Go Big Or Go Home


I Struggled Today to Find the Right Title for this Editorial, Since I Knew What I Wanted to Write, but Couldn’t Find the Most Appropriate Set of Words to Express the Metric I Wanted to Use as a Headline.

As I Thought & Thought About A Title . . . I Kept Coming Back to the Idiom . . . Go Big Or Go Home, which by all Means was Perfect for the Intent of this Editorial.

So Here It Is . . . Conservatives – Don’t Pussyfoot . . . Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say.


There Is No Honor, Dignity Or Common Sense In Holding Back, as we all See our Respective North American Nations (The USA & Canada), which are Being Destroyed by American & Canadian Communists, Who for Many Decades Have Been Inculcated by Academia.

They Are Not The Opposition . . . They Are Our Enemy Determined To Destroy Us – So Don’t Play Their Game.

When I Was Just 5-Years Old, a Slightly Older Boy Came-Up to me in the Back Alley where we Lived in a Poor Part of Montreal & Punched Me in the Face for No Reason, Other than he was Punk-Kid, who Thought it would be Fun Hitting Another Kid.

The Fight Was Over As Soon As It Began, Even Though it Would be Hard to Call it a Fight, since I Didn’t Hit Him Back. And when my Father Came Home from Work, my Dad Noticed that I was Quite Troubled, even Though I Didn’t Cry (I Never Cried), He Could See On My Face That Something Was Wrong.

So He Asked Me . . . What Happened?

I Told My Dad, Who Was A Real Tough Guy, Who Was Also A 100% Genuine Canadian WWII War Hero, who Grew-Up on the Anti-Semitic Tough Streets of Montreal, Where He Had to Literally Fight Every Day just to Get By, that I was in a Fight in the Back Alley. My Dad’s First Question To Me Was . . . Did I Give As Good As I Got? to Which I Answered . . . I Didn’t Hit Him Back . . . Why Not? He Asked.

Because Mommy Told Me Never To Hit Anyone.

Late That Same Afternoon . . . My Dad, who was Somewhat Angry, Took me by the Arm & Walked me to the YM-YWHA (Young Men’s & Young Women’s Hebrew Association), which is the Jewish Version of the YM-YWCA, about a Mile or So from where we Lived, and Set-Me-Up for a Boxing Round in their Youth Boxing Program.

The Following Sunday . . . My Dad Walked me Back to the YMHA, Brought me to the Boxing Ring, Spoke with the Boxing Coach who my Dad Knew, Tied a Pair of Boxing Gloves on my Hands, and Placed an Oversized Boxing Helmet on me, and Sent me into the Ring with a Slightly Older Boy who Already had Training.

Before Beginning The Fight – My Dad’s Words To Me Were . . . FIGHT BACK!

I Can Assure you, that I was More Frightened of my Father than I was of the Kid I was About to Fight. So, When the One Round Fight Began with the Ringing of the Bell & Ending with the Ringing of the Bell, I Got My Clock Cleaned . . . But I Fought Back, And It Felt Good . . . To At Least Try To Give As Good & Better Than I Received.

With That Experience . . . My Dad Took me to our Tiny Back Yard & Said . . . From Right Now – You’re Going To Learn How To Fight, and he Taught me Several Things that I Will Never Forget as Long as I Live.

These Words Of Advice From My Dad Will Sound Rude, Crude, Immoral & Violent – Remember – I Was Just 5-Years Old.


In A Street Fight Between Two Or A Battle Between Armies – Only One Side Walks Away Victoriously.

Getting Into A Street Fight . . . My Dad Said – Isn’t Like Being In A Boxing Ring, Where there are Rules, a Timer and a Referee to Stop the Fight. On the Street, there is Only You & Who You are Fighting.

In My Own Adult Words Years After The Fact . . . This Is What My Father Told Me.

Don’t Start Fights – And Walk Away Whenever You Can. But, When you Can’t Walk Away, and the Only Option is Fighting . . . The Only Acceptable Result Is To Win.

Contrary To The Rules Of The Marquis Of Queensbury . . . The Best Time to Hit your Opponent is When he’s Down, and the Best Time to Stop Hitting him is When he Can’t Get-Up.

He Who Hits First . . . Usually Hits Last. And Unless you’re in a Controlled Boxing Ring – On The Street, Use Every Weapon Available, because if you Don’t, Assume your Opponent Will.

When I Joined The Jewish Defense League (JDL) In Montreal At 18-Years Old In 1968, I Agreed to Take their Privately Funded Krav-Maga Martial Arts Training, and to Become Involved with their Policy of Street Fighting.

Krav-Maga Was Simple . . . Use Whatever Means To Win.

The JDL was more Complicated, since the Goal of the JDL was to End Wanton Violence Against the Jewish Community by Anti-Semites. The JDL Also used Whatever Means Necessary to Win, Including the use of Nunchucks – Etc. And to us, there was Never such a Thing as a Fair-Fight, we Purposely Outnumbered our Opponents by as Many of us as Possible. And When we Beat the “Enemy” into the Ground, we Let as Many People as Possible Know that We Did-It and that we will Do-It Again & Again Until the Violence Against Jews Ends.

It Only Took A Couple Of High Profile JDL Fights For The Violence Against Jews To End Within Less Than A Year.

In That Year Though, we Were Called Jewish Nazis by Elitist Members of the Montreal Jewish Community, and Jewish Thugs by the Media in the English & French Communities . . . We Didn’t Care. Call Us Whatever They Liked – We Did What We Set-Out To Do . . . And The Anti-Semitic Violence Came To A Screeching End.


But I Am Suggesting That Everything Is Not OK & The Opposition Is Just Like Us With Different Ideas . . . ‘Cause They’re Not.

WE ARE AT WAR . . . Not of our Making. But we are War Nonetheless, and Unless we Decide to Fight-Back as Hard & Indeed Much Harder than our Enemies who are Determined to Take our Successes & Freedoms away from us by all their Means Necessary, We Don’t Deserve To Keep What We Have.


And Just Winning An Election Against Such An Underhanded & Determined Foe is Not Enough.


Once Our Side Gains Power . . . Nothing Short of Doing to the LEFT & Traitors from Within our Own Political Groups will be Sufficient. Pursue them with Everything we Have, Indict them, Seize their Ill-Begotten Wealth . . . And Wherever Possible – Put Them Behind Bars For Social Crimes Against Humanity, for the Destruction & Pain they’ve Wrought Onto Our Societies.

And Make Laws That Will Guarantee That Nothing Like What They’ve Done To Us Could Ever Happen Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Here in Cali. we are facing a mask mandate at the end of the month. WE NEED TO SAY NO! NO AT THE GROCERY MARKET, GAS STATION, GETTING A HAIR CUT, NO, NO, NO!!! I THINK YOU GET MY DRIFT. If you live here, it’s time to say NO loudly and consistently. Any person wearing a mask must be, ridiculed in public, as masks are proven ineffective. Refuse to bend to Gov. Newsom’s rules. What are they gonna do, arrest us??

  2. Freedom Caucus members have vowed to investigate several egregious and unlawful things the Dems have/are doing. Let’s hope it goes wide and deep.

  3. I always read your editorials, but rarely comment. You seem to hit the bullseye consistently but this time you used a bigger gun. THANK YOU! Truth came through in every word, and I, with gratitude, thank your father and also praise my God. Keep pressing on.

  4. It comes down to two choices. You are either a winner or you are a loser. And even winning may not be enough. Today what is called for is the complete defeat and exile of the enemies of liberty.

  5. Unless they bring on voter ID and better supervise mail-in ballots… I doubt Biden will be defeated.

  6. I think this is the best article you have ever written and I have read nearly all over the years. We have to contact all reps and senators and state just this! Go BIg or go home.

  7. Too MT, (Biden is already defeated by his party). The person that runs for the DEMS is our problem, yes Voter ID has to be made mandatory in all states. I grew up with 7 brothers, 2 older. We all learned to fight early on, if you cried, you got it worse. I taught my kids the same way, defend yourself with any means possible. With the active shooter in ID that was shot by an armed citizen who is being praised by law as a Hero, this is going to happen more often,The Bad guys need to fear good guys

  8. Yes fight! But will there be an October Surprise? Just one or several (Monkey Pox, Covid Booster # 5, 6 or 7)? Or yet some other diabolical scheme?

  9. Excellent, well said Howard. There is no time and no room for debating this issue, it simply must be done. The slate must be cleared, and all weak-kneed citizens and elected officials need to stand clear. The slate needs to be wiped clean now, and the criminalized leaders need to face harsh justice for the immense collateral damage and pain they have inflicted on so many innocent citizens of all ages.

  10. Howard liked what you wrote, but looking at “some” Rep. that just sit around and hope while the Dems tell people to hound the Rep follow to dinner march by their house…… where are the Rep?? sitting on their ass watching NOT in the fight. I just wish that I could come electrion time vote early and often……….. keep it up!!

  11. Excellent comments, all! I am afraid the R’s will, again, fold like a cheap suit —– as they have in the past because it isn’t PC!!!! BS, shoot the bastards —– including the Rhino’s! FYI, Howard, our childhoods are very, very similar. I grew up very near the Canadian border in far Northern Montana. My Dad taught me boxing the same way in the 1940’s.

  12. Excellent Howard! I want the Dems/Rinos to feel every pain, emotional and otherwise, that they have inflicted on our country and people. They need to be reduced to the whimpering, croveling, hide-under-their-beds profile they wanted for the USA citizens. Jail and orange jumpsuits for Pelosi, Biden and family, Chuckie and his cronies. Throw in Gates, Soros, Comey, corrupt judges, lawyers, communist professors/teachers etc, etc.

  13. To respond to Charles Adamson, yes they will arrest you. The police once they become police get the same disease as the politicians, “some” become completely stupid & dumb and follow blindly immoral laws that go against the taxpayer’s rights from dumb politicians when they should be aware that it is the taxpayers that pay their salaries, same goes to the politicians. The same in other countries as well. 14 million Jews, so much hate, where does it come from? Never was taught that.

  14. Yes, indeed, Howard. You’re right on target. It’s a fight for our survival as a nation built upon our God given rights. I will contact my senators and representatives to urge that they show some courage and guts to fight. God bless you.

  15. Michael Trahan is spot on. The dems are, I am sure, working on methods to steal another election. This business about Republicann landslide is totally dreaming. The dems did not need the fraud in 2016, so they thought. But, lo and behold, Hillary lost! That cannot happen again. As far as I am concerned, there are efforts afoot with respect to both 2022 & 2024 (if needed). The success of 2020 will likely be repeated, but the methods will be different. It infuriates me that so many are duped.

  16. Kudos to Michael Trahan and Ron Powers, as the Demonrats “NEVER” thought that Killary could ever lose to Trump in 2016 so their “PERFECTED AND NOW REFINED” cheating was unnecessary in their minds at that time!…….

  17. As much as JDL helped the jewish cause, as much nowaday, ADL with their communist agenda is harming the jewish cause.

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