He’s Only A Decrepit Old Useful Idiot


There’s A Word For It – “BELABOR”, Which Means To State Or Restate The Obvious – But It Applies Nonetheless.

I & Many Others like me, Have Belabored the Point that Socialism in the USA & Canada is 100% Akin to Communism, even though the LEFT Tries as Hard as it Can to Disguise their “Brand” of Communism under the Nomenclature of Democratic Socialism . . . It’s Communism Nonetheless.


Whether We Live In The United States Of America Or In Canada . . . We’re Facing The Same Intractable Enemy.

Saul Alinsky . . . Probably the Most Prominent Anarchist in American History, Promoted the Strategy of Overwhelming the System, to the Point where the Entire System would Eventually Crack & Collapse Under its Own Weight.

Isn’t That What’s Happening Now?

I Should Be More Precise, because What’s Happening Now, Didn’t just Begin with the Election of Joe Biden’s Phony Presidency. The LEFT (Neo-Communists) Have been Overloading the System for Generations upon Generations, Certainly since the End of the Second World War, When Three Instrumental Things Happened.

1 – The Government Decided to Buy Votes with Tax Dollars Meant to Run the Country.

2 – The Government Decided to Run Deficits Instead of Neutral Balance Sheets.

3 – The Teachers’ Union Surreptitiously Politicized Public Education.


The Final Tactics Of The LEFT . . . Are To Collapse The Economy, Force Racial Disparity & Suspend Civil Rights & Liberties.


BUT . . . I’m Also Privileged Enough To Be As ANGRY As A Human Being Has A Right To Be – Which You’ll See As You Read-On.

I’m Privileged . . . to Have a Working Brain, Physical Strength In-Spite of my Age & Age-Related Afflictions In-Spite of Relatively Good Health. I’m Privileged to be Married to the Same Wonderful Woman for Close to 50-Years. I’m also Privileged to Have Many Friends of Varying Religions, Cultures, Races, Genders & Age. I’m Privileged to Have Stryker, the Horses and to Have had Other Dearly Departed Pets we were Blessed-With over the Years. I’m Privileged to Have Enough Revenue to Eat Well & Spend the Winters out of the Snow.

I Am Also Privileged To Have This Wonderful Supportive Audience To Follow What I Write, Say & Do On Galganov.com.


All the Privileges I Enjoy Have Nothing Whatsoever to Do with my Skin Color. I was Born to Poor Parents. I was Born into a Jewish Family, when Anti-Semitism was Considered Not just Appropriate Behavior – But Legal & Expected Behavior.


I Was Born When Jews Faced Quotas On Everything . . .  from Where we were Restricted to Rent Apartments or even Buy a House. There were Quotas & Special Hoops for Jews to Jump Through to get a University Education in some of the Finest Universities (Canada & The USA).


Hotels, Restaurants, Marinas, Golf Courses, Beaches & Other Recreational Facilities Had No-Jew Restrictions.

Jewish Employment in Canadian Banks was Officially Verboten. Jews Couldn’t Work on Canada’s Railroads. And even in our North American Societies, which Prompted Freedom of Expression, Jews were Not Invited to Work as Broadcasters, even on Radio.

Jews Weren’t Even Allowed To Sit On District Montreal Schoolboards Until The 1960’s, Where Jewish Kids Were In The Majority.

SO NO F-ING BLACK RACIST BASTARD . . . Nor Any Self Hating White Piece Of Human Excrement . . . Gets To Tell Me About Privilege.


Want A Little American Black History? More Than 2-Million White Men Fought To Free The Slaves.

IT STARTED HERE . . . Black Africans Captured & Sold Black Africans to White Slavers. Black People in America had it Plenty Tough for Several Hundred Years, Until Half the American Nation Spent Blood & Treasure, Including a Quarter Million WHITE Men who Died on the Union Side Fighting for Black Liberation – To Free The Slaves, Not to Mention the Depravation, Sickness & Disfiguration of WHITE Men by the Tens of Thousand Suffering for Black Freedom, Who Black Americans Of Today Choose To Ignore.

By The 1960’s . . . White America Created The Civil Rights Movement – Specifically For Black Americans, which Led to Affirmative Action, which was Nothing More than Reverse Racism & Discrimination Against All White People.

Do Black People Want to Cry . . . Because they Were Enslaved in America for a Couple of Hundred Years? Try Being a Jew, Exiled From our Homeland for More than 2,000 Years, Hated, Deprived, Beaten & Murdered Throughout the World.

And Even Today . . . After All The Gifts Created & Given To The World By Jews – Anti-Semitism Still Reigns Supreme.

WHERE’S MY WHITE JEWISH AFFIRMATIVE ACTION? Where’s the World’s Compensation for Me & Mine who CHOSE to Work as Hard as Humanly Possible, just to Get onto an Even Playing Field with North American Society?

Where’s My Special Treatment As A Jew, Because 6-Million Of My Co-Religionists Were Slaughtered Like Animals?


Please Save Your F-ing Black Indignation For Yourselves . . . I Neither Want – Nor Do I Need Black, Brown, Asian or White Sympathies, Special Treatment, Affirmative Action – Or Special Award Ceremonies like the Non-Existent Jewish Movie Awards, Non-Existent Jewish Music Awards, Non-Existent Jewish Miss USA Awards, Non-Existent Jewish Miss Universe Awards . . . And All The Other Awards That Are Available ONLY To Black Americans.


All – I And my Jewish Community Ever Wanted From Canada & The USA Was Nothing More Than An “Equal” Shot.


And Now – Some Black People & White Ass-Hole Liberals, Who Don’t Have What it Takes to Measure-Up, because they’re Either Ignorant, Lazy, Uneducated, Unmotivated or Entitled . . . Want Me To Apologize For Being WhiteF-THEM!

Here’s A News Flash For Black Racists & Stupid Self-Hating Whites . . . Every Community in America, which Came to America & Canada from Afar, Faced No Shortage of Racism, Discrimination & Hard Times . . . Why Did They Make-It & The Black Community Can’t?

Maybe Black Racists Should Start Apologizing For Their Dismal Life-Style & How They’re Tearing America Apart?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Couldn’t agree more Howard.

    John Ross, Ancaster ON, ,
  • 3 Cheers have a Good Shabbos

    Hartley, TORONTO, ON, Canada
  • Amen Brother!!

    Al Seitzer, Chandler, Arizona, United States
  • Blacks were doing fine in the US through the 1950s in much of the country. In the south and some other regions, severe hardship from hatred did exist. However, they always had the core of a successful society, the nuclear family. In the mid 60s under LBJ and the Dems the change in welfare laws destroyed this primary feature. If a man was living in the family home, they were no longer allowed welfare. His Great Society ended the possibility of many Blacks to advance.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Bellingham, WA,
  • Hard, ugly truth only offends those who depend on lies. The rest of us can handle it.

    Teri Newman, Belleville, Illinois, United States
  • Agree 100%. Many of my Jewish friends say that I’m more of a Zionist than they are. What an honor!

    Jackson Barry, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • …and to be diverse, where is Jewish history month and white history month??? And Atheist’s month (Nobody doubts there were/are numerous fine Atheists)???

    John Smith, Toronto, ON,
  • Well said Howard. And thoroughly, completely, and totally accurate. I agree whole heartedly.

    Mark Terry, Venice, Florida, United States
  • Wow, Howard, That was great.

    Vickie McCoy, Leander, Texas, United States
  • I remember going for a job interview at an oil company which I won’t mention (SHELL) and had all the qualifications. I was turned down because they didn’t hire Jews. I was very naive then and was only told later about the practices of the gas and oil companies back then.

    Sharon Baboushkin, Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
  • And sleepy joe wants to make nice with the mullahs who want to nuke Israel and hate America. So, enough is enough. Lets get back to REALITY and Make AMERICA THE HOME OF THE BRAVE AND FREE by working for it. Your biker buddy from Toronto

    Andy Reti, Toronto, ON,
  • Johnny Lombardi of the old CHIN station in Toronto once told this story. As a young kid he attempted to enter a place where over the door was a sign making it clear that Jews were not welcome. A man inside the door yelled at him “Can’t you read? NO JEWS ALLOWED!” Young Johnny replied “I’m not a Jew! I’m Italian!” The man raised his voice louder than before “SAME THING!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!” Those were the days when that city was known as “Toronto the GOOD”.

    Jim Spencer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Amen well put.

    John Loosdrecht, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
  • I’ll continue to stand for my Jewish friends and continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    Calvin Bjorgan, Radium Hot Springs BC, ,
  • When will the blaming ever end so that we can start standing together as one to improve our collective lot in life. Hopefully before we all kill each other off entirely.

    Beverly Mayo, Glen Roberton, Ontario, Canada
  • You are 1000% right on. This is one of your best although I don’t know how you could get any better. The more I read through your editorial the more angry I became. Not only that, but every time I turn on the TV and find out what Biden and his administration are doing the sicker I get – thanks to the academia in our country most of whom have mental disorders. Keep up the good work if no more than to let me know I’m not crazy.

    Tom, Mesa, Arizona, United States
  • Much of the decline of the black community is due to the soft expectations of the democrat party. The late Walter E. Williams wrote extensively on the subject. His books are widely available.

    Martin Achilles, Edgecomb, Maine, United States
  • Howard…from the simple but proud Jew to another…you ought to know that it’s Gd that is running the show … the same Gd that out Obama in..put Trump in and now The village idiot Joe B. Ultimately the current system will be brought down.what’s happening in my opinion is that we Jews need to wake up and return back to who we are suppose to be … Gds chosen people.if we don’t things will only get worse…Anti semitism serves one purpose…to wake us up. 3500 years of history proves my point

    Lorne Hendel, Toronto ON, ,
  • The RADICALS typify one of the WORST VICES which is JEALOUSY!They are TRYING to CREATE a Society where EVERYONE is entitled to the SAME advantages regardless of their EFFORTS to ATTAIN such rights!The FREE STUFF has CREATED a LAZY society!The RADICALS mostly PROVOKE and FOCUS on BLACKS vs. WHITE impressions, as proven by the BLM & the WHITE SUPREMACISTS GROUPS! SEX, et al, are SECONDARY. COLOR DOES NOT AFFIRM CHARACTER! Also, their usage of LANGUAGE with EUPHEMISMS will NOT change SOCIETY! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • Great editorial Howard, I remember when Lyndon Johnson started his war on poverty, how has that worked out with trillions of dollars spent over the years?

    Bud Brown, Deer Park, Washington, United States
  • Well said, young man! I have been saying more or less the same thing for the past 20-odd years I haved lived in the US. Why is it only and always the black community? Well, we all know the answer to that and now, thanks to the Democrat Crime Family, we are free to say it. And if anyone doesn’t like it, then they can F-off! Cheers!

    Alex Paul, Los Angeles, California,
  • Wow…….. Just Wow……… And the TRUTH! Time we all WOKE UP and started cancelling the cancel culture!

    Marilyn Relva-Papcun, Torrington, Connecticut, United States
  • Careful Howard! you might get your B.P. up too high and have some health problems. I enjoy your Blogs. It is refreshing to see a spade called a spade. OOPs, maybe that term is verboten. There are so many twisted terms in the English language. Your 3 points relating to “how we got to where we are, are right on. If governments would have to “balance the budget” that would be a great start. Hang in there & don’t give up the fight! Thanks Again! Be safe.

    Alan Fraser, Barons, Alberta, Canada
  • WOW! A great piece of truth. Yes, white privilege and whatever it means…like work hard all your life for what you want, what you achieve, and yeah, BORN THAT WAY, the way God made me…it was never a choice, my parents were my parents, I had no choice in that and neither did they. So now because of some perceived (by so many) injustices over the years we have the eternally aggrieved and the permanently indignant…and why can they continue this rubbish? White privilege in fighting wars!

    Graham Inskip, Oakhurst, Queensland, AUnited Statestralia
  • Great editorial, Howard.

    David Hall, Williamsville NY, ,
  • Spot on! Well said Howard.

    Traci Bell, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • As an old friend used to say…”I’m with you when you’re right” and, by the way he is black and a great person. This BS of white privilege is BS…By the way, I’m not Jewish but totally understand and support your position….that’s part of why we went to War!!! We are in a WTF world with so much fake news…Stay Safe…

    Terrance A. Shively, Whitehouse, OH,
  • Many years ago, growing up in a very large family, I remember we had to ask for help. Only lasted for a short time until my dad could go back to work. To pay a dr’s fee once, he asked the dr. what could he do to pay the fee. The dr. said make me a bookcase for my office. My dad did so and after the war, he paid back doing jobs for people less fortunate charging near to nothing. God always makes a way for good folks. Thks, H.G. for all you do for “good” people. B.O. was the most racist prz

    Marie Quale, Shapleigh, ME, United States
  • Grand Slam…..

    Mack Karnes, Pewaukee, WI, United States
  • Absolutely Right On The Mark. Thank You.

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • I couldn’t articulate better or more completely if I tried. And – I agree.

    James Edison, Temple Hills, Maryland,
  • Howard, It would be more accurate to remove the word privilege from white privilege and substitute either the word achievement or productivity.

    Don Sheets, Northport, Michigan, USA
  • I was born to a White Trash Family, Father Portuguese, Mother German Irish. We lived in the poor areas of Miss, La and CA. In school, because I wore hand me down clothes, I few friends. In High School, once I became a dominate Sports figure at our school suddenly I was popular. I milked cows before school and took any job I could find to aid our family of 9 kids and a working mother. I earned everything I have and I agree with you. F-white prividledge status. Get off your lazy ass and work.

    Donald Azevedo, Star, Idaho, United States
  • As usual, Howard, you are spot-on. This has been going on for decades. Not unlike the fall of the Roman Empire.

    Lee Norman, Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA, Small Retailers/Resellers, USA
  • Your best editorial Howard. I am not Jewish but I sympathize with all who have suffered from discrimination because I did. During the depression, we lived in rental properties with dirt floors and open windows with no screens or glass, so I understand poverty. I witnessed discrimination against Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, and poor whites but it lessened over the years until it was virtually non-existent before Obama. Today, discrimination seems to be anything so perceived, no matter how innocuous

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States

    William, Tinley Park, Illinois, United States
  • DAMN!! Tell us how you REALLY feel, Howard. That was GREAT! I grew up in the ’50’s and ’60’s. I saw the black kids coming into our schools and didn’t think much of it. Yeah, there were some white haters, but these kids were getting the same education as me. We were equal. Same thing when I was in the Navy 22 years. All of us were equal. I didn’t experience any oppression on blacks. And same goes for my 25 years Civil Service job.

    George Myers, Millsboro, Delaware,
  • Perfect Howard. Take a look at the BLM/Left “Breathe “ legislation that is being proposed.

    William P Chandler, Cornelia, GA, United States

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