They’re Scrambling Like Rats On A Sinking Ship


Alec Baldwin Should Keep His Mouth Shut.


An Innocent Woman was “Murdered” by Alec Baldwin Accidentally on a Movie Set. But How Do We Know That It Was Accidental, since Alec Baldwin, who is the NEMESIS-IN-CHIEF of Private Gun Ownership, Handled a Gun in a Way No Responsible Gun-Owner Ever Would?

There Are No Prop-Guns . . . These So-called Prop-Guns Are Real Guns Loaded With Blank Rounds.

Every Canadian Gun Owner Must Pass A Comprehensive Course To Earn The Right To Own Firearms, which Includes Written & Practical Tests in Gun Management, which Would Never Allow What Happened with Alec Baldwin to Happen to a Million Canadians like Anne & Myself.

Anne & I Are Members Of Various Shooting Ranges In Canada & The United States Of America . . . And in No Range, Canadian or American, will Anyone Take a Gun from Anyone Without Personally Examining the Entirety of the Weapon, which Takes Only Seconds to Do.


Also . . . All Legitimate Gun Owners, Especially Canadians MUST Understand Two Acronyms . . . A.C.T.S & P.R.O.V.E.

ACTS . . .

ASSUME Every Gun Is Loaded. CONTROL The Muzzle Direction At All Times. TRIGGER FINGER Must Be Kept Off The Trigger & Out Of The Trigger Guard Until Ready To Fire. SEE That The Firearm Is Unloaded – PROVE THAT IT’S SAFE.

PROVE . . .

POINT The Gun In The Safest Available Direction. REMOVE All Ammunition. OBSERVE The Chamber(s). VERIFY The Feeding Path. EXAMINE The Bore For Obstructions (Visibly Or With A Rod).


If You Can’t Recite ACTS & Prove Orally & By Written Test . . . You Don’t Get A Firearm Acquisition License In Canada.

No Experienced Gun Owner . . . Would Ever Take a Firearm from Anyone Without Going through Acts & Prove, which only Takes Seconds to Do. And if Anyone were to Hand a Loaded Gun, Even with Blanks to be used to Point & Shoot at a Living Thing for any Reason, A Responsible Gun Owner Would Go Through Acts & Prove & Drop The Mag (Magazine) & Verify The Bullets.

If Anyone At Any Range Anne & I Belong To, Which Also Includes all Responsible Ranges Anne & I Don’t Belong to, Would Point a Gun in an Unsafe Direction, Specifically at a Person, Loaded or Not, for any Reason . . . That Person Would be Kicked-Out Of The Range On The Spot.

The Only Person Responsible For The Gun . . . Loaded Or Not, Is The Person Pulling The Trigger.


Alex Baldwin & All The Other Sanctimonious LEFTIST Pieces Of Crap Who Know Best For Everyone – Should Shut The F-UP.


As You Can See In Yesterday’s Comment Section, the Proposed Zoom Get-Together is a Popular Idea Amongst Readers of, as Well as the Approbation I Received in Private Emails . . . So It’s On.


I Am Not Going To Write Tomorrow Unless Something Really Breaks . . . But On Sunday (October 24, 2021), I will Write an Editorial Which will INCLUDE the Link (Invitation) to Join the Zoom Get-Together . . . At 7-PM Eastern Time.

What You Need To Do, Is Click On The Invitation Link At Or Before 7:00, And You Will Be A Participant If You’re One Of The 100.

I Hope As Many As A Few Dozen People Will Decide To Participate. However, if this is as Successful as it Could be, the Maximum Number of People who can Participate is One Hundred, So It Will Be First Come First Served.

When you Enter the Zoom Get-Together, You have to Know Several Things . . . And I’m No Zoom Maven.

1 – It’s Free & You Don’t Need to Do Anything Special. All you Need is a WIFI Compatible Computer, Tablet or a Smart Phone.

Check The Bottom Lower Left Corner On The Zoom Page To Manage Your Camera & Microphone.

2 – When you “Enter” the Zoom Get-Together, your Camera will Probably be Turned-Off, so you Won’t be Seen by the Other People Participating in this Zoom Get-Together.

Therefore . . . I Recommend Your Camera Be Turned-On. And as the Host of this Zoom Get-Together, I will Have Turned-Off (Muted) Everyone’s Microphone.

The Primary Rules Will Be Thus . . .

I Will Speak For About 15-20 Minutes (Maybe Longer) . . . The Maximum Amount of Time we will Have for the Entire Session is 40-Minutes.

When I Open The Floor To Comments & Questions . . . There is a Service on Zoom that Allows for a Zoom Hand to Pop-Up for Recognition to Speak. (Look for the Location of the Hand Emoji). At that Point, Once I Recognize you to Speak, Un-Mute your Mic (Lower Left Side Of The Zoom Page) & Speak. After your Comment or Question, Please RE-MUTE Your Microphone.

Please Do Not Speak Over Each Other.

I’m Totally New At This . . . I’ve Been a Guest on Other People’s Zoom Events, but I’ve Never Hosted One, Therefore, we will be Learning Together, and I Assume there will be Plenty of SNAFU’S.


If This Works Out. And If There Is A Decent Turnout Of People, I Might Host A Zoom Get-Together Every Week Or So.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Egotistical leftist Alex Baldwin has made the transition from killer of freedom to killer of people.

    Forrest M. Patterson, Hartland, MI 48353-3051,
  • Yessir all you said is correct and to the money. But I believe the unasked and unanswered question will be, “Why did he point any gun at anyone on the set of his movie, much less actually pull the trigger. I can see there is no useful answer to that question.

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • In your first ZOOM please explain why the dumb police go after the very people that by our taxes pay their salaries but still give tickets for masks and social distancing and arrest Conservatives at rallies and demonstrations? Why is social distancing so important in Conservative rallies but fiberal don’t care about it at CH and Senators game where there is no social distancing and most not wearing masks. Seems like there is a law for Conservatives that does not apply to fiberals !!!!

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • It’s Allan Baldwin – I think.

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
  • Regarding Baldwin name…it is Alec Baldwin and proper name is Alexander Rae Baldwin 111….according to his given name at birth.

    Shirley Temple, Surprise, Arizona, United States
  • Not a fan of Alec Baldwin at all. Evidently actors need to take a course in the handling of guns as well. I’m sure this will be used to further the anti-gun lobby. Prop gun evidently more than a prop. Maybe Hollywood needs to stop making movies about shooting people since they are anti-gun rights. Just downloaded and created account for Zoom. So we’ll see if I can remember at that time of the evening.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • Alex Baldwin is a left Wing nut job. I have absolutely no use for him. He is about as low as Shumer, Pelosi, and Schiff and that takes a lot. He always ran down Trump, because inwardly he knows Trump is a real man, not like Baldwin’s fakery. There will be more to come out of this shooting. Why did Baldwin want her dead? She must have had something on him!

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • When has any left wing communist jackass taken responsibility for any of their misdeeds?

    Joseph Wagy, Pioneer, California,
  • I have been a hand gunner for about 60 years. This incident was completely avoidable. Hopefully justice will prevail.

    Carlos Finkle, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  • Started handling guns when I was 10, passed Hunter Safety that year. Became an Instructor for Hunter Safety at 35, my Son passed his Instructors Class at 15. We gave classes at a hunt club, Team instructing. You are so right about Gun Handling and it’s Safety, followed millions of times each day by Responsible People, young and old. Baldwin is an Ass to all that know him, he will most probably not be charged with anything as Libs Do.He should get at least a Manslaughter and Reckless endangerment

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • Why are real guns used in movie making? Surely the bang bang can be edited in after the filming is complete. Everyone, particulalry Baldwin is complicit in this tragedy and many questions need to be asked. The only place a gun should be open and available to use is at a range, or by a Qualified Hunter during an approved season. Good to know you arrived in Langley with no incidents, best wishes for a nice stay this winter and maybe, latest news, no passports by the time you return to Ontario 👍🏻

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario,
  • The only “firewall” for Americans against a corrupt government is the 2nd Amendment otherwise they would end up like Australia who surrendered their firearms and look what that did to them!!!!!!.. Australia deserves the position that they are now in and Canada is not too far behind!!!!!!!…… Citizens with no protection are prey to a corrupt power-hungry government!!!!!!!! And gun owners, who have gone through the proper training, are very responsible and respectful to firearms!!!!!!!….

    Joe Magdall, Tsawwassen, BC, Canada
  • I was born in 1930, and raised on a farm in West Texas, We were so poor that we did not own a gun. Never-the-less I was taught before age seven that every gun must always be treated as loaded and never to point a gun at anything I did not intend to shoot. That instruction carried over even to home-made guns made of wood.

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States
  • None of this incident makes sense to me. I’d like to know why there was “live” ammo on the set, PERIOD! I guess Baldwin’s REALLY gonna’ go on the gun control crusade now.

    George Myers, Millsboro, Delaware,

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