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I Noticed Last Week, at one Press Event, when President Trump Entered the Room for a Press Conference, None of the Media Stood.

When Obama Always Entered A Room – Everyone in the Room Always Stood, and at the Start of Every Obama Press Briefing, Obama’s First Words Were Always – “Please Be Seated”.

Do These Media Ingrates Not Realize . . . that what they’re Doing by Not Standing for the President of the United States Of America, is DISRESPECTING Not just President Trump, But Rather The Entire 200-Plus Year Institution Of The American Presidency?

At A Time Such As This, which is Beyond Anyone’s Memory or Comprehension, the Thing we as a Civilized Society Must Cling to – should be the Respect we Must all Show for the Traditions of Statehood . . . Which Have Made All Of Us Who We Are.

I Really Don’t Like Prime Minister Trudeau . . . but whether I like him or Not, he is the Elected Prime Minister of my Country (Canada). And as Such – The Office Of The Prime Minister Must Be Respected . . . Or We Can Kiss Our Nation Goodbye.


The Canadian Media Is Apoplectic . . . Because Advertisers Have Stopped Advertising. Which Means there is no Revenue for the Media to Carry-On. The American Media I’m Certain Is In The Same Boat. But this was Happening anyway with or without the China Virus.


In Canada, the Media is so Full of itself, that it (The Media) wants Special Taxpayer Funds Set-Aside for them to Remain Viable, Claiming the Media is an Essential Service. But, in all Reality, Unless you want to be Inundated with Mostly LEFTIST Propaganda, which the Government wants you to Know, The Media Has Stopped Being Essential Long Ago.

There Is A New Media . . ., which Answers to No Advertisers or Special Interest & Does Not Hold the Government-Up as some Untouchable Icon . . . Is Part Of The New Media, which now Reaches far more Eyes & Ears than the Old Media, which Stopped Being the Guardian at the Gate and the Voice of the People, Once the Media Decided to Sell-Out for LEFTIST Politics, Power and Wealth..

A Long-Time Reader (Texan), Listener & Supporter of Emailed me on Sunday, after Having a Serious Cry over the Virus and her Fear for her Family (Children & Grandchildren).

And Before Responding To Her . . . I thought About President Trump’s Rose Garden Press Briefing, which he Gave on Sunday (March 29, 2020) – When Dr Fauci Said . .  .

If we Follow all the Presidential Guidelines, Detailing Social Distancing, Staying Away from Crowds & Groups of More than a Few . . . and Hand Washing – Etc, Perhaps As Many As One Hundred Thousand (100,000) American People Will Die From The China Virus.


Math Has Never Been My Strong-Suit . . . But as Far as I know, if you Want to arrive at a Simple Percentage (Or Fraction), you Divide the Smaller Number by the Bigger Number.

For Example . . . There are Approximately 330-Million People in the United States of America. So – If We Divide 100,000 Possible Deaths by 330-Million People . . . I Believe the Number is .0003 (003%) of the American Population Could or Would Die Under the Best-Case Circumstances, if All Americans Did what they are Supposed to Do.

But Dr Fauci Went Further-On To Say . . . If No One Followed The Presidential Coronavirus Protocols, the Death Rate Would or Could be Approximately 2.2-Million People, which is a Very Big Number.

But Even At That . . . 2.2-Million Deaths Divided By 330-Million Americans Translates To .007 (.07%).

By No Means . . . Are these Numbers Small if it Affects you, your Household or Friends. But these Numbers also Don’t Spell the End of the World, because they are Perhaps  Insignificant to the Much Bigger Picture.

The Other Issue Is . . . Who are the Most Vulnerable Amongst the 100,000 Or 2.2-Million People who Might or will Probably Die from the Virus? We know that the Fatal Victims of the Virus are Predominantly Elderly Men & Women Over the Age of 70. People with a Suppressed Immune System. And People like me with Type II Diabetes.

I’ve Got Two Strikes Against Me – Age 70 & Type II Diabetes.

Knowing How Few People out of the General Population are Going to Die as a Percentage of the Total, Kind of Makes me Feel somewhat Less Vulnerable, As Long As Anne & I Do All That We Can To Follow The Protocols.

The News Media – Which Is The New Entertainment & Opinion Media, Are Making This Horrible Circumstance Even More Horrible Than It Is Or Has To Be. Which Is Not Right. Why Don’t They Publish The Preceding Numbers, Unless I’m So Off Base That I’m Living In A Fool’s Paradise.


No Matter How We Look At This . . . This Is Indeed Bad – But We Have To Look At Everything In Perspective. And Then Maybe It’s Less Bad Than We think.

And If You Find Fault With My Math – I’m Sure You’ll Let Me Know. In The Meantime . . . Let Me Enjoy The Bliss.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard you are terrific but I think you missed one decimal point. 100000 deaths would be 0.03% and 2.2 million would be 0.7% or close to 1% of the population. A few decimals among friends who cares. thanks for your good work.

  2. Feel good that GOD is really in charge, and the politicians are just instruments of HIS plan–It will turn out as HE intends!

  3. As a percentage of 330 million, 2.2 million is 0.67% or, rounded up, 0.7%. Your figures were right; your decimal place wasn’t.

  4. Hype, media, constant bad news on TV is killing people. Economy is suffering, people are suffering and more crime is just around the corner. No work, no taxes, no stimulus packages. Big banks will run out of money and steal yours. Young people must go to work, it’s the old retired people, sadly, that are prime targets and we are more dispensable. Some of us will die if it’s our time, the young will survive. The world will go on regardless. You math is o.k. H puts things into perspective

  5. RIGHT ON! However, Howard, I feel this is a “God Thing”. Hopefully the USA, et al will be the Phoenix and come up out of the ashes. Americans will be willing to pay a little more for “Made in USA” and not get inferior, plastic products, as well as, bleeding our economy and country. You can’t deal with the devil and expect to be treated fairly. Put you money where you heart is. I don’t care about your ancestors, color,, church, or financial status. But I do care about your allegiance to us.

  6. Yes, Howard, putting everything into perspective is just plain sensible as it is mandatory. For example, just look at the CDC data on the 2020 flu results in the US: on Feb. 14, they reported 250,000 people have been hospitalized; 14,000 people have died (5.6%). That indeed places a perspective on the Coronavirus data, yet the MSM doesn’t report it. Then again, most of what we really hear reported is “fake news”! That’s why we are here with you.

  7. I’m computer illiterate but I do know that the alphabet networks and social media suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their reporting is skewed anti-Trump so they can hang the covid contagion around his neck in an election year. This is as low as it gets. Traitors like Chuck Todd, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow are beneath contempt.

  8. Exactly right, Howard. The media generally only add negativism and promote hysteria and fear. Your facts paint a very different picture.Of course COVID-19 is a very serious issue but most will survive. If people would remember the Cuban Missle Crisis we were not sure any of us would survive as President Kennedy authorized a blockade of incoming ships to Cuba where US intelligence had discovered missle sites. Russian ships did finally turn back. That was more frightening to me than now.

  9. If President Trump fails, America will fail. If America fails, so goes the worlds economy. The left and fake news media want President Trump to fail. They could care less the affect on the American people of the affects on the world economy. But, then again I could be just paranoid.

  10. Its going to be a real mess…They are controlling everything now…government, police state…its here, eyes open…wait til the housing crash begins here in Canada…it will be epic…We need to get back to work , now……bloody governments bankrupting private business globally , destroying our livelihood with fear mongering, bs…while parasites in government get full pay…sick!, sick!!

  11. Another great blog but since math was always a problem I’ll just depend on people who got it correct.

  12. Well, HG, having 2 strikes against you means that you’re STILL NOT OUT…you still have a CHANCE for a HOME RUN! AGE and certain HEALTH issues are CRITICAL, but it doesn’t mean that others are IMMUNE to this VIRUS! The VIRUS is BEYOND our CONTROL. All we can do is to FOLLOW the proper directives and HOPE for the BEST! Let’s WISH & PRAY for the HOME RUNS! Meanwhile, here’ a good saying for those who HATE Pres. Trump…“Harboring resentment is like hanging on to a virus.” GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  13. Disrespect turned to hate in our lifetime I credit to what followed the Roe v Wade decision that took daily prayer out of schools. The campaign to remove God from everything public grew til it was a wildfire pace. Today total “self” advancement, fulfilling wants/desires, killing an unwanted result of sex, legalizing ungodly homosexual marriage, etc., etc. Most feel we are rushing to end times. Satan knows his time is short & is ramping up chaos & control of people. That’s what we have now.

  14. Thank you Howard….I keep reminding all of my loved ones “if God is for/with us, who can take us down?” Remembering Noah and his wife were the only 2 humans living at the time who was loyal to God. We all know what happened…God is in charge, He is our refuge in times of trouble, lets just let go and LET God take care of us. Blessings to you Howard and your loved ones. Mary from Utah.

  15. If you keep listening to the fake news, leftist, politically correct, Trump derangement syndrome(even in Canada) lamestream media, by next week the whole planet will be dead. Sorry to hear that Trump extended the “no” back to work period, the economy can’t take this much longer.

  16. Howard. Normally you can take a wordperfect.wpd document and SAVE AS a word.docx document. That converts to to a form that should import fine into a web host.

    You’re Preaching to an Illiterate. But that said, it is far more complicated than just what you suggest, since there are several Programs needed to get the Editorial from me to you – But thank you for the Suggestion – HG.

  17. Sir, I am with you on this. Unless they start talking 10% + death rate, I am not nervous at all about this virus. Yes, it is inconvinent for me and my wife as we are normally social type people, but that is all it is. Media is blowing this out of the water causing all kinds of problems. As far as my President, the idiot media shows him not much respect. This is a problem with most of our younger people, lack of respect. Rudeness is another outcome of our current population. We will surviv

  18. We already know what the liberal MSM is about. To call them worms is insulting worms, that actually do good for the earth. My expectations of them is only that there is no limit to their lies, disrespect and depravity. Anything else from them would be a shock and disappointment.

  19. Howard, I have 3 years on you, just turned 73, and a fellow Type 2 victim. Even though I left the former USSR, Kiev, Ukraine, in 1976 I still have many friends over there. So, here is folk medicine – tested and proven: juice from 1/2 of lemon and a bit of baking soda with 2 cups of hot water – prevents and cures from any virus. tested it in August, 2016. Upon return from 10 days in Beijing I thought I was definitely dead. Used aforementioned remedy, 2 days all it took to get back to normal.

  20. I will NEVER correct your math! I do NOT have the Math Gene that my whole family has, okay? I am 78 & Hubby is 79. I think we will be just fine. We both have had our annual Flu Shots since 2005 & we are up to date with our Pneumonia Vaccines. We have not bee out of the our home since before all of this started. We both have lots of medical issues, but right now we are at a good status quo healthwise. Hubby & I have been married for 57 years, but I believe we will hit the 60 years.

  21. The Chi-coms are pissed because Trump crashed their economy which was based on theft and slave labor. They also sell human organs to the world and these are harvested from living donors to avoid the decomposition between the time of death and surgical removal. There’s tons of evidence but the media ignores this because they need Chinese ad revenue and the politicians are paid off by China–i.e. the 1.5 billion they gave Hunter Biden and say nothing. They want Trump gone so they can go back to robbing us blind and stupid and regain control over all manufacturing. They cooked up their little virus and then turned it loose IN AN ACT OF WAR.

  22. as late as the ’60s, if you wanted to sell a NC Machine to the government, especially the Defense Industries, it had to be made in the US. I defy you to find an NC Machine manufacturer in the US today. Now lets take that to food and especially meds. It seems like to me that things that are that essential should be made here? The good news is that I have heard rumblings in that direction. n’est-ce pas?

  23. Your math is better than mine. I would have so many questions to ask of you but you give us just 500 words to use up. So, what you write I take it to heart. You are a smarter person than I am and I thank you for you editorials you send out to us. I am going to be 79 yrs old in July 4th and just do not trust any of this what is going on , I do believe there is a horrible virus going on and where it came from as well. But never do I remember our country doing what it is doing now. Shutting thing d

  24. The “fake news” media is in full swing. Their disdain for President Trump is disgraceful. I believe people are beginning to see the truth and are turning their allegiance towards the President. President Trump and his team are working 24/7 to save this country. I thank God for giving us this President. President Trump is a great and tough Leader!

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