Snowflakes Need Not Apply


As We Are Almost 100% Focused . . . On the China Virus, The LEFT Is 100% Focused On Destroying Our Freedoms, in their All-Out Assault to Propel their Sick Vision of a One World Government, which the LEFT will Control, As We The People – Serve Them.


Legendary Lee Iacocca . . . The Father of the Ford Mustang & Later – the Man who Saved Chrysler in the 1980’s . . . in a Television & Radio Ad Famously Said – “Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way” . . .

It Would Be Easy For Me To Say . . . They Don’t Build Men Like That Anymore. But That Wouldn’t Be True.


What Is True . . . Is that there are Many Men & Women who are Just like Lee Iacocca, Tough Minded Individuals, who have Been Suffocated by the LEFT and their Compliant World of Academia, Media & Bureaucracy. Men & Women who have Been Speaking-Out in Every Way we Can Imagine, Who’ve been Systematically Ridiculed Before the Dumbed-Down Masses by the Compliant Media.

Men & Women Who’ve Taken A Beating & Knocked Down – Who Won’t Stay Down.

What Is It That Scares The Crap Out Of The LEFT More Than Anything Else? In America, it’s the First & Second Amendments . . . Why? Because the First Amendment Gives the People the RIGHT to Challenge the Government Orthodoxy. And the Second Amendment Gives the People the RIGHT to Defend all the Amendments.

Which is Why so Many American Universities are Closing their Eyes to Restrictions of “Some” Freedom of Expression (Free-Speech) on Campuses. And are Refusing to Punish Violent Anti-Freedom of Expression Thugs (Black Lives Matter – Antifa) who Assault People & Places.

But It’s Not Just In America . . . The Same Is True Worldwide. In Canada, where we Have No Second Amendment or Real Gun Culture & Virtually No Gun Violence with the Exception of a Modicum of Gangbangers, Why is the Canadian Government on the LEFT all so Gung-Ho to Take-Away the Rights of Legitimate Peaceful Gun Owners from Owning Guns?

Why Are Universities . . . And Not Just Universities – But High Schools As Well, Preaching the Propaganda . . . That Only Some Speech Should Be Free Speech?

And Where’s the Global Outcry Concerning Social Medias’ (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – Etc) Non-Policy . . . Policy – Of Censorship of Whatever & Whomever they Can, Who the Social Media Deems to be Conservative-Minded – On Their Internet Platforms?

I Don’t Know How This China Virus Started – Intentional, Unintentional, Accidental.

At this Juncture it Doesn’t Matter, since there will be Plenty of Time & Opportunity to Punish the People Responsible for it When The Time Is Right. But What I Do Know (Believe) . . . is that this Virus will be Defeated, and we Will Have to Rebuild our Societies Virtually from the Ground-Up.


In 1971, Saul Alinsky’s Book “Rules For Radicals” . . . was first Published, which Went-On to Become the BIBLE of the Radical LEFT, so much so, that Hillary Clinton Wrote her College Thesis on the Importance of Alinsky’s – “Rules For Radicals”.

I’LL GET RIGHT TO THE POINT . . . Saul Alinsky Was An Anarchist. An Anarchist is Someone whose Goal in Society is to Destroy that Society in which he or she Lives.

In The Case Of Saul Alinsky . . . to be Able to Destroy America from the Inside, Meant using the Freedoms (Constitutional Rights) of America, as are Permitted by Law, to Destroy America by Whatever “LEGAL” Means Available. And Once the System has Collapsed, the Antagonist (Anarchist) would be able to Reconstruct the System to Satisfy the Philosophy of the Anarchists.

Saul Alinsky Believed . . . That the Most Effective Way to Topple a Society was to use all the Legal Means Possible to Overwhelm the Targeted Society. By Understanding What has been Happening in the Recent Past, since Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals . . . we can all See the Progress of this Anarchist.

1 – Control Academia at the Earliest Age Possible. In other Words, Teach our Children to become Teachers to Teach the Dynamics of Socialism (Anarchy) to Future Generations, who will then Teach other Children, which will Eventually Lead to our LEFTIST Focused Media & Politicians.

To A Great Extent . . . The Strategy Was (Is) To Teach – That Freedom Is The Enemy Of The People.

2 – To Alinsky . . . Overwhelming The System was Everything. Crash it from the Inside. And This Was Just One Of Alinsky’s Strategies. If you want to Destroy or Force a Retailer, a Grocery Store for Example, to Bend to your Demands . . . Get a Number of Co-Anarchists (It Doesn’t have To Be A Big Number), Enter the Grocery Store, with Each taking a Shopping Cart, and Loading-Up Each Shopping Cart to the Maximum. What is put into Each Cart Doesn’t Matter.

It’s Not Illegal To Shop. It’s Not Illegal To Over-Purchase. And It’s Not Illegal To Refuse Your Purchase.

Then . . . all Together, Each will take his or her Shopping Cart to Individual Check-Out Cashiers, which will Take quite a While for Each Cashier to Check-Through the Mountain of Purchases. And then, it will Take Quite a while for the Bagger to do his or her Work. And when all that is Done, Tell the Cashier that you’ve Changed your Mind & You No Longer Want the Purchase.

Legitimate Shoppers Won’t Stand In Line For an Hour or more While People ahead of them Check-Out Volumes of Products & Question the Price of Each Purchase, before Ultimately Refusing to Accept the Purchase. And Then All That Product Has To Be Restocked.

Imagine how Much Disruption a Tactic like this Would Be to Bring Even a Huge Retailer to its Knees?

Take This One Alinsky Strategy . . . And Apply it to Flooding the Border with Illegal Immigrants & Drugs. Take it and Apply it to Overwhelming the Healthcare Market (Obamacare). Take it and Apply it to Flooding Student Loans with More than a TRILLION DOLLARS in Debt.

Take this Strategy & Apply it to Food Stamps, Minimum Wage, Free Cellphones, Free Childcare, Paid Maternal & Paternal Leave, Massive Public Sector Employment & Equally Massive Public Sector Costs, Including what I Consider to be Immoral & Unsustainable Publicly Funded Pensions.

THINK ABOUT THIS . . . Isn’t This What The LEFT & RINOS Have Been Doing For Generations? Why Are They Desperate Now?

To The American LEFT, according to Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, America will Never be More Overwhelmed & Weaker than it is Now, Ripe for Socialism and a One World Government. BUT THERE’S ONE MAJOR FLY IN THEIR OINTMENT.

If The American LEFT Can’t Pull This Off Now . . . They & Their Socialist Dream Will Be Doomed!


In Spite of Rahm Emanuel’s . . . “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste” . . . The LEFT Never Anticipated Donald Trump and the Steadfast Loyalty, which as Many as Half the American Population have for Him, and Perhaps as much as another 10-20% Or More, who have ZERO Confidence in the Best the LEFT can Put Forward, to Run for President Against Donald Trump.

Perhaps Even More Important . . . The LEFT Never Expected the Disdain which Average Americans have Developed over the Years Towards the Media, Congress, Academia and the LEFTIST Entertainment Industry (Music, Movies & Television), which has in the Past Been Crucial as the Water-Carriers for the LEFTIST Agenda.

And The LEFT Never Imagined Conservative America Would Find In The Wilderness, A David (Trump) Who Will Slay Their Goliath.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Democrats are going crazy trying to figure out a way to RIG the election. They know Biden is a hopeless candidate. Keep up the great editorials Howard.

  2. The only reason the Left attack normal thinking and law abiding citizens, is because they don’t have the spine to go after the real perpetrators of crime and real violators of our culture and laws. It’s always easy to gather in groups with media behind you and shout down proper citizens because they don’t or can’t fight back and they play by rules. The real brutes of society don’t .

  3. In the 50’s a book was written called The Naked Communist listing 50 goals of the Communist Party USA. It was revisited in the 90’s and found it was almost all done. Cloward and Piven bankrupted NYC with welfare fraud requiring NYS to bail it out. Alinsky just made the process more widely known. We MUST guard against crippling crap disguised as the 4th bailout. Hank Merritt, Bristol, PA.

  4. You mention Hillary’s love of Alinsky. You forgot the major player, Obama! And he was also a buddy of underground terrorist Ayers! All of Obama’s actions over his 8 year reign of terror, were learned from these 2 despicable beings!

  5. I am sure the last election here in Canada was fixed, election fraud was committed…no way in hell did this clown win…quebec will not give up power again…lots going on that we do not know about…We need to get back to work , and NOW MF……bloody governments bankrupting private business globally , destroying our livelihood with fear mongering, bs…while parasites in government, quebec, ottawa get full pay, nice eh???…sick!, sick!! As for the virus, go watch Dr. John Bergman…breathe.

  6. Donald Trump is a war-time president. For the first time in history the enemy includes the other major political party and the mainstream media. It is vital to remember this in November.

  7. VOTE “RED” Remove Every DUMBACRAP!! Be sure to go vote we have to out gun them!

  8. Obama was a true follower of Saul Alinsky. People should also look at their children and grandchildrn bfore voting

  9. Every single day I pray that God will let me live long enough to cast my last ballot for the greatest President in history. President Trump snatch America back from the globalists and leftists that were robbing us blind and stupid while shipping our jobs and factories overseas. Americans were being egregiously forced to support the world. NO MORE!!

  10. Great Editorial. The Saul Alinsky ‘doctrine’ was first presented through Community College all thru the USA. As an activist in my community WE had the CC send out ‘students’ to ASSIST our community groups. We actually had to meet in SECRET & plan our strategy to rid ourselves of them…and we DID get rid of them. The college was aghast with our presentation. We won for the moment. I am awake and aware. I will bust butt to get everyone out to vote. Hopefully for Trump.

  11. Who Ever Is Teaching “OUR” Children will Determine The Direction Of Not Only The Family But The Country! Seen This Coming Back In The Late 70’s. Became A One Income Family, Hard As That Was, YANKED Our Five Children OUT Of PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND HOME SCHOOLED! Amazing How Many NON PC Curriculum’s Were Out There! Took Some Heat From The PC Police, (Social Services) Worth It. Would Do It Again Too! Right On Point Howard, Thanks.

  12. I’m not sure what Anthony Silvestro is stating about fiberals, queeeebec and the federal election 2019. Most of the province voted bloc québécois except for Montreal. You want to stop the left in its track. Re-elect President Trump 2020, charge, prosecute and jail the deep swamp in the likes of obama, clintons, the demon rat party, fiberal judges and rinos. When real criminals begin to go to jail in great numbers in the political world and the fake news lamestream media won’t be able to hide !!!

  13. Howard thank you once again it was great. Asking you a question since you read these . Is there a reason why my characters are reading like this ()/500 characters) I never know how close I am getting to the 500 mark. Have a lovely week ahead you and family. God blessings to you each all animals included. Hope you got to see your horses now. Hooray!

  14. While reading this great piece … I and many I know agree beyond measure. Thank you very much for all you do for many.

  15. MY PRICE on POLLUTION is my time working to make sure the liberals will not be re-elected. I have been letting my liberal mp know as we all should do. My riding is NEPEAN Ontario

  16. SPOT ON!!! I pray daily that things will turn around for both the US & Canada. I do worry about massive voter fraud, in our Nov. election! I just wish that this COVID-19 wasn’t in existence. I know that I am not alone with that wish, either. I still believe that this virus is part of biological warfare from China. I also believe that Soros is part of this whole worldly mess, his money is never for good, only evil. I have good medical knowledge & this is what my gut is saying.

  17. Why do you think the Liberals have pushed the “Marijuana for All” movement. I have dealt with the Drug Culture for years, lost a brother to it and have a couple others well on their way. Dumbing people with all sorts of drugs have made it easy to get their vote. We are in for a real fight as the Left will do any thing to destroy our President. This virus has moved the needle more towards a major rebellion.

  18. 1-Gov of KY vetoed mandatory voter ID for the 2020 election–he’s a Dem. 2-We not only have to re-elect Trump, We Also HAVE to Vote IN REPUBLICANS for CONGRESS & SENATE for a majority!!! Would also need to get Repubs in as state governors. WE THE PEOPLE must defeat Soros-financed anti-USA candidates. We are in another revolution as important as with England in the 1700s. AND as much as possible, help & support those hurting small businesses. Time to put muscle & $$ “where our mouths are”.

  19. HG, maybe you should have a POLL re: what people’s opinions are about whether the CHINA VIRUS was started as Intentional, Unintentional, or Accidental! I believe it was INTENTIONAL & created in its LAB! What a great way to DESTROY the U.S. from the INSIDE & China knew this—as proven by their DELAY in reporting this DEADLY DISEASE!Comparing the LEFT to GOLIATH is on-key because DAVID/PRES. TRUMP will be the TRIUMPHANT one!He will WIN AGAIN in November. Republicans MUST REGAIN the Congress. AMEN!

  20. Why good people don’t run for parliament? Example! An MP is elected to fight against excessive government spending. New Government immediately legislates a Pay Increase for Members of Parliament. MP votes against it! Government legislates a super-expensive Pension Plan for Members. The MP votes against it! The Government brings a deficient “Charter of Rights” with an escape clause. MP votes against it! Government then charges MP with phony tax evasion and damages MP’s reputation. That’s why!

  21. OUT-STANDING!!! You hit a perfect… repeat…perfect bullseye by naming Saul Alinsky. The left has more evil agendas than can be written about, and they all require decades to achieve. By his own public statement, Alinsky wanted to end up as Lucifer’s chief community organizer in hell. He dropped dead in the middle of a street, alone. PLEASE Mr Galganov, keep up your common sense editorials. It certainly is time for any peoples in any nation to rise up against tyranny in its many forms.

  22. Thank you for the education in Jewish life. Wish could be with you to enjoy your history. The music was wonderful, I love good music and that was the first time I heard this group. I did post it on FB and told the viewers they need to read this and listen to the music. Contacted may House Rep and my Senators and told them what I think about the virus bill they passed which included a pay raise for them. God bless you and yours.

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