The Foundation Already Exists


There Is A Lot Of Talk About A New Conservative Trump Party, which is More or Less just Talk, since the Existing Republican Party is a Perfect Structure for a Builder like Donald Trump to Renovate to his Liking.

I Wasn’t Going To Write Today (Sunday), But The Weather Is No Joy . . . So Here I Am Doing Something Constructive.

I’m Hearing Chatter . . . that there are some RINO Republicans Speaking about Spinning off a New Republican Party, or least a RINO Segment of the Republican Party, much like the Tea Party Spin-Off Divisions within the Republican Party, for Fear that the 100-Plus Million Trump Supporters will Not be Kind to the REPUBLICS-IN-NAME-ONLY (RINOS).

AS HARD AS THIS MIGHT BE TO BELIEVE . . . The Neo-Communists Actually Believed They Were Going To Win The Impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi is Hysterical Over the Trump Victory (Again), because Pelosi & Schumer Really Believed there were Going to be Enough Republican Sell-Outs to Impeach Citizen President Trump. I also Surmise that even McConnell Figured Trump was Going to Do Down, which is Why the Old Whoremaster Hedged his Bets Until the Last Minute, when McConnell Blinked & Voted NO to Impeachment.

The Media Is Apoplectic Over “Trump’s” Acquittal . . . Including Almost all of Fox News, whose On-Air Stars Include the Likes of Donna Brazile, Juan Williams & Jessica Tarlov. Need I write More About Fox News?

Not To Mention The Uber Leftist Talking Head Lawyers Like The Ever-So-Self Impressed Alan Dershowitz.


Even Though They Took Their Best Shots At “Trump” . . . President Trump – who was Surrounded, Outnumbered & Outspent by the Enemies of American & Global Freedom – Withstood the Worst they Could Throw at Him . . . And Now It’s The People’s Turn To Throw-It Back.

As The Resurrected Donald Trump Rises From The Ashes Like The Phoenix – The Rats Will Disperse . . . But Too Late.

The RINOS, the Uber Elite and the American Neo-Communists Took Their Proverbial Best Shots at Killing the King & Missed, Knowing Full Well that it’s Now the Turn of the King to Shoot Back, and Unlike the Swamp Dwellers who Only Know how to Fight when they Make the Rules and other People are Paying their Bill, Donald J Trump Revels In Being The Back Alley Bare Knuckled Street Fighter.

Think About This . . . You’d Never See the Likes of Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell and Others of their Character Going to a Winner Take All MMA Fight, where it’s Truly the Bloody Survival of the Fittest, Meanest & Most Determined . . . But That’s Where You Will Find Donald J Trump.


Was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu First in Biden’s List To Call After He Became President Biden?

Was Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Amongst President Biden’s Top Five or Top Ten Leaders to Call? HOW ABOUT NONE OF THE ABOVE.


That So Many American Jews Loved Biden & Hated “Trump” – The Best Friend Israel Ever Had – Is Depressingly Mind-Blowing.

Biden has Been the President of the United States of America for Almost a Full Month, and Biden Has Already Called Most of America’s Adversaries & Lukewarm Allies . . . But Biden Has Not Called America’s Most Important Friend & Ally On The Planet – Certainly In The Middle East.

To Me . . . It Doesn’t Matter what Biden, Kamala Harris or any of their Puppet Masters Do From Here-On-In Vis A Vis Israel . . . Because as I see-It, the Message is Crystal Clear and the Damage is Already Done, which Explains why Israeli Opposition Parties have Hired PRO-LEFT American Campaign Strategists to Unseat the Very Conservative Netanyahu.

And If Israel Refuses To Take A Knee To Biden – Israel Will Be Orphaned By The Biden USA.

I’ve Got News for Biden and the Ugly People in the Background Pulling the Biden Puppet Strings . . . The Torah – Five Books Of Moses, which is the Anchor of Judaism, Dictates in No Uncertain Terms, JEWS ARE ONLY TO TAKE A KNEE TO GOD HIMSELF.


ON JUNE 2, 1982 . . . Bully-Boy-Biden . . . With America’s Backing – Senator Joe Biden, Acting on Behalf of the US Foreign Relations Committee, Threatened Israel (Prime Minister Menachem Begin), that if Israel Wouldn’t Bend A Knee to Biden’s Demands . . . America Would Cut Off Foreign Aid To Israel.

Doesn’t This Sound Like What Bully-Boy Biden Did With Ukraine & The Billion Dollar Loan Guarantee?

But Israel Isn’t Ukraine, and the Prime Mister of Israel at that Time was a Holocaust Survivor, Freedom Fighter & Leader of the Israeli Underground Before Israeli Became A State Again in 1948 . . . Menachem Begin Replied To Bully-Boy Biden Thusly . . .

“Don’t Threaten Us With Cutting Off Your Aid.

It Will Not Work.

I Am Not A Jew With Trembling Knees.

I Am A Proud Jew With 3,700 Years Of Civilized History.

Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Dying In The Gas Chambers And Ovens.

Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Striving To Create Our Country.

We Paid For It. We Fought For It. We Died For It.

We Will Stand By Our Principles. We Will Defend Them. And, When Necessary, We Will Die For Them Again, With Or Without Your Aid.”


Joe Biden Was (Is) An American Draft Dodger . . . Biden Brags about his Manliness as a Lifeguard – Standing-Up to a Black Guy Named Corn-Pop at the Swimming Pool (Probably Fictional).

Biden also Claimed to have Been an Outstanding Football Player, and Repeatedly Spoke about Wanting to Take “Trump” Behind the Gym and Beat the Hell out Of Him if they were Back in High School.

So Why The Multiple Deferments From Vietnam Military Duty Because Of Biden’s Claim Of Asthma?

Benjamin Netanyahu Graduated From MIT . . . And Two Months After Graduation, Netanyahu Returned Home to Israel to Fight in the Yom Kippur War, and then in the War of Attrition. Netanyahu was a Unit Commander who was Wounded Twice & who Fought as a Commander in one of Israel’s (The World’s) Top Commando Forces . . . Sayeret Matkal, which Only Accepts the Best of the Best.

So What Do You Think . . . The Fictional Slayer Of Corn-Pop Or An Israeli Commander Of Sayeret Matkal?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Netanyahu has my vote over Biden every day of the week! Biden should be impeached. He can NOT do the job for which he was fraudly elected. He has done more in his few weeks as president to destroy America that as far as I am concerned he is the Anti Christ come to purge us from this earth.

  2. With Biden in and Pres. Trump out I am hoping PM Netanyahu has a plan B. Biden will not be nearly as supportive.

  3. It’s been a demonstration, with factual proof, of Biden’s propensity for lying, plagiarizing, distorting the facts in his 50 years of holding office…

  4. Yessir, Donna Brazile, Juan Williams & Jessica Tarlov are leftist pundits hired by Fox News to be sure their mantra, “Fair and Balanced” is still current. But I’m thinking their restructuring in the last couple of weeks is due to their drop to 4th place amongst the four major news outlets. As it is, I only listen to Tucker, Hannity, and Judge Jeannine. But I always look forward to Mark Steyn who most often appears on Tucker’s show.

  5. With the Mike Lindell “My Pillow Guy” video absolute proof, how come SCOTUS doesn’t want to hear any case about the election fraud that took place on November 3rd, 2020? How come no court at all wants to hear the case. On SCOTUS there a supposedly 6 Republican judges with 3 appointed by President Trump and none want to hear any case about election fraud? Is the swamp so deep that all justices were bought or threatened with something dark from their past? This is so fishy and scary to comtemplate

  6. NO NEW PARTY! Hostile takeover of the Republican Party. Conservatives took over the Maricopa County (Phoenix area) Republican Party from the McCainites. A third party is a presidential party only. Will never exert any congressional power.

  7. We don’t need a third party, what we need is some Republicans with balls. We also need Courts that are not bias to the Democrats. I wish just one member of the United States Supreme Court would spill the beans on why the Court refused to hear the facts about the fraud election of 2020. It is one of two things they had threats to them and their families or they were bribed so much money that they could care less about the United States of America.

  8. They probably fear for their lives. That’s how powerful the fascist left has become.

  9. Again might I suggest that the GOP has been infiltrated by Dems as they did at Tea Party rallies which caused the discontinuing of rallies. Dems won that one, again in 2020 & will continue UNLESS conservatives in overtake & overrun the media. THAT is the key, & will take lots of $$. Saw article where CCP is hiring foreign spies after Biden team looking into alliances with European countries against Chinese regime. But I figure we will likely be under CCP thumb by 2022/2024 anyway.

  10. President TRUMP, The survivor! They say, “The truth will set you free.” Some of the RINO’S are exposed, there are still more to be exposed. Let us hope and pray that justice will prevail for the sake of North America. Go Trump Go but keep your guard up.

  11. Howard, don’t be too hard on your fellow Jews, some are real patriots like Mark Levin and Dennis Prager.

    Believe Me . . . Throughout our Jewish History, there have been Exceptional Conservative Jews who would have Died & Did-So before Bending a Knee. It’s the “Geshmata Yids” (Jewish Sell-Outs) who have Deserted their True Faith, Understanding of Real Freedom & Loyalty throughout History. They are and have been a Curse on the Jewish People for Thousands of Years – HG:

  12. Robert D., the Supreme Court is going to hear three state on February 19th. Don’t hold your breath, however, I can’t see them doing anything but we can pray.

  13. There can be no restructuring of the GOP because the One World Billionaire Oligarchy controls both parties. Follow the money! Only with a new party do we have a chance to have a government of the people and by the people.

  14. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the votes that Biden received were anti-Trump votes and not pro-Biden votes. Those anti-Trumpers will soon see the price of the vitriol that they have in their veins as the cost of gasoline, natural gas and food begin to climb. Regardless of why they chose to vote for Biden, we all, even here in Canada, will be paying a price for their hatred of a good man and President.

  15. Its called Self Hating Jews its my opinion and they brag that 20 years ago they went to Israel and they .hate Trump.

  16. Its called Self Hating Jews its my opinion and they brag that 20 years ago they went to Israel and they .hate Trump.

  17. Knock Knock” Hello, Nancy, it’s Owen” Owen Who? It’s actually Donald, and you are “OWEN 2, ON YOUR IMPEACHMENT TRIES”, See you soon in your nightmares.” I believe the Dems and their Co-Conspirators are having sleepless nights. Me and my wife are sleeping on “My Pillow” mattress topper, Pillows and Sheets, and resting nicely. My President will be back in some form as a Powerful Leader. I still believe he will just hi-light Biden’s screw ups. We all are going to pay the price of Biden’s stupidit

  18. Quid Pro Joe is a coward and a weakling. The only reason he is there is because of a fraudulent and stolen election. It’s like the leftists said, Biden will be easy to pull to the left, and that is proving to be true. Israel cannot follow suit. If Israel allows the left to take over, the country will be lost within 5 years. All we need is a Biden-like Prime Minister in Israel, and it’s fate will be sealed. I wonder what those American self-hating Jews will say then.

  19. What will prevent the same fraudulent results in future elections? NOTHING, unless the voting system is improved and made MUCH MORE SECURE. It will be in the best interest of the Republican Party to seek this goal. btw I do believe in mandatory voting. Current countries with mandatory voting have 90%+ turnout. Am certain if such was the case in the last election Republicans would have won with a sizeable majority because most non-voters are easy-going, carefree, right-of-center in my opinion.

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