Who’s The Far Right?


For as Long as Hillary Clinton Has been on the Public Political Stage, Crooked Hillary has Used the Pejorative Term “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy” . . . With Reckless Abandon, a Zero Lack of Evidence & Directed Specifically at No one Person or Group . . .

Yet . . . Because The “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy” Sounded So Good, This Trope Of Clinton’s Was Never Challenged . . .

As A Matter Of Fact . . . Crooked Hillary’s Political Promotion of her “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy” – became so Popular with Hollywood & Television Action Series Creators, that the “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy”  became the Number One Fictional Threat to Humanity, Never Explaining how Destroying the World would Ever be of Benefit to the “Far Right-Wing Conspirators” .

Problem Is . . . People Today Cannot Separate Fiction From Reality.

I Realize that there were Evil Conspirators in the Movies Long Before Crooked Hillary, such as were Depicted in Movies like the James Bond Series, but LEFTIST Politicians Brought the “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy” to an Entirely New Level, to where Anyone with Conservative Values . . . had Instantly Become Suspect of Being Part of a “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy”.

Reality Is – The American Far Right – KKK, Neo Nazis – Etc . . . are Very Small In Numbers & Influence.


The “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy” Brush Tars With Deep Broad Strokes . . . And Everyone In The LEFTIST Path Gets Tarred.

As I See It Today . . . Here & Now, More than 72-Million Americans Voted for Donald Trump – LEGITIMATELY, Mostly by Showing-Up at the Polling Stations in the Allotted Time Set Aside to Vote for the Person the People Wanted to be their President . . .

. . . CONTRARY to the Millions of Paper Ballots, which Showed up at Polling Stations in Specific States & Counties, Many in the Dead of Night while No One was Watching, Many Others which were Counted after the Fact. And Many-Many Others with No Corroborating Signatures or any Form of Identification.


I Don’t Need Fraud Explained To Me . . . Nor The Whiff Of Fraud. Nor In The Case Of This Past Election – The Stench Of Fraud.

In the Judicial System . . . It is Clearly Stated & Understood that Justice & Fairness are Not Enough . . . The Appearance & Belief in Justice & Fairness is Just as Important, because, Once the People Lose Faith in the Equality & Honesty of the Justice System . . . There Becomes No Justice System.

In The Developing Disbelief In The North American Justice System, that Real Justice is Multi-Tiered, as we have been Witnessing how Political Players, from the President (Obama) on Down, the Justice Department, FBI, NSA, CIA & People like Crooked Hillary, all of Whom Blatantly Break and/or Flout Laws, are Immune (Protected) to the Same Justice & Penalties as are the People who Keep all of these Bad Actors in their Offices of Privilege . . . The Confidence In Equal Justice Is Quickly Evaporating.


How Can Justice & Fairness Be Perceived . . .When The Functionality Of The Process Is Allowed To Just One Party?

No One With Eyes Of Their Own . . . is Disputing the FACT, that Republican Poll Watchers were Intentionally Blocked from Seeing, and in some Cases Physically Disabled (By Removal) to Watch the Ballots, even After a Court Order Demanded the Obstructions to be Removed.


What’s At Stake Isn’t The Result Of The Election – What’s At Stake Is The PERCEPTION Of Election Integrity.

Once The Element Of Judicial & Electoral Trust Is Lost – Neither Hell Nor High Water will Suffice to Get it Back. And When there are More than 72-Million Trump Voters (Most Probably Many More Than That) – Who Believe they Were Cheated at the Polls, and then Come to Realize that the Cheating was Part of a Globalized One World Government Conspiracy to Overthrow the American Constitution to Replace it with a Way of Governance from a United Nations Led “Socialist Dream World” . . . Crooked Hillary’s Creation of a “Far Right-Wing Conspiracy”, will Come to Fruition, but Not the Way Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, Television & the Media Envisioned-It.

Where The Clinton Propagandists Sold The Narrative . . . That the Conspiracy was Part of a Shadowy Non-Descript Underworld Group . . . The LEFT will Soon Discover to their Great Chagrin, that the People they Touted as Far Right-Wing Conspirators, will be More than Half the American Population, who will Rise-Up Against the True American Villains (LEFTIST), who for Too Long have Lived in the Shadows of Treachery.


FORGET ALL THE MEDIA CRAPOLA . . . About Who Said What? Where’s The Proof? Who’s At Odds With Whom – ETC?

The Politicians on Both Sides of the Political Aisles and the Media . . . are so Far Removed from the People, as are the Billionaires & Corporate Globalists . . . that their Greatest Weakness is in their Inability to Understand their Greatest Vulnerability . . . Which Is The Mood Of The People.

I Fear . . . That The Supreme Court Of America Is Of That Ilk – Ignorance Of The Mood Of The People.

Whether The Supreme Court Wishes To Believe It Or Not, Whether the Supreme Court Agrees to Hear the Constitutional Argument or Not for the Validity of the Election . . . The Direct Future of The United States of America and the Free World Rests Exclusively on the Shoulders of the 9-Justices who’ve Sworn an Oath to Uphold & Apply the Laws of the Constitution of the United States of America, In As Simple & As Much Direct A Manner As Can Be Described.


Did One Or Several Of The States Usurp The Constitution Of The United States Of America – In Deciding The Outcome Of The November 3, 2020 Presidential Election?

We Already Know that the Answer is Yes by the Actions of the States In-Question. But The Big Question Will Be . . . How Complicated will the Supreme Court Make their Arguments to Obfuscate the Obvious . . . In Order To Justify Their Wrong Path?


The Only Strategy & Remedy I Can See Forth-Coming . . . Is The 12th Amendment, since What has Happened as a Result of the November 3, 2020 National Election – is Beyond a Legal Matter, since it is a Matter No-Less of Critical Importance than the Ultimate National Trust in the American Electoral Process.

If There Is No Trust In The Electoral Process . . . Why Have Elections At All? And if there will be No Elections of any Trustworthiness, how would that Make America any More than a Banana Republic, or a Soft Tyranny?

And, if at Least Half the American People LOSE FAITH with the Integrity of the American Electoral Process, and the Bulk of those People Reside in Various States, Opposed to New York, California, Michigan & Pennsylvania . . .

How Long Do You Think It Will Take For The Entire American “Experiment” To Collapse in Division From The Union?

Let Me Tell You Something About The Far Right-Wing Conspiracy . . . It is Neither Far Right-Wing – Nor is it a Conspiracy. What it is, are People who Value their History, Traditions, Progress, Freedoms, their Right to Believe in God, their Right to own & Carry Guns, their Right to Make as Much of a Living (Fortune) as they Could, their Right to Raise a Family & Build A Future in a Safe & Secure Society.

That’s What’s On The Table . . . To Be Decided By The By The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The magnitude of the fraud enterprise that had “elected” Hunter’s dad way before the campaigns started is such that judge Sullivan knew about it and so did Senator Graham as well as the FBi’s and CIAa’s top ranks. The Chinese won. They released a bioweapon to harm the President and likely participated in organizing the “mailed in vote” sham.. SCOTUS may have the final say but the country is now deeply in the danger zone.

  2. This election is something the Supreme Court let happen. There was voter fraud for sure which elected a person or persons who cheated the most. So now elections won’t mount to anything but will make winners out of those who cheat the most. More than likely if this had come up in front of the Supreme Court, they would of done nothing. The reason being even some members of the Supreme Court can be bought if enough money is offered. So America is on the way to being a third world country.

  3. I quit Fox News because they called Arizona for Biden election night & moved to NewsMax as recommended by bloggers. Today NewsMax did the same thing, they called Georgia for Biden, not been officially declared for him. This incident has turned me agains NewsMax so where do I go from here? Are we looking at another group of RINO’s? Cornwall turned out about 150 “No more Lockdown” supporters at a Randy Hillier Rally and March on Saturday. We await anxiously to hear Trump continues as President.

  4. Discouraged to the point of near resignation. I’m glad I have no children and am in my later years. There’s been a few elections I have felt have been manipulated but this one is so obvious. The one supposedly fighting for Trump seem to be backing away from the fight and talking about a Biden presidency and what that means.

  5. Howard, would you please be so kind to see if Sidney Powell’s law suit on behalf of the voters of America is a Civil Case, not a Criminal, yet, and thus the Rules of Evidence don’t require her to divulge the evidence until she appears in court? She did mention in her last Thursday’s news conference that she has signed depositions regarding they voting fraud perpetrated by Dominion, et al.

  6. Trump needs to bring this fraud to light! The leftists have done their job. Demonize Trump. Saul Alinsky, who was influential in the life of Obama, stated in his “Rules for Radicals (1971) Before men can act an issue must be polarized. Men will act when they are convinced that their cause is 100 per cent on the side of the angels and that the opposition is 100 per cent on the side of the devil.”Mission accomplished; Trump was demonized, by Democrats, The MSM, other World Leaders!

  7. People Today Cannot Separate Fiction From Reality – that statement is true because of media, et al. I hope SCOTUS refuses hear the case, because last step is Congress decides with 1 vote per state. And there are more red states than blue. There’s $$$ for bribes & blackmail to force this for Biden. This will be the final battle of this magnitude for POTUS in awhile. Total withdrawal from CCP (businesses & investment); rescind Soros’ citizenship, oust him & seize his US assets. That is 1st step.

  8. Biden’s fascists are attempting to finish what Obama started with his FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The late, great William F. Buckley, Jr., said, “The trouble with fascism is that it always makes war on its own people first.” He could have been referring to the incoming Biden administration.

  9. It is so sad to think that there are Old time Republicans who haven’t supported Trump to save their on skins. Where are the men who support the Constitution whatever it takes? They will be the first to realize the big mistake they made if Biden (Harris) take over our country. Please, God, Save us such a fate.

  10. I am beyond disgusted! I thought Newsmax would be my “go to” in place of Fox, but it looks to me like “The Swamp” was 100 times larger than any of us thought. I think the next four years are going to be very chaotic. Most Veterans are not going to be “Communized” without a fight.

  11. I am loving The War Room with Steve Bannon and from 8 to 10 at night, Studio 6B with four great guys. Back and forth from from this to NewsMax and this all so much better than Fox! Praying for our great country….I think Trump will pull this off. Would love to see some crooks in jail!!!

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