The Suicide Of Freedom Of Expression


There Are People In The World . . . who I am Certain – are as Focused on the Absolute Right to Freedom of Expression as I am. But I Doubt If More-So Than Me.

There Is No Question In My Mind . . . None Whatsoever, that Freedom of Expression is the Unconditional Foundation to all of our Other Freedoms, which we should all Cherish, which Many People Unfortunately Take for Granted.


Remember This . . . Freedom of Expression is what Encompasses Free Speech, which is just one Component of Freedom of Expression. For Example; what if the “State” were to Dictate that you Could Say Something, But You Can’t Write It? Or you Can’t Disseminate your Thoughts, Opinions & Conclusions in Printed Flyers, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards, On the Internet . . . Or Wherever?

We Have A Remedy For Untruths & Defamation . . . It’s Called The Justice System.

The Problem With The Justice System . . . is that Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, which is a Seriously Chronic Problem in our North American Societies, which it Doesn’t have to be.

But Even More-So, there are Several other More Egregious Faults with our Freedom of Expression, which Include the Spoken & Written Word, when in the House, the Senate or Parliament (Canada), Lying & Defamation are Protected Speech From Prosecution . . . By Government Fiat.

Kind Of Says It All Doesn’t It?

I Remember When Leader of the Senate Harry Reid, after Announcing his Impending 2017-Retirement, was Asked by CNN Taking Head – Dana Bash, on March 31, 2015 if Reid was somehow Bothered that he (Reid) Lied (McCarthyite Tactics) about then Candidate Mitt Romney’s – Not Paying His Taxes, Stated while Reid was in the Senate Chamber. Reid’s Answer Was . . . “Romney Didn’t Win, Did He”?

It is an Abuse of Freedom of Expression when Extremely Dishonest People like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and all Others Shield themselves from their Lies & Defamations Behind the Walls of Congress or Parliament . . . Because To Them – It’s Only All About Politics.

But It’s Not Only All About Politics . . . It’s About Integrity, Personal Values & Trust.

If the People Cannot Trust what is Said by the Politicians . . . What Makes any of the Politicians Worthy of Holding any Kind of Public Office? And What Kind of Message does that Send to all the People?

What Kind Of Nation Votes-For & Supports Public Duplicity?

Past President Obama Stated Repeatedly . . . That with Obamacare (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act), Everyone Would Have Access to Healthcare, the Price of Healthcare would Fall by $2500 Per Family, Everyone could Keep his or her Doctor, and Everyone could Keep their Hospital . . . None Of That Was True & Obama Knew It When He Said It. So, Obama was Either a Liar or the Absolute Dumbest Person to ever Occupy the White House.

And Why Should Politicians Be Able to Lie, Defame, Disparage & Ruin Lives In The Process . . . And Get Away With It?


The First Line Of Defense For Our Freedoms . . . Whether we’re a Democracy like Canada or a Constitutional Republic like the United States of America is the Media.

An Honest Aggressive Media . . . is the Most Important Element, which a Free Society Has to Keep the Inside Barbarians . . . From Opening The Gates To Tyranny.

SO WHAT HAPPENS . . . When the Media Becomes Part of the Tyranny & Does the Beckoning of those who are Bound & Determined to Usurp the Freedoms, which Give the Power to the People to Govern those . . . who We The People Chose to Do our Government Bidding?

The Media Worldwide Is In Dire Financial Consequence For Immutable Reasons Of Their Own Making.

Do You Remember Nick Sandmann, The 16-Year Old High School Student from Covington Catholic High School, who was Waiting for the School Bus to Take Sandmann and his Fellow Students back Home, after their High School Visit to the Washington Mall, when Sandmann was Aggressively Confronted at the Lincoln Memorial by an Elderly Native Troublemaker (Nathan Phillips), Banging on his Drum while Chanting in Sandmann’s Face?

CNN & A Host Of Other Prominent News Media . . . All Colluded to Paint Nickolas Sandmann as an Aggressive WHITE Kid Wearing a MAGA Hat – Who Insulted & Confronted An Elderly Native American Vietnam War Veteran.

Like Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal Who LIED Without Consequence About Stolen Valor . . . Philips Never Went To Vietnam.

In This Case . . . CNN Paid an Expensive Defamation Price to Nick Sandmann, as will Other Media, as their Feet will Also be Held to the Fire by Sandmann’s Lawyers. But the Problem is – We Don’t Know How Much CNN Was Punished Monetarily, Because The Settlement Was Sealed. It Shouldn’t Have Been.

The News Media Doesn’t Have The Right To Create News . . . Nor Does the News Media have the Right . . . To Get It Accurate MOST Of The Time.

The Media Has The OBLIGATION To Get It Right 100% . . . All The Time.


Why Should The Media Have Any Privileges Which Are Unavailable To Everyone Else?

It Used To Bother Me . . . when Pundits like Bill O’Reilly Used their Time on Mainstream Formats like Fox News – To Make Fun-Of . . . and Diminish (Demean) People (Bloggers) like me, as Jerks who are Sitting in their Parents Basement in their Underwear Pretending to be Journalists.

Three Points . . .

1 – I Don’t Sit In My Parents’ Basement. My Parents Are Deceased.

2 – I Don’t Sit & Write In My Underwear.

3 – Where’s O’Reilly Now?

The Point Is . . . I & Other People just Like me, are No Less a Part of the Media, than are the Failing Mainstream Media, with the Exception, that People like Me are Not Failing. As a Matter of Fact, we are Very Much an Essential Cog in the New Media, which is Growing in Numbers & Audience, and should Garner the Same Respect Accorded to the Media, which unlike BLOGS like . . . are Proving Themselves to be Unworthy.

If What I & Others Write Or Say (Podcasts) . . . Prove to be Inaccurate or Dishonest, we Wouldn’t have an Audience to Speak-Of, and we Wouldn’t Matter, which is what’s Happening to the Mainstream Media.

As For The New Social Media – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Yahoo – Etc . . . They Pretend Not to be the News Media, because it’s Convenient for them to Suck & Blow at the same Time.

But Just Like . . . Is a Member Of the New Media (Predominantly Opinion-Media), How Does that Differentiate from the Aforementioned Social Media, which is Used in Great Measure to Promote Opinions & Ideas? And In Many Cases Hard News?

Shouldn’t All the New Media Be Held To The Same Standard As I Hold Myself?

When President Trump Points-Out . . . That the New Media, just like the Mainstream Media are Unfair & Dishonest, when it Comes to How they Present President Donald Trump . . . The President Isn’t Wrong.

And If President Trump Should Decide . . . To Regulate the New Media, in Terms of Fairness, Honesty & Accuracy – Who Could Argue?

As An Unabashed Proponent Of Freedom Of Expression . . . I Sure Couldn’t Argue.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Quote: ” It’s Not Only All About Politics . . . It’s About Integrity, Personal Values & Trust.” Mormon Harry Reid lying about Mormon Mitt Romney….and now Mormon Romney lies about Trump….sigh.

  2. Thank You Howard for another excellent Editorial. To me, FREEDOM is everything. And remember when MONTREAL QUEBEC was the #1 City in Canada ??? Then in the mid-70s, subsequent Quebec governments decided to make the French language the “official” language of the province (including the city of Montreal) and do everything in its power to make English invisible !!! Eventually, Toronto became Canada’s #1 city. Anyhow, at least those New Hampshire licence plates got it right: LIVE FREE OR DIE

  3. To be clear, there is a vast difference between “new media” and “news media”. I have started calling the news media the illusionist media because they report what they think or want to see. The new media, not social media, is my my most common source of news.

    Thank You – You made my point. The New Media is now the News Media. It’s all Blended together – HG.

  4. Let us not limit Obama’s prowess. He is both a liar and a dumbbell as well as a conspirator, etc. A crude teleprompter echo box. Those being his? best lines.

  5. I do not believe anything the News has to say, I am from Mo. and you have to Show Me for me to believe what they are lying ab out. I thank you every time you write for I do believe what you have to say to all of us. You have no reason to lie to us they all seem to though. I don’t know if Soros’ owns them all or Bill Gates but someone does or they are from the bloody devil all of them. Just full of dirt each of them. I do not listen to them & I don’t want to even the weather man is full of it.

  6. For years, I believed every thing I heard on the news.. IF IT WAS ON THE NEWS, IT HAD TO BE TRUE… Well Donald Trump, came along and changed my mind, big time.. Now I question everything I hear on the news, and lots of times I turn it off it is so bad…. It has turned into, entertainment . lots of times, not worth my time.

  7. Obama is a Liar, but he is not Dumb. He is first and foremost a smooth talking Con Man. He is a traitor to the US, and continues to operate in the shadows to undermine a duly elected President and Republican Party. Prime examples are Obamagate, Obamacare, Benghazi, Iran Nuclear deal along with pallets of cash given to them, and his alignment with Moslems and hatred of Israel, Jews, and Christianity. But his love of Alinsky and Ayers should have been highlighted by the Republicans. Cowards!

  8. Freedom of speech is important because it is a fact that mental health can be only had by the ability to express yourself. Take that away and we lose he ability to communicate our most inner thoughts which keeps us sane. A new angle at looking at Freedom of Speech. Isolation is another way to shut people up and keep them from communicating face to face…and the masks…..? How symbolic to keep our mouths covered….Like you said, we cannot even see a friendly smile any more…..

  9. They call it Freedom Of Speech when they use it as Freedom to Lie. Politicians do this all the time, they embelish, stretch, and make false promises to get into office, and most of the public believes them. Media gets away with gossip, hearsay, and stretched truth by saying “What I heard them say”. Why does the Justice System allow them to get away with it? Because the Justice System is selective on who they go after with no worry of reprimand of leadership. FBI is corrupt and has been for years

  10. “Integrity, Personal Values & Trust” things most in Congress don’t have; & they shout down those who put forth those values. As for Social Media, their censorship (I understand) continues because they are privately owned, as is your site. Your beliefs/values are conservative where theirs are progressive; their censorship didn’t start til they’d made fortunes & Trump appeared. The need is a social media that allows both, censoring only foul language or defamation. Hard to compete w/FB, etc.

  11. obama is not only a World Class Liar – obama’s Whole Life is a Lie, Installed as POTUS to destroy Our Country. obama, and Treason go hand in hand, and the Pathetic Sick Media, democrats & RINOs are Responsible.

  12. Integrity, Personal Values & Trust are quite rare these days!The MEDIA has become a FOUL TOOL just to DESTROY people!Obama was a great MODEL for PROMISES, PROMISES & MORE PROMISES. He was BOTH, a “Liar and the Absolute Dumbest Person to ever Occupy the White House”, as proven by his LACK of accomplishments during his presidency, PLUS his NEGATIVE TRANSFORMATION of AMERICA! His healthcare PLAN was just plain disgusting and a BIG LIE as well.He kept the people UNINFORMED & it worked for him! AMEN!

  13. Howard, 100% correct about the “news” media. I hardly watch any but local news, sometimes FOX if the person reporting the news is one that I think will report the facts correctly.

  14. Obama wasn’t dumb, had a mission. I believe he is a closeted Muslim, like Trudeau, assisting Islam for world domination, bowing to Islamic countries, kissing the ring of King of Saudi Arabia & discrediting America particularly in the mid-east. The undermining & ruination of America was well under way until along came the saviour, Donald Trump. Canada is still looking for a White Knight to drive out Trudeau and One World Order. Most MSM are liars, and in Canada $600mil bought loyalty to Trudeau

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