What To Expect?


Schadenfreude . . . The German Word For Delight In An Adversary’s Misery.

I Wouldn’t Be Too Happy Nor Proud . . . Of Bragging about Curtailing President Trump’s Tulsa Oklahoma Rally Through Fraud, Social Media Manipulation (China’s TikTok), Unfounded Media Virus Lies & Media Promoted Physical Threats (Antifa/Black Lives Matter) against the Trump Fans, Because Schadenfreude Has A Way Of Boomeranging With A Vengeance.

Because They Blow Smoke Doesn’t Mean We Have To Choke On It.

Even Though the Anticipated Rally Crowd Wasn’t even a Shadow of What was Expected, the 6,000-Plus People who did Attend the Stadium were Treated to Vintage Prime-Time Trump . . . AND SO WERE MORE THAN A HALF MILLION FOLLOWERS ON YOUTUBE.


Think About This . . . If More Than A Half Million Computers Were Locked Onto YouTube For The Trump Tulsa Rally – How Many People Watched Each Computer?

Even the Infamous New York Times Newspaper had to Concede after Demeaning the Tulsa Trump Rally as a Failure . . . That More Than A Half Million People Watched The Rally On You Tube.

It’s Easy For The LEFT & Their Media Acolytes To Crap On Trump’s Parade . . . ‘Cause No Matter – That’s What They Do.

At LEAST A Half Million People Saw The Trump Rally . . . While Thousands of People Were at the Rally Live and in Person in Tulsa Oklahoma, Braving the Media ONSLAUGHT of Propaganda . . . Including Threats of Catching & Spreading the China Virus, Physical Threats by Black Lives Matter & Antifa, and the Phony Crush (On-Line) of People Keeping Out all but the Lucky Few.

The Media Played-Up The Trump Rally As The Rally From Hell – Non-Stop!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes Is All A-Titter . . . Over the Success of Local & International LEFTIST Punks who were Able to Jam-Out Legitimate Trump Supporters from Attending the First Trump Rally Since the Beginning of the China Virus, because these LEFTIST Allies of the Democrats were “Brilliant” Enough to Flood the Ticket Request Site with Phony Requests.

Winning By Cheating Is Not Winning – It’s Just Cheating . . . Where’s The Pride?


Everyone with a Brain and/or Memory Remembers – Or Knows all About those Olympic Games & Amateur Sporting Events back in the 1980’s, where the Communists, Especially East Germans would Present Professional Athletes to Compete Against our Amateurs.

Even Back Then . . . The Communists Snuck-In Male Athletes To Compete Against Women.


If These Ocasio-Cortes LEFTIST Dunces Knew Anything . . . That Even Though The Communists Sent Their Best Professionals to Play Against Our Amateurs, Cheated on their Own Terms, Played on their Own Sized Rinks, by their own Rules with European Referees Already with a Hate-On for America – In The End . . . America Still Won.

On February 22, 1980 . . . The National Soviet Hockey Team – Made-Up Exclusively with Professional Hockey Players, Fought-It-Out on the Ice in Lake Placid in the Final Game for the Gold Medal of the 1980 Winter Olympics . . . Against a Rag-Tag Amateur Team of Mostly American “Kids” who Played Junior & College Hockey.

When The Final Buzzer Sounded . . . I As A Canadian – Along With Millions Of Other Canadians & Every American Cried With Joy & Pride At The Miracle On Ice.

In The Final Analysis . . . Cheaters Never Win & A House Of Cards Never Stands.

Between December 28, 1975 & January 11, 1976 . . . The Over-Hyped (By Our Media) Russian Red Army Hockey Team & The Soviet Wings Toured Canada and the United States of America. The Soviet Wings and the Red Army Team Beat the Hell out of our NHL Teams, with Just one NHL Victory over the Weaker Soviet Wings, Until the Undefeated Red Army Team Met the Philadelphia Flyers, Aka – The Broad Street Bullies (January 11, 1976).

To Listen To The North American Media . . . These Russians were Almost Mystical on Skates. And Before we even Took to the Ice, we were Basically Cursed to Lose Because the Russians were so Much Better than us . . . So Our Own Media Led Us To Believe.

On December 31, 1975 . . . Just Before the New Year, the Russians Played the Fabled Montreal Canadians to a 3-3 Tie at the Montreal Forum, which the Media Considered to be One of the Greatest Games Ever Played . . .

I Saw the Game . . . It was Far More a Game of Highspeed Figure-Skating with a Puck and Sticks, than it was Rough & Tumble Hockey.

But because the Montreal Canadians Didn’t Lose Like the Other 6-NHL Teams with the Only Win going to the Buffalo Sabers over the Weaker Russian Team (Soviet Wings), and the Only Tie going to the Montreal Canadians Against The Red Army . . .

It Was Widely Assumed The Philadelphia Flyers Were Going To Get Slaughtered by the Undefeated Red Army, because the Flyers Didn’t have Fancy Stick Handlers, Speed Skaters, Great Slap-Shot Shooters & The Flyers’ Number One Goalie (Bernie Parent) was out with an Injury.

The Broad Street Bullies Were Known for their Rough Style Of Play with Very Little Finesse in Comparison to the Russians . . . Leaving The Question – How Much Will The Russians Win-By?

By The Time The Flyers Finished Beating The Crap Out Of The Russians From The Drop Of The Puck . . . Literally! – The Russians Skated-Off the Ice in the First Period Threatening Not to Come Back to Finish the Game. But the Threat of No Payment for Breach of Contract got the Russians Skating Again.

It Was A Massacre . . . The Flyers Hated The Russians So Much, that the Moment the Starting Puck was Dropped, the Flyers Hit The Russians So Hard with Flying Body Checks, Vicious Elbows, Slashing, Dropped Gloves & Fists of Steel, that for the First Time in this North American Tournament, the Russians Knew they Were Finally in a Real Hockey Game.

These Arrogant Bastards From The Soviet Union Had No Idea What Hit Them.

The Broad Street Bullies . . . Didn’t Play the Russians’ Game of Look at Me, how Well & Fast I Can Skate, Stick Handle & Set-Up the Plays Because Everyone’s Too Scared to Check Me.

I SAW THE GAME . . . The Hoity-Toity Russians – Which All Our Gushing Media Were Fawning Over Never Had A Chance.


Before The Russians Met The Flyers . . . As Far as our North American Media Geniuses were Concerned, we in North America had a Lot to Learn from the Russians on How to Play Hockey. And as Far as Russia and the Communists were Concerned, they were Reveling in the Schadenfreude of the Pounding Being Taken by the NHL at the Hands of the Russians.

Until They Met The Flyers.

THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN . . . The Perfect Little Communist World Of The “Inestimable” Russian Hockey Team – and all their Supplicants, Including our Self Deprecating North American Media which Counted Us Out . . . Crashed to the Ice of the Philadelphia Flyers . . . Covered In Russian Pride & Blood.

And When The Final Buzzer Sounded . . . And The Pundits Wrote Their Pan North American Stories, all of a Sudden – The Headlines Changed from Exalting the Russians & Apologizing for Ourselves . . .

To – We Weren’t Whimps Any More . . . North America Won – And It Was As If We Just Won WWIII.

Who Were The Flyers & Who Loved The Flyers? The Flyers and their Fans Were Grinders Representing Red-Blooded, Proud, Hard-Working Americans . . . who Weren’t Going to Take Crap from the Communists or the Fickle American Media.

The Russians Wanted A Fight . . . In Red Blooded America – The Heartland – They Found One.

Don’t Pay Attention To The Enemy From Within . . . (The Media, Democrats, Antifa, Black Lives Matter & All The Useful Idiots Of The LEFT), Because Saturday at Tulsa Oklahoma was a Huge Win for Trump, Freedom & All Conservatives.

Saturday at the BOK Center (Tulsa) was an Enormous Victory for Law & Order, Common Sense & Great Values. And Make No Mistake About It . . . If The Democrats Weren’t so Terrified of the Trump Machine, they Wouldn’t have Tried to Move Hell & High Water to Stop the Tulsa Rally.

And Really . . . If The Democrats Are All So Confident – Where’s Biden? And Where’s Biden’s “Black” Female Running Mate?

Don’t Be Discouraged & Don’t Get Sucked-In . . . Just Like The Russians on January 11, 1976 Thought they had it in the Bag, Because they Won some Skirmishes and the Media Didn’t Have the Brains or Guts to Write & Say It like it Was – The Dems Also Don’t Have A Chance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I don’t expect anything more from AOC and her leftist ilk. Seeing them all bouncy over the undermining of a legitimate, democratic political event just shows what these people really are. It also shows how desperate the left is to stoop so low. Despicable acts like this and so many others only hurt them. But they don’t know any better. They have no guts, no intelligence, no dignity, no self control, no limits, no truths, no honour.

  2. Smarter words were never spoken, Mr. G. In speaking with people I know, we all thought that SOMEONE was ‘stuffin’ the mail box so to speak re: 1M people requesting admittance. We figured there would be fewer people attending because they are fearful of the VIRUS. Trump’s team should have NOT announced the ‘requests’. This would have slowed things down. RE: The Flyers…..I, along with many friends, watched the GAME. It was FABULOUS! The media had to Eat Their Words & Russia went home.!!!!

  3. Right after the rally I checked the spin at CNN. It was despicable, outrageous, disgusting. The lunatics displayed nothing but contempt for America. AOC committed fraud and should face criminal charges. I watched the rally on Fox, as did presumably, millions of others. Trump is a magnificent warrior. I pray for him. He must have the weight of the world on his shoulders.

  4. I hope AOC’s opponent for the primary has pointed out that she (AOC) is all a-twitter over pulling a childish prank but, when it came to the interest of her constituents (Amazon) she showed what she really is.

  5. Excellent commentary, Howard! You talked of those watching the rally on computers, we watched on tv! I wonder how many millions could be added to the numbers of watchers. We started watching on Fox News but switched to cspan for no interruptions. There were enough people at the rally to produce the loud enthusiasm needed. Just like the Flyers, eventually the silent majority is going to face the “last straw” and erupt!

  6. It always amazes me that folks who lie, cheat and steal get their butts caught in the end. Hillary, AOC, BLM and other Lib idiots will feel the pain at some point. If President Trump is not reelected and the GOP does not get the House back we as a country are in for a real knock down drag out fight. The Good Folks of this country will find themselves in a very tough position, fight for what is right or lose everything you worked for to foreign and domestic enemies.

  7. I’ll put this as plainly and simply as I can. 1. Biden is senile, uncharismatic and living in loopy-land. 2. The public is fed up with the Democraps and all that they stand for and stand against. 3. Trump is in fine form and has a demonstrated record of getting things done in spite of huge obstacles. My prediction: TRUMP WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE AND REPUBLICANS WILL TAKE BOTH THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE BY STORM.

  8. Don’t forget about the Canada-russia 1972 summit series which saw Canada destroy russia 5 games to 3 in an 8 game series. russia was never that tough. As per usual, everything you write on each of your editorials are bang “ON” and you can languidly put words to paper. Trump is our last hope. He must win the 2020 election, retake the house and keep the senate, a feat that obummer was never able to do once he lost both in 2010. If not, we will be in George Orwell’s dystopian society !!!!

  9. Once again you have nailed it with your column. The hockey analogy is brilliant. Also O’Crazio and her followers must have broken a law interfering with a presidential election campaign. And as far as the numbers watching his Tulsa speech, there have to be far more than 500million. I watched on RightSideBroadcasting, and I wasn’t alone. He was terrific and hilarious at times. He cracked me up.

  10. wish that I could add something Howard but you said it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. My wife and watched the rally on Fox News, and saw President Trump at his best. We hope he will win in November. God bless him and the USA. We need some like him in Canada.

  12. I watched the rally on Fox News live. It was awesome. Then again, I have to admit I am afraid. The Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this man, trying to ruined and discredit him. We have seen they will stop at nothing, Keeping Biden in the basement is probably their best strategy. I watched the rally on Fox News live. It was awesome. Then again, I have to admit I am afraid. The Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this man, trying to ruined and discredit him. We have seen they will stop at nothing, Keeping Biden in the basement is probably their best strategy.

  13. Howard, I’m at a loss for words…BUT thank goodness, YOU’RE NOT !!! (hahaha) Once again, you’re bang on….CRASH * BOOM * RUMBLE * TUMBLE * SOCK’EM !!! The sounds you heard were from Bobby Clarke giving huge body-checks to those hockey players from Russia. The Russians are coming, but they’re going out with a blast !!! (hahaha) Thank You, Flyers :>) – Brucester

  14. Howard, keep hitting the Socialist/Communist Democrats HARD!

  15. Howard, since I am an old country guy from West Texas, i don’t know squat about hockey but I understand your analogy. I am unsure about the outcome of the election but hope that nobody who opposes the Democrat agenda is ever overconfident because that could be disastrous.I will vote from my deathbed if necessary to prevent them from success.

  16. Howard….GREAT Editorial—-you said it all with the following expressions: Because They Blow Smoke Doesn’t Mean We Have To Choke On It. Winning By Cheating Is Not Winning – It’s Just Cheating . . . Where’s The Pride? Cheaters Never Win & A House Of Cards Never Stands. If The Democrats Are All So Confident – Where’s Biden? And Where’s Biden’s “Black” Female Running Mate? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. On the BLM/ANTIFA/LEFTIST/TIK-TOKl obstruction at the Tulsa Rally. That was A…Fool me once shame on you fool me twice….ain’t gonna happen learning curve

  18. Think everyone realizes by now that Biden is the perfect candidate for the radical left.

  19. Remember the definition of “stupid”? Trying the same thing again expecting a different result. That’s what Dems & media are doing with the lead-up to election – repeating poll #s for Biden over Trump, manipulating/bashing Trump rallys, etc. And we know how that turned out in 2016. Well…. Nov results will be like the outcome of the Russia/Broad Street Bullies game. And a repeat of fallout by Dems will no doubt occur again.

  20. And don’t forget the underdog American olympic hockey team beat the Soviet olympic hockey team for the gold medal back in 1980. And, back then, the Soviet “amateur” athletes were all paid athletes who were in the Soviet military and whose jobs were to train for the Olympics.

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