 + years to large % of black children. My father has been in Nursing home and some of his best caregivers were black. He is now home and the same holds true. Many are from families that worked for him when they were young. Lovely friends. Very diligent workers and so kind and giving. I do think this epidemic of lawlessness and outright destructive behaviors falls back to no discipline at home.

  18. Well said, as usual. Brainwashed comes to mind. If 52% of all murders in the USA are committed by blacks and blacks are 13% of the total population, I would really like to know what % of the 13% of blacks commit the murders. My guess would be less than 50%. That would mean about 6% of blacks cause all this trouble. I agree, this problem is easily correctable by law enforcement if supported correctly. What am I missing?????

  19. Ka-Boom! Once again you nailed it and hit it out of the ball park! Your last sentence says it all! Thanks for always breaking it down for us. We need more voices like yours.

  20. Excellent but of course some will thing you’re wrong. Educating the black segment of the US population is a monumental task but it can be achieved by people of good will. Blacks must begin to accept responsibility for their welfare and strive to do better, the whites should make an honest attempt to help them. Ray Moscato, Calgary Alberta

  21. Well said, all of it. The added problem is these anarchists are drawing all blacks under the umbrella that spells, again, a suspicion of all blacks due to the advocacy & actions of the few. They are creating racism against their own AGAIN with their actions and their proposed “do away with police” solutions. I guess they think their #s of armed will take over with their own kind of ‘rule of law’. Not in this USA since it is obvious the BLM individuals are vindictive.

  22. I think we need to further look into the organization of blm. I found this about Susan Rosenberg. As of 2020, Rosenberg sits as vice chair of the board of Thousand Currents, a foundation- and contribution-funded international grant-making charitable organization which supports grassroots organizations in the “Global South” as well as acting as a fiscal sponsor of the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Susan was given a 58 year prison sentence but was paroled by Bill Clinton after 16 years.

  23. Find a nice rural route to head south. Bypass all large cities. Period. It will be bad up to and directly after the election. Trump will win. Left will explode. I’ve been trying to point this out since President Obama’s second election win. Cities are run by anarchists.

  24. Another home run Howard. I have done hard physical labor, shoulder to shoulder with blacks and Mexicans with whom I never had a problem. I shared my lunches with them in the 1950’s & 1960’s. Today, it is a different story. Blacks who are unwilling to do actual work @ jobs, join organizations like BLM & Antifa. Like you, I am no longer comfortable in black neighborhoods. I am being dragged, kicking and screaming against my will toward racism by the. actions, & demands of their militants.

  25. BLM has really set the clocks back 100 years ago in the old days of segregation…and they want even more racial segregation by their own requests and want a black ethnostate in the USA (as if there was not enough in Africa)

  26. I blame most of the Problems with BLM on the Liberal Democrats . They have pushed giving Blacks every thing free to win the black vote. Highest % of joblessness, families w/out fathers, welfare participation. I have worked and served with some folks that were of color that have great morals and work ethic that live well. If Our President is defeated, you better be prepared to protect what you have worked for. They will want to change it, money & property will be redistributed, BS in Washington

  27. You said exactly the same thing I have been saying! I live in a low-cost community, and where before I easily was comfortable greeting and speaking with one of the many black people here – about half the community – I now am very leery and even afraid of them. And these people used to be my friends. They may glance at me, I will smile, and they just keep looking at me and moving on. It’s scary, and as an elderly woman alone ….. well, life is no longer pleasant.

  28. I grew up in SW Miami, FL over 70 years ago and never experienced any of this daily unrest now. ALL lives matter! Jan Clement Ocala ,FL

  29. We are living in a very scary time. I pray every day that President Trump will be reelected. If he isn’t, all hell may break loose.

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