America Is Not The Only “Schiff-Show” On The Continent


With all the Drama coming from the US Congress, Specifically from the Democrat Liars, Cheats & Thieves . . . And the Never-Ending – Never Trump Cowards – who Call themselves Republicans – Believe It Or Not – There’s an even Greater “Schiff-Type- Show” Happening Here & Now just North of the 49th Parallel, in a Country Called Canada.

Up Until A Week Ago . . . I “WAS” A Member In Good Standing Of The Canadian Conservative Party Of Canada . . . With A Heavy Emphasis On The Word WAS.


Here’s My Problem . . . But It’s Not Just My Problem – There are no Real Conservatives Running for the Leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party. Whomever are in the Running to Take-Over the Leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party are Recycled Has-Beens – Who Have Never Really Been . . . And a Bunch of Liberals in Conservative Clothing.


Even Stephen Harper . . . Who was an Incredibly Successful Financial Conservative Prime Minister, who Guided Canada through the Worst Global Financial Times in my Lifetime, was Not a Social Conservative, in as much he too Kowtowed to the LEFT.

In Canada . . . There is no Equivalent to Donald Trump. And even if there was, he or she would be Slaughtered at the Polls, because Canada has become A Real Honest-To-Good Socialist State, Where The Vast Majority of the Canadian People Want The Government To Take Care Of Them From Cradle-To-Grave.

Anne & I Take Care of our Precious Animals From Cradle-To-Grave, Making Sure to Give them the Best of Everything they Need.

We Also Protect our Animals from other Animals, which Could-Be Aggressive. While it’s True that Stryker is a 97-Pound German Shepherd, who can be as Tough as All-Get-Out, the Last thing we would Want to See is Stryker in a Fight, which has from Time-To-Time Happened – Through No Fault Of ours.

We don’t want to See Stryker Injure another Animal, and God-Forbid, we Never Want to See Stryker get Injured – So We Do all that we Can to Protect all of our Animals.

Even The Horses Are Paddocked In Their Own Half-Acre Paddock with Shelters & Running Fresh Water, so there’s No Chance that one or more of them could Get into a Scrap with Another Horse, which isn’t Part of their Small (3-Horses) Closed-Herd.

But In Truth . . . Anne & I Can Only Take Care of our Horses, Dog (Stryker) & April The Cat for as Long as we have Enough Money to do so.

And What Happens If We Can’t Afford To Keep It-Up?


Understand This . . . Government Financing is Essentially No Different than Corporate or Household Financing, Except – Governments get to Print their Own Money & Borrow Till the Cows Come Home . . . But Even For Government, The Governments’ Cows Eventually Do Come Home Too.


“The Trouble With Socialism . . . Is That Eventually You Run Out Of Other People’s Money”.


1 – That Whatever Money the Government is Making Available to the People for “Free” . . . Comes From Excessive Taxes, Printing Of Currency Based On Zero Collateral, Such As The Defunct Gold Standard & International Borrowing. The Government Has No Money.

2 – That the Money the People are Enjoying from the Government is at the Expense of People who Have in One Way or Another Earned their Money from Hard Work, Careful Planning, Inheritance from People in the Preceding Category, and Those who with their Own Private Money Provide Competitive Jobs & Salaries.

3 – The Government Creates Debt . . . Not Money.

4 – AND HERE IT IS . . . Just as Companies and Households which Spend, Spend, Spend like Drunken Sailors on Shore-Leave . . . They Run Out Of Money . . . SO DO GOVERNMENTS . . . AND THEN WHAT?

THEN WHAT . . . Is When A Country Like Canada Becomes More Like Countries Like Cuba & Venezuela, where Poverty Leads to Desperation, More-So on the Side of the Government Before it Hits Hard on the Side of the Governed . . . It Eventually Hits The Fan.


Either Give Me Someone I Can Vote For Who Shares Most Of My Values . . . Who isn’t just Another Schmuck who wants Power & Title for the Sake of Having Power & Title, Or Shove-Off, and I’ll be Happy to Vote for the Best Conservative Independent Candidate, or Show-Up at the Voting Station to Destroy my Ballot.


Canadians Get Killed At The Grocery Store Because Of Socialized Farming.

As It Is . . . The USMCA – is Going to Kill the Canadian Farming Industry, which for Generations has Depended on Government Controlled Markets (Supply Management), which Says Everything about who is Allowed to be Part of Farming Industries like the National Dairy Industry. Who is Allowed to have Dairy Cows, how Many Dairy Cows to Fill their Government Mandated Production Quota without Going Over or Under his or her Milk Quota, which Affects the Price of Milk, Cheese and all Dairy Related Products – And That’s Just The Tip Of The Farming Iceberg.

The USMCA – Delves Deeply into all Canadian Industries, which Touch on North American Trade . . . And It Ain’t To The Benefit Of Canada.

While America & now Britain are making Real Moves to Make their Countries Competitive in a Real Tough World . . .  Canada’s LEFT Only Wants To Regulate-Regulate-Regulate With No Party To Stop This Madness.


I Wish We Had A “Trump” . . . But We Don’t Even Have A Contender. All we Have in Canada are Bernie Sanders-Types . . . who want Canada to Become a Fully Socialized (Communist) State, in spite of what they Say.

In A Few Days I’ll Be 70-Years Old & I Have No Intention To Stop Fighting. And As A Canadian Patriot . . . I’ll Go Down With The Sinking Ship. But When People Like Me Are Dead & Gone . . .

. . . Who Will Be Left To Fight For Freedom . . . For Our Progenies’ Sake?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m a 75 year old retired Canadian who has already given up. I can see Alberta and Saskatchewan which will never be represented in Ottawa leaving Canada which will encourage Quebec to do the same. Ontario which if it was a country would be the most indebted country in the world and would flounder on it’s own as would the Maritime provinces and Newfoundland. All of Canada’s parts my yet join the U.S.A. Canada is incapable of being an independent country.

  2. Next election we will see two Liberal parties contesting because that is what the people want today. The Conservatives are going to sell their souls and forget their basic roots just to get elected ! At one time they had some good Christian roots that people thought was very worthy. Not anymore, Pplitics has changed and not for the good !

  3. looking forward to see how these moron voters will react when this beloved country turns into Venezuela.they will face the wrath of thier fellow citizens and get thier asses handed to them on a plastic platter.

  4. I see Canada as a “socialistic” country for decades. Back in the 60s, Canadian Physicians & Surgeons left Canda in droves to the US. Why? Because Canada voted in a One-Health Pay System, in other words, socialism. They saw that they were being screwed over & left, instead of fighting a hopeless cause. They all did quite well in the US & the US benefited from them being a part of Healthcare. I see that act as the start of the downhill spiral of Canada’s greatness.

  5. It is true that the candidates who have lined up to replace Andrew Scheer appear to give little cause for optimism. There is one, however, who should give all conservatives much to cheer about. His name is Richard Decarie. I know him personally. He is the real deal, a genuine conservative in every respect. I exhort all Canadians who want an honest alternative to the Liberal-lite BS we have come to expect from the Conservative Party to get behind Richard Decarie. He is by far the best choice.

  6. Canada is now the largest leftist Majority in Canadian History and Trudeau is a Dictator – (Canadians don’t know what a dictaror is yet) There has been no effective opposition of leftists for 5 years, and the previous Opposition leader resigned after losing the election he intended to lose used to periodically exclaim that he supported Trudeau in Trudeau’s battle with Trump that Trudeau started. Turns out Maxine Bernier told the truth about the Conservative party being dead three years ago.

  7. Early Birthday wishes to you Howard. I hope you are blessed. I also wish Canada a Donald Trump!

  8. Hi to all Galganov readers. It’s Howards 70th Birthday on Wednesday so let’s all wish him the very best with at least a $10 donation to say thank you for all the good work and truth that he brings to us. Wishing you a very Happy 70th Birthday from Canada Howard.

  9. So very sad for our brothers and sisters in Canada… Wake up America! This could very well happen in our beloved country if the progressive socialist liberals gain control. The progressive democratic socialists running for government positions and the un/under informed voters who vote for them haven’t learned from history that socialism never has worked and never will work!

  10. Without socialism Canada could have been one of the world’s economic powerhouses, however, the vote-rich eastern population has opted for anti-business, socialist politicians, who drag the West, kicking and screaming into that dismal quagmire. Socialism is openly taught in schools across the nation and because most Canadian politicians are afraid of their own shadows, therefore true conservatives have no little say in the matter. As it is, Canada will not and cannot survive as a nation.

  11. This message is about Canada’s sad state & I have to agree wholeheartedly – we were turned into a Welfare State by P.E. Trudeau & we don’t know how to turn back. Socialism is very enticing – once people get the idea that the govt. will pay for everything you want, you forget how to say “NO”. The people who don’t believe in working hard find it easy to feel “entitled” so they keep electing people who will give them everything for nothing. Have you given any thought to Maxime Bernier?

  12. Thank you Howard, my sentiments as well. I will also have to pass on supporting the CPC. They are great at collecting funds for election campaigns but that has never translated into votes. Years of brainwashing through Canada’s education system and its lib/left MSM has solidly entrenched socialism in this country. Failure as a nation is guaranteed and likely irreversible.

  13. Helping Cdns is a waste of time. We’re the same sad lot that elected Trudeau twice. We love our fascism and to have our speech outlawed. We like to be controlled so long as we can live peacefully in our gilded cage. We have no desire to live greater than that. We don’t demand more from our media and stay blissfully ignorant on issues to do with our revoked freedoms and govt lies. Cdn voters deserve what they get. Just my opinion

  14. A BIG Birthday wish for you Howard. You comments on the fate of Canada are “On the Money” I have been harassing Politicians for years, attempting to get them to “See the light” and attempt to save Canada from the socialist dictates of the left leaning abusers of power. All seems to fall on deaf ears, but I will never give up. Like you, I am a fool for punishment and I haven’t been punished enough yet!

  15. Great Editorial!! How did WE allow the ‘youngsters’ growing up to think they are OWED everything? My boys became Paper Boys to earn THEIR OWN MONEY. If they wanted something OVER the Budget I had set for them, THEY earned the money then WE went with them to purchase their items. OUR BUDGET + their earnings. They expect NOTHING for NOTHING. Too many people are on WELFARE living off the Taxpayer. So Socialism looks good to them & the government is HAPPY. What a way to live..NOT. MYPOV

  16. When you’re ready to make the move ,in your own best interest, vote with your feet and come be an American–You’ll all be welcome to live here and you already do about half the time already! Make my America Greater!

  17. I have been approached many times just before elections to vote for or support supposed Conservative parties. My answer is always the same. I will gladly support a real Conservative party. Problem is, I cannot find one pin Canada.

  18. Howard, 1st Happy early Birthday. 2nd you are a lot like Donald Trump in your fight for the rights of the people, your patriotism, and your conservative fervor. What’s the possibility of you running in Canada as the Conservative (true) candidate? Otherwise there seems little hope for Canada as you describe it today. I surely hope the USA stays a Republic, for referring to us as a democracy for years has ingrained it and we are one step away from socialism, then communism. OR war overtakes us.

  19. Canada became a Socialist Country via the initiation of its HEALTHCARE program. If it’s such a great program, WHY do Canadians come to the U.S. for certain treatments/surgeries? So much for its great MEDICATION program! These Socialist programs WILL eventually hit the fan, i. e., will “eventually run out of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY”! Certain battles aren’t worth pursuing! The best that YOU & YOURS can/could do is to FIND a way to move to the U.S. There is NO TRUMP in Canada & it is DOOMED! AMEN!

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