What Happens When You Can’t Take Yes For The Answer?


What Started Off As A Huge & Overwhelming Victory For The Coming Together Of Black & White Americans . . . as the Result of a Despicable Murder of George Floyd, Carried-Out by One Bad Minneapolis Cop, while Three Others Stood-By letting it Happen, Has Now Morphed Into A Massive Negative Effect.

All My Friends Are Talking About It . . . But No One Is Saying This – So I Will.

Like Everyone Who Started-Out Saying . . . Myself, Anne, Friends & Family Alike – that what Happened to George Floyd was Reprehensible & Merited a Quick & Decisive Reaction from the Court System in America (Minnesota), with all of our Judgements in Favor of Justice For All . . . Has Been Lost . . . And Not Just Because Of The Vandals & Looters.

I Really Supported The Initial Demonstrations Across America . . . But Once Derek Chauvin (The Bad Cop) was Arrested, Charged & Incarcerated . . . It Was Time For The Demonstrations To Stop.

But – Not Only Did The Demonstrations & Protests Not Stop, they Led to the Worst Rioting, Theft & Vandalism in my Memory Ever – Throughout the United States of America. And Yet – The Now Unfocused & Without Reason Demonstrations Continue . . . and are still Continuing even now, as of this Writing.

These Questions Have Been Asked By Some Self-Aggrandizing Liberals . . . Do You Know Any Black People? Have You Ever Spoken To Black People? Have You Ever Invited Black People Into Your Home? Have You Ever Invited Black People Into Your Home For A Meal?

The Singular Answer To All Those Questions Is YES! But Does That Make Me A Better Person – NO!

INHERENTLY . . . Everyone in Life Holds some Racist Views, which Does Not Make Everyone a Racist. White People Tend to Live with and Amongst White People, but so do Black People who choose to Live Amongst Black People. Does that Make Either Race – Racist? It Does if You’re of that Liberal LEFTIST Mindset . . . But Only For White People who Live Exclusively or Predominantly Amongst White People. But Not for Black People who Live Exclusively or Predominantly Amongst Black People.

So . . . If you have No Black Friends and have Never Invited Black People into your House for Coffee or a Meal . . . By LEFTIST Elitist Standards – You’re A racist.

Amongst Other Significant Reasons . . . I Married Anne, was Because Anne was Jewish, just like me, which Does Not Make me a Hater of other Faiths.

I Went-Out with Many Really Nice “Girls” who were Not Jewish. Many of whom Spoke French as a First Language . . . Could I Have Married Any Of Them? The Short Answer Is Yes. But I Felt More Comfortable Marrying a Woman who Shared my Heritage, Culture & Religious Beliefs. Does That Make Me A Bad Person Or A Racist?

People Who Prefer To Marry Within Their Own Race . . . Does that Make Someone White who Marries someone Else who is also White a Racist, any More than a Black Person who chooses to Marry a Black Person?

Today . . . 47 Years After Being Married, if Anne & I had Children, We Wouldn’t Care who they Married Based on Color, Language, Religion, and even Gender, as long as He or She Would be Married to a Decent Intelligent Man or Woman who believed in Conservative Values.

Which Is Not To Say – that we Wouldn’t Want our Children (if there were any) to Marry Someone who would Share the Same Religious-History, Culture & Values – Or Would be Willing to Learn Them.

So . . . Now that I Hopefully Established that I am Not A Racist by the Definition of Racism by the LEFT, by Limousine Self-Hating Liberals & by White Self Guilted People who live in Fear of Being Called a Racist . . . I Feel Comfortable In Writing The Following:

From Being 100% Sympatico With The Black Community Because Of The Murder Of George Floyd – Because Of The Way Black People & White “Jerks” Are Continuing To Respond . . . A Whole New Narrative Is Developing.


After Nearly A Full Week Of “Protesting” . . . I’m Still Seeing People Marching, Insulting, Defaming, Looting, Rioting & Doing The Same Billy-Bad-Ass Routine . . . Shouting That All  (White) Cops Are Racist.

I For One Have Had Enough. As a Matter of Fact, I had Enough the Moment Derek Chauvin was Charged, Arrested & Imprisoned.

So Here’s The Rub . . . And It’s Significant.

As A Past Employer . . . Especially in this Day and Age with about 40-Million People Unemployed, and very Few Jobs on the Horizon, why would I want to Hire Someone Who Thinks I’m A Racist Because I’m White?

And Even if the Black Person who is Looking for a Job to Work for me After this Debacle Ends . . . Doesn’t Think that all White People are Racists . . . How Would I know What He Or She Thinks?


All I Know . . . Is that Every Time I Looked at the Television, I saw Tens of Thousands of Black People in Varying American Cities Chanting in the Streets with Many (White People Too) People Carrying Signs that Read Black Lives Matter . . . What About All Lives Matter?

And How About Police Lives Matter Too?

I Saw a Daily Obstruction of Traffic, Black People Giving the Black Power Salute with the Fist in the Air. I saw the Intimidation of “Forcing” Law Enforcement Officers to Take a Knee, Which Is The Black Equivalent To F-America.

And Then I Saw Blacks Looting, Smashing Property & Dancing In The Streets As Buildings & Businesses Were Set Ablaze.

An Image I Will Never Get Out Of My Mind . . . Was this Poor White Woman who was Trying to Defend Her property, who was Beaten & Kicked to the Ground, as a Mob of Black Thugs Kept Kicking Her Relentlessly, until She Lay Twisted & Unconscious on the Pavement in a Pool of Her Own Blood, as Her Poor White Husband Fought Valiantly to Help Her.

She Wasn’t Black . . . So I Guess Her Life Didn’t Matter.

Why Aren’t We Seeing this Ghastly Video Played & Replayed Non-Stop with Every Broadcast Until the Image of this Bashed & Battered Woman Is Seared into our Brain like the Killing of George Floyd . . . We Don’t Even Know Her Name.

So Please Tell Me . . . With so Many White People Looking for Jobs, who Want to Work & Probably Don’t have a Racial Chip on their Shoulder because of their Race . . . What Would Compel Me To Hire Someone Who Helped Destroy My Country?

A Liberal Will Answer This Editorial With . . . Not All Black People Are Racists & Violent. And I will Respond with . . . Neither are all White People & White Cops, But that Didn’t Stop a Staggering Number of Black People from Burning Down my Cities & Stealing as if it is in their DNA.

As Far As I’m Concerned . . . Black People Have Set Themselves Back Generations, by Taking a Moment When the People were all Together . . . To A Moment When Black People Decided That It Is Them Against Us.

What Do Black People Want From White People? To Apologize Profusely Because They’re White? To Give as Many Mea-Culpas as Possible Until that’s the Only thing White People can Say? Do Black People Really Expect White People to Give Black People $14-Trillion Dollars in Reparations for Something that Happened Hundreds of Years Ago – Ending With The Civil War Of 1860-1865? With More than 360,000 White Americans . . . who Died Fighting for Black Freedom on the Union Side.


I For One Refuse To Grovel To Anyone . . . Especially Because I’m White, Educated & Live A Decent Lifestyle.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So tired of it all! Enough is enough. Of course most every human being feels awful at any death but this has gone beyond anything ever and it is enough! I watched the video of the retired policeman dying in the street and take his last breath… I am sickened. I saw old ladies and a woman in a wheelchair beaten with 2×4’s .. I’m sickened! ENOUGH! This is only making it worse!

  2. watching fox news now,seems fox is aiding and abetting,aiding the looters and abetting they won’t get caught

  3. After watching what has been going on over the past week, blm should be added to the domestic terrorist list…especially after they started demanding the defunding of police.

  4. Remember the KKK, all of these riots would not have started if we still had the KKK. Don’t get me wrong but I never was a KKK person as they went to far sometimes in keeping the blacks down. The riots are made up of people who don’t work at any full time job, most are bused from place to place to do the riots and they get paid when they get back onto the bus to go to the next city. Who is paying these people? I’m thinking maybe a lot of money is from the left and Soris.

    There is Nothing Good that can be Said about the KKK. They were Black Hater & Jew Hater Scum. They should all Rot in Hell.

    Black Lives Matter & Antifa Are No Different Than The KKK.

    I Think You should Apologize to the People who Read these Comments – HG.

  5. “R”ather “A”nnoying “C”ommunist “I”nspired “S”ilencing “T”actic.

  6. Waco protocols against the Seotoro Obama and CO criminals led antifada… antifada… The beasts have been training to in effect as we have seen. Leading to the destruction of Western civilization. 9/11 was the prelude and violent armed insurrection was ordered by Seotoro Obama. Waco protocols must be set in place.

  7. I learned something today I wasn’t aware of! I had no idea that by stating ‘All lives matter’ is considered the go to response from racist individuals! I does not matter to me where that ‘trigger phrase’ originated nor do I care because all lives DO matter to me! From the cradle to old age … white – black – red – yellow – whatever color, all lives matter to me! It seems the phrase “Black lives matter” carries an implicit but not stated “too” at the end; it’s saying that black lives should ALSO “.matter. Saying “all lives matter” is apparently dismissing the very problems that the phrase is trying to draw attention to. If the implicit ‘too’ isn’t verbalized in ‘Black Lives Matter’ … so is ‘All lives Matter in mine. I’ve been done with political correctness for quite awhile! So I will say it again and will continue to do so … “ALL LIVES MATTER” and if some asshat wants to label me as a racist … so be it! Labels hurt … and mostly are inappropriate.

  8. On a different note, Why are the Dems pushing legalization of Weed? They know most persons who smoke dope do not think well, I know many. Their brain moves to a place where everything is OK or I do not Care. The Riots are just a way to get lazy do nothing people to get free stuff(as said by a media head) stuff they could not afford. When they vote they will vote for anyone giving them FREE Stuff, OBAMA PHONES. Able body people should be required to Serve Our country for two years before college

  9. Until the entire Black Americans get out of the past, they will never or hardly advance to becoming good Americans.

  10. Well said. We all matter and blacks should get over themselves and move forward to their own beat,

  11. This will not stop until we stop Al Sharpston, et al, the biggest race baiter and hate mongers in our country. They publicly and on TV incite hate and riots. Remember “Cops are like Pigs. Fry them and they taste like bacon”? Stop all hate speech and arrest any and all who incite riots. The plantations and slaves were owned by White Democrats in the South. I lived there, i know. The Republicans gave the Blacks their freedom and right to vote – not the Democrats.

  12. The Soros Left is behind the Riots/Looting, and burning. One would think that black people would finally catch on that they are being Used to further the cause of the Globalist Elites. A large percentage of blacks are willing puppets thus Destroying their own lives and heritage. Most blacks don’t have a clue whose pulling the strings of civil unrest, as they give in to the False narrative that Whites are to blame – And Why Not they see, and hear these Lies 24/7 by the Leftist Media, Etc.

  13. Antifa will be declared “domestic terrorists” so FBI can use anti-terrorist tactics on them. FBI has noted more organized communication setting up these riots; they infiltrate a few in protest groups to start riots & make it look like it’s protestors. AND their expenses are paid; so who’s funding them & BLM who also show up at these marches-turned riots. I ‘judge’ the attitude/actions of people, not skin color & have black friends. Obama was/is instigator of hate between races–Communist taught.

  14. We need to re-educate the educators, and there supporters, in order to start over! All those kinds of people that like to rile up and start trouble should go! (A good place just might be GITMO)

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