The Carrot & The Stick – Time For The Stick


I Worry Far Less About The Politicians Than I Do About The People Who Elect Them.

I also Worry Far More about the Bureaucrats (Deep State) who are Unelected and have Become Entitled to a Job they Can’t be Fired From, who set Unelected Policies which Become Law, whether the People Want those Laws or Not.


America Is Not A Democracy. Nazi Germany, before the Nazis Took Absolute Power was a Democracy. A Democracy by Modern Definition Means Rule By Majority, which in the Case of Western Democracies like Canada Really Means . . . Rule By Plurality Not Necessarily Majority.

A Plurality In Election Parlance . . . Means one side Won More Votes than any other side, But Not 51%. In Other words, in a Country like Canada, which Prides itself on Being a Democracy, the Liberal Party of Canada in the Second to Last Election had the Greater Number of Seats in Parliament, With Slightly Less Than 40% Of All The People Who Voted.

In Simpler Terms – 60% Of All The Canadian People Who Voted – Did Not Vote For The Liberal Party Of Canada.

But It Gets Worse . . . If Only 60% of the People who were Eligible to Vote did Vote, that would Mean 40% of the Eligible Voters Didn’t Vote, which Drastically Reduces the Number of People who Voted Liberal 2-Elections Ago, Dropping Real Representation to perhaps 30% of the Population or Lower.

This Isn’t Even One Third.

Imagine This Reality . . . The Liberals in Canada had a Majority of the Seats in Parliament, which Entitled the Liberals to Govern 100% of the Canadian People Without Real Opposition, who in Real Terms had Perhaps 30% Or Less Support At The Polls.

With A “Majority” Of Seats In Parliament, with as Little as 30% Support (Plurality) by the Eligible Voting Public and a Squirrely Canadian Constitution (Charter Of Rights & Freedoms), and No Elected Senate, the Liberal Government Of Justin Trudeau can Literally Pass Any Law It (He) Desires.


Just So We All Understand How Drastic This Is . . . Hitler Murdered 6-Million Jews & Caused the Death of 20-Million Others, and the Suffering of Hundreds Of Millions Of People, while Destroying Whole Nations in the Process of Trying To Create His 1,000-Year Reich . . . Because Hitler Was Democratically Elected.


The United States Of America Is Not A Democracy . . . I Cringe Every Time I Hear A Politician, Pundit or Anyone Refer to the United States of America as a Democracy.


The Framers of the American Constitution Wrote What is Without Question . . . The Greatest Self-Governing Document Ever, which Accounts for almost all Conceivable Circumstances, where USURPERS should Never be Able to Take From the People that which is Unrenderable.

In Other Words . . . The Government of the United States of America . . . CANNOT Take from the People, that which the People are Unwilling En-Masse Or Individually To Surrender, those Freedoms which are Guaranteed in Perpetuity by the Constitution of the United States of America.

But What Happens . . . When Revisionists Decide The US Constitution Is A “Living Document” In Need Of Their “Brilliance”?

This Is What Has Been Happening Now For Several Generations – Where Activist Groups & their Political Patsies have Slow Walked (Drip By Drip) Subtle & Not so  Subtle Changes to the Fabric of the United States Constitution, Not by Making Legally Required Amendments as are Outlined by the Constitution, but Rather, by Interpreting the Meaning of the Constitution to Further their own Means.


I have a Copy of the United States Constitution, which from Time to Time I Refer to for Inspiration. It’s a small Pocket-Sized Booklet which Spells it All-Out, Broadly Defining Exactly what the Constitution Represents.


The Problem Caused by the USURPERS of the Constitution is how the Defilers of the Constitution get into the Weeds, by Creating a False Debate Concerning the Intricacies of the Freedoms Espoused by the Constitution, by REDEFINING & DEBATING the Meaning of Every Phrase, Word, Sentence, Paragraph, Syllable, Quotation, Comma, Period – ETC in the Name of Supposedly Good Government by Elected Representatives.

The Problem With All Of This . . . Is that the Constitution has no Need of this Kind of Constant Re-Examination. The American Constitution is very Much like an Intricately Woven Fabric, that if you Pull-On just One Thread, all of the Threads will Sooner Rather than Later become Undone . . . And The Fabric Will Be No More.

It Is True . . . As Nancy Pelosi & Adam Schiff Both Regurgitated Ad Nauseum, that the very Foundation of the US Constitution is at Risk – But Not For What They Were Accusing President Trump Of Allegedly Doing . . . But Rather for what the LEFT are Doing Now & Have Been Doing for Several Generations.


“You Have A Republic . . . If You Can Keep It”.

As I See It . . . The Only Way To Destroy America – Is To Destroy The US Constitution. And the Only Way to Destroy the US Constitution is To Destroy the US Constitution From Within.

And Unless Stopped . . . the Unraveling of the Greatest Legal & Governing Document Ever Created by Man, will soon Reach the Point of No Return, Which For More Than 200-Years Has Stood The Test-Of-Time.


Freedom Can Never Be Taken For Granted . . . And What we Can 100% Depend-Upon, is that the Forces of Anti-Freedom will Never-End, and will always be Lurking in the Shadows or Coming Right At Us.

And To Ever Feel . . . that the Forces of Evil have been Defeated, is a Feeling at our Peril, because, since the Recorded Beginning of Time, Whether Recorded in the Torah, First or Second Testament, or History Books . . . Evil has Played a Never-Ending Major Role in the Demise of Civilization.

I Don’t Write These Editorials To Tell Stories . . . Nor Do I Publish What I Do For The Sake Of Entertainment . . .

I Write, Say & Do – Because without Freedom of Expression . . . Void of Propaganda, What Else Do We Have to Keep Ourselves Informed, Prepared & Armed for Whatever there will be to Come?

IF YOU BELIEVE . . . That what I Write, Say & Do Has Merit – As I Ask Just Once Every Month, Please Support To Help Lighten The Load.


If You Don’t Help Sponsor . . . There’s No One Else Who Will.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I too have a copy of the Organic US Constitution. But did you know there’s another copy? The United States Constitution Annotated? This is the one, the “rules of law”, which whoever rules in Congress, the mob rule, follows to their benefit. Reason politicians of both flavors, say “democracy”. Cause they RUN US as a democracy. Reason the rules of law were different for presidents immpeached and or should have been impeached.

  2. 68.3% of Canadians voted in 2015 and turdgrope got 39.5% of those votes to form a majority. Harper in 2011 got 39.6% of 61.1% of Canadians that voted. In 2019, the fiberals got 33% of 62% of voter turnout. The real numbers are Harper got 24% if you count 100% of voter turnout to form a majority in 2011, turdgrope got 27% of 100% to form a majority in 2015 and turdgrope got 20.46% of the votes counting 100% of voter turnout to form a minority in 2019. This system is bogus and we must try another.

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written our local paper, the Austin American-Statesman, or have tweeted whomever uses the term “our democracy” and have taken the time to point out they’re wrong because we have a republic. Of course, I shall use your term in the future, “constitutional republic”. Hopefully the receivers of my message will have enough civics to recognize it. You can guess that anyone who uses “our democracy” is a democrat because that’s their widespread talking point.

  4. “LPC in the Second to Last Election had the Greater Number of Seats in Parliament, With Slightly Less Than 40% Of All The People Who Voted.” Actually, it’s 33% of 66% of all those who voted which means that only 21,75% voted for Trudeau which is one canadian out of 5. Scheer won the popular vote with 34,41% which is 1,4% more votes than Trudeau. Funny that those who complained that Clinton should have been the president since she won the popular vote are quite quiet about Scheer.

  5. Once again I will respond to your suggestion that if I like what you write I might contribute a little to help keep it coming. It will be a little, but you are the only “political” person I ever support….and damnit Howard, we need more like you so badly. Keep it up. Dick Black – Potwin, Kansas

  6. WE are or should be a Constitutional Republic. NOT a democracy. The Democrats are all for a world rule (in which they will call their tules) not the people’s choice. It is my hope. and prayer that the Lord keeps Pres Trump safe and he is realellecd to clean the swamp. My prayers are also for Canada, that by some miracle they can get there Gov back. I am a simple thinker, with World experiences. . .

  7. Everyone should read “The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties” by Christopher Cadwell from Hillsdale College. Excellent examples of the roots of our partisan divide.

  8. Was sooo glad to read your pointing out that the USA is a Constitutional Republic. I almost get angry when I hear (esp. Dems) call this a democracy. They are ignorant (real possibility) or telling a lie over & over til it becomes truth. It is their way of doing away with the Constitution & its restraints on their rule. Political candidates need to be professions OTHER THAN LAWYERS. Lawyers don’t do SIMPLE; they convolute law then write thousands of pages of further explanations. Need more Trumps

  9. Many people can quickly become a politician without being a lawyer or professor or having a university/college degree. All it takes is heart, straightforward attitude, knowledge of this great nation & the people that truly helped make the USA great. Plus, one MUST be a US Citizen!!! To know the US Constitution inside out is also paramount to being a successful politician. Listening, genuinely listening to your constituents is vital. These are the start of the small parts of serving your country.

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