The Not So Free World Is Cruising Towards Dystopia


A LITTLE HOUSEKEEPING . . . Many of the People who Regularly Read have Complained to me, that when they Tried to Comment on an Editorial, their Comment didn’t Register. Or if their Comment Registered, it didn’t Show. And for others, None of the Comments Showed.

HERE WAS THE PROBLEM . . . I’m Really Hoping the Problem was Repaired by Mario (Our IT Impresario), who Built & Maintains . . . because I’m Pretty-Much an IT Neanderthal, I will try to Explain in as Few a Number of Words as Best I Can, why this Problem was Occurring.

Over The Past Year – I was Forced by Technology & Blog Success to Rebuild the Entire Operating Platform of and how we Forwarded the Notification of New Editorials to the Thousands of People in the Directory.

And As The BLOG Continued To Grow, Not just by Numbers, but also by the Growth of People who were Already in the Directory, but who only Read “Some” Editorials, who over the Past few Months began to Read a Lot of Editorials, so much so, that the System was Overwhelmed, which also Included the Comments Section which more People Visited to Read the Thoughts of Others.

Your Support Money At Work.

So . . . In The Last Few Weeks We Were At It Again – Moving the Server Capacity to a Much Larger Server, while Tweaking the Platform to Accommodate the Growing Number of Readers who Simultaneously Access Hopefully – the Problem has Been Fixed. And if Not, I’m sure Someone will let me know.

I Apologize To The Few Who Criticize.

ANOTHER ISSUE . . . Several Readers Commented Negatively On . . . Is my Use of Bolds & Capital Letters, which I use for Emphasis. I Sort of Write the Way I Speak. So I Tried to Write like a “Normal” Person, which is Somewhat Easier to Do, Especially in the Editing. But, as Hard as I Tried, I just Wasn’t Comfortable Not Writing the Way I Speak.

Cursed By Wrong-Headed Socialistic (Communist) Academics.

I Have Written Exhaustively About The Scourge Of Academia . . . and Not just Recently, but Rather For a Very Long Time. We Can’t Know Our Future If We Don’t Know Our Past. And Maybe Even More Succinctly, if we Don’t Really Understand our Present, What Chance Do We Have For Tomorrow?

I Have also Written Extensively about the Media, But I have to be Far More Explicit when Speaking or Writing about the Media, since the Media Encompasses an Enormous Slice of Communication, from Billboards, Vehicle Wraps, Magazines, Books, Cartoons, Plays, Movies, Radio, Television, Theme Parks, all Forms of the Internet, Entertainment – Etc . . . AND THE NEWS.

During The 1920’s . . . Mass Media were Radio & Movies, which were just Getting Started as the Voice to the People, NOT OF THE PEOPLE, But Rather . . . TO THE PEOPLE.


If It’s On The Media . . . It’s Got To Be True – Right?

It Didn’t Take Long for Politicians to Discover the Power of Mass Media, Especially Adolf Hitler, who Used Film & Radio to Bend the Mood and the Will of the People.

In 1933, when Hitler First Came To Power, the Nazis, through Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels – Introduced the Incredibly Affordable Volksempfänger (People’s Radio), which Entertained, Played Music, Told Stories & Broadcast all the News Approved by Hitler . . . And All The Speeches Delivered By Hitler.


Also – In Early March 1933 . . . FDR (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) Launched his First Radio Fireside Chat, which all but Guaranteed Roosevelt the Presidency and his Socialistic Agenda till he Died in 1945.

And Since The Explosive Take-Off Of Mass Media . . . the Media now has the Power of Everything within its Grasp, which is in Itself Everything, since the Media has Become a Full Appendage of Our Politics.


The Problem with the Media Today, is that it has Become so Utterly Powerful, that it is No Longer the Tool of the Politicians, In As Much As The Politicians Have Become The Tool Of The Media, as was Portrayed by Dustin Hoffman & Robert De Niro In The Fanciful 1977 Movie . . . Wag The Dog?

Wag The Dog Was Fanciful In 1997, but in Retrospect, as in George Orwell’s 1984 & Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged . . .  Wag The Dog Was Actually Prophetic.


Because of the Dearth of Honest Civics, National Geography, National & Global History & The Philosophy Of Meritocracy, Values, Respect & The Absolute Truth . . . the Axiom of – Those Who Can Do & Those Who Can’t Teach – has become Real.

And because of the Education System, People have become Conditioned to Accept Lies from the Media . . . Rather than the Truth Before their Eyes.

Our System Has Become So Decayed . . . That even the Educators who Teach our Children no Longer Really Know the Truth Themselves, because our Academics have Become so Imbued with Themselves and their own Selfish Wants – that the Warnings of George Orwell about Big Government, that the World Will Become Upside-Down, where . . . Truths Are Lies, War Is Peace. Freedom Is slavery & Ignorance Is strength . . . Falls On Deaf Ears.


This Is Not Conjecture . . .

I Had the Opportunity to Read Many of the Un-Redacted Sworn Affidavits (“Flynn Papers”) from People at the American Socio/Judicial/Political Top,  which were In-Them-Selves Terrifying to Read, in the Verified Open Knowledge that the Greatest & Supposedly Freest Society ever Created by Man . . . Was Only a Heartbeat Away from a Coup D’état Against A Duly Elected Sitting President.

President Reagan Said“Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Extinction . . .”

Yet . . . In Spite of all the Overwhelming Evidence of Severe Political Malfeasance Originated at the very Top, Which Was Well With-In The Realm Of Truth & Accuracy . . . The Media are Blaming the People who Discovered & Made Public This Act Of Treason, which, had it been Successful, would have Destroyed the Republic of the United States of America.

The Very Sad Reality . . . is that Through Socialist Academia, just as with the 1933 Nazis, the People have Become so Dumbed-Down, and so Dependent on Media Bias & Fairy-Tales, that as in the Orwell Novel (1984) . . . The People Prefer To Believe The Lie.

President Abraham Lincoln Said . . . “We The People Are The Rightful Masters Of Both Congress And The Courts, Not To Overthrow The Constitution But To Overthrow The Men Who Pervert The Constitution”.  

President Thomas Jefferson Wrote . . . “The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Refreshed From Time To Time With The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants”.

For Those Who Are Ignorant Of History . . . They will Vote for the Side which Through the Media & Academia, will have Convinced them that there is a Better World for them, if they were to Vote for the Shangri-La of Socialism (Communism), which if they Win, they will Soon Enough Discover that Hell Comes in Many Guises.


For Men & Women Who Understand History . . . and Love the Reality of Freedom through Conservative Values and a Meritocracy with Limited Government . . . The Shangri-La Of Communism Will Only Lead To Revolution & Civil War.

Patriots Will Not Be Denied . . . Freedom Is Not Just A Word . . . And Is Far Greater Than Just A Concept.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with the comments concerning the failure of our schools. I taught high school health life management for 39 years. About half way thru my tenure I noticed an incredibly important subject was missing so I constructed a unit entitled “How to think and determine reality”. with so many sources of information most, which is hearsay and innuendo, determine the truth on any subject today is almost impossible.

  2. To further illustrate your point; radios and telephones were taken away from Jews alongside their freedoms at the beginning of the reign of terror. I just made a Yom Hashoa(Holocaust)presentation to over 300 students through the marvel of ZOOM technology and I pointed out about the importance of communications and how the nazis controlled it. When are we going riding?? its snowing in Toronto.


  4. Thanks again for your excellent article. I will need to do some more reading of a couple of those authors yon mentioned in your current article. For some reason, I am not able to access the comments below as I have in the past. As you noted many of us do enjoy the comments relating to your articles!

  5. it is obvious, our education is brainwashing and genetic engineering to our downfall. Follow the dots and you will se that the Virus was a germ warfare put together by China and the Deep State corrupt politicians in the USA to bring down Trump’s greatest economy. they couldn’t do it with the Russian Hoax/Impeachment, so destroy his economy and the USA. They have many players and supporters being fed by the China Communist Party. We all know about Hunter Biden & Mike Heinz (John Kerry’s son)

  6. As noticed by my past comments, I “Sort of Write the Way I Speak” as well because I also use BOLDS and CAPITAL LETTERS for Emphasis. Please continue to do so! Our EDUCATION system has FAILED our children. Bring back the old Reading, Writing & ‘Rithmetic’! When listening to the news, it’s frightening to SEE and HEAR all the GRAMMATICAL errors which are made. Then, THEY wonder WHY so many kids can’t READ and WRITE, and also must repeat some High School courses in College. God help us all! AMEN!

  7. Howard, all of your articles are fantastic, but imho this is the best yet. The enemy of freedom is fascism. It disguises itself as Liberal in Canada and as Democrat in the USA. If we are to prevent our countries from falling into the clutches of fascist tyranny abetted by the traitorous media, the sheeple must be prodded awake.

  8. DON’T CHANGE ONE THING IN YOUR EDITORIALS. They reflect who and what you are and represent. Great news that so many more are finding you and the truth. Pray that you are getting at least some $ to support the work you do for us.

  9. Love your style of writing, your caps and bold letters. That way we are never bored when reading! The only thing I miss, is that previously I did not have to enter my email each time, but was recognized. I must admit, it sometimes makes me not post….

  10. As days go by the depth of the virulent, treasonous plans of the Obama Clinton and accomplices is being exposed. Yet much of the so called media continues to avoid reality. Obama’s second fix is just a corrupt as the first if not worse. NOTE. I look forward to receive and read your publications and also the readers contributions. Great work,

  11. Thanks for ALL your very informing blogs. I ALWAYS look forward to reading them. Please DO NOT CHANGE any of your style in communicating with us. I LOVE your emphasis on all your writings. Thankyou so much!!!

  12. Howard, your editorials shed a lot of light – the more so as the political world darkens. I pass on many of them…. By the way, I like the highlighting of phrases, but must confess, NOT the UPPER CASE style:)

  13. Howard, your editorials are truthful and stark reminder of history. If people do not wake up, one day our freedoms will be gone!

  14. Howard this is your blog; please do not change your text in bold face or italics; do you what you do. Wag the Dog was released in 1997. Lastly, if people continue to hear the same thing over and over and over and over again it is hard if not impossible to avoid succumbing to the brainwashing without equally strong counter activities; I’m not stating this accurately, but i hope you understand what I mean. KEEP ON KEEPING ON – DON’T CHANGE A THING!

    1997 . . . Fixed – Thank You – HG.

  15. I was so interested in the article featuring CDC Fauci and you sent a video at the end about a lady scientist. It was an eye opener. I sent it to a conservative friend and it had already been removed. Thanks to our liberal internet controllers. I wanted so badly to pass that one around. Thanks for all of your editorials. M.. Quale, Shapleigh, ME

  16. Satan comes in many disguises, and uses people to do his work. Woe to people who listen to him! Howard, I love your CAPITAL LETTERS!, Keep it up.

  17. I want to encourage everyone to : Vote “RED Remove Every DUMBACRAP” in November.

  18. As I talk with young people, many in college, I am amazed at how little they know about history. I have 5 teachers in my family, related by different lines. All but one teaches any true history, they bring in outsiders (like myself) to share historical events. If they just teach by THE BOOK the kids learn just modern BS. I am not a teacher, but I share economic information, investing, checking, savings and such. None of which is being taught, many kids are amazed that a CC has substantial cost

  19. “the people prefer to believe the lie”, is because a lack of critical thinking has purposely been eliminated from teaching methodology in academia. Not only that, it is downplayed & even ostracized by professors whenever a student attempts to exercise critical thinking in class. Your quotes of Lincoln & Jefferson are apropos today & need to be spread far & wide HERE NOW & EVERY DAY until The People have reclaimed the full power of the Constitution/Bill of Rights once again.

  20. THANKS Howard your opinions Seek, and Speak the Truth keep em coming.

  21. Keep up the good work and do what you do. I also use CAPS when writing and do NOT criticize you. I do not criticize you if I cannot get on the comments….I just wonder if I am being knocked off not by you but a hacker or whatever. I am pretty out with it and how I think and HAVE been stopped before. I agree w/ u 100%. Hope that you get this……..

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