What Do They Really Mean?


When Hitler Wrote Mein Kampf – Very Few People Believed Him . . . Least Of All The LEFTIST German Jews. I Do I Have to Tell you What Happened as a Result?

When The Islamists Including Iran Chant Death To America & Death To Israel . . . Do You Think They Mean It? Was the Destruction of the Twin Towers, the Flight Crashing into the Pentagon & What the Shanksville Heroes Did . . . A Figment Of Our Imagination?

When Europeans & North Americans Take To Our Streets Wearing Arab Head-Garb Chanting Death To Israel . . . Do You Think That Also Includes Death To Jews . . . Or Is It Just Israel They Want Dead?

WHEN BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . Said He Was Going To FUNDAMENTALLY Transform America, What Do You Think Obama Really Meant By That?

If Anne & I Are Walking on the Street & Several Thugs Approach us, and Tell us that They’re Going to Beat the Crap out of Me, Take Whatever I Have that has Value to them . . . And Then Rape My Wife . . . Do You Think I Should Believe Them, Or Should I Begin To Negotiate?

When The Squad, Pelosi, Schumer, The Imbecilic President and all their Acolytes Joined Forces with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Academia, the Compliant Mainstream Legacy Media, Social-Media, Wall Street and the Billionaires . . . Was That By Happenstance – Or Do You Think Perhaps There Was Some Co-Ordination There?

That The LEFT Want Community & State Police to Collapse, in Order to Federalize National Policing on a Local Level . . . What Do You Figure Their Game-Plan Is?

And Please Explain To Me . . . In the Full History of the United States of America, Before this Biden White House, Why was There Never Before an Acute Disruption of the Supply Chain? Why Now, Especially With All The New Technologies & Equipment To Make Logistics Run As Smooth As Silk?


Isn’t It Strange That The Whole LEFTIST World Uses The Same Slogan . . . Build Back Better?

Before You Can Fundamentally Change The System . . . First You Have to Fully Destroy the System which you Want to Make-Over. And as it is Written In Alinsky’s Philosophy & Road Map to Systematic National Destruction . . . THE SYSTEM MUST FIRST BE OVERWHELMED!

Do You Really Believe That The Invasion Of Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Isn’t Part Of An Intricate Global Conspiracy?


Biden Wasn’t Hand Picked because Biden Would Make A Good President. Biden Was Hand Picked Because “Joey” Was The Perfect Compliant Idiot.


First . . . After the Death of Stryker, Anne & I Both Wanted Another Dog, But I Was Willing to Wait. Anne, on the Other-Hand, NEEDED To have a Dog NOW to Fill the Hole in Her Heart Caused by the Extraordinarily Painful Loss of Stryker.

Second . . . Anne & I are Not Young People, and Even though I’m Still Big Enough & Still Capable of Defending Myself “Somewhat” . . . My Best Fighting-Days Are Long Behind Me.

Third . . . It was My Decision in Concert with Anne, that if we were Going to Get a Dog to Replace Stryker, It Wasn’t Going To Be Just Any Dog, which we Could Hug, Love & Spoil . . . It Had To Be A Dog That Would Create Fear In The Minds Of Any Prospective Assailants.

You See . . . I Believe that there is No Shortage of Evil People who are Evil Physically, Emotionally & Both. I also Believe People who Chant Death to America, Death to Israel & Death to Jews, even Though the Jewish Part is Rarely Mentioned . . . It Is Certainly Implied.


So Let Me Tell You A Little Bit About Stryker & Tavor.


Stryker Was A Spectacular Looking European Bred . . . One Hundred Pound German Shepherd Dog, who was a Companion Dog, Bred to be Relatively Docile. Stryker Didn’t Much like other Dogs, But He Certainly Loved People.

I’m Quite Certain that Stryker Would have Defended Anne if Anne was Under Threat. Me? I’m Not too Sure, because Stryker Saw me as the Alpha Dog in our Relationship, Who Stryker Looked at to Defend Him if Need-Be. But Thankfully We Never Had To Find Out.

Tavor . . . He’s A Different Story. Tavor, Like Stryker, has Impeccable European German Breeding & Even Though Tavor is Just Turning 8-Months-Old, Tavor is Already 80-Pounds, and will Most Probably Finish at 100-Pounds Or More, but it’s Not the Size that Tavor Might Grow to, since at 80-Pounds, Tavor is More than Big Enough to Strike Fear in the Heart of Anyone who is Thinking of Causing Trouble.

Tavor Is A Working German Shepherd Dog . . . Bred Exclusively For Use By Law Enforcement & The Military.

As Tavor Is Being Carefully Trained & Nurtured . . . At 8-Months Old, Tavor is Already Performing the Way Tavor was Bred to Perform. He is Aware & Suspicious of Everything & Everyone, and Unlike Stryker, Tavor is Not Warm & Cuddly with Strangers, Until Tavor Decides The Stranger Isn’t A Threat.


At First we Were Concerned that Tavor, Because of his Breeding (Aggressive), Could be a Threat to Strangers, Which Has Now Fully Dissipated, as Tavor is Getting Older, and Has Become Almost Immune to the Near-By Presence of Strangers, as Long as They do Not Invade His or Our Space. And Even if they Do, Tavor’s Response is Simply . . . To Wait For Our Reaction To The Strangers.


Anne & I Spend Very Little Money On Hobbies (Other Than Shooting & Travel), which also Excludes the Luxury of Dining-Out. Partly Because, in this Crazy Inflationary World, Like Most People On Fixed Incomes, We Have To Spend Our Money Judiciously.

Don’t Hold A Tag-Day For Anne & Myself . . . Since we Eat Very Well, We Both Cook, And For Pennies in Comparison to Eating at Restaurants, we Eat like Kings at Home, And We Have No Need Or Desire To Buy Frivolous Things.

For Anne & Myself To Enjoy A Great Meal With Friends, it’s MUCH Cheaper & Better for Anne & Myself to Prepare & Feed a Scrumptious Lunch or Supper for Six, than it is just for the Two of us to Eat-Out. . . No Inflated Food Costs, No Waiting, No Attitude, No Travel, No Tax, No Tip.

Anne & I Worry About Staying Healthy, Keeping This Lifestyle We Enjoy & Continue To Do The Things We Like To Do . . . In my Case, it is a Near Fanatic NEED to Write, Speak & Become Involved Wherever I Can in the Debate for Honest History & Freedom of Expression.

Galganov.com Is Where Almost All Of My Spending Goes.

In Anne’s Case, even Though Anne is No Less Passionate About Freedom of Expression & Honest Capable Government . . . Anne Is Consumed With Her Dog.


In A Couple Of Months, Tavor will Begin a Long-Term Series of Advanced Discipline & Agility Training with Anne, Myself & Certified Instructors who Specialize in Working-With German Shepherd Dogs, Where Tavor will Learn Skills Most Domestic Dogs will Never Possess.

Because The World’s Crazy & Will Be Getting Worse For A While. And Because we Travel, Because I Write, Say & Do the Things that I Do, Because I Will Never Hide that I am a Jew from Anyone & Because we are Becoming Targets Due to our Age, and Have No Intention of Slowing Down . . . The Money We Don’t Spend Frivolously, we Spend on What I Wrote about Several Paragraphs Above, Which Includes Everything We Need To Spend (Invest) On Tavor.

Tavor Is On Route To Being Our Canadian-Style 2nd Amendment.

PS – I Will Do Another Zoom Meet & Greet Tomorrow – Sunday October 31, 2021 At 7:PM Eastern Time. I’ll Send The Invitation Code In Tomorrow’s Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great article and writing. I also would want a Tavor, but for now I have Springfield HD for protection, even though I am senior to you in age, we both have the same values. Be safe, take care and give Tavor a treat for me.

  2. It seems like you explain that Tavor is worth every cent ¢ you already spent on him and more. Like Mr. Spock used to say all the time, Live Long and Prosper Tavor. This also applies to you and Anne.

  3. With age comes wisdom and the understanding that you don’t have the abilities and strength you used to have–or the fighting skills you remember–but you also aren’t dead yet-and find other means of defense and security! Dogs and firearms are reasonable alternatives! To Life!

  4. First, it’s not surprising that Hillarious’ Thesis was on SAUL ALINSKY! “Joey” O’Biden was definitely HAND-PICKED, due to his ALREADY DIAGNOSED condition of being MENTALLY IMPAIRED. When he walked into the White House, his TROJAN HORSE was right behind him. It contained: the CHINA VIRUS predictions; future VOTER FRAUD plans; goals re: future TRUMP ATTACKS…and MORE. Doesn’t “BUILD BACK BETTER” sound just like “REFORM”–Obama’s favorite word? The LEFT is completely INSANE! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. When BHO was President elect and stated “We are 5 days away from Fundamentally Transforming America”, Not one ms/Media outlet Questioned or covered this provocative assertation. Today we are Reaping the Devastation and the Consequences of the WORST President in American history, he succeeded in his threat to “Fundamentally Transform America”. OBiden/Harris is his 3rd Term to Divide & Destroy this Nation. America

  6. Thank you, Howard. Another great article. The headline says it all: “Winner Take all.” We are in a war for survival of our freedoms and our culture —– so very, very few understand. The left loves that ignorance. To those who don’t know who Cloward & Pivens are please do a little research. Also, understand Rules For Radicals. .

  7. I hope to be home at 7:00 PM ET ( mine is 5:00 PM MT ) Calgary. I would love to participate if I can. Ray Moscato once from Montreal.

  8. Howard, I love everything you said! You are one wise dude!

  9. If I hear one more person say that “not all muslims are like that,” I may blow every gasket I own! Just who do they think raises those terrorists? Those sweet little ladies who are so nice to you! The koran is an instruction manual for war and jihad! This has nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to do with jihad! If you will not convert, they will kill your or keep you alive in a very unpleasant way. Digression over. For now.

  10. The Koran is a guide to do evil to all those who do not follow its Holy Words and Rules. Biden just had a Wall/Barrier built around his vacation Property, to keep Bad People out or to keep Good People from getting to him and his handlers. Offering to settle lawsuits with Illegal Immigrants that have broken the law just shows how low Lawyers will go for money, does not matter the cause as long as they win. A Majority of Politicians are Law Degree holders, trained to lie to win, right or wrong.

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