“Trump The Most Dangerous President In American History”


President Trump Re-Wins the White House, Conservative Republicans Keep the Senate & Conservative Republicans will Win the House in Big Numbers, which is the Biggest thing in Government that will Change.

The Communist Sanders Or The Dufus Biden – It Makes No Difference.

Neither of these Two Ultra Long-Term Turkeys, who have Done Nothing of Consequence for the American People after a Combined Time in Government of Nearly 100-Years of Feeding off the Taxpayer-Trough, have the Gravitas to Win an Election Based Upon one Massive Propaganda Campaign, which Paints America’s Most Successful (For The People) President . . . “As The Most Dangerous President In American History”.

The Only Strategy Left For The Democrats – Is To Create A Bogeyman . . . Hence, According to Tom Perez – Chairman of the DNC (Democrat National Committee), “Trump Is – The Most Dangerous President In American History”.

What Makes President Trump So Dangerous To The American Republic – The LEFT Never Says – Because It’s Just Another LEFTIST Lie.

But Tom Perez Isn’t the Only Democrat (LEFTIST) to Create the Narrative that President Donald Trump is the Most Dangerous President in American History. This has Become the LEFT’S Singular Campaign Talking-Point, because the Democrats have Nothing Else to Offer the Voters.


If you Really want to see Nascent Socialism, as it’s Taking Root Right on your American Border . . . Look To Your North, where Canada is Cascading Downhill, which is becoming even More Antithetical Than Imagined . . . to Constitutional Rights, which Far Too Many Americans Take For Granted.

In Canada . . . We have RESTRICTED Freedom of Expression, where even low-level Judges get to Decide on a Case-To-Case Basis on what should . . . And What Should Not Be Free Speech (Freedom Of Expression).

Not Only That . . . Appointed “Human Rights Commissions”, many of whom are Not Lawyers or Judges, have the Right to Pass Serious Judgment upon Defendants – WHO DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO . . .

1 – Appear Before A “Rights” Commission with Legal Counsel.

2 – Face his or her Accuser.

3 – Cross-Examine his or her Accuser.

4 – Have the Right to Appeal a “Rights” Commission Judgement to another Rights Commission.

And What “Crime” Can Constitute A “Rights” Commission Inquisition?

There is almost no Civil Restriction, which is Beyond a Perceived Insult to Someone’s Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Denial of Service, Denial of Rental Property, Media Article – Etc. Whether Any of the Preceding . . . Is Factual Or Simply Perceived.

To Add To The Misery Of The Lack of Freedom Of Expression In Canada . . . The Unrestricted Use Of The English Language In Quebec Is Against The Law.

Canada’s Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) . . . has Signed-On to Virtually all United Nations Policies Concerning Climate Change, Anti-Coal, Anti-Oil, Anti-Gas, Gun Control, Dissemination of Canadian Taxpayer Dollars to Third World Countries Etc – Etc – Etc.

Canada’s Military Has Become A Poverty Joke, where the Purchase of New Fighter Jets for Canada Means Buying USED F-18’s from Australia, while Australia and Virtually all other NATO Countries (Including Israel) are Buying State of the Art F-35 Stealth Fighters.

And As New American Jobs Are Becoming Available At Hyper Speed . . . to the Point where there Aren’t Enough Americans to Fill these Jobs, Canadian UNEMPLOYMENT will soon be at a Crisis.

As The American Dollar Is The World’s Most Powerful Economic (Monetary) Standard, Canada’s Dollar is in Near Free-Fall in Comparison. And as the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is Gone, Canada is On-Track to be Taking a Trade Pounding by the USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement).

And In Addition To All Of This . . .

Conservative Prairie Provinces Like Alberta & Saskatchewan . . . are being Forced by Ottawa to the Brink of Financial & Social Ruin, because of National Politics, which Favor the United Nations and the Vote-Laden Provinces of Ontario & Separatist Quebec; to the Point, where Alberta & Saskatchewan Might very well Invoke the Canadian “Clarity Act”, which Provides a Legal Parliamentary Roadmap for any Province to Secede (Separate) from Canada.

In Terms Of Real Industry In Canada . . . The Auto Industry is all but Dead with the Exception of a Single Ford Assembly Plant West of Toronto. Our Government Financed Airline Industry (Regional Challenger Commuter Jets) was recently Sold in Part, soon to be in Total, to Europe’s Airbus. Our Canadian Agricultural Growing Season is Far Too Short to Grow the Type of Food the World Wants or Needs.

And As Hard As I Try . . . I Can’t Think Of Any Canadian Mega Industries.

Because Of The Poor Potential Return On Investment, the Unreliability of Canadian Government Regulations (Super Regulated), High Taxes (Enormous Bureaucratic Entitlements), Social Engineering, Strong Trade Unions, the High Cost of Canadian Energy & Socialist Policies . . . Investment In Canada Is Not A Risk Most See Worth Taking.

Canada is a Geographically Huge Country (Second Land Mass Only To Russia), yet, as Many as 90% of Canadians Live within 100-Miles of the US Border. And Canada’s Total Population, which is about 37-Million People is Smaller than California’s Population of 40-Million People.

And Here’s A Staggering Trade Reality . . . Canada’s ONLY Surplus Trading Partner of Significant Value is the United States of America. In Other Words, the New USMCA Trade Agreement, whether Canada Likes it or Not . . . Is Something Canada Has Over-All Zero Choice To Decide Upon. In Essence – For the USA . . . Canada Could Either Take It Or Leave It.

So . . . For the Multitude of Uninformed American Socialists, many Amongst the Ignorant Mouthy Media, and the Likes of Whoopi Goldberg, who Threatened to Leave America and Move to Canada if Trump was Elected in 2016 . . . Where Are You?

And for those Americans who think Single Payer (Government) Healthcare is so Great, do you also think That Not Being Able To Find A Family Doctor Is Also Great? How about having a Family Doctor, and having To Wait-Up to 4-Weeks For An Appointment?

And If You Think That’s Not So Good . . . How about Waiting for a Year or More for Non-Essential Surgeries, such as Hip & Knee Replacements? Or having to Wait up to 6-Months to see a Specialist or have a Cat-Scan or MRI?

Because . . . If You Want Socialized Medicine – That’s What You Get.

And As For Politics In Canada . . . Canada is a Democracy, Unlike America Which Is A Republic – with a Bevy Number of Checks & Balances on the Use or Abuse of Government Power.

Canada Has No Such Checks & Balances To Reign-In A Majority Government, which will Win Absolute Power by Winning a Majority Number of Seats by a Plurality of Votes, which very Often Reflects Fewer than 30% of the Total number of People Entitled to Vote, When Only 60% of Eligible Voters even Care Enough Cast a Ballot.

My Message To America . . . Be Careful For What You Wish.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on Howard. I have been in the energy industry for more than 50 years and I have never seen the investment climate so uncertain . I will not invest in Canada until there is a change in the federal government. Cheers Dale Bossert

  2. So…Why don’t you vote with your feet and become an American–We would love to welcome you as a hard working independent immigrant who shares the values of America!

  3. Calling Trump scary is only a ploy to bend the weak-minded into fearing him. I personally find many of the Liberal/Democratic nutcases pushing for censorship and increased govt control scary. PM Trudeau fits the bill of “scary” for anyone who truly sees what he is and the fascism he pushes for. The lulling of the masses into an ignorant sleep by media is also scary. People choosing mob ignorance over truths and knowledge is also scary. I guess we each have our definition of “scary.”

  4. It is so depressing that I’m starting to be afraid to even read the news or listen to the TV or Radio as most news seem to be bad news, with conflicting opinions from every other source. You hardly know who to believe anymore. That’s why most Canadians have decided not to pay attention & that is even worse in a democracy. An uninformed voter is the worst thing for a functioning democracy. On the other hand, which side is telling you the truth? What is the fake news & what is real news?

  5. The most accurate and true summary of where Canada is right now. This commentary should be posted in All Canadian Newspapers.

  6. Warren Buffet just pulled out of a multi-billion investment in Canada – well Quebec actually but that is another story. How is that for confidence when our idiot Prime Minister Canada allowed some terrorists to stop the whole country for 2 weeks by blocking the rail cross-country.

  7. My commercial and industrial clients here in Alberta are putting off major purchasing decisions. A group of know-nothings with a leftist agenda are killing the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

  8. As a lifelong proud nonagenarian (90) Canadian, I am horrified at the gross negligence of past and present governments that have spent lavishly on left-wing, socialist programs and ignored productive and important things like research in technology, bio-technology, clean air and water, and the coming Hydrogen age. They neglect the defending of our vast resource-based northern sovereign lands and embarrass our military. We lack awareness and pride in the defense of our wonderful, blessed country.

  9. If I could afford the 35% hit to my portfolio in the currency exchange, I would move to the USA in a New York minute, especially if the GOP wins big in November.

  10. Don’t forget former P. M Paul Martin–he of Canad Steamship Lines who flagged his ships in Liberia, and his lie about Stephen Harper’s “hidden Agenda”

  11. “When Only 60% of Eligible Voters even Care Enough Cast a Ballot.” In Canada, Elections bureaucrats will put ads on tv, radio, internet to get people to vote. Still it’s wasted money since people don’t vote more. However, canadians think the participation is higher in the USA. The participation rate for one of the most important election of US history Trump VS Clinton only got 55% of all americans to go out and vote. We don’t want more people to vote. We want responsible people to vote.

  12. I understand why Howard wants to stay a Canadian Citizen. The bottom line, Canada is his country. He grew up there & loves it like I love my USA. He wants better for his country & that is why he has fought all those years for Freedom of Expression or Speech. It hurts to see your country go downhill. Don’t think the USA isn’t in trouble, too. We are, big time!!! Howard loves to come to Texas for the warmer weather in winter. But his heart is in Canada. Just like my heart will always be in the USA

  13. Well, since we don’t care about our southern border, maybe you guys should start sneakin’ in from the north.

  14. I wonder if Canada is like a little sister. She doesn’t pay as close attention to what she does as she knows her big sister will eventually come to the rescue! Having USA just next door has got to be comforting. Also maybe Trudeau is your Obama. He woke up the USA and we voted in Trump. Hopefully Canadians can find a strong leader to vote for next time.

  15. The POSITIVE Trump comments from CANADIANS prove how Biden & Sanders’ SOCIALISTIC AGENDAS would DESTROY America! TRUDEAU is a REPLICA of Hussein Obama.God help you all because it’s going to get WORSE before it gets BETTER, as proven by the U.S.’s 8-year DOWNFALL during Obama’s reign!As Kenny Rogers’ song “The Gambler” notes–‘You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.. Know when to walk away and know when to run. Run back to America with your family, HG, before it’s too late! AMEN!

  16. I’ve never been this scared of an election before because If the winner is not my choice, I accept it and wait 4 years. I tell myself, America will always be America! But this year, I wonder, “What if?” My what-ifs are “What if Biden picks his VP:: Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Stacy Abrams ?( who screamed racism when she lost the Governorship in Georgia and has said she WILL be president in 2024.) I wonder if it’s the Democratic strategy. Biden will not last more than two years, then we’ve automatically got a woman president, preferably as they’ve said, a black woman. Then who will HER VP be? No matter if she is qualified or not, It’s a scary scenario!

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