But We’re On Their Side


But First . . . What Are They Rioting (Protesting) About?

Margaret Sanger – The Founder of “Planned Parenthood” . . . the American Hero to Women of the LEFT, who Will Fight & Die for their Right to Kill Unborn & Freshly Born Babies.


This Was The Stuff Nazism Was & Still Is Made Of . . .

It Is No SecretAt Least No Secret To People Who Want To Know, and who Want to Strive to Learn, that Margaret Sanger was a Eugenicist. A Eugenicist by Definition is Someone who Wants to Cull the Weak Within the “Herd” of Humanity.

In Other Words . . . PUT-DOWN THE WEAK . . . The Weak Being those Humans Amongst us with Physical or Mental “Deficiencies”, Much Like we Put-Down Sick, No Longer Useful . . . And/Or Unwanted Animals.

But Even More Than That . . . Margaret Sanger Was A Racist, and a Fan of the KKK & Adolf Hitler, who Used her “Talents” to Create Abortion Clinics in Poor Black Neighborhoods . . . Specifically To Cull The Herd Of The Progeny Of Poor Black Women.

So Why Is Margaret Sanger Extolled As An American Woman Of Value By The Women Of The LEFT (Democrats)?


Black Lives Matter . . . Is A Communist Organization Created To Cause Mayhem Throughout America. Its Values Have Nothing To Do with the Benefit of Black Americans, since we Never Hear the Name of Black Lives Matter Mentioned in the Context of Educating Black Children, Ending Black Crime, Ending Black Fatherless Single Parent Families, Cleaning-Up Black Neighborhoods, Criticizing Black Violence & Looting . . . Or Even Commenting On The Systemic Outrage & Pandemic Of Black-On-Black Murders.

So Why Are LEFTISTS, White Useful Idiots, Corporate Cowards, Liberal Politicians & Athletes Taking A Knee – For What?

Not Only is all of the Preceding Either Forgotten, Never Learned or Forgiven . . . It is the Hallmark of What’s Tearing the Guts Apart of the Greatest Country the World has Even Known.

Yet . . . The American LEFT Is Willing To Destroy The American Dream Over Issues That Should In-Themselves Be Criminal.


It is Also a Terrifying Look at What Can & Will Happen to America if the American Communists (Socialists) Prevail, which is Steadily Grasping the American Levers of Political Power. We’re Already Seeing the Effects of Unhindered Influence by America’s Educators, as Ignorant American Youths are Burning Down American Cities.

I’m Jewish . . . I’m A Zionist – Meaning I Believe In The Right Of Israel To Exist As An Independent Jewish State.

But I’m Not An Israeli – I’m Canadian . . . Born & Bred – And even though I was Partially Educated in a Yeshiva (Rabbinical College) in Montreal, I am Not an Overly Religious Person. So as Someone who is Somewhat Secular, and VERY Interested in the History of the Holocaust for Multiple Reasons . . . I Want To Know:

1 – How Did Something That Evil Ever Happen?

2 – How Did The World Allow Something Like That To Have Happened?

3 – After It Happened – Why Were Jews Still Considered To Be A People Without Belonging.

And The Biggest Question Of All . . . Why Didn’t The European Jews Fight-Back?


Many, But Hardly Enough European Jews Fought Back. The First Two Questions Are Answered In One Word – ANTI-SEMITISM!

The Third Question Is More Complicated . . . But Not By So-Much . . . I’m Going to Transpose What’s Happening Today in America to the American People – All the American People, as if the American People Were Pre-Nazi Jews, Living in the Early to Mid 1930’s.

A Movement – Surreptitiously Developed over Several Generations, Built Upon Lies & Distortions, Inculcated at First in Lower Public Education, where the Children were Led to Believe, Especially Children of Means (Middle-Class), that They & Their Parents were Victimizers of a Disenfranchised Uncaring Society . . . In Other Words White Privilege . . .

THE WORST . . . Is how the Dupes, White People – Mostly Brainwashed White “Children” were and are Encouraged to Perpetuate the Big Lie, Believing that the Lie is Truth, and all who Oppose the Lie are the Enemy, who by All Means Necessary Must be Defeated . . . And Here’s Where It Gets Really Ugly.

The Real Victims . . . Are the Really Stupid People who Buy-Into the Big Lie of Black Lives Matter, More than Anyone Else’s Life, And Forsake Reality, Honest History, National Sacrifice, True Debate & the Real Courage to Resist . . . Even If Resisting Results in Violence.


Those Who Would Give-Up Essential Liberty To Purchase A Little Temporary Safety Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Safety.

Had the World Initially Resisted The Nazis? . . . There Would have been No Second World War. Had European Jews . . . Taken-Up Arms, Knives, Clubs & Whatever Else they Could Have Used as a Weapon – There Would Have Been No Holocaust.

InsteadThe World Placated Hitler . . . And the Jews of Europe Acquiesced to Self-Disenfranchisement in the Feeble Hope that Capitulation & Assimilation would be their Saving Grace. And Had it Not Been for the LEFTIST Jewish Elitists (Reformed Jews) who had Convinced Germany’s Jews NOT TO STAND UP & FIGHT, Jews by the Many Thousands – Might Have Died in the Ensuing Melee, but the Nazis Would Have Died Too . . .  And Result Would Have Most Likely Been Different.


As Nazi-Supporter Pastor Martin Niemoller was Rotting in One of Hitler’s Concentration Camps, this Globally Famous Poem Developed in his Mind, which was Published After WWII in 1964, which Ended With . . .

“. . . Then They Came For The Jews & I Did Not Speak-Out Because I Was Not A Jew . . . Then They Came For Me & There Was No One Left To Speak For Me”.  

I Look With Sheer Disgust . . . At all the Jewish Agencies & Jewish Sports Franchise Owners, who through Ignorance, Fear or Greed Take-A-Knee to Black Lives Matter, Who’ve Learned Nothing from Thousands of Years Of Taking A Knee; Thinking that Somehow, when the Monster’s Done with It’s First Victim – It Won’t Turn On It’s Jewish Next Victim.

And to the Self-Deprecating White Useful Idiots . . . Who Think they’re on the Right Side of this Mess – They’re Only Feeding The Beast.

This LEFTIST Insanity Has Gone-On Long Enough.

Best Regard . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Indoctrinated children who indoctrinated their parents are seeing their own children be indoctrinated with communism/socialism/leftism. We’re very close to the edge of “No cure”.

  2. Today’s Fascists are out tor take away your freedom’s one at a time. COVID is not a Pandemic it is a means to an end of freedom. COVID is fear mongering. Do the math there is a 99.62 % chance that you will never get COVID. Regardless the MSM pushes the lie that COVID endangers your survival. The ineffective mask’s and social distancing are to depersonalize you and to identify and separate Rational Conservatives(the enemy of globalism) from Fascist leftists (the murderous bullies)

  3. Rosa Parks could have walked to the back of the bus, but she didn’t. Sometimes you have to take a stand. It’s time to decide which side of this you want to be on. We can no longer stand back and watch while holding a bucket of popcorn.

  4. Right on Howard, far too many people at this very moment, are quietly sitting back watching anarchy as it rages across the land, almost unchecked, except in Idaho. These same watchers are hoping the onslaught will somehow stop on it’s own. They do not seem to realize that it will never stop until each and every citizen takes action against pro sports, politicians of all kinds, the nations educators and the left wing judiciary. Write them, scold them, and do it now…. anarchy is on the move!

  5. The unJews are willingly walking into their own end. Regrettably, they are endangering many others by their actions. Clinton and Reno acted to terminate Waco and we must adopt those procedures now. Waco the wackos. They are led by Obama, Soros and most of the Hidden Bidden associates. What we see is the only Obama ‘legacy”.

  6. I’m so thankful my adult kids went to school, as did I obviously, when they still pledged to the flag, sang patriotic songs, and respected the police. For Christian parents, I don’t see what option they have but a solid private school if they don’t want to have to counteract everything at home that their kids are being “taught” in their so called school.

  7. We can say the same about all of us, any race just like the Jews of WW 2 just sit and do nothing while the anarchists are destroying cities. Today the statue of John A. Macdonald in downtown Montreal was toppled by leftist anarchists that do not know their own history, no thank-you to today’s leftist school teachers. That statue as been up there for 125 years. It’s time to rise up and confront these uneducated young fools and educate them. Vote Conservative everywhere in Canada and the U.S.A. !!

  8. It is baffling to me that the majority of Jews in the US (I believe this is factual) are and vote democrat. But even if it is not a majority, how is that explained? How can any Jew be and do that? In a similar fashion, how can Catholics be and vote democrat, considering, at a minimum, the fact that abortion (not to even mention infanticide) is anathema?

  9. GOOGLE: Jews for Hitler. Those Jews thought that being German would save them. It did not. BTW, I am Jewish and of German background. My grandparents, aunts and uncles got out of Germany quite late but they did get out!

  10. I had often wondered how The Nazi ,Fascists Communist where able to herd people .As I watch…it has been so easy. Create a crisis…distrust and hate follow. With chaos distrust is easily exploited… soon we turn to any means for peace and tranquility…..where’s my star and what cattle car am I assigned to

  11. Today, I read a letter from 600 Jewish organizations claiming to represent over half of American Jews that they are all in for BLM. Some of these groups I recognized as Judenrats but, some seemed to be fairly normal. The organization, BLM, found a highly negotiable slogan to use as their name. Most of these signers of this letter have mistaken a slogan for the actual goals of the Communist group BLM. BLM openly claims to be anti-white and antisemitic. Why would any Jew sign onto this?

  12. You’re right why are they still rioting in the streets? The Mayor & Governor should both be put in jail along with the people who are tearing up the cities. Trump should have sent the Marines in long ago. Yes I aagree with you about the Jewish people Hitler and his crew of Devils did to children and adults. K. Harris family owned slaves yes they did but you won’t hear about that. My heart goes out to all the lost people, They can only be in heaven. Have a good Sunday be safe you and Anne .

  13. enough is truly enough. today I listened to an FBI person admit they who how and why is fomenting this anarchy. the answer never came as to why they were not doing anything to stop it. it is time we the people are made fully aware of all the details so we can protect our country. armed with this knowledge we have a chance to cut them off financially by boycott or other means. they are fielding an army nation wide able to respond to any incident that suits their cause. ROYCE!!!

  14. All the turmoil today has it’s roots in ignorance of the Creator and of the Constitution that built the greatest nation in human history. The age old yearn, of so many, to become the next Caesar is fed by a Satanic driven greed to have power over their fellow man, and to eliminate any who will not bow down to them. Better to be thrown to the lions than to bow down to anything or anyone but God!

  15. I am not amazed that the BLM movement is growing, it is full of ignorant, lazy folks that have done nothing good for the country. Sanger as a leader, has killed more Blacks than all the wars in her abortion quest. The Good Religious Dems have been complacent in Thousands of Black life deaths, and loss of freedoms, and so have RINOS and long time politicians. Time for term limits like the President. End the Free ride after they leave office. I took an oath, Defend this country from all enemies.

  16. That’s why they stopped teaching history because they new they were setting a course to repeat it. I believe this time white peoples and conservative minorities are the Jews and the mask and fear propaganda is only the beginning. Slow taking our freedoms away As for the Antifa and BLM are the brown shirts and SS of today. All conservatives alike need to get ready because the second wave IS coming and so is CHAOS. I’m getting ready are you.

  17. The strategy is simple: By feeding the monster, the virtue signaling left thinks that they will be the last to be eaten. It works for a while but at some point, it doesn’t anymore. That’s where we’re at right now.

  18. Agreed HG Scary Also very evident to anyone with a Brain what the Long Game is … but seemingly the Vast majority of the people I speak to all agree : Change is needed- BLM is needed – Desecrating statues et al is long overdue . The same people are anti-violence , and yet do not see what violence and chaos they are promoting and accepting as needed -wanted .

  19. I find it interesting but sad that so many of those people who have come forward to be leaders in their communities have forgotten that they are supposed to be “servants” to and for those who support them. We all have a blind spot when our ego overtakes our desire to serve. It doesn’t matter if it’s politics, education, news reporting or local commitees. I am guilty of this myself. This new BLM is just another item stating as a good intention that is turning bad. We all need to be on our knees.

  20. That has to one of your BEST………. just wish “we” could do more!!!

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