Nothing But A Sham & A Shame


A “SHANDAH” . . . Is A Jewish Term For Something That Is So Shameful That Words Alone Won’t Describe It.


When I Write The Lowest Regard . . . I Do Mean That I Can’t Think Less Of The Democrats If I Tried.

A “Shandah” Best Describes the Disgraceful Fake Biden Press Conference, which was Nothing More than a Contrived Dog & Pony Show to Quell the Angst of the Ignorant Masses.

No One Asked The Fake President If There Was A CRISIS At The Border, With An Emphasis On The Word CRISIS.

When Asked By The Complacent Media . . . When Will the Media be Given Access to View the Sites where the “Illegal” Children are Being Held? The Answer from Biden was Succinct . . . When We Have The (Detention) Centers All Fixed-Up.

Why Not Now? How Ashamed Of Themselves Can The Democrats Be To Hide The Truth From The People?

And Remarkably . . . None of the Media Asked about the One Center that is Open to Selective Media, which Holds Fewer Children, Provides Better Meals, Healthcare, Limited Education, Sports & Exercise & Sort of Acceptable Sleeping Conditions.

Why That Detention Center . . . And Not all the Other Detention Centers? And Why Didn’t the Media Refer to these Detention Centers as Detention Centers, which is What they are. And If They’re Not Detention Centers . . . What Are They?


About 80 Years Ago . . . The Nazis Opened Access to a Concentration Camp in Czechoslovakia called Theresienstadt, where the Media and the Red Cross were Invited to See for Themselves How Humanely the Jews were Being Treated.

Unfortunately . . . This was a Special Camp Created for Media Consumption, while Jews in all the Many Dozens of Other Nazi Concentration Camps were Tortured like Slaves & Slaughtered Like Vermin.


The Chinese Concentration Camps? The Chinese Forced Labor Camps? The Chinese Re-Education Camps? The Chinese Human Body-Parts for Sale Industry? The De-Facto Chinese Invasion of Hong Kong? The Chinese Threat of War on Taiwan, The Chinese Unilateral Claim of Sovereignty Over the South China Sea . . . And On & On & On?

But Remarkably . . . Joe Biden Seemed To Know About The Non-Existent North China Sea – No One Questioned Biden On That.


Biden Made A Speech About America Being A Democracy, where America Follows the Democratic Process & the Rule of Government – Opposed to What the Chinese & Others Do, Which Are Autocracies . . .


So Why Didn’t Anyone from the Media Ask Biden this Simple Question. If You Truly Believe in the Democratic Process, How Come You Signed More Than 50-Executive Orders In Your First 50-Days . . . Without Due Constitutional Process? Isn’t That What Dictators Do?


Biden is Taking a Victory Lap for All the Successes of the Trump Vaccines’ Warp-Speed Initiative . . . So How Come No Media Challenged Biden On This Outright Lie?

And By The Way . . . Why Wasn’t the China Virus Epidemic Even Mentioned Once During this Press Conference . . . Considering the Fact that the China Virus was the Principle Campaign Issue Hammered by the LEFT Against President Trump During the Entire Presidential Election?

Or Is The China Virus No Longer An Issue Since Biden & Company Were Able To Use-It To Cheat Their Way To Victory?


Biden had a List of Selected Toadies (They Don’t Deserve To Be Called Journalists) to Call Upon for Questions. I Don’t Know This For A Fact, but I would be Willing to Bet that the Questions to Biden from the Media-Toadies were also Known in Advance.

And How Come There Were So Few Reporters At The Press Conference? Why Such Ridiculous Spacing Between the Members of the Toady-Media when the CDC is saying that 3-Feet Social Distancing Should Be The New Standard? And How Come, Except for a Split Second at the very End of the Press Conference, when Biden was Ambling out of the East Room, there were No Shouted Questions from Anyone, Unlike the Mob Of Media Propagandists Who for 4-Years Couldn’t Wait to Shout-Down President Trump with Every Question Imaginable?


I Know . . . This Is Just A Rehash Of What We Already Know – We . . . Being Informed Conservatives. But it’s Important that we Write all these Things Down for the Record for Future Generations, so that we as Honest Witnesses of History will be Able to Present the Truth to the Future, Before the American Neo-Communists (Democrats) get a Chance to Rewrite & Create their own Dishonest Version of History Without the Truth Being Left for Historians to Read & Gauge.


Passover Starts at Sundown Tomorrow Night (Saturday March 27, 2021), which for Several Thousand Years is Celebrated as the Exodus Event – Of Some 3,500 Years Ago (13th Century BC), when Moses Led the Israelites (Jews) out of the Land of Bondage (Egypt) to Become a Free People.

The History of the Exodus is Retold at a Banquet Table (Seder) in Virtually Every Jewish Household Worldwide at Sundown on the Same Day of the Same Week of the Same Month Based on the Lunar Calendar, where all Jews Read from the Same Prayer & Story Book (Haggadah) Printed in Hebrew with all other Applicable Regional Languages beside the Hebrew, where we Give Thanks to God for our Salvation, Telling the EXACT Story (History) of the Exodus . . . the Exact Same Way – So That We . . . The Jewish People Wherever We Are . . . Will Never Forget The Cost, Sacrifice & Value Of Freedom.


At One Time Or Another . . . Every Tyranny Led Country Imposed Dire Consequences Upon Jews Who Celebrated Passover. But Nonetheless . . . Whether it was the Nazis, the Stalinist Communists & Others, at Great Risk, we (Jews) Never Stopped Celebrating, Telling our Jewish Story (History) to our Progeny while Keeping our History and the Truth Alive.

At This Stage In Our Socio/Political Sick World . . .  Passover is a Poignant Reason for all People, Jews, Christians, Moslems – Etc, to Remember . . . We Can Only Lose & Forget – If We Allow Ourselves To Lose & Forget.

We Jews Have Survived The Worst Of It . . . We North Americans Of All Religions Can Survive The Worst Of It  Too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I, too, was disgusted with that SHAM press conference. No hard questions. He READ info about Foreign nation questions. We all know someone else wrote out his notes so he would not sound like the FOOL ASS he is! He is a total embarrassment to our country – has no business to be the President of anything. HA-HA-Harris should be ousted -hypocrite and lier that she is. There is no CARE for America – only POWER that drives them. Happy Passover to you and Anne.

  2. Shandah? Very well said. Learned a new word. Shandah can also describe the fake election and sleepy Joe’s administration. AND, yes we will survive.

  3. You are 100% on target. My larger fear is the destruction will be so deep that America will not be able to recover . . . . . not only internally but on the world stage as well.

  4. I always had an enormous respect for my best teachers, and, unlike today, they were many. I’m happy to say that you’re now on that distinguished list. I can’t wait to impress my Jewish friends with the word “shandah.” I watched the two-ring circus of the naked king and the drooling sycophants who dishonestly and disgracefully call themselves “reporters.” Thank God for honest reporters like Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin and Steve Hilton. There are many others, of course, and we all know their names.

  5. If people are dumb enough to vote for a ham sandwich past it’s expiry date, then people deserve what they get. Mind you, the incompetent, “black-face” boy-king in Ottawa we keep voting for in Canada doesn’t say much about our intellect either.

  6. You ask why the media didn’t ask all these questions that anybody with half a brain knows they should’ve been asked. I would think by now that answer should be obvious. Besides being complicit in all the lies the left have told us, including the election fraud, they are not permitted to ask them. Everything up until know has been one complete “shandah”, starting from inauguration day.

  7. Right again Howard. I am so old that I can remember when the media reported facts and reported them honestly. Opinions were listed separately as editorials in newspapers. I cannot even imagine how liberals gained complete control of all television, which has in effect completely replaced newspapers. Our only hope for truth in news is through sites such as yours. I pray for God’s blessings on your efforts even though they are limited.

  8. I am not Jewish but I too celebrate the Passover dinner (Sedar) on Sabbath, (Saturday) eating as close as possible like the Jews do. We have the Old Testament which explains what God wanted us to do and as Christians we should follow it as closely as the Jews do, unfortunately that is not what many people to today do. Love the Feasts and their meanings as good as I can. Bless you and Anne

  9. I watched Biden last night on T.V. what a shame the Democrat’s are doing to this sick man. They should put him out to pasture and do what they all planned on doing in the first place. Wishing you and Anne a nice peaceful Passover week end. Have you and Anne looked for that new shepherd yet? Shalom Anne & Howard. :))

  10. t was on local news here dats ago that press questions had to be submitted in advance (so handlers could write his answers, sans his rambling, I’m sure). And then he excused himself immediately so as not to field open questions because the handlers still had a leash on him. As I expressed to a friend today, Biden/Kamala are the biggest joke ever played on Americans.

  11. I listened to a recorded part of his speech and couldn’t go on. He makes America look weak and I feel embarassed for OUR country that this is best America could do and some people are proud of him – you gotta be deslusional or doing crack!

  12. “Chag Pesach sameach” to you and Anne at this special time of year for Jews, and those of us Christians who also celebrate this happy holiday/festival.

  13. shandah sounds pretty close to the german word Schande, my guess it’s the same meaning. And yes, what we see going on is a huge Schande, so embarrassed for our beautiful country

  14. A disgraceful sham to say the least. Clearly questions were scripted as he looked for and called out the names of the questioners to simply repeat and be answered, also scripted. For what it’s worth, Trudeau the trained dramatist never answers a question, he wuffles, digresses, anything to avoid a proper response.Happy Passover Howard and Anne.

  15. Biden did not win, he was ushered in with Fraud and Liberal Judges backing. This county is heading for a crash, happens every time idiots gain control of Washington. Houses are at an All Time high, interest rates are low, fuel is headed to record highs, food will be next. The Government has made Ammo almost impossible to find at crazy prices, Oh lets ban weapons of defense. Sounds like Nazi Germany in 1940s where News was what they wanted you to hear. We are on the edge of some thing dangerous.

  16. In response to the guy who said if people are dumb enough to vote for a ham sandwich…. Please sir, we didn’t. The whole election was stolen!! Trump is who we, in massive numbers, voted for!!! Trump won!

  17. Happy Passover Howard and Anne. You say “Telling the EXACT Story (History) of the Exodus . . . the Exact Same Way – So That We . . . The Jewish People Wherever We Are . . . Will Never Forget The Cost, Sacrifice & Value Of Freedom.” For 3400 years the same story. What does that say of today’s cancel culture? When their damage is done, I figure that history will cease to exist and life on this planet by human beings will start from the 1990s the decade where political correctness started.

  18. Happy Passover what a change in 3 months our way of life changing its being degraded by Covid and as a Canadian when the South sneezes Canadians get the flu, what’s to look forward too, I have told another of people who would say THEY HATE TRUMP ignorance, Several times I would say,before hating Trump take a good look at your grandchildren under the left. Ignorance is bliss ,but Jews to talk like that is shameful guess The Holocaust ment nothing to them blinded by fake news. They look like

  19. As noted, THIS WASN’T A PRESS CONFERENCE . . . IT WAS A STAGED EVENT. Wow! Very soon, the Fake White-House staff will have BETTER ACTORS than Hollywood! The Biden press conference was a complete DISGRACE. Also, the way that the Democrats are USING Biden to PROMOTE themselves and their AGENDA is just PLAIN ELDER ABUSE! Plus, the BORDER situation also involves many other types of ABUSES. How can this FAKE administration claim to be REPRESENTING the PEOPLE under these circumstances? AMEN!

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