How Can Israel Win Back What It Lost


If Anyone Thinks That I Will Walk-Back Or Soften My Comments – They Would Be Mistaken.

Maybe it’s True that we (I) Placed an Almost Mystical Belief in Israel’s Military Invulnerability. And If I Did, It Was Because Israel Promoted This Belief.

It’s Too Easy to Forget the Last Time Israel Really Screwed-Up . . . And Came Close To Losing The Jewish Nation In 1973 During The Yom Kippur War, which was Seared into Our Memory, to the Point that Israel Should Never Have Let its Guard Down Again . . . But It Did.

Israel Is Not A Normal Country In A Normal Community. Israel Is Surrounded By Nations Of Hate.

Israel Does Not Have The Luxury Of Pretending It Is Always Safe, While Living Amongst Millions of Bloodthirsty Haters of Jews, whose Entire Focus through Education, Religion & Culture is to Murder Jews & Drive Israel Into the Sea.

But There Is More Than Enough Blame To Go Around.


On June 16, 1858 . . . Abraham Lincoln Paraphrased the Bible in His Acceptance Speech for the Nomination (Republican) to be the Senator for Illinois. Lincoln was Referring to Slavery, where Half the Country was in Favor of Slavery, while the Other Half was Deeply Opposed, Which Led To The Greatest American Military Bloodbath In US History.

Without Question . . . The Mass Antipathy & Aggressive Social Disruption that Lasted from the Beginning of the Likud Government, Until October 7, 2023, from Israel’s LEFT, Including the Opposition Parties and the Propagandized Media, which were Spurred-On, Organized & Financed by Globalists . . .

It All Divided Israel To The Point Of Showing Tremendous Weakness, to which I Believe was a Huge Catalyst to the Decision of Hamas through Iran . . . To Commit The Horrors They Did.

It Wasn’t The LEFT Who Savaged The Heart Of Israel – It Was Hamas . . . But The LEFT Is Culpable.


David Fought Goliath. Samson Caused the Columns to Crumble, the Maccabees Fought the Seleucid Empire (Greeks), Christ Chose the Cross Before He Would Take a Knee, the Jewish Rebels Fought the Romans to their Death at Masada . . . And Jews Rose from the Ashes of the Holocaust to Fight for Every Inch of the Historically Jewish Land of Israel . . . Where Are Our Jewish Heroes & Icons Today?

Israel Does Indeed Command One Of The Best Militaries In The World, which is Ready to Fight all Enemies who Threaten the Jewish State, No Matter Who they are . . . Or From Where They Come. . . Until Now.

So Who is Responsible For Israel’s Surrender To Hamas?


Where The Entire Pro-Israel World Was Anticipating Shock & Awe From Israel – Israel Caved.

I Understand The Torture That Is Weighing Heavily Upon The Shoulders Of The Israeli Government. I can Feel the Angst of the Families, Friends & Neighbors of the Israelis who are Being Held Hostage . . . And I’m Deeply Touched When I See the Reunions Between the Freed Hostages and their Loved-Ones . . .

I Also Understand The Enormous Cost Of This Capitulation That Has Cut Into The Soul Of Israel.


Assuming that Hamas Would Release all 200-Plus Israeli Hostages in this Cockamamie Trade with Murderous Terrorists for a Ceasefire that would Extend it to  a Period of Many Weeks if Not Months . . . What Happens The Next Time Arab Terrorists Murder Jews & Grab Surviving Israelis As Hostages?

The Fact That Israel . . . Has been Coerced by Obama Through Biden – To Sell Its Soul For What Is Tantamount To A Modern 30-Pieces Of Silver . . . is Both Disgraceful, Pathetic & Spiritually Crushing.

This Is Not Good For Israel . . . But It Is Equally Not Good For America & The Rest Of The Free World.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No, you have not been too harsh at all. Apparently there was not enough death on 7 Oct. Maybe they need an attack where 10,000 to 20,000 are killed. In my book they now deserve whatever awaits them down the road. No one can save a patient who has no desire to live.

  2. once again howard you are absolutely right-there are many incompetants in powerful positions in israel and deserve to be dumped into hamastown to learn from them.we are a nation of “friarim”=suckers,and are paying the price.fortunately the common israeli is a giant,and is proving that,when necessary,we pull together!with GOD’S GRACEwe will come through this trial,and MAYBE learn a lesson or two.!

  3. Way past incompetence and even betrayal. In October 7th the true “protests” intent came to light. But… the key “protests” agents, Obama handled, remain. Basically some 15000 sewer rats Islamic bestial murderers beat the living daylight out them generals..failures.. Netanyahu? Who? Minutes ago they delivered another slap. Israel desperately needs new everything. I would not be surprised if in two days Hamas shows a victory parade.

  4. So many useful idiots being highlighted, (and mostly young ). There’s no reasoning with them. They are told what to think and faithfully abide , like the good little communists they are. Very sad. The beginning of the end of all free societies , not just Israel.

  5. In my opinion this is what Israel must do, with or without hostages. Completely destroy hamas and its entire structure within Gaza, tunnels etc. Over time target hamas heads outside the country. Set up policing gaza, as the scum have shown they can’t play nice on their own. Finally, they must destroy all the tunnels and control the region all along the Egyptian border. They must be the border police on all 4 sides, to prevent any more shenanigans or arms coming in above or below ground.

  6. What I find ironic with the sheeples of Israel is that they brought back Benjamin Netanyahu 6 times to power. Why is it that they would vote him out and then vote him back in 6 times? The explanation is they can’t make up their minds hence why the hesitation with the present war. The Israeli sheeples are gonna have to make up their minds once and for all, and support Bibi and his plan to completely destroy hamas and hezbollah once and for all.

  7. The Maccabees defeated the Salucid Greeks who controlled Syria. The ten tribes of the kingdom of Israel became the ten lost tribes after being conquered by the Assyrians many hundreds of years before the Hasmoneans came to power in Judea.

  8. You were not harsh enough. Only one correction. Jesus went to the cross willingly as the blood sacrifice to pay the sin debt of every human being from Adam until the time He sets foot in this earth again. Isaiah Ch. 53.

  9. Complacency HAD set in. Being ON GUARD 24/7 is a reality for Israel. Can it be UNDONE? Only with it starting at the top of Israel’s Administration. They need to think of Israel FIRST. DO NOT believe Biden, Obama, UK & especially Hamas. NO continued ‘cease fire’. As you put it in a previous blog……I am paraphrasing (Israel Must & Will Win at all costs). No more pussyfooting around. Let’s get back to ISRAEL & the devil be damned. No concessions. Harsh? yes. Needed? YES. MYPOV.

  10. Howard, mark me down for somebody who believes you were not too harsh on Israel. You always tell it like it is and unfortunately, the truth hurts !!! For the record, even following the atrocious unprovoked slaughter of 1300+ Israelis on October 7th, Palestinians would gladly vote for Hamas to be part of the Palestinian Government. And for this, Israel puts their war for survival on hold ? Say whaaaat ? Oh my God !!! Speaking of which >>> GOD BLESS ISRAEL <<<

  11. No military experience but this is how I see it. Hamas will let small groups (one I for 3 P) of hostages go for more ceasefire days until they reach a critical number which they will keep, knowing Israel is going to attack again. (Israeli human shields). It’s a terrible decision for a Leader to continue fighting while Hamas holds hostages, and they know it. Israel must eliminate Hamas, there is no two state or other negotiable solution. OB didn’t just change USA he changed the world.

  12. the US is heading quickly towards CIVIL WAR. We have indoctrinated folks that support Hamas and we have folks that support Israel here in the US. Not sure what the catalyst will be but we are heading down a slippery slope. Our Government continues to try to disarm us with their foolish laws, China is just waiting. Our country will erupt in street fighting and China will attack a well armed group of Veteran Fighters that will be aged (over 65) and HELL will follow. Life has not changed for all.

  13. Isreal should not loose focus on all terrorist countries. I have read Iran has enough uranium for three bombs, and Iran is in the hands of those who not only hate Jews, but has also no qualms of destroying their own just to kill Jews. SCARY to think Obama/Obiden admin will be pushing terrorism & civil war in USA opening door for outsiders(China) to walk in. We older folks should be prepared. God Bless.

  14. You are spot on the Israeli situation, but you need to look in to American Civil War history some more. The south was wanting to do away with slavery in the early 1800s and there were more abolitionist in the south than in the north. I could go but you know the story, history is written my the winners.

  15. What needs to be made clear is just how much US military support viz military replenishment Israel is truly dependant upon and therefore must heed a STOP sign from the US when it is placed before her. We all know why Obama and now Biden have a soft spot when it comes to Iran. Israel is not militarily independent. But having said this I have no idea why Israel didn’t take out Hamas and even Iran while Trump was POTUS. The military supplies would have flowed to Israel to get these jobs done.

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