Oh – What A Tangled “Mess” We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive


I Watched The Last 3-Quarters of the Superbowl Game Last Night. It wasn’t the Best Superbowl I’ve ever Seen. But it also Wasn’t the Worst.

People Are Raving About The Halftime Show With Shakira & J-Lo . . . In Truth, these Two Women, who are in their 40’s & 50’s Respectively, Moved with the Energy of Teenagers, who were Unbelievably Sexy, to the Point of being Pornographic, as their Costumes and the Cameras Focused on their Vaginas Gyrating (Twerking) like Sluts anyone can see on YouTube Videos.

And If You Think I’m Being A Poo-Face, ask yourself what kind of Message this Sends to Young Girls & Boys in the So-Called Me-Too Generation?

Also . . . Did you Notice the Children in the Cages During the Performance, What do you Think that was all About . . . And the Fact that Jay-Z & Beyoncé with their Child Between them . . . Sat During The Playing Of The American National Anthem?


Only A Pathetically Partisan Individual . . . with no Personal Integrity & Crap for Brains, Couldn’t Understand or Accept Joe Biden’s Infamous Declaration of Telling the Ukrainian Government to FIRE their Prosecutor in 6-Hours . . . Or Else – Ukraine Could Kiss 1-Billion Dollars of US Money Goodbye, as the Ultimate Shakedown & Interference in the Management (Business) of Another Country.


To Ignore The TRUTH . . . that Joe Biden’s Son Hunter, who is a DRUGGIE, Alcoholic, Womanizer and a CREEP who Sexually Screwed his Late Brother’s Widow after the Brother Died (How Sick & Depraved Was That?) – that Hunter Biden was not Paid, BUT RATHER GIVEN a Fortune ($83,000/Month) to Sit on the Board of an Unbelievably Corrupt Ukrainian Oil & Gas Company, which was being Investigated by the Ukrainian Prosecutor, which his Father (Joe Biden) had Forced the Ukrainian Government Fired Under A Billion Dollar Threat to the Ukrainian Government, if the Ukrainian Government Didn’t Fire the Prosecutor in 6-Hours . . . Which The Ukrainian Government Did, in Order to Get the 1-Billion Dollars from American Taxpayers.

Only A Hateful-Stupid Idiot Would Want To Ignore Such A Fact . . . And Not Want The President To Investigate Such Corruption.

If Former Vice-President Biden Did What He Bragged On-Tape As Doing . . . Who in a Free & Constitutional Republic Would Not Want to Know that their Former Vice President was a Crook? And that he Screwed America Royally for the Benefit of his Scurrilous Son Hunter . . . Especially when even Before Biden Started Running to Become the 46th president of the United States of America?


People Who Have No Understanding Of The Value Of Freedom Wouldn’t Care To Know The Truth.


Most Voters Aren’t Smart Enough To Make A Reliable Decision On Who Should & Who Shouldn’t Sit in Government.

In This Impeachment Fiasco – There is Good News, Better News, Fabulous News and the Real Possibility That It Could Become Catastrophic News.

The Good News, which is Most Likely – Is that President Trump is Found Not Guilty!

The Better News, which is Very Possible – Is that the Conservative Republicans Win the White House, the Senate & The House in November 2020.

The Best News, which is Certainly Not Beyond the Realm of Possibility – Is that this Impeachment Fiasco will be the Death Knell of the Democrat Party.

The Catastrophic News, which is also Very Possible, is that the LEFT will be Too Ingrained with Hateful Propaganda, to the Point that Open Resurrection will be the Result of another Legitimate Trump Victory.

It Is Inconceivable To Me How Stupid A Political Party & Its Followers Can Become Over Time.


Let This Be Clear . . . A Major Number of Democrats have Repeatedly Voted Against Israel and for BDS and the So-Called Palestinians. And in spite of what the Democrats Say Publicly . . . Actions Speak Far More Loudly Than Words.


How can I Possibly Like a Deal between Jews who Want Peace & Arabs who Want to Slaughter Jews? Can The World Not See The Juxtaposition There?

Israelis are Vibrant. They Work Hard . . . Israelis Take Entrepreneurial Risks. Israelis Contribute every Day to the Betterment of the World Condition in Terms of Science, Health, Agriculture, Social Freedom, Democracy and Everything Else we can Think of.

Palestinian Arabs Contribute – Hate, Misogyny, Mayhem & Murder While Living Off Global Welfare.

Did you know that a Major Part of the So-Called Palestinian’s “Constitution” (For What It’s Worth) Makes it Illegal & Punishable all the way to Death for any Palestinian to Sell Property to a Jew. NOT just to an Israeli, but Specifically to a Jew, since there are more than a Million Arab (Palestinian) Israelis.

But More So . . . Jews are Persona Non Grata to Live or Work in any Palestinian Territory. So Please Tell Me – How do you Make Peace with People who Hate You so Much, that a Jewish Presence is so Illegal in their Palestinian Territory, that this “Crime” Merits Execution?


Please Bear-In-Mind . . . More Than 20% Of Israel’s Population Is Arab.

1 – Arab Israelis are Not Required to Carry any Documents which identify them as Arabs or Anything Else other than Citizenship Identity.

2 – Arabs who are Israeli Citizens have 100% . . . Equal Freedoms – of Expression, Education, Professional Association, the Courts, Political Party Association, Property Ownership, Club Associations, Healthcare, Welfare – Etc-Etc-Etc . . . No Less than Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Women, Men, Gay & Straight Israelis.

3 – As I Write This . . . Of the 120 Elected Knesset Members (Members of the Israeli Parliament) – There are No Shortage of Arab Legislators (Fourteen) who are as Free to their Opinions, Policies & Votes as Any Jewish Legislator.

4 – Also . . . How Racist can the Israelis Be – who Have a History of Justices who were on the Supreme Court, and who Currently Still is on the Israeli Supreme Court, who Were & Are Proud Arabs who Sit in Judgement of all Israelis?

I Heard This Morning . . . Ari Fleischer Criticize Sean Hannity, for calling Bernie Sanders a Communist, saying that even though Socialism is Bad, it’s Nothing Close to Communism.


Tuesday Night . . . At the State of the Union Address – President Trump will Seal-The-Deal on his Continued 4-Years in the White House, the Re-Election of the Conservative Senate and the Conservative Re-Taking of the House.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The only resolution to the Israeli-Arab issue (not Palestinian) is a complete takeover of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. If it means war, so be it. It is the only way to solve the problem. As far a Joe and Hunter, we have another issue coming up. U.S. Taxpayers paid over $90 billion to various NGO’s for AID support in other countries. Some of the monies went to Soros Foundation and some of the monies went to the Clinton Health Initiative. We need to investigate these criminals

  2. What I find scary is every time they show the demon rats town halls to get the vote and even though they are very small in comparison to the Trump rallies that always attract over 100,000 that want tickets to go in but only 25,000 make it and on the demon rat side they attract between 100 to 2000 sheeples, it is still scary to see that the lamestream media brainwashing in a way is still working because they still going to vote demon rat not matter how far left they go. No voting allowed for them

  3. The palestinians and their ilk hate the Jews because they are thinkers and makers and show up the other side always! I am sickened by those jealous ‘bleeps’! I keep wondering what will happen next and on into the future!

  4. I know that GOD has a plan for America and Israel that will work it’s way out before the end–have faith!

  5. I thought I might be the only person alive who saw the focus of the Super Bowl halftime show being vaginal( I out of respect for my wife and mother pulled the plug and waited until today to ask who won the game).It was as equally disrespectful of women as the NFL has been of our flag. Apparently the NFL and the US Democratic Party are of the same composition, not worthy of being Americans and certainly not having unlimited exposure to our children and the clueless masses who vote.

  6. Peace with the Palestinians? A two-state solution? Kushner needs an education. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Ca.

  7. I agree with you 100% about the pornagraphic half time show. Should have turned the tv off but I just sat there with my mouth open. Could not believe the NFL would allow such trash. A Christian lady would never do that. I know we’re not to judge others so I’ll leave that up to God.

  8. My wife and I have rarely watched Pro Football, overpaid, drug using criminals, playing a game and after Sunday halftime show, I doubt we will watch again. Socialism is the destruction of the working class for the elite class. Took Venezuala from 1992 to 2019 to go from a rich country to the mess it is in now. I agree that some Rich have gotten there by stealing, lying and cheating, many being lawyers and Politicians. Go after them to fix many of our issues. Big Government is the destruction.

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