If You’re Going To Win – WIN!


I Very Rarely Write About Israel As A Focus . . . But I’m Writing Now, Because the Plight of Israel is 100%-Tied to the Plight of the November 3, 2020 US Election.

Make No Mistake About It.

If President Trump is Not Reelected. And if the Senate does Not Remain in Republican Hands. And if Pelosi Keeps her Speaker Role, or some Equivalent to Pelosi gets to Hold the Gavel – Israel & The Jewish People Worldwide will be in Significant Trouble.


SO ISRAEL HAS THIS CONUNDRUM . . . America & Israel Said Yes To President Trump’s “Deal Of The Century” – where Israel will Annex Parts of the West Bank – Jueda & Samaria (Disputed Territory) and the Jordan Valley, all of which has been a Part of Historical Israel for More than 2,000-Years.

The Palestinians Will Be Given Land In Exchange For Peace . . . But The Whole World Is Yelling No-No-No-No!

Because the Cobbled-Together Israeli Government is so Fragile, and the LEFTIST Part of the Government and the LEFTIST Israeli Supreme Court is Placing Boulders in the Way of Annexation – Even Though Netanyahu (Israel’s Prime Minister) was Greatly Elected on the Platform of Annexation . . . Netanyahu has Developed Cold Feet.

Leadership Takes Real Courage – And Jew-Haters Will Hate Jews One Way Or The Other – Netanyahu Should Just Do It!


This Is A Fight For Our Very Freedoms . . . Which Is Spanning The Planet – And Every Time The World’s About To Erupt Into Chaos . . . Guess Who’s The First to Take It On The Chin?

Even Now . . . In Canada, Specifically in a Major Greater-Toronto City like Mississauga, LEFTIST Marchers & Black Lives Matter – are Marching with Pro-Palestinians Chanting things like “Jews Are Our Dogs”.

Have You Ever Noticed How People Who Contribute The Least In Life Demand The Most?

I Remember Watching Tony Randall, World Class Semanticist & Actor (Odd Couple), before I was Married, Perhaps 50-Years Ago, while Randall was on the Johnny Carson Show, Randall Said In-Response to a Statement about the Reunification of East & West Germany, that the Holocaust Could Never Happen Again . . .

Randall Made It Clear . . . The Holocaust Wasn’t Necessarily A One-Of.


Where It Has Literally Become ILLEGAL to Write or Speak Negatively about Islam, Gays, Lesbians, LGBTQ (Whatever The Hell That Means) & Definers of Gender in General . . . It Is Not Illegal To Disparage Christians & Jews – And For The Media To Publish Lies.

It Is Legal To Spray-Paint . . . Black Lives Matter on Private & Public Property Without Consequence. It Is Illegal To Spray-Paint-Over The Black Lives Matter Graffiti That Says – All Lives Matter . . . On Public Property.

It Is Legal To Abort An Unborn Child . . . from the Womb of a Woman or Girl of Any Age. It Is Illegal To Tell A Female Co-Worker That She Looks Good.


What Do Black Americans & Black Canadians Have Against Jews & Israel?

As A Matter Of An Honest Question . . . With the Exception of Only a Few Countries – What Does the World Have Against Jews & Israel Anyway? And for any LEFTIST Jewish Person in the World, who Finds Fault with Israel, Above & Beyond any Normal Person would Find Fault Fault with any Free Nation – What The Hell Is Wrong With Them?

And why are Reform (LEFTIST) American Jews Working at Overtime to Support Black Lives Matter, when Black Lives Matter is Openly Anti-Semitic?

Aren’t There Enough People Who Hate Us (Jews) Without Jews Hating Ourselves?

Several Years Ago . . . In the Small Agricultural Community where Anne & I had our Last Horse Farm, I Received an Email from a Young Man (High Schooler) Who Helped with Summer Jobs on the Farm . . . The Email Said – “It’s Too Bad Hitler Didn’t Kill All You Fucking Jews. Hitler Should Have Gassed Your Parents”.

It Turned-Out . . . That the High Schooler who sent this Filth Wasn’t the Young Man who Worked for me (I Didn’t Think It Was), but Rather, a Tough Punk Kid from the Same High School who Surreptitiously used the Computer of the Boy who was in my Summer Employ.

I Asked My Employee Why He Sent That To Me . . .

. . . Which He Vehemently Denied Doing. Whose Denial I Accepted Without Question. He was a Nice Kid. The Young Man who Worked for me was so Upset, that he Told his Mom, who was also so Upset that she Called the School, which was Equally Upset, that the School Principal Called the Police, who in the Space of an Hour, after Checking Log-In Codes on the School’s Student Computer System, they Tracked-Down the Real Culprit.

The Punk Who Did It Was Called Into School With His Mom – A Single Parent.

So Here We Were . . . The School Principal, the Police, the Mother of the Punk Kid, the Punk Kid & Me. And this is what I was Told First by the Principal. The Kid will be Suspended. Then by the Police . . . Because the Kid is a Minor, he Cannot go to Jail for Promoting a Hate Crime, but he Can be Arrested, Arraigned in Juvenile Court, have this Incident Entered into his Record for Future Information & Whatever Else Punishment the Court System Might Want to Levy on the Young Anti-Semite . . .

And Here Was The Big Deal . . . The Punk’s Suspension from School was a Foregone Conclusion, it was out of my Hands, but what Happened Next Between the Punk and the Police Was 100% Up To Me, as to Whether I would Want to Sign Charges Against him or Not.

This Is What Happened . . .

I Told The Punk The Following, Who Was Now Teared-Up In Front Of Everyone Seated At The Table, Including His Mom Who Was Crying Her Eyes-Out Too.

These Were My Words As Closely As I Can Remember Them . . . “That I Believed he was Stupid, a Racist and an Anti-Semite. But I am Going to Do him the Greatest Favor he will Ever Receive in his Young Life, because what Happens from Here-On-In will Determine his Entire Future Journey In-Life”.

I Didn’t Lay Charges – So He Wasn’t Arrested.

I Also Told Him . . . “That I Believe he will Still be a Punk. That he Probably Learned Nothing from this Experience other than some Fear. And that he will Still be an Ignorant Anti-Semite After all of this will be Said & Done. But I Won’t Have the Ruination of his Life on my Conscience, since I Believe it is Already Sufficiently Ruined”.

This Wasn’t Anecdotal . . . If this Punk Learned this much Hatred of Jews, just as a Sophomore in High School – Where Did He Learn It? And if he Learned to Hate Jews as much as he Did, in a Quiet Little Rural Community, where Anne & I were Probably the Only Jews for Miles Around . . . Do You Think He Was The Only One?


What’s Going To Happen In The Very Next Short While Is Not Going To Be Pretty.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If the BLM movement is really about caring about Black Lives, I have a few questions for them. Why aren’t they talking about the more than 1,000 Black babies aborted daily in the US. Why aren’t they talking about the number of Black people killed in places like Chicago, including children shot while riding in a car with their dad? All lives Matter Equally, including the helpless unborn. US is in a great struggle between the forces of evil, and all the other good law abiding citizens.

  2. Leftist Jewish people must hate themselves for being Jewish for the same reason liberal whites hate themselves for being white. People who go through life without hating themselves will never be able to contemplate the reason for self hatred.

    Good Point . . . Self-Hating Whites – Self-Hating Jews. Hard to see the Difference. To understand one might help to understand the other – HG.

  3. Howard thanks for this article as I cannot what I call Self Hating ignorant jews who continuously say I hate Trump. There are those in Montreal that think i am crazy about Trump. I always tell them think of your grandchildren before you hate . They watch TV and got brainwashed and show how they forgot our past. God bless us with the Nov election . I believe Trump will win by 75-85% and they still curse him

  4. Those self-hating leftist Jews are our enemies. I don’t need to look further than my uncle, better know as ex-uncle, who would always stand with the Palestinians and other Israel- hating anti-Semites on the corner of Peel & Rene-Levesque with signs saying Israel=Apartheid, as if they had a clue what that meant! These people sicken me more than our true enemies!!!

  5. Having studied the Bible for some years, I cannot comprehend how anyone could be an anti-Semite hen I was a teenager at Graham, Texas there were few Jews, one if whom was a store owner Out of the blue, for no known reason, he gave me the coolest sport coat in town. That caused me to respect Jews even more than I had. When I was 15 years old and comprehended my actions, I accepted a jew, (Jesus Christ of Nazareth), as my Lord and savior, (the promised Messiah). I could never be an anti-Semite.

  6. From your article: “It Is Legal To Spray-Paint . . . Black Lives Matter on Private & Public Property Without Consequence.” Howard I believe you are partially wrong. I believe it is still a crime, at least in the USA, to deface private property. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. Black Lies Murder was founded by a convicted terrorist whose sentence was commuted by Bill Clinton. Today it has morphed into a ruthless band of Marxist-Leninist thugs who are intent on destroying the American Constitutional Republic. What sickens me most are corporate whores like FedEx, Netflix, Walt Disney and both the NFL and NBA, who are groveling at their feet. The least we can do is boycott them.

  8. Sorry to say this Howard but you didn’t do that kid any favors. You wimped out when you had the chance to make him realize the error of his ways and that deeds have consequences. You gave him carte blanche to continue that attitude throughout the rest of his life. I’ll bet you weren’t the last recepient of that kid’s hate.

  9. I have an experience from my time owning a restaurant. I came in in the middle of the afternoon unexpected and checked the cash register. All the large bills were missing and below in her purse were a stack of bills sticking out. She refused to admit it first, but when I told her I would call the police she admitted it. I sat her down and told her as long as she gave back the money I would not fire her and would expect her to be honest. She became my best and most trusted employee.

  10. Leftist Jews supporting BLM make about as much sense as whites marching with blacks. Blacks are blaming whites for their “plot in life”, racism against them, etc. So why are whites marching with them, to soothe their conscience? It’s all a bunch of hogwash, all of it. Organized communist groups are taking advantage of the situation to start the final steps to destroy the USA. Unbelievable how many openly Socialist & Communist organizations there are in the USA, and we do nothing to stop them.

  11. apropos to the current state of affairs point well made and taken royce!!!

  12. @William & Vickie McCoy, Leander, Texas re: “Leftist Jewish people must hate themselves for being Jewish . . . ” No, I don’t think they hate themselves. I believe they think that they are smarter and more Progressive (I hate that word) than Conservatives. Not sure? Google: “Jews for Hitler” Yup, certainly German Jews (that’s my heritage). They thought that being a “good German” would supersede being Jewish. WRONG!!!

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