Protesters, Demonstrators, Rioters – One In The Same


Twelve Years Ago . . . With the Coming of Barack Hussein Obama, Came a Whole New Era of LEFTIST (Democrat) Identity Politics, which Pushed the Envelope as Far as it Could, Leading America to Become a REVERSE RACIST SOCIALIST COUNTRY.

I Am Not A White Privileged Male. So Screw Whomever . . .  Likes To Use That Moniker. I’ve Earned What I Have.


As Usual . . . The Media Gets It Wrong.


The Media Had A Real Problem Describing The Mob Attacking America.

The Media Called These Thugs – Protestors, Demonstrators & Rioters . . . Even while the Mob was Carrying out their Loot from Rampaged Buildings – as Police Cars were Being Trashed, Buildings Burnt & Police Attacked . . . The Media Still Couldn’t Figure-Out What To Call Them.

I Saw No Difference Between The Rioters, Looters, Arsonists & The People Who Watched The “Show” From The Sidelines.

They Were All Rioters . . . Just Because a Person Didn’t Light the Match, Carry-Out the Stolen Goods, Trash Property & Beat-Up on the Police . . . Doesn’t Make that Person Just a Protestor or Demonstrator.

The People Who Were “Just” With The Thugs . . . Were No Better Than The Thugs.

It’s Like Saying . . . Because The Three Other Cops Didn’t Have Their Knee On The Neck Of George Floyd . . . They Were Just Observers.

I’ve Led More Passionate Protests Than I Can Remember . . . And Never Did I Lead A Protest That Led To Anarchy.


I Wouldn’t Allow Anyone Who Protested With Me, Usually Numbering in the Hundreds, Occasionally in the Thousands & Generally at one Location, but Sometimes in a March to a Park or a Downtown Location, Once to the Prime Minister’s Residence in Ottawa and Once on Parliament Hill, which Attracted some 16,000-People . . . to Use Threatening or Offensive Language. And Certainly, Never to Brandish any kind of Weaponry.

And if Anyone who was with me Got Too Hot Under The Collar, they were Removed by my Order . . . And if that was their Usual Mindset, they were Never Invited Back.

To Paraphrase What I Wrote Yesterday (May 29, 2020) . . . The LEFT Got What Was Coming To Them. Sleep With Dogs Wake With Fleas.

Generally – the Difference Between Conservatives & Liberals . . . is that – When It Hits The Fan – Conservatives Do What Needs To Be Done . . . Liberals Create Committees To Discuss It.


I Heard Senator Marsha Blackburn this Morning (May 30, 2020), who is a Republican Senator from Tennessee, to whom I Generally Listen, since she Usually Makes Sense. But this Morning, when Asked about the Riots Across America, her Response – We’re Convening A Committee . . .

The Always Politically Correct Anti-Trump Leland Vittert.

I Don’t Much Like Fox News’ Leland Vittert . . . Who Pretends to be Fair & Balanced, when in Reality, he Does his Best Not to Openly Crap on Conservatives, but has a Really Hard Time Restraining his Animus Towards President Donald Trump.

So Last Night, even after being Attacked by Rioters Near The Whitehouse . . . Vittert Couldn’t Figure-Out what to Call the thugs Rushing the Secret Service at the White House Barricades.

To Be Politically Correct . . . Vittert Called Them – Demonstrators – And Described the Actions of the Thugs as being “Unusual” when it Came to Protesting Outside the White House. WOW . . . Imagine – Rushing the Secret Service and the Walls of the White House . . . Is Somehow Just Simply Unusual.

Lara Logan . . . Who Would Have Thought She Would Be So Stupid?

In an Interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News Last Night (May 30, 2020), as the Minneapolis 3rd District Police Station was Burning, because the Cops Ran from the Mob like Frightened Little Girls Listening To A Sleepover Horror Story . . . Lara Logan Called The Abandonment Of The Police Precinct A Brilliant Strategy By The Mayor Of Minneapolis.

Lara Logan’s Sick Logic Was . . . that had the Police Stood their Ground & Confronted Antifa, Antifa would have Scored a Big Propaganda Victory – As if Watching the Police FLEE like Mice when the Cat’s Turned Loose in the House, Isn’t a Huge Propaganda Victory for the Thugs that Drove the Police-Out?

Then There Was The Video Image Of The Flag Burning Outside the Window of The Smashed Police Car, which the Fox Narrator Called the Burning of a Thin Blue Line Flag . . . Except – It Wasn’t Just A Thin Blue Line Flag . . . It Was The Stars & Stripes.


The Moment Demonstrators Pick-Up One Pebble To Throw . . . They Are No Longer Demonstrators. The Moment Demonstrators Start to Incite a Crowd to Become a Mob . . . They Are No Longer Demonstrators.

And They Are No Longer To be Handled With Kid Gloves.


In A Press Release By Trudeau, Trudeau was Smug to Compare Canada to the United States of America, Stating that Canada would not Tolerate any Form of Racism or Discrimination, because Canada is Such A Good Country. As if Canada is Somehow More Morally Superior than the USA.

OK – Mr Smug-Ass Trudeau, who Never Misses an Opportunity to Crap on the People & Republican led Government of the United States of America . . . Please Explain How Canada is So Fair & Just, when in the Province of Quebec, THE UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW?

So How Is It That Linguistic Racism, Intolerance & Discrimination To Language In Ethnocentric Quebec Is Acceptable?

To Canadian Liberals . . . Selective Racism Of Their Own Making Is A Good Thing.

And How About . . . Making the Wearing of Religious Symbols (Crosses & Stars of David) & Head Covers (Yarmulkes, Hijabs, Turbans – Etc) ILLEGAL . . . Anywhere in the Public Sector (Teachers, Post Office, Nurses, DMV – Etc). How’s That Not Racism?


When the Legitimate Protests Started . . . there were Proportionately Plenty of White People who were No Less Outraged at the Murder of George Floyd than there were Black Americans, Like Probably 95% Of The White American Population.

When The Minneapolis Riots Started . . . Except for the White Antifa Thugs & “Some” Low-Life White Trash, Most of the Rioting, Arson, Vandalism & Looting was Done by Black Thugs – Lots Of Them, Considering that the vast Majority of Legitimate White Protestors Left.

And Today (May 30, 2020) . . . When the Fires Were-Out but Still Smoldering, with the Minneapolis Streets Littered with After-Riot-Debris, I saw on Television (Fox News) a Small Army of Volunteers, Including some Children, were on the Street Cleaning up the Mess Made by the Mostly Black Rioters.

Remarkably . . . We’ve Been Told that Most of the Shops & Homes in these areas were either Owned and/or Occupied by People of Color, Many being Immigrants. So How Come . . . out of the Small Army of Clean-Up Volunteers, I Only Saw a Huge Majority of White People Cleaning-Up with Brooms, Shovels and Trash Cans & Some of their Young Children . . . AND ONLY TWO BLACK MEN?

Am I The Only Person With Eyes To See This? And Why Wasn’t It Stated By Fox News?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Spot on Howard, outside agitators causing hate and discontent…

  2. We’ve arrived at the point where the only reliable news sources are blogs like yours, Howard, and networks such as One America News and Newsmax, although Tucker, Sean, Laura, Jeanine, Steve, Greg and Mark on Fox are invariably spot on. Note that there were ten murders in Chicago on Memorial Weekend and they were ignored by the corrupt liberal media. Note also that anarchists always riot in Democrat jurisdictions. They know that’s where they will meet the weakest resistance by Dem-aligned elites.

  3. Just something else to blame on Trump. Minnesota is a blue state. It is so blue it was the only state that did not vote for Ronald Reagan in the 1984 landslide election. Minneapolis is governed by Democrats. If there are racists in Minnesota it is not Trump’s fault. Democrats fan the racial divide and then blame the Republicans.

  4. NOT one cent of anything should go to places destroyed by these less than human beings. Let the destruction just lay there as a Testimonial to the Depravity and the LACK of Leadership who Caused it ALL!

  5. Your excellent comments are straight to the point, and as well, a true picture of events and and the real perpetrators. Now that the thugs have cowered the police and the politicians just imagine what the professional planners of these attacks will have in mind for the next opportunity. These events will get much worse before they get better and better will not happen until people like George Soros, Obama and the Clintons are dealt with.

  6. Thanks Howard. I’m your age and have become a “privileged” white man seething with rage. I read all day and that just adds to my anger. But none of my family or acquaintances seem to see what is happening. So thanks for being a voice that understands me. Sadly I’m giving up as we are done.

  7. Among the rioters were professional agitators probably paid by George Soros.

  8. People are ultimately responsible for their community and leaders. If these are poor or unsatisfactory, it is because the citizens did not put in the effort to make sure these people or things are better quality. Everything worthwhile takes honest work, commitment and effort. Nothing will improve on its own or by staying ignorant. It takes community members to have pride and be responsible for what they have and who they elect. Otherwise there will be nothing but misery and corruption.

  9. Your right when you wrote “I would not allow anyone who protested with me to use threatening or abusive language. I recall when we demonstrated in front of Bureauen Gros in Lasalle.You came up to me and said, “Joe don’t get involved in any fights with those thugs, I don’t want them to say {the media) that we provoked a confrontation.”

  10. Really not enough letters to say it all. But your right at first it was about the officer putting the lights out of the black man , but from that point on it was plain ugly language, abuse to other policeman, destroying building not just in Minn, but in many major cities. The people who did the rioting were young adults not people from 45 and up. News people they are useless they wasted their money going to college.National Guard should have been called in each city & let them handle it all.

  11. Nothing to do with the victim. All to do with creating a diversion away fro Soetoro Obama criminal sabotage, conspiracies… Likely antifa, blm and ms 13 well trained elements.

  12. I saw plenty of spineless, stealing, yelling folks of all colors with nothing better to do than destroy. The leaders will be declaring a National Emergency and want Tax Payers to shoulder the cost of rebuild. BS. At the 3rd, the cops should have armed themselves, stood their ground and put a few on the ground. the riot would have stopped, The Media would have said how bad it was and the good folks in the area would have been spared the now disaster area for the most part. Yes you have to do

  13. Thanks Howard as usual another Great article. Regarding race relations in America – can you Imagine the Difference in response to the Floyd Tragedy IF obama had not been Installed as POTUS, and other Race Baiters: sharpton, jackson, waters etc.,and the Liberal media had been CALLED OUT for what they truly are: RACISTS.

  14. Hey Howard. Right on as always. The Governor of Minnesota said that 80% of those detained were from out of state. The protests were coordinated acts of civil disobedience by paid protestors including Black Lives Matter and Antifa who were bussed in.

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