The Devil’s In The Jews


The Iranian Ayatollah Claims . . . “Wealthy Zionists (Jews) Control America”.

I’m Hearing that a Lot, and Not just from Persians, Arabs, Turks & Moslems Everywhere. It’s the Same Trope Used by Anti-Semites Throughout the Ages that never Seems to Get Old.

Jews Are The Favorite Whipping-Boy Of The Far RIGHT & Far LEFT.

I’m Witnessing the Same Type of Special Treatment for the Jewish People Today, that has been Used in Different Ways to Single-Out & Disparage Jews Throughout History.


BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Seems “Reasonable” – Since It Only Targets Jewish Businesses In Israeli Regions, Where Israel-Haters Proclaim, These Areas  Should Be Exclusively Palestinian. But It’s Far More Than That.

Millions Upon Millions Of Arabs, Kurds, Christians – Etc . . . are Either Driven out of their Homes & Homelands, Starved, Beaten, Raped And/Or Murdered by Arabs/Moslems of Different Sects . . . So Where’s The BDS For These Perpetrators Of In-Humane Activities?

Women Are Be Beaten, Publicly Humiliated & Jailed for any Offence that is Perceived to be Un-Islamic in many Moslem Countries – Including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan & More. Are You Aware Of Any BDS For These Countries?

China Imprisons, Enslaves, Tortures & Murders Chinese Moslems. China Cheats In All Endeavors. And Forbids All Freedoms. So How Do We Treat China? – Any BDS There?


This Might be Boring & Overplayed to Some People & Maybe even to a Great Many People who Read this BLOG . . .  But To MeThis Is As Serious As It Gets.

As I See It . . . The Democrat Party is working at Overtime to Hide their Disdain for Israel and the Jewish People, In-Spite of their Vitriol, unless you Happen to be A Good Subservient Leftist Jew.

After Every Cataclysmic Anti-Semitic Event, Which Ended in Jewish Genocide, We (The Jews) Comfort Ourselves Believing that this will be the Last – But It Never Is. There’s always another Hitler & Jewish Sell-Outs to Aid & Abet.

It Didn’t End With The Greek/Syrians (Seleucids), the Romans, Crusades, Inquisitions, Pogroms, Holocaust and the Fight For Israel’s Continued Rebirth as a Resurrected Nation . . . These Are All Different Sides Of The Same Coins.

As Long As A Jew Lives & Breathes . . . Jews Will Be Hated & Hunted By Someone!

Hitler Made The Ground Fertile For The Holocaust . . . by Convincing the German Population, but not just the Germans, Pretty Much all of Europe, that Jews Control the Banks, Business, Newspapers, Education, the Government . . . Everything.

And If That Didn’t Work . . . On The Other Side – Jews Were All Communists.

What’s Different Now To Jew Haters? Bloomberg is the Rich Jewish Capitalist – Sanders is the Jewish Communist. In Reality, America’s Jewish Population (Worldwide Jewish Population) is Incredibly Successful through Hard Work, Education, Innovation, Risk, Sacrifice & Perseverance.

Jews On Average Always Endeavor To Be As Assimilated & Socially Engaged As Possible.

The Holocaust Was No Secret. The Arrest of Jews was Public. The Disenfranchisement of Jews was Public. Kristallnacht was Public. The First Murder-Concentration Camp wasn’t in Eastern Europe, it was in France. There were Many Christian Europeans who Tried to Help Jews During the Nazi Reign of Terror, but Most So-Called God-Fearing People Turned their Back, while Many Aided & Abetted the Nazis.

An Army of Europeans, South Americans & North Americans Got Stinking Rich from the “Blood-Goods” Stolen not just by the Nazis from Europe’s Jews, but by Non-Nazi Corporations & Individuals as well.

Ask The Swiss Banks About Stolen Jewish Loot.

I Won’t Go Into It . . . Because It’s No Longer Relevant – But What Is Relevant, is that It’s Happening all over Again, and Not just in the Arab World, But Big Time Throughout Western & Central Europe. And It’s Happening Here in North America, Canada & the USA.

I’m Hearing & Reading the Grumblings Every Day that Bernie Sanders – A Socialist (Communist) is a Jew . . . And Look What he’s Trying To Do To America.

The Fact That Bernie Sanders was Born to Jewish Parents gives him Jewish Genes; but let me tell you about Bernie Sanders. To Conservative Jews like me, Sanders is No Jew – If Anything, Sanders is a Jewish Sell-Out, a Jew of Convenience when it Suits him, as Far as I & Most of my Conservative Jewish Cohorts are Concerned . . . Sanders Is Nothing More & Nothing Less Than a Jewish Anti-Semite.

But Even Though Sanders Was Born To Jewish Parents . . . So What?

The People Who shower Sanders with Accolades & Support – the Likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashid Talib, Ilhan Omar and an Army of Others are Not Jewish . . . but are in themselves, in my Opinion – are Anti-Semites who Support BDS – Just Like Bernie Sanders.

George Soros . . . The Hungarian Born Mega Billionaire, who has Enormous Aspirations to Destroy Free-Nations, for him and his Family to Create a One World Government, which they and their Ilk can Control . . . Is Jewish.

But During The Holocaust – George Soros Happily Helped the Nazis Collect Jewish Wealth in Hungary, as he Posed as a Christian . . . And More Than 75-Years Later, Soros is still Proud of what he’d Done. In Soros’ Words (Paraphrased) . . . If I Didn’t Do It – Someone Else Would have.

George Soros & Bernie Sanders are Both Jewish Anti-Semites – who Only Wish Harm to Israel and the People of Israel, in Spite of how Jewish they Want to be Perceived to Different Audiences.

As For Michael Bloomberg . . . Bloomberg is an Extraordinary Man who Made his Billions Without Ever Having to get his Hands Dirty. He is Jewish, Supports Israel in a LEFTIST Way, is Very Rich, and is a Known Philanthropist.

I Don’t Like Bloomberg Because I Think He’s A Rich Self-Centered Elitist Putz.

And To Those Who Don’t Like Bloomberg Because He’s Jewish . . . They should also Know that Michael Bloomberg Conceded to Have his Two Daughters (From Bloomberg’s Ex Wife) Raised & Educated as Anglicans.

Bloomberg is Not my Cup of Tea. But he will not Hide from Being Jewish, and he will Take a Political Beating For it. The Backroom Whispers Have Already Begun.


What Have The Anti-Semites Given The World?

In Central & Western Europe . . . the European Governments, which on One Hand Publicly Discourage Anti-Semitism, on the other Hand Fan the Flames of Jew Hatred through their Never-Ending Criticism of Israel, while these Same Governments Stand Silent against Moslem Atrocities and Chinese Caused Hell amongst the Chinese People.

Imagine if the Government of the United States of America was to say – The best thing The Jews Could Do To Protect Themselves . . . Is – Don’t Look Or Act Jewish. ‘Cause that’s what They’re Saying in Europe.

President Clinton Loved to Promote Himself as America’s First Black President. Which wasn’t even Close to being True . . . It Was A Great Political Ruse.

President Trump Does Not Promote Himself . . . As America’s First Jewish President. But he sure as Hell is the First American President who will Not Abandon the Jews, Especially Now, when the World Economy & Social Disorder are Creating the Perfect Storm for another Jewish Genocide.

The Question Amongst Jews Was Never . . . If “They” Will Come For Me? The Question Was When?

You All Might Think This Is Somewhat Over-The-Top. But Believe Me – It’s not.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am not a Jew, I sure as hell support the Jews who are not judeanrats. If the USA ?? does not support the Jews then we are nothing.

  2. Your comment that the world benefits every day from Israeli innovation and technology is substantiated by the fact that Jews, who are about 0.2% of the world’s population, have won about 20% of the Nobel Prizes.

  3. You do it to me every time. Right to the point. I’m forwarding to everyone. G-d Bless you. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Ca.

  4. It scares me that each of the Democrats are trying outdo the next on how anti Semitic they can be. What’s most frightening is the first they say about Trump is how much of a racist he is! They even stand outside trump towers on 5th ave with signs proclaiming this so called “truth” ( what losers!!). As I said to them … Thank Gd for president Trump and may Gd bless President Trump!!

  5. Just read today about an Israeli innovation that can speed up the detection of the coronavirus. It can test 100 saliva samples in 15 minutes whereas one blood test can take an hour. In another article, it talks about an innovation that can help prevent acute kidney injury, and apparently is an Israeli first of its kind device. Just a wee bit of what Israel has done for the good of humanity!

  6. It is so sad to see the rise of antisemitism around the world. The Jewish people have contributed so much to our benefit globally, more that what the average person is aware.. And it’s not in just one particular field of endeavor but several. My prayer is for the peace of Jerusalem and protection for Jewish people around the world. Bless you Howard. Keep soldiering on.

  7. your article is right on the button,no punches pulled,and why should they be.In my opinion antisemitism has nothing to do with jesus-it is simply extreme anger and jealousy BECAUSE HE CHOSE US AND BLESSED US.and our contributions to the world actually increase that hate,instead of eliminating it!!all credit to you howard for TELLING IT HOW IT IS-KOL HAKAVOD!!

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