We Need To Acknowledge Evil In Government


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I Truly Believe Biden Was Mentally Deficient Way Before The Election, Which Was Why He Was Hand-Picked.

I Kind-Of Doubt for Various Reasons that Biden Has any Clue as to How Much he is Destroying America & Endangering the Entire Free World.

In Biden’s Warped Mind – He Probably Believes He’s The Best President Ever.

I Imagine That Biden, Who Seems to Live in His Own Delusional World – is Still Beating-Up on Corn Pop & Doing Long Haul Trucking, While Remembering the Days he was Incarcerated for Standing with Nelson Mandela in South Africa . . . Of Which None Of It Happened . . . Maybe Corn Pop – But I Doubt That Too.

Biden Wanted To Be President His Whole Life – Finally . . . To Our Chagrin – He’s The Dog That Caught The Car.

When The Caller Famously Wished Biden . . . “Let’s Go Brandon” Over The Phone, Biden Didn’t Seem to Have a Clue to its Derogatory Meaning. And During Every Phony Press Conference Staged by Biden’s Handlers, it Isn’t Biden Doing the Speaking as Much as Biden Only Doing the Reading Off his Billboard-Sized-Teleprompter. And even at that . . . The Demented Truth Still Shines Through.


I Suspect Biden Is So Far Gone Mentally & Cognitively . . . That All That’s Happening Around Him Is An Illusionary Fog.


While We In Canada & The USA Are Debating The Rules Of Parliamentary Procedure – “Robert’s Rules Of Order” . . .


The Elected Thugs in the US House, Senate & Canadian Parliament are Flouting the Laws as if they Don’t Exist. They’re Doing their Dirty Work Right Before our Eyes, While we Wring our Hands in Consternation . . . Depending (Hoping) Upon the Rigged Liberal Appointed Courts to Bring Balance & Justice for our Cause, which will be Delayed by Months or More Likely Years, as the Courts Delay Justice Until the Dirty Work of the Government Becomes Embedded Within the System.

I Know – I’ve Been Through The System Multiple Times, When Even In Victory, The Damage Had Already Been Done.

How Can it Even be Mildly Acceptable in the United States of America, that the Government, And I Mean All The Government On Both Sides Of The Aisle (Democrats & Republicans) are Allowing America to be “INVADED” by Millions of Foreigners Under Everchanging Contrived Reasons?

Do You Really Think The Uni-Party Republicans Didn’t Know From Day One But Chose To Say & Do Nothing?


How is it “LEGAL” in the United States of America, where the American Constitution Demands the “Absolute Right” of the Accused to Know the Charges Against Him or Her, the Right for Bail and the Guarantee of a Speedy Public Trial with Access to all Possible Legal Representation, When Hundreds of NON-VIOLENT Protestors on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC, were Arrested for Simply Violating Trespassing Laws at the Capital Building, to be Imprisoned for Months & Even More than a Year Under Draconian Conditions?


What If This Riot Was Orchestrated By The Democrats To Create The Appearance Of An Insurrection?

Where in the American or Canadian Constitution is it Written that the Government has the Unbridled Right to Shut Down Cities, States, Provinces & Private Businesses even During a Pandemic?

WORSE . . . Where is it Written in Contravention to the America First Amendment and the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms that the Government, Any Government, has the Right to Suspend Religious Practices, Affiliations & Public Prayer at any Time or at Any Event for Any Reason?

And How Was It That Our Freedom Of Domestic & International Travel Became Illegal?

How was it Within the Law in Both Countries, that the Government was Able to Deny Familial Visits to Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes & Hospitals, Especially During End-Of-Life Circumstances, and even After Death, where Funeral Attendance was Deemed Illegal?

Under What Statute was Either Government (USA/Canada) Able to Decide that Massive Retail Box Stores Could Remain Open, while Private Mom & Pop Stores Couldn’t During the China Virus?

And How Did It Become Constitutional For Health Services & Bureaucrats To Mandate Laws & Restrictions Upon A Free People?

No One In Government Ever Explained Why Contrary Views of Reputed Scientists & Scientific Institutions were Deemed Unacceptable in the Study & Debate of the China Virus . . . Or Why, Especially Now that it has Just Been Acknowledged by Pfizer & Moderna, that Natural Immunity is and was as Good & Potentially Better than their Vaccines – And Certainly Much Longer Lasting.

And What About All The Derided Therapeutic Drugs & Treatments That Were Verboten To Be Discussed & Dispensed?

And In Canada Of All Places . . . What Gave Trudeau the RIGHT to Invoke a Draconian Law (Emergencies Act), which was Established to Protect the Country from Serious Threats, while still Maintaining Constitutional Guarantees for the Canadian People, as the Trudeau Government Seized Private Property, Bank Accounts, Donated Freedom Funds, Suspended Work Permits, Vehicle Registrations & Insurances by Fiat – Etc?


Welcome To The New World Order & A One World Government.

What the LEFT is Saying in Canada and in the United States of America . . . if you Stand in Opposition to the Laws & Mandates of Liberal Governments in Either Country . . . You’re A Traitor To That Country & Are Non Deserving – Nor Should Be Eligible To Run For Political Office.

In Canada . . . That is Now the Semi-Official Line Being Used Against Pierre Poilievre, Because Poilievre Unabashedly Supported the Truckers’ Freedom Rallies, who is Most Likely Going to Win the Conservative Party Leadership & Beat the Trudeau Liberals in the Next Canadian Election . . . On Or Before October 21, 2023.

The Narrative Is That Poilievre Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Run Because He Stood With Insurrectionists (Canadian Truckers).

And In The United States Of America . . . The Democrats are Already Taking Legal Action Against Some of the Conservative Republican Candidates who the American Liberals (Socialists) Think are Too Conservative to be Allowed to Run for Congress, Because these Republicans Support(ed) Trump’s Accurate Claim . . . That The 2020 Federal Election Was Rigged & Stolen By The Democrats.


Our Silence Is Their Weapon – Our Apathy Is Their Victory . . . Our Acquiescence Is Our Defeat.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Blame your enemies for what you do “ Karl Marx. Exactly what is in practice today.

  2. Besides the shocking wasteland of the Russian military, is the gruesome Chavez Machines “win”. That combo all but assures China’s taking over.

  3. Wow, Howard! This is the best one yet. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I wish I could be so eloquent in expressing my thoughts the way you do. Both governments are becoming more scary by the day!!!!! In my 82 years I never evert thought that the governments would become so dark and MEAN and tyrannical!!! I fear we have a rough ride ahead of us.

  4. WOW, your absolutely best editorial ever! You hit upon so many truths it is scary. I am a citizen of the USA and live in Ohio. I also own a cottage in Ontario and am having nightmares as to where this will all end. I am really afraid of Trudeau…he is evil. Unfortunately evil begets more evil. After what the little boy did to the truckers, anything is possible. God have mercy on the USA and Canada!

  5. Yup, another good one, hit it out of the park, as usual. That brings me to funding your efforts. I would like to see a recurring donation option. For me it is just too easy to say to myself, I do this later. I think there are plenty of readers who feel the same way. You just keep ‘ and a ’em coming. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOUR’S. CHUCK

  6. Another home run! I’m reading Mollie Hemingway’s ‘Rigged.’ The evidence is overwhelming that the Demorrhoids did indeed steal the 2020 election. There is absolutely no doubt about it. None whatsoever. Go Musk go.

  7. Great editorial as always…you can only push so much before push comes to shove…if you get my drift

  8. Thirty or so years ago, the WEF and their ilk created the lie of anthropomorphic climate change. Now the SEC is planning to have listed corporations with over $100,000,000 in sales to report on all of their contributions to CO2 creation. The cost of doing this, let alone the ability to be truthful is staggering. If this happens in the US, not too long for it to happen in Canada. An example was given of General Mills with over 100,000 elements to its supply lines. Absolutely CRAZY!

  9. 100% agree Howard. Add to the “how comes” they remained they were never shut down: China owned Costco, mostly Chinese products Dollar stores, and Walmart. could it be you know who, “I love China”. listening to Trudeau’s Easter message would make you puke. Check out Freeland and her very important relationship and position with WEF to understand Canadian politics and where were are being taken. Pises me off when inflation is reported as ~11% when food and fuel has doubled in the past few mon

  10. As usual, we had a family gathering on Easter. What was unusual was the line our discussions were taking. Three of us older generation are ready to take the fight to the Lib gov’t. Our children and grand children are very afraid of the potential outcome for us. We are of meager means, but own our homes and live OK. Given what the Gov’t has done to the 1/6 folks in destroying their lives while skirting their rights, it scares the young folks. VOTE, Vote them all out on both sides of the isle.

  11. Howard, I believe the lack of action on the Republican party about the border, is that they are giving the Dems enough rope to hang themselves. The whole invasion belongs to the Democrats, Trump had it all but stopped, and Biden and the fools opened it back up again, the voters know this and the Dems will pay the price in NOV. Biden is only one step above Zombie stage, and probably if not impeached will die in office before the next election.

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