It’s Not The Guns & It’s Not White Privilege


The Buffalo Supermarket Murders Can Be Blamed On Two Specific Culprits – The Shooter & The LEFT.

This is an Important Analysis of the Buffalo Mass Murder, which You Most Probably Won’t Read Anywhere Else, because the Mainstream Media Don’t Want it Discussed and the Government Certainly Doesn’t Want to Shine a Bright Light on this Critical Reality . . . Of Their Own Sick-Racist-Making.

So Let Me Start With The Shooter . . .

I Have No Idea about the Shooter’s Background, Mostly Because I Don’t Really Want to Know About his Education, his Associations, his Hobbies, What he Reads, What he Watches on Television, Who he Listens to on the Radio & What he Reads on the Internet . . . Or Much Of Anything Else About Him.

I Don’t Know The Murderer’s Name.

I Could Read it Easily if I Want to, but I Don’t Care to Know his Name, Because It Is Irrelevant. What I Do Know, is that he Pointed a Gun(s) at Innocent Black People who were out for the Day Shopping, Who He Mowed-Down . . . Wounding Several & Killing Ten.

I Also Know That The Gun(s) He Used To Murder All These People Wasn’t (Weren’t) Responsible For What He Did . . . He was Responsible for the Murders. He Planned, Pointed & Pulled the Trigger – No-One Else But Him.

And Whether the Shooter was Sane at the Time of the Murdering Rampage of his Making, on Drugs, Drunk or Just out of his Mind is Literally of No Consequence . . . There Are Only Two Relevant Issues That Matter To This Murder-Spree & Where America Is Heading.

1 – The Man With The Gun Did-It . . . And In My Perfect World Should Simply Be Executed.


2 – What Was the Catalyst That Contributed To This Horror, Which To Me Is The Most Important Factor?


How Many Times Can People Turn-On Any Media In America & Hear How Bad, Hateful & Racist White People Are?


How Many Times Can White People be Refused Equality in Jobs, Education, Political Appointments, Entertainment . . . AD INFINITUM – Because of Skin Color Before White People Get so “MAD” . . . That They Aren’t Going To Take-It Anymore?

How Much More Can People Take . . . When the First Black American President (Barack Hussein Obama), whose Mother was White, and who was Raised with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth by Two Black Moslem Fathers, who (Barack Obama) NEVER Missed an Opportunity to Plant the Seeds of Racism Against White/Christian Americans, even though Obama was Elected Twice with Strong White American Support & Votes?

How Many Times Can People Hear the Current Numbskull American President (Biden) Disparage White Americans at Every Chance Biden Gets? And How Many Visuals of Beatings, Car Jackings, Brazen Daylight Retail Thefts, Lootings, Arsons and even Murders of White People, White Owned Businesses & White Communities Can People See Before People Snap?


How Much Can The People Take Of Race-Baiters In Government,  The Media &  Academia . . . BEFORE PEOPLE WILL SNAP?

I Agree . . . The Shooter was Probably a Racist and the Shooting was Probably an Act of Racism. But What About White People Who Have been Robbed. Beaten & Murdered by Black people because White People Make Juicy Easy Targets, who are Never Charged for Being Racists? Where’s The Fairness Or “Equity” In That?

Couple The Extreme Non-Stop Created Racism By The LEFT With The Created Destruction Of The American Economy & You Have A Witches’ Brew.

While It Is True That There Are Many Latent & Active Racists In America . . . Think About What Triggers Them.

EVERYTHING . . . The LEFT is Doing is Exacerbating a Bad Situation to the Point Where Society will Explode. If the Vast White Majority Population of the United States of America, which Isn’t Racist Can’t Depend on the Government, the Courts, the Media & Common Decency for Fairness, How Long do you think the White Majority will Continue to Take a Relentless Pommeling Every Moment of Every Day Without Blow-Back?

I Won’t Drive Through Black Communities. I Won’t Eat At Black Restaurants . . . And I Won’t Stop At Black Fueling Stations – I Used-To, But I Won’t Anymore – So Whose Fault Is That?

Even Decent People . . . Of Which the White Majority is Comprised, are on the Edge with the Untenable Rising Costs of Basic Living – Including The Newest Unmitigated Challenge, Which Is Basic Formula For Babies Of All Color.


The Mainstream Media Will Dance Around The Obvious . . . But What they Won’t Do is Get Right Down to the Crux of this Intolerable Situation, which is Cascading to a Real Civil War . . . Not Because Of What The Buffalo Shooter Did – But Rather, What It Is (Was) That Compelled Him To Do It.


Barack Obama Said . . . Elections Have Consequences. And Now The Whole of America Is Living With Those Consequences.


Our Only Salvation Before Ballots Turn To Bullets . . . Is a Media with Integrity, Not Owned, Controlled & Obligated to Any Government or Political Party Through Corporate Corruption, which to Date is Not the Case, which Makes the Acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk Crucial, Along with the Bevy of Independent Bloggers, Podcasters, Conservative Online Newspapers & Conservative Radio Broadcasters, Which & Who are Critical to our Ongoing Freedoms & Security from a Vile “WOKE” Super Minority, which is Currently Pushing the Levers of Government Power Within Our Society.


A Good Friend Of Mine Asked Me Yesterday . . . “If Your Knee Is so Sore, and you Haven’t had a Decent Night’s Sleep in over a Week, Why Don’t You Take A Break And Rest-Up Some”?

My Answer Was Short & Succinct . . . We’re on the Edge of Disaster & Even Though the Whole World Isn’t Tuned-Into What I Write or Say, Enough Thousands of People are, who Spread my Message to Many Thousands More.

And Just Because my Life is Tough these Days, as it is for Just About Everyone throughout North America, Economically for, Emotionally because I Too am Being Pounded by the Recession, Emotionally Again because I’m Watching our Free Society Falling to the Evils of Communism & Physically because of the Debilitating Pain of my Knee Injury . . . I DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO STOP!

As I’ve Written A Gazillion Times Before . . . I Will Write, Speak & Advocate Until There’s Nothing Left Inside Me.

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I Know That This Recession Is Hurting Just About Everyone. And I Know that Supporting will be Tough for Many People who are Living Under the Thumb of this LEFTIST Economy. But If You Can Support Galganov.Com – It Will Help To Make A Real Difference.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wow, what a great one today, Howard, as you hit the nail on the head. It’s terrible that other pundits can write it as well as you.

  2. Remember Peter Finch in a movie where he called out of a window, “I’ve had enough & I’m not going to take it anymore?” Think now how Muslims & BLM have radically changed the USA and Canada. I’m sure there are white people who think they’ve had enough & leave it there, BUT, are there are some who simply snap & decide to take action? The young white guy who shot 6 Muslims in Quebec; the motorist who mowed down a 4 member Muslim family. Were they people who simply snapped & had to take reveng

  3. Just read an article around noon-time titled, “Confirmed: Buffalo Killer Wasn’t Conservative, Also Despised Fox News, Greg Gutfeld, Ben Shapiro, Rupert Murdoch,” He was a self-identified “white supremacist”. Now it has been revealed that the suspect openly hated all the conservatives the media wants to blame as a motivation for the crime. Authorities did not speculate on the motive for the crime, but leftists in the media and on Twitter immediately blamed conservative TV personalities.

  4. Everything the media and the gov’ts shout is nothing but a bloody lie to keep the masses ignorant and controlled. Choose your media outlets and gov’ts carefully. Ask questions, like “Why did Trudeau label all truckers racist and saboteurs?” What is he trying to hide? All these imbeciles are trying to hide something vile. And there is a desperate attempt to keep people passive and stupid. Remember, if they’ve got you asking the wrong questions, they don’t care about the answers.

  5. 13% of the American population. 13%, let that sink in. And with only 13% of the population, everyone who isn’t one of them, are twisting themselves into knots to try and make sure we aren’t Racist or look Racist. The Black community is overwhelmingly Racist. Everything is about race for them even though the majority of violence is in THEIR neighborhoods. There are no White Supremacists looting and shooting each other. Every time there is trouble with a lot of people in one area, THEY ARE BLACK

  6. I have responded to you before that we are in a Civil War. Watch any channel on TV, commercials are pushing Mixed Race couples or Blacks in total commercials. Why does a 13% of the population contribute to more than 75% of the crime in this country. I lived in CA in an area, Merced County, that has become a hell hole of crime. I moved to WY, then ID so I did not have to face it any longer. I was at a point that I carried a weapon at all times for protection legally, Which CA has changed.

  7. Two of the victims were white but the media ignores this inconvenient truth.

  8. God has a plan–Remain calm and return fire! I can’t support you this month–but I will as I’m able for as long as I continue to breath and believe in America!

  9. The American and Canadian sheeples are still fast asleep and don’t seem to paying attention to this like they should. Big sigh !!!!

  10. Howard, I am sorry to hear about your knee pain. I know you will laugh at the thought, but I have an 90 year old cousin whom I visited last fall and we were talking about pain, and he said he had tried all the things the doctors prescribed, all the stuff advertised on TV and nothing works. and you being a Horse Man might even have this on hand.We get it at Tractor supply and it works Great.It’s Horse Liniment and be sure it’s Gel and you will be surprised how good you feel and how quickly.

  11. Howard, saw an interview with Bernard Kerik the former Police Chief in NY. He stated that after viewing the video of the shooter he was shocked and sent it to a friend. They have both agreed as have others that the shooter was taught to shoot using well known methods. So, was this a false flag op by some US govt agency or? Certainly people were killed and certainly someone did it. But if the shooter was mentally ill why was this not reported and why was he able to purchase weapons?

  12. My questions are: where did he get the guns? Where did he learn to shoot? Who taught him? And, who are his parents? What did they know? Any friends and what did they know? Aside from that I agree with all that you have said.

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