Don’t Let The Sound Of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy


I’ve Being Warning Of This For As Long As Obama Was President Of The United States Of America.


Biden Just Dropped Obama’s Hammer . . . Get Rid of Netanyahu, Change the Government of Israel from Conservative to Socialist, and Take a Knee to the Palestinian Dream of . . . From The River To The Sea . . .

America Is Under Vicious Attack From Within & Israel Is About To Pay The Price.


In 1972, The Eagles Recorded One Of Their All-Time Great Hits . . . “TAKE IT EASY” – the Message was Superb & Pertinent 51-Years Ago, and is No Less Meaningful Today . . . “Don’t Let The Sound Of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy”.

Even Though, Like Others Of My Generation, I Loved Certain Songs, Singers & Assorted Performers from the World of Dance & Sports . . . But I’ve Never Been A Groupie.

And As I’ve Written Before In My Editorials . . . If you Want to Continue Hero Worshiping an Idol . . . Make Sure To Worship From Afar, because Once you Really Get to Know the Person you Venerate, He Or She Will Undoubtedly Be A Disappointment.

The Great Performers . . . Whether Athletes, Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Politicians – Etc . . . Stay in their Own Lane & Remain Great for a Very Long Time.

And then Come the Performers – Who . . . Let The Sound Of Their Own Wheels Drive Them Crazy . . . By Believing Their Own Hype.

If You Asked Me To Name A Taylor Swift Song I Couldn’t.

If you Asked Me to Name who Taylor Swift was Romantically Involved with, I Couldn’t Answer that Either, Other than to Tell you that she is Being Seen with some Football Jock. I Don’t know which Team he Plays for, and I Think he Might be the Quarterback, But I Wouldn’t Take A Bet On-It.

Furthermore . . . If you were to Ask Me where Taylor Swift Went to School, What She Studied, if she Graduated, and What her Expertise was Beyond Being Beautiful, Having a Great Singing Voice, and Moving Lasciviously Half Naked On-Stage? I Couldn’t Tell You . . . Because It Is Not Important To Me.

What Is Important To Me, Is The Influence Someone Like Taylor Swift Has Over Millions Of People.

What am I supposed to Say or Think when Someone like Taylor Swift & Others Like Taylor Swift Support Hamas and the Palestinian War Cry . . . From The River To The Sea?

I’m Not Suggesting That Taylor Swift Isn’t Entitled To Her Opinion. To the Contrary . . . Everyone is Entitled to an Opinion No Matter How Wrong, Stupid or Hurtful that Opinion Might-Be.

If Taylor Swift’s Presence At A Pro-Palestinian Rally . . . was Based on the Moment Rather than on Conviction, it would Mean that she was Simply Ignorant. But, if Swift’s Attendance of this Anti-Israel (Anti-Semitic) Gathering was Measured by her Belief, That Would Be A Totally Different Story.

What Makes Me Curious . . . Is that Taylor Swift Chronicles Just About her Entire Private Life on Social Media (So I’m Informed), but Not her Presence at this Pro-Palestinian Fundraiser . . . Why Not?


Some Of The Dumbest People I Ever Met, Heard or Had Anything to Do with were Individuals Driven by their Own Self-Importance & Popularity, who Confuse their Personal Self-Image with an Accomplished Understanding of the Issues Upon which they Opine to Have an Expertise.


The Tragedy . . . Is That Taylor Swift Is Only One Of Many – Far Too Many with Opinions that a World of People who are Dumb Enough to Believe . . . If It Comes From A Mouth That Is Adulated By The Masses.


Imagine . . . Changing Policy For Better Or Worse Because Taylor Swift Said-So.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’ll never understand why those who read or sing lines (written by others) for a living (and shake their booties while doing it) think they suddenly have this great knowledge/vision to understand world affairs & know what’s right for all. What makes them smarter or more attuned than anyone else who works for a living and reads the paper? Fact is, it doesn’t. These ‘star’ types are so wrapped up in their own egos of greatness they think their fame gives them all the wisdom for the masses.

  2. I created a teaching unit during my high school health class teaching days entitled “How to think and determine reality”. I saw a tremendous need for young people to know how to think due to the amount of daily information that they were viewing and hearing in the media. Today this is to the power of 10 considering the internet and “stupid” phones. In my opinion our future looks bleak due to our inability to know how to determine realty. FYI Howard speaks the truth.

  3. Heck, I don’t even know who Swiller Taft IS! Must be one of those Frog Lickin’ dudes…!

  4. My favourite Eagle song is the live version of “Dirty Laundry” written by Don Henly when he went single when the Eagles broke up in 1980 but came back as a group in 1994 doing tours all over the world to record-breaking crowds. Sorry to say but I am very pessimistic here and think we will be in WW3 before Trump gets a chance to be president again, hope I am wrong.

  5. I play and am involved in MUSIC. I could not hum a tune by Taylor Swift. My thoughts are ,if you have to practically strip to make music then you are not making music. Another line reader I cannot condone is that pompous DeNiro. Cheers, TedR

  6. Absolutely right on!!! I was asked today if celebrity endorsements for products I buy help me to purchase the items. My answer—a resounding NO!! A number of people, unfortunately mostly the young, still like to live their lives through the mostly fake reporting of celebrities’s lives. I prefer reality. I don’t want nor need anyone doing my thinking for me!!! And I prefer lyrics to songs I listen to to have meaning for me—to move me—-to relax me—and to entertain me.

  7. If you get your knowledge of world events from a half naked girl jumping up and down on stage, you need to pay more attention to reality

  8. Way back in 1970 when PETER PAUL & MARY performed at Montreal’s Place Des Arts, a group of us went backstage after the show. Mary Travers had converted to Judaism when she married PP&M’s photographer Barry Feinstein. They divorced in 1968 but Montreal Gazette reporters asked Mary if she will convert back to Christianity? Mary gave them a look to kill. “I am Jewish and I will always be Jewish. You got that? And I get to celebrate Hanuukah as well as Christmas so I am truly blessed.”

  9. Justin is a drama queen too and just as stupid. I’m deeply disappointed with our country’s support today of a UN resolution for a ceasefire. In WW2 nobody asked for a ceasefire against the nazis. Hamas and their likes are the modern day nazis. They believe in extermination and no two state solution will ever be a solution. This conflict has nothing to do with territory and as soon as all the left wing knuckleheads figure it out the better off this world will be.

  10. Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is Travis Kelce, and he plays for Kansas City. I was watching a game and the camera panned on Taylor. The reason I remember his name is because there was a pogrom in Kielce, Poland in 1946. Celebrities should stick to what they do best, not politics.

  11. Great column! I, like you, have zero interest in the antics of Ms. Swift, except that it concerns me to see so many accept her, and others like her, as someone worthy to be emulated. Narcissism is ugly! There’s going to come a day when we will answer for the false idols we have made. She is merely one of many.

  12. Since 1867 Israel has been trained by “cease fire generals” and given to believe that Islamic Jihad will co exist with other religions. Even Jewish. ISLAM is fit to co exist with itself only. At any given time many specimens will slam aircraft into buildings. Rape. Slaughter. Torture. Murder. Kidnap.

  13. They call them Celebrities but they are just Actors or others who are put on a pedestal because they have the ability to entertain. They have the highest per cent per capita for Drug Use, Alcohol use, Suicide, Divorce and Legal problems. But they can ACT like many different people to make us Laugh, Cry, and envy. I quit watching Pro Sports because of their BS, we watch very few movies because of them. Why in the HELL would I listen to them spout Their Vile BS. So few are good folks.

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