The Election . . . When America Will Be Reborn


You might have Noticed that there has been a Lack of Editorials over the Past few Days (Since October 25, 2019). I Have A Real Honest To-Goodness Excuse.

Tomorrow Morning . . . November 1st – Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Are Pointing The Big Rig South, And We’re Heading For The Land Of The Free & The Home Of The Brave . . . To Texas, the Lone Star State – To Hill Country (Marble Falls Area), Somewhat Removed from Austin, where in UBER-LEFTIST Austin, People . . . Mostly Druggies, Mentally Ill & Sickos in General, are now Legally Free to Live, Sleep, Eat & Crap on Public Spaces.

Packing-Up & Taking Care of all the Necessities is no Small Job. Between (Routine) Medical Tests, Two Doctor Appointments, Two Visits to the Dentist, US Health Insurance, Acquiring a 6-Month Supply of Prescription Drugs, Haircuts, Banking, Mail Forwarding, Winterizing our Travel Trailer . . . and on and on and on – I Bet You Get The Picture, are in Total a Mammoth Undertaking.

So That’s Why – There Hasn’t Been A New Editorial Until Today.

But Now . . . that Virtually all the Work has been Done, and all I have to do while Anne Secures the Fifth Wheel is to Sit Here & Write – Writing this Editorial is a Gift to Myself & Believe it or Not, an Opportunity to Relax.


Also, this Trip will Take Us about 8-Days to Complete, since we’re not Getting any Younger, and I Really Don’t want to Push Myself like I did not that Long Ago, which will give me Time to Write, while Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are on the Road.


Every Pundit Is Writing & Or Speaking About The Impending Impeachment Of President Donald Trump . . . So Generally, When the Media is Fixated on Something Specific, I prefer to Opine on something Else, which is Usually of Equal or Greater Importance than what the Media is all About, but Overlooked by the Media, Because . . . It’s Not The Media Flavor Of The Day.

While all the Talking-Heads are Obsessed with President Trump’s Possible Impeachment, What is not Really being Discussed, but is Related to the Impeachment (Process) by Means – But Not by Facts . . . Is The Outright Assault On All Of Our Fundamental Freedom Of Due Process.


I’m A Canadian . . . But as an Aware Canadian, I Realize that what Happens in the United States of America will Affect the Entire World, but Mostly the Sovereign Country of Canada, since we are More or Less Joined at the Hip by Law & Process.

And It’s Not As If Canada Isn’t On The Brink Of Our Own Socio/Political Disaster.

Since Donald Trump Became President Donald Trump . . . The Bedrock Premise of Innocence Until Proven Guilty has Stood as the Cornerstone of our Societies.


It has Never Been the Case, not Legally or Morally in the United States of America or Canada until Recently, that the Powers of Society LOOK FOR A CRIME IN ORDER TO INDICT.

Also, in Court . . . Assuming What’s In The Mind Of A Defendant Has ZERO Standing, Because No One can Know what’s in the Mind or the Heart of anyone Else.

Former Vice President Biden Recently Said . . . “He Stands By The TruthNOT THE FACTS”. Whose Truth Was Biden Referring To? Since even Stupid & Uninformed People Often Defend “Their” Truth, the Truth They Understand it or Want it to Be . . . BUT . . . There Is Only One Fact, Like It Or Not, Until the Day We Die . . . 1 + 1 Will Equal 2, Even If Someone’s Truth Believes Otherwise.


Unless the State can Prove a Crime was Committed . . . There is no Crime. Unless the State can Prove that a Person Committed a Known Crime . . . There Is No Criminal.

The Moment We Allow . . . The State to Search for a Crime & CREATE a Criminal on Only Supposition, Hearsay or Belief – Without The Facts . . . All Of Our Freedoms Are In Great Jeopardy.

DUE PROCESS . . . Another Bedrock To Our Judicial Freedoms Are The Following . . . Besides A Right To Council:

1 – The Right To Know The Full Charge(s) (Not Made-Up Along The Way).

2 – The Right To Face Our Accuser(s).

3 – The Right To Know All The Evidence (Including Exculpatory Evidence).

4 – The Right To Cross Examine.

5 – The Right To Call Witnesses.

6 – The Right To Have PUBLIC Testimony.

7 – The Right To Be Judged By Our Peers.

To A Lessor & Greater Degree . . . The Fundamental 7-Preceding Issues (Rights) Prescribed Above, have Either been Denied or Diminished to the Accused (President Donald J Trump) Subject of the Proceeding Impeachment Process.

THINK ABOUT THIS . . . If The State Can Do this to a Duly Elected & Sitting President of the United States of America, Especially just One Year from a Presidential Election . . . WHAT CAN IT NOT DO TO YOU?

In The Last Couple Of Years . . . We’ve Witnessed The Front Doors of Citizens being Kicked-In . . . in the Dark Hours of the Early Morning, while Non-Violent, Non-Criminal Targets were in Bed, as Family Members were Woken to the Crashing & Splintering Sounds of a Home Invasion. To see Heavily Armed Men in Full Combat Gear Take Away their Loved one(s) in Shackles.


We’re Bearing Witness To A Movement . . . To Rewrite The American First Amendment – Amongst Other Constitutional Guarantees.

We’re Watching Millennials, Brainwashed by Academia, Pushing for a Communist (Socialist) State Above a Meritocracy.

We’re Watching Democrat Top-Tier Primary Candidates Out-Promise Each Other, for Various Means to Destroy the American Republic as it was Designed Nearly 250-Years Ago, by which America has become the Yardstick by which all other Free Countries Measure Themselves & Each Other.

It Pains Me Greatly . . . To watch the Democrats and the LEFT Create a Racist American Scenario, which Hasn’t Existed for more than a Generation(s). And it is Repugnant how the LEFT has so Distorted Gender & Sexual Rights, Religious Conscience and the Right to Own Guns, to the Point that America is Living in a Surrealistic World Created by Demented Minds.

It is Reprehensible How the LEFT has Painted Conservatives as a Backward & Fascist Element of the American Experience, while Simultaneously Destroying the History, Pride & Prestige of the American South.


Millions upon Millions of Americans are Buying this Very Anti-American LEFTIST BS, because they are Either Stupid, Ignorant or Both. BUT MANY MORE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS SEE THE FACTS FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE!

In The Final Analysis . . . Because of all this LEFTIST Insanity Caused by Obama Acolytes, the Clintons, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, the Swamp & the Deep State in General, the LEFT will Witness the Largest Defeat Any American Party has ever Experienced since the Start of the Civil War.

And From There . . . President Trump, with Control of the Senate & the House, can Reclaim America & Set the Freedoms of the Old-World-Order Back to Where they Used to Be & Should Still Be. And as a Canadian, I will Feel all the Better for it.

Before All That Happens . . . Buckle-Up – It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank for this – I consider this editorial to be encouraging words. Today felt really black to me until you sent this email. It is so unbelievable that the U.S. House has actually voted to proceed with impeachment, based on NOTHING factual!!!

  2. Thanks for the excellent observations and prediction for the 2020 election. People are seething at what the Democrats are doing to President Trump and I agree totally that it will result in a landslide victory for Republicans come 2020. Travel safe.

  3. Safe travels. In this world, there is good, and evil. Progressives and leftists are mostly evil. Guilty until proven innocent! Unlimited abortion even killing after birth. Calling the ISIS leader who was killed by US forces, a religious scholar. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Until such time as there is a moral reawakening in the US and Canada, society will continue to decline, and the Marxists will take more and more control. Wake up America and Canada!!

  4. This Editorial is Profound. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, announced, “Expansion of Administrative Monetary Penalties to create efficient and effective environmental enforcement and support local environmental projects”. AMP is a system where you are Guilty and Fined. No Court, Trial, Judge or Appeal, GUILTLY as Charged. The Right to Face Your Accuser in a Court of Law is GONE. This will Continue to Expand into other areas of our LIVES. This is the Beginning of the End. Magna Carta is Dying.

  5. Not to belabor the point, but President Trump is being denied due process and railroaded by a kangaroo court in a star chamber, all in plain sight. If this flagrant judicial abuse engineered by what are essentially anti-American political operatives doesn’t infuriate right-thinking Americans, nothing will.

  6. It is amazing to me that Pelosi, Shiff, Nadler, and others are driving this Sham. They have made accusations that are pure lies and should be brought to justice for these lies. Oh, I guess they can say anything without a bit of truth in it and get away with it because they are above the law.

  7. To Paraphrase: We are watching the Liberals the extreme left create a racist Canadian Scenario, which hasn’t existed for more than a generation. It is repugnant how the Liberal and NDP Left has so distorted Gender & Sexual Rights, Religious Conscience and even the right to own guns, to the point that Canada is Living in a surrealistic World Created by Demented Minds. It is Reprehensible how the Liberal left has Painted Conservatives as a backward & extreme fascist element of the Canadian Political fabric, while simultaneously destroying the history, pride & prestige of what used to be Canada.

  8. I think it will not be long before the large majority of Americans will become fully aware of what the Democraps have done and are doing. Barr and Durham are working hard to get the facts that will expose the massive frauds they have committed to trying to convince everyone that they are the faultless “chosen ones.” Once the American public is totally aware of these misdeeds, the President will be cleared, and will be re-elected in a LANDSLIDE. Any other outcome will be a disaster for the U.S.

  9. Love it. Sharing it…. Safe travels…. can’t wait for the next one!

  10. OH….the brainwashed, masses!!!! is the bike going with you? Safe travels….AND bikerly hugses. Andy

  11. Howard, have a safe journey to the Land Of The FREE and The Home Of The Brave!

  12. i spent about 2 years studying in canada and the USA and learned to appreciate the american personality,their values and awareness of the role of the USA in the world at israel where i live there is an expression “amcha”which means the common folk.i believe that the amcha in the USA are aware of the dangers the leftists pose and will not allow them to take the wheel.the world needs a republican america and i’m praying for that to happen!AMEN and HALLELUYAH!!

  13. Excellent Editorial. I WAS upset over the vote to proceed with the INQUIRY by the HOUSE, but then this will ALLOW the TRUTH to come out, I HOPE! God Help Us and PLEASE Pray For Us. Thank You

  14. Great article. Have a super trip. Smell the air and enjoy the sights. None of the rights you mentioned have been allowed in the proceedings so far. Now the impeachment is proceeding generated by manufactured and distorted “evidence” and Schiffty’s biases. Should be laughable. Singh has stepped up to advise Trudeau that he will be wagging the Liberals legislation and laying out his rules. Canada is fractured. Scary.

  15. Thanks for your words. It seems that whenever I get to read your stuff, I feel much better. It feels like breathing out after holding my breath for too long. Welcome back to the USA

  16. Regardless of you’re being a Canadian, ?. , a reasonable man (or woman) would all would agree you warrant a “Green card” and are a true friend of the USA!

  17. Howard, I pray God’s Safety on all you guys, as you travel to Texas and all points in between.The last Democrat I had any regard for was the Late President John F Kennedy(adulterer as he was)Like you said “we all live in glass houses”All though some have better shades than some. When I hear Democrat in these days I’m inclined now to hear Socialist/Communist! I took a pledge to defend this Constitutional Republic from foreign and DOMESTIC Threats! I was medically discharged, I hold to my Pledge!

  18. From your mouth to God’s ears! Only a smashing conservative victory in 2020 will get us back on the right track.

  19. Would you please send me your mailing address in Texas as I would like to support your efforts. Thank you. Patricia McCoy Carpin, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  20. We are all born ignorant, you have to work real hard at being stupid…

  21. Agreed Again , Unfortunately I have begun to suspect the “answer” is to not let “them” pull this crap anymore . Anything can be “fixed” if the right people put their mind and energy into it . Political Correctness needs to go . Aberrations need to be pointed at and scorned not ignored or Encouraged. Safe Trip . Hope Canada (as you know it ) is still here when you get back.

  22. I will be a Thomas on the next election and believe when I see it. After going through losing the house in 2018 and what recently happened in the canadian election, unless the Conservatives in both countries show up en masse to vote and give Donald Trump a huge landslide victory with a Republican lead house and senate, the U.S.A. and Canada will be no more.

  23. First, wishing you all a very nice, safe trip to Texas! “What goes around come around”! Thus, the RADICAL LEFT don’t REALIZE what’s ahead of them! If only they would PRACTICE what they PREACH! There IS a POSITIVE side to this IMPEACHMENT FIASCO, however, as those who have chosen to partake in the DENOUNCING of Pres.Trump have EXPOSED themselves for the VICIOUS ORGANISMS they TRULY are! The TRUTH is like the SUN–sooner or later it DOES come out! “We ain’t seen nothing yet!” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  24. Howard Very well stated THE LEFT WILL BE PUT DOWN The next elections will put POTUS in charge of the house. Have a safe and pleasant trip. To You All

  25. our best companies are jumping ship to protect themselves from a failing country so sad what has transpired in the last Canadian election totally divided between BC/ Quebec, Alberta/Saskatchewan, the eastern provinces and the idiots of Ontario may I just vomit

  26. Best wishes for a safe journey as you drive your rig into the lions den. Once you are settled in I look forward to reading your assessment of the situation in the USA, as views from Texas. The numerous attempts to dethrone President Trump are truly astonishing, never any facts, substance or wrong doing except on the Dems side and that goes by unchallenged. This Presidency will surely go down in history as the most unique and unusual.

  27. Carly Simon hates Trump, but loves Bill Clinton…..go figure! Read Mick Jagger’s lyrics about Carly in ‘Star Star’.

  28. All U.S. ‘Trumpers’ are incensed with this whole Demacommie adventure in the (Swamp) aka, the House of Representatives. But there’s an election coming in a few months, need I say more!!! Thanks Howard & safe travels.

  29. Excuse me everyone. I am getting very disgusted with our Democrats and Republicans using the word about our Democracy… WE as Not a Democracy, we, as a Country, are in a Republic!!! So please use the proper Terminology.. Thankyou!! Barry There is a big difference between the two!!!!

  30. Excellent Editorial Howard !!! By the way, I happen to live in a glass house so I’ve been told never to throw stones. (hahaha) Speaking of which I’ve got a Kidney Stone operation coming up next week. At least a rolling “stone” gathers no moss. :>) – Brucester

  31. “Fascist are never content to merely lie, they must transform their lie into a new reality, and they must persuade people to believe in the unreality they’ve created.” Hannah Arendt. The Origins of Totalitarianism

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