Take Heart . . . The Fat Lady Hasn’t Yet Sung


Stop Apologizing & Stop Thinking We Have To Speak As If We’re Tiptoeing Though A Minefield.

A While Ago – Someone Took Offence at me Because I Called Fauci “The Little Prick”. The Prick-Part Didn’t Offend the Person who Sent me the Email, It was “The Little” Part that Offended him. I’m Sorry if that Person was Offended . . . But I Was Far More Offended By Him . . . Because He Was Offended.

I’m Sure There Are Some People Who Are Plenty Offended Because Of The Title Of This Editorial – Tough!


If You’re Offended Because Of My Reference To The Fat Lady . . . Ain’t That Too Bad, ‘Cause I’m No Skinny-Minnie Myself. And you Can Take your Grievance-Up with Someone who Cares.

Sooner Rather Than Later . . . The Fat Lady Is Going To Sing & The LEFT Won’t Much Like The Tune.


If You Have No Idea What Sex You Are, Regardless of which Gender you Were Born . . . and Whether you Have a Dick or the Alternative . . . You’ve Got More Mental Problems Than Gender Problems.

So Please Do All Of Us A Favor . . . And Keep Your Mental Sickness To Yourself.

And if you Think I or Someone Else Should have to Pay to Have your Wang Cut-Off or Have One Sewn On . . . You Better Think Again. And if you as a Guy Waltzes into the Women’s Bathroom, because Today you Feel like a Woman, while Anne is in the Bathroom, you Won’t Need to Have the Removal Operation Done for Yourself in the Hospital under Anesthetic, Because I Would Be Only Too Willing To Do It For You.


OK – You Spent Your Time During This Virus Sitting-On Your Ass Collecting “Pogey”, while Tens of Millions of People Worked their Asses Off During these Hard Times, Working as Retailers, Grocery Store Shelf-Stockers, Truck Drivers, Delivery People . . . And On & On, Not even Mentioning all the People (Men & Women) who Worked in the Health Industry, EMS, Police Forces & Fire Departments – even Before the Vaccines . . . AND YOU STILL DON’T WANT TO WORK.


No Problem . . . Live On The Street, Don’t Bother Anyone & Eat Whatever Crap You Can Find From Garbage Pails . . . And Don’t Panhandle Decent People Because No One Owes You Anything!

And If You Can’t Find A Bathroom To Drop Your Load – You Better Not Drop-It on the Street or Sidewalk Where I Live . . . Or You’ll Be Wearing-It.

People are Dying by the Tens of Thousands Because of Illegal Drugs & Too Much Booze . . . So How’s That My Fault Or Concern? Did I or You Force Anyone to Become Addicted?

Like Most Good People, I’ve Worked Hard my Whole Life. I Worked for Other People & I Worked for Myself. I was an Employee & I was an Employer. And I Always Paid my Taxes & Obeyed the Law. Hell – I Don’t Even Remember the Last Time I Got so Much as a Parking Ticket.

And In Keeping With Mike Rowe’s Theme Of Dirty Jobs – I Didn’t Do Them All, But I Did Plenty More Than My Fair Share.

I Couldn’t Afford to Go to College Full-Time like Most of My High School Friends, so I Worked During the Day & Went to University at Night. And Unlike so Many of the “Kids” I Went to High School with, I didn’t Take a Student Loan to Finance a Summer’s Trapse Across Europe with a Backpack on my Back & Ounces of “Weed” in my Money Pouch.

Because I Was Too Busy Making A Living, Helping-Out At Home & Paying For A University Education To Smoke Dope.

So . . . You Have A Huge Student Loan Debt . . . And You’ve come Away from University with No Marketable Skills – And you Somehow Think you’re Smart Enough to Get People Like me to Pay-Off your Education that Proved to be Useless – Shove-It Where The Sun Don’t Shine.

If They’re Saying People Aren’t Paying-Off The Loans . . . The Government Is, It Shows Just How Stupid They Really Are.

And Don’t Dare Accuse Me Of Not Having A Heart, Because I’ve Done More in my Life to Date as a Private Citizen who was Never Rich, to Substantially Help Battered Women, Feed the Hungry & Shelter the Homeless.


I Risked Life & Limb On The Ice Flows 30 Miles On The Atlantic Off The Province Of Prince Edward Island To Stop The Seal Hunt.

When the Wretched Hurricane Hit Houston Texas a Few Years Ago, I Raised & Sent $5,000 to Help the Animals, Not Because of an Obligation, but Because that was the Right Thing to Do. And Many of the People Reading this Editorial Contributed.

Anne & I Lived Off & On for Several Years with Armed Bodyguards 24/7 At Our Own Expense, for Weeks at a Stretch, Because of Threats Against Anne, the Horses and the Farm, Because I Had the Temerity to Fight for the Civil Rights & Liberties of People I Never Met, Would Never Meet & Would Never Know, Which Offended The Quebec Separatist Thugs Of The Day.


That Was Then & This Is Now . . . AND NOW – I Don’t Care One Whit For People Who Want A Free Ride At My Expense.


I Have Never Had “White Privilege” . . . Whatever That Means. I Have Never Been a Racist, a Misogynist or any other Kind of LEFTIST Flavor of the Day.


I Have Never Stole Anything, Except for the Time when I was 5-Years Old  and I Snuck a Candy out of the Corner-Store Glass Candy-Bowl, while my Mother was Paying her Bill, which my Mother Saw me Do & Literally Scared the Piss Out Of Me, as my Mother Tightly Grasped my Arm & Loudly Yelled at the Corner Store Owner to Call the Police, as my Mother Screamed for all to Hear – Thief, Thief, Thief . . .

Do You Know Why My Mother Did That? She Did it Because my Mom Couldn’t Have Loved me More & Wanted me to Grow-Up to be an Honest Citizen. Where are those Mothers who Gave Birth to the Pukes Today who they call their Offspring?

It Was The Only Time In My Life That I Convulsed, Cried & Begged For Forgiveness . . . I Never Stole Anything Ever Again.


Do You Think This Story Is Only About Me? . . . This is the Story of the USA & Canada . . . The Way It Used To BeAnd The Way It Still Is In Most Conservative Households . . . And the Way it Will be Again Because I’m Not the Only Person to Have Reached & Crossed this Rubicon.

As Rough As This Road Appears Today . . . We’re On The Path To A Much Better Tomorrow.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a GREAT article! Sad to say, but today’s people feel that they are ENTITLED to the same things that others WORK for–which is being INFUSED by the O’Biden Administration. Agree that the GENDER/SEX issues are mostly MENTAL! This is a PERSONAL matter & should be KEPT as such! There is a LACK of RESPECT for EVERYTHING, DUE to the people’s NOT suffering the BACKLASH of their NEGATIVE ACTIONS. Children are now being POLITICALLY ABUSED! However, We ARE on the path to a MUCH BETTER TOMORROW! AM

  2. So Howard, what’s your opinion on… oh… never mind. Refreshing to see someone else on my side of s#!+ river. You succinctly summarized where I have been for the last 10 plus years. Family libs don’t ask me pertinent questions. Their loss. Plus there’s only 24 hours in a day.

  3. Really good stuff. Thanks. I benefit from your perspective on current events. And I like the way many of your emails end on a positive note for the future of our countries.

  4. Thanks Howard, I say BRAVO, we ALL need to start speaking the truth. Time is running out. We need to STAND against this awful Nazi takeover in Canada and the USA. Covid is an excuse to mind control the people with fear, and the variants will never stop. IF THE USA FALL, THE WHOLE WORLD FALLS TO THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER. Fauci needs to be exposed and criminally charged, a good place to start is Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Book, “The Real Dr. Fauci”.

  5. Absolutely right on the money Howard. You have stated succinctly what I have rambled on about for some time. It’s good to know that there are others out there that feel the same way.

  6. As always, spot-on! Thank you. Political Correctness and “personal feelings” are absolute BS. BS to further divide us! Again. Thank You and Merry Christmas.

  7. 100+% RIGHT ON. This whole political, socialist “Divide and Conquer” business is straight out of the communist playbook. We’re being hit from all sides to divide us so we don’t see or recognize the take-over when it happens. I don’t hesitate to figure it’s planned during Biden’s 4 yrs. We cannot allow complacency or ignoring what’s going on; otherwise we fall without a shot being fired (literally as in war or not). It indeed is a war on all fronts. Merry Christmas Howard, Anne & Tavor.

  8. I AM a fat lady and I still got a huge kick out of it!! I loathe Dr Flipflop so I always enjoy it when you call him that. Thank you so much for today’s editorial…and all of the other ones. I hope you, Anne, and Tavor enjoy the rest of your year – you’ve sure made my year! Vaya con Dios! (Go with God)

  9. OMG!!!! You couldn’t have said it better. I Agree on everything. Thanks for all your articles, Howard and I’d like to wish you and Anne the best over the holidays and a wonderful New Year and Great health.

  10. I got the best laugh from the beginning of your article and I really needed that in these dark gloomy days. As always you are right on the money and I hope that your prediction of brighter days ahead will come true. We and the word need some hope and rebirth. Our best wishes for a Happy New Year and safe return home in spring. Judith & Antonio

  11. For the people who don’t work or don’t want to work living off of the Government, our government could do something about this but not Bidens Government. I’d say FEMA camps should be built with a very tall fence around the camps and put these worthless bastards in these camps. This could be cheaper in the long run. Maybe a few Illegals should be put in these camps to thin out these worthless people.

  12. You hit this one out of the park! We’re all there…. Enough is Enough! The one good thing I see is I saw advertised starting Friday, I believe, on TV a channel called Sundance (CH 192 on Optimum – US) White Christmas “in color” will be playing! I thought we’d never see that again! I hope everyone that gets that channel watches it just to give them the ratings! Can’t wait for what I’m calling our MIRACLE to get our governments and our WORLD back! Wishing you and Anne a Blessed Chris

  13. Great article HG. I’d like to make a wish for the New Year that we all get back to some common sense. Too bad that these kids have run up these tuition debts. They have their parents to thank for that stupidity. That’s why they don’t appreciate anything unless they get it free with no strings attached. Wishing you, Anne and Tavor a very successful, healthy and happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

  14. Rading your blog brings back memories, many of which are not pleasant. I too am offended by the insanities of those freeloaders who purport to believe that God made a mistake when Heassigned their gender at conception. Their convoluted imagination supported by the press, educators and politicians who should all be subjected to lobotomies and sterilization in order to prevent them from procreating or brainwashing others. Satan is misleading the weak minded. Have a wonderful Christmas and future.

  15. Howard, THANK YOU, for saying what we’ve all been thinking! Your feelings and words echo mine, as I’m sure they do with thousands of others who read your editorials. I continue to have faith in the millions of other like-minded conservatives everywhere who will & are standing up to this insane tyranny that is taking place not only in the U.S.A., & Canada, but in many countries throughout the world. God Bless you & your family; keep writing & sharing your thoughts. Connie Ashby, Hayden, ID.

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