The Lines Are Drawn – The Battle Is On


In The Final Analysis . . . The Smart Money Seems To Be On Trump Vs DeSantis – But Maybe I’m Not That Smart, because I See Another Major Player in the Contest Who Also Has a Strong Appeal . . . His Name Is Tim Scott, Who I Believe Is A Player Not To Be Underestimated.


As I Had Previously Written . . . Any of the Three Above Mentioned, with Special Recognition to Vivek Ramaswamy, are Head & Shoulders Above Anyone the Democrats Might Put Forward as their Candidate. And that Includes Someone Other than the Current Dufus-In-Chief.

At This Juncture . . . I Wouldn’t Bet On Candidate Biden Running In 2024.


At The Same Time . . . Polls Show Trump Eating Biden’s Breakfast & Coming Back For His Lunch.

Here’s The Bottom-Line . . . the Democrats are Using Every Dirty Trick to Cripple Trump. They are Suing Trump, Investigating Trump for Non-Issues, Subpoenaing Trump for Whatever they Can, Putting Trump Before LEFTIST Grand Juries & LEFTIST Judges . . . In Addition To Impeaching Trump Not Once – But Twice.

They’ve Raided Trump’s Private Property with Guns Drawn, they’ve Threatened Trump’s Family, they’ve Indicted Trump Once and will Probably Indict Trump Again, Sooner Rather Than Later, and they’re Trying to Tie Trump-Up in the Courts During the Height of the Primary Campaign.

In-So-Doing, they’re Breaking Every Legal Convention . . . Out In The Open . . . To Keep Trump From Running Again In 2024.

Why In A Million Years Would They Go To This Extreme If They Weren’t Terrified Of Donald Trump?

Why Have the LEFT and the Most Unlikely Cohorts of the LEFT, Namely Big Tech, Globalized Industry and the Insider Republicans (RINOS), whose Hands are No Less Dirty than are the Hands of the Democrats, Eviscerated Much Of Reagan’s Shiny City Upon The Hill?

The LEFT and the Republican Insiders Know, that if Trump Makes it Back to the White House . . . Their Movement To Globalize & Take Control Of All Our Freedoms Will Cease To Happen.

I Like Ron DeSantis . . . And One Day he Might Make a Great President . . . But The LEFT Do Not Fear Ron DeSantis – Because Ron DeSantis Is Not Donald Trump. And Ron DeSantis has Already Been Bought-And-Paid-For by the Likes of the Koch Organization, Fox News and the Karl Rove Super-PAC . . . Like all the Politicians who Might Make-It Big, Supported by the Wealthy Insiders with the Deep Pockets and a Common Goal to be Number One Above the People they Feed Upon.

Donald Trump Is Not Bought-And-Paid-For, Except by the Millions of Americans Who Will Go-To-The-Mat For Donald Trump . . . Because Donald Trump has Gone to the Mat for America – And Still Won’t Take A Knee.

Why Did Elon Musk . . . The World’s Richest Man Do The Official Launch For Ron DeSantis?  

Why are all the Bush Toadies like Karl Rove Rallying the Troops for DeSantis? Didn’t they Already Cause Enough Damage to America and by Extension to the Free World.

Don’t Get Me Wrong . . . I Like Elon Musk. I Really Don’t Like Karl Rove, and if Ron DeSantis Pulls-It-Off & Beats Trump, Because of the Billions Upon Billions of Dollars in Actual Money . . . And In Financial-Kind Thrown Against Trump By The LEFTDeSantis Will Get My Blog Support.


While DeSantis Puts His Entire Focus On Trump, I Suspect Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy & Others will be Putting a Bullseye on DeSantis, Much like Nikki Haley; as Haley just Took her First Shot – Not at Trump, But At The Man Haley Basically Called The Trump Impersonator.

As For Trump . . . What Can They Say That Hasn’t Already Been Said? And if they’re all Campaigning to be Trump-Lite . . . Why Vote For An Imposter, When You Can Have The Real Deal – Tried, Tested & Proven?

Great Warriors Wear Their Battle Scars To Prove Their Worth – And Trump’s Worth Is Plenty.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, If Trump can pull this off with all the forces arrayed against him it will only be by Divine intervention. Why they haven’t JFK’d him yet is beyond my understanding.

  2. Only one one other had the kahunas to standup against the establishment, HE will return. GO TRUMP….

  3. Don’t overlook the possibility of the LEFT running a REPUBLICAN “3rd party (conservative)” candidate in the ’24 election. Also Rupert Murdoch is another one of those wealthy billionaires with an ax to grind (re: the firing of Tucker Carlson). He’ll likely fund the left.

  4. When Trump shook the blood-stained hand of the murderous thug Kim I began to question my support for The Donald. If I had ever gotten that close to the brutal dictator I would have killed him, to hell with the consequences. Vivek Ramaswamy’s soaring intellect far surpasses that of his GOP opponents. DeSantis checks all the right conservative boxes and has already raised a ton of money. Let the games begin. Meantime, the treasonous media goons are in a frenzy. Nothing could be more delightful.

  5. You are, as usual, right on the money. Though we have recently moved to another state from FL, we are very upset with Ron DeSantis. The day he was inaugurated for the second time as governor, we received a solicitation letter asking if we were ready for president DeSantis. This after supporting him with donations and working on his Governor’s campaign. He is NOT ready to be president and has the backing of some really bad characters. Don’t forget Paul Ryan. We support Trump for Pres. in 2024

  6. I think the Left have been quite successful at painting Trump as unelectable in a General Election. The main thing is for the Republicans to win majorities in both houses. I would support DeSantis, with Ramaswamy as VP! Then because Trump will win a seat, make him Speaker of the House! Can you imagine the outrage of the leftist loonies! It would be a 100% win for Freedom in the US. Meanwhile in Canada, we have our Commie PM for 2 more years, supported by more Commie NDP. Sad!

  7. Tim Scott is too soft to be the president; he reminds me too much of good ol Mike Pence; says the right words, is sincere, but not the man to face down the communist/demons that we must battle. Neither can Ron DeSantis lead the nation; only Trump is independent enough to be the Supreme Commander. If he is cheated once again, there is no one to take his place & America the Beautiful will only be a memory to those of us that can truly remember what life was like before Obama & the communists came.

  8. I cannot stand the rino traitor Karl Rove. He is a bush toady and a one world government minion. He is an enemy of Israel.

  9. I Like and Respect DeSantis, He’s a Great Governor. In my opinion he should stay Governor. NO MORE POLOTICIANS! A STATESMAN IS WHAT IS NEEDED.. TRUMP 2024!

  10. If DJT gets back in the WH, it will be by God’s design. It’s a sad state when BIG $$ can swing election results away from We The People. GOP establishment is very much to blame as well. It is time to do away with parties altogether & candidates run on their own platforms & truly best person wins. BUT elitists would risk losing control & THAT’S THE REAL ISSUE !!! It matters not what the people want. USA may be too far gone. DeSantis isn’t ready or politically mature enough to handle the SWAM

  11. People must understand why Putin respects only 2 leaders in the world. Netanyahu and Trump. He respects them because they are fierce Nationalists with which he can identify (& therefore fear). People seem to forget that on Feb 8, 2019 Putin’s elite Wagner group was slaughtered by American Special Forces in Eastern Syria at Trump’s command (Conoco oil fields)and a few hundred of his best men returned to Moscow in body bags. Trump’s taking out of Iranian IRGCs Soleimani solidified his respect.

  12. Compared to the old Dufus , Desantis is more than ready , and the USA would be miles ahead with him. Whether it’s justified or not , President Trump has baggage. May the best candidate win , and the right unite.

  13. You all forget, we have 18 months left of BIDEN. He is driving us towards Civil War with his agenda. At which time he will declare Martial Law and stay in office. The continual push to make Personal Ownership of GUNS is part of the plan. Biden continues to Stir the Racial Pot at every turn, he wants a War, here SOON. I practice my shooting skills weekly as I will be ready when it happens, I ask all Vets to do the same. At 71, I despise our Gov’t that is giving our country away to CHINA.

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