If You’re Jewish & Support These Democrats – You’re Part Of The Problem


I Had No Intention Of Writing This Type Of Editorial Today . . . But.

I Don’t Wear A Yarmulke (Jewish Skullcap). I don’t Wear Tzitzit (Fringes Of A Jewish Prayer Shawl) Outside my Waist, Running down beside my Legs. I Don’t have Payot (Long Curls Running Down From Each Of My Sideburns). I Don’t Wear a Fedora (Hat Often Worn Over The Yarmulke Of Observant Jews). I Don’t have a Long Beard, Nor do I Dress in Period/Religious Garb like the Chasidim (Ultra Religious) . . .

I Don’t Go to Synagogue much. I’m Not Observant. I’m Not Kosher. I Eat Pork, Seafood (Crustaceans) & Meat from behind the Rib Cage of a Steer like a T-Bone Steak or Filet Mignon (Not Kosher). And I Drive, Work & Play on the Jewish Sabbath (Sundown to Sundown Friday to Saturday).

Anne (Who Is Also Jewish) & I have for almost 40-Years lived in Christian Communities with many of our Christian Neighbors, whom we Regard as Good Friends. As a Matter of Fact, without Making this as some Kind of Equivalence Contest . . . Anne & I have More Christian Friends than we have Jewish Friends.

At our Passover Seders, my Family (Parents Included) always Included Christian Friends & Neighbors at our Table to Share-In our Prayers (The Retelling of the Story of Moses & the Exodus from Egypt), Wine & Traditional Passover Food.

During One Passover, at my Older Sister & Brother-In-Law’s House, Anne & I Invited Two Priests, who were Good Friends of ours to Join us, who Wore their Traditional Religious Garb, who also Blessed-Us in Prayer.

Anne & I Count Ourselves Blessed & Privileged – To Have Two Wonderful Active Christian Friends . . . Like Texans Pastor Gary Burd & His Beautiful Wife Carolyn, with whom we Break Bread whenever we Can.

This Coming Passover (Early April), Anne & I will be Celebrating the Exodus (Freedom) of the Jews from Egypt at my Sister & Brother-In-Law’s Florida Home, with a Jewish Couple from Tennessee, with whom we Currently Share the Three National Flags and Chanukkiah at our RV Resort in Texas.

But Also Coming to the Feast in Florida this Coming Passover, are Two Couples of our Christian Friends from Back-Home, who are Separately Making the 2,000-Mile Drive to be at our Seder (Passover Feast) Table.

How Many Times Have I Heard . . . “You Don’t Look Jewish. You Don’t Sound Jewish”?

In A Room Full Of Christian People . . . Anne & I would Appear to be No More Jewish than Anyone Else in that Room. And Neither would the Vast Majority of other North American (American/Canadian) Jews.

But Let Me Assure You . . . Anne & I Are Unabashed Jews Through & Through.

We Don’t Look Different. We Don’t Sound Different. We Don’t Smell Different. We are Passionate about Decent Values. We are Fanatics about Freedom of Expression. We Love Good Food. We Love the Popular Local Culture, mostly because it’s Our (Jewish) Culture too. We Love Sports, Entertainment & Getting Involved in Business, Manufacturing, Construction, the Arts, the Sciences, Medicine, Teaching, Politics – Etc.


The Problem Is More Than 2,000 Years Of Anti-Semitism . . . Hatred of Jews because we’re Jews. Not because We’re Better or Worse – Because We’re Not. Not Because We’re Usurious – Because We’re Not. Not Because We’re Communists (Socialists) – Because We’re Not . . . (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Isn’t Jewish).

Contrary To Popular Myth . . . There is No Jewish Cabal, as is Perpetrated in the Phony Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, Created as an Anti-Semitic Screed in Russia (1903), Claiming that Jews are Conspiring to Control the World by Destroying the Fundamentals of Christianity while Controlling The World’s Banks.

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion . . . Spread Round the World, and was used by the Likes of Adolf Hitler, and even Henry Ford, who Financed the Printing of a Half A Millions Copies of these Despicable Lies (Books).

And Even Today . . . In Addition to the Wretched Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion – Arab/Moslem Lies are Told by Many & Believed by Most – that Jews Kidnap Arab/Moslem Children near Passover, so We (Jews) can Drain their Young Arab Blood to be used to Make Kosher Matzos for Passover.

Years Ago . . . Anne & I Constructed our last Horse Farm. And at the Tail End of the Construction, I Hired a Young Couple to Wire the Television Room for a Full Giant Screen Sound Effect. And During Idle Conversation with this Couple, they told me that the CIA & Jews were the Cause of the 9/11 Attack On The Twin Towers.

The Job Wasn’t Yet Finished, when I abruptly Said . . . “Stop. What Do I Owe You Till Now? And GET The F-OUT Of My House”. Anne asked – What Happened? And when I told her, she said that she too would have Kicked-Them-Out If I Hadn’t.


I Heard New York State Governor Cuomo Speak This Morning (December 29, 2019) About The Overnight Chanukah Machete Attack in Ramapo New York, when Cuomo Compared this Vile Racist ANTI-SEMITIC ATTACK to Attacks on the LGBTQ Community.


What Does An Attack On Jews . . . Only Because They’re Jews, Have to Do With Gender Confused People?

Let Me Tell You Something Of The LEFT . . . They Are the Worst Kind of Jew-Haters, Especially Amongst the Jewish LEFT, and the Elitist LEFT because Their Mindset is Simple . . . People Hate the Jews – Because (Fill-In The Blank) of what the Jews Said or Say. Because of what the Jews Did or Didn’t Do. Because of how the Jews Live. Because of Israel. Because of whatever Excuse they Want to Create.

And The Other Canard Is . . . We Need More Understanding. We Need More Education. We Need More Interfaith Meetings. We Need More Laws . . . We Need – We Need – We Need.

Let Me Tell You What We Need . . . We Need For The LEFT To Shut Their Mouths.

We Need to Really Outlaw BDS, and any other “Special Treatment” for the Jews. We Need for the Democrat Party to Throw-The-Hell-Out Of Their Party “Democrat Party” Anti-Semites like Cortez, Tlaib, Omar . . . and all the Others.

We Need To Stop Pussyfooting With The So-Called Palestinians, who Before Yasser Arafat (The Father of Modern Arab Terrorism) & the Disgraceful Oslo Accords . . . Never Existed As A Nation Or A “People”.

We Need To Defund The United Nations & Tell The ICC (International Criminal Court) Where to Get-Off. And Perhaps Most Of All – We Jews Should Stop Apologizing For Being Jewish & Trying To Distance Ourselves . . . From Who We Are & From Where We’ve Come.

My Jewish RV Neighbor & I Have A Star Of David Flag . . . Waving in the Wind Between our Two RV’s, Alongside My Canadian Maple Leaf and my Neighbor’s Stars & Stripes. We “Hung” the Star Of David in Honor of Chanukah. And decided to take it Down after the Chanukah Celebration Ended Tonight . . . But Not Anymore.

We Greeted Each Other This Morning Between Our RV’s & Spoke Briefly about the Chanukah Attack Last Night in New York State, and Without any Discussion, we came to the same Conclusion . . . This Jewish Flag Will Fly Wherever We Are.

If They Want To Hate Us Because We’re Jewish . . . Let Them Know Where To Look.

And if You’re Jewish, and you Support the Anti-Semitic Democrat Party of 2020, then you’re No Different than the Jews who Refused to See the Nazi Threat Prior to 1938 & Didn’t Stand-Up.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I heard through the grapevine that Jews are hated because it is said that the Jews are the chosen people of God and that makes everyone else jealous. If that is the case then why don’t we have more of those safe spaces like for the millennials because they have been offended by that statement? Safe spaces with crayons, coloring books, cuddly puppies, cats and rabbits to caress to try to remove the tension of being offended, LOL !!!!

  2. Howard, this post is one of most powerful articles of the many written by you. Thank you so much for it. I now have a better understanding of what you are facing. I will do what I can to support you, your faith, and your beliefs.

  3. Howard, our very best wishes go to you, Anne, and the pets! You have expressed the feelings of many of us who have been wondering all along what it was that made us the targets of vicious calumnies. While we may surmise some answers, the reality is that the question really remains unanswered, at least to my satisfaction. With our very best wishes for a sane and healthy 2020, Ben and Thelma

  4. Thank you for keeping up the fight! The world needs Jews. We gave them monotheism, and as a nation strive to make life easier for all of God’s people.

  5. As an Italian Gentile, I grew up among some people who blamed the Jews for just about anything. NEVER bought into that Crap!! Shaking I asked why, BECAUSE he yelled, they think there betta because “There God’s Chosen People” (Even though they are)alone with many other reasons. I was 8 then, at 10, I went to a Jewish Temple it was AWESOME. Parents not knowing of course. Oh, Mozel-Tov on throwing those 2 out! Very Commendable for paying them, time there too! I learned “NEVER AGAIN”! Still Agree

  6. I am Jewish. I am not exceptionally observant but I go to synagogue often and am very close with my Chabad rabbi. We refuse to cave in to evil and become dhimmis. In our synagogue I established a security committee. We are trained, we armed and if any SOB prances into our house of worship with a machete, he wouldn’t make 2 steps. We are in Florida, affectionately called The Gunshine State, not liberal NY. We are ready to defend. And we will. Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah to all.

  7. I good friend of mine, who just happens to be Jewish, and lives in the Peoples republic of Virginia has expressed many of the same concerns as you Howard. They have also attempted to enhance security at their synagogue with little results. As for Perry in Florida and Chuck of Austin – They nailed it. The persecution of Jews by the left and the abject hypocrisy of the American Democratic party must exposed for what it is – despicable hatred for the sake of hatred.

  8. Bless you both and the extended family. I realize now why your column has not been picked up by national newspapers in the USA or Canada. YOU TELL THE TRUTH.

  9. Howard, Please know that there are millions of Americans who love, value and cherish the Jewish people. My wife and I are among them. May God bless you and your loved ones abundantly this year! Jim

  10. Thanks for this, Howard. I am an 83 year old practising Christian with a Jewish daughter-in-law whom I love dearly. My age permits me to remember the the liberation of the concentration camps & I am proud of Eisenhower forcing the locals to carry the bodies for burial & his insistence that the horror be filmed so no s o b can later deny that it happened. At the moment i have teared up. I guess it affects me still. Hi to my “brother” Carlos.

  11. I’m an English, a non practicing Christian and never understood why Jews are so persecuted and hated, even by some of their own kind. I can only assume it goes back to when Mohammed arrived on the scene and being unable to convert Jews to Islam he decided to eliminate them. Personally I get along fine with Jews and anyone else for that matter with the exception of Muslims. I support your views and opinion 100% Howard.

  12. People always make an equivalence to Jews because no one can stand to just admit that Jews are the perennial victim. It means they have to take a stand in defense of the Jew and that Jews might deserve better treatment, and many have a hard time doing that. Also it takes away from their personal narrative of Jews being evil if they have to admit that Jews might be excessively singled out or targetted.

  13. Exceptional analogy. Your Jewish voice calls out to be heard. Stay well because all else is Bupkiss. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Ca.

  14. Until I went off to school, I lived in a small town in Alabama. My Jewish friends were different. They went to a non protestant church on a different day of the week. Their parents were achievers/business owners or professionals. Without exception, the wives were DAR and usually UDC members.

  15. Howard, although I know it is not your intent to speak for Jews, you speak from your heart, I will say that your heart speaks identically to this Jewish heart in Longwood, Florida. Thank you; and wishing you, Anne, family and friends, safe and fun new year celebrations.

  16. Staunch supporter for Israel I am and have been for ages. For me, it started with Leon Uris and a 6-month posting to the Golan Hts just strengthened that enormously. The flag of Israel stands on my desk and will remain there. (No, I’m not Jewish. Just a Canadian vet from Victoria.)

  17. I grew up knowing what the Germans did to the Jewish people and saw the pictures of the camps where the people where and so on. My great grandmother was Austrian and kneed I tell you she hated the Germans for what they did. So I grew up caring for the Jews and my heart went out to them. All that he destroyed so shameful but I would not care if you wore your hair long in curls or not if you spoke to me or not. My regret is that I will never have the chance to be close friends with you and Anne

  18. If you support ANY Democrat, you’re probably part of the problem. If the Jews DID control the world, we might be better off, BUT……there’s Chuck Shumer, Ben Cardin, etc., etc…..get my drift?

  19. Good people of faith will almost always accept and understand “otherness”–WHICH IS THE ESSENCE OF ANTISEMITISM! It still pervades human thought with it’s sirens song of hatred of the “different” and “unique”—The dark side uses that to stir up radical hatred for any otherwise peaceful religion/race/demographic group! I have never understood that!—My GOD commands me to try to live in harmony with my fellow human, except where hatred “soils the cloth of understanding”.

  20. Amen, Howard. I watched Rev. Hagee on Mark Levin’s show last night. He is very connected to Israel and has been there many times. He spoke how much he loved the Jews and how we in America should support them in any way posible. He loved what Pres. Trump has done for Israel and stated if we don’t reelect Pres. Trump and vote conservative for years to come, this country will be doomed. The Socialists are trying their darnest to turn all of us to believe they have the answer to all problems!

  21. As Ms. Quale stated above, MARK LEVIN’S guest, REV. HAGEE, said it all, i. e.. ‘if Pres. Trump is not RE-ELECTED, America will be DOOMED!’ People MUST also begin to take responsibility for their OWN ACTIONS and QUIT BLAMING & ACCUSING others of what they, themselves, typify! The PROGRESSIVES have tried to DESTROY Trump with their multiple COUP ATTEMPTS without any success BECAUSE his speaking the TRUTH OUTWEIGHS their LIES! People are FED UP with the LEFT’S FAKE ACTIVITIES! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  22. I have during my time on this earth, both Jewish, Christian. friends, and business Associates. It has been my habit to treat them. as individuals not County of birth or religious belief. It has been my experience that there are good, bad and imperfect persons everywhere. But those I liked the most were those who attempted to follow GOD’s rules of. life.

  23. Satan wants to be god and so he persecutes Christians and Jewish people who are 2 witnesses of the ONE and TRUE G-d. I am a Christian who loves the Jewish people and those dear Israelis. I love my Christian brethren who are also suffering at the hands of Satan’s dupes. Appreciate so much your stance on the truth of what is really going on in the political arena otherwise known as Circus Maximus….and the Colosseum. I hate the resurrection of the lying “Protocols”. Bless you!

  24. Thank you, Howard, for another cogent essay about the problem we Jews face simply because we are Jewish. I can no longer tolerate my Jewish liberal acquaintances (whom I may at one time have called friends), simply because they take no notice of the fact that it is THEIR LIBERAL DEMOCRAT PARTY that turns a blind eye toward Anti-Semitism, needing to find some “moral equivalence” where non exists.

  25. Greetings: Though The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was originally sourced in Russia in 1903, it was assigned by German teachers, as if factual, to be read by children, following the Nazi rise to power in 1933, DESPITE having been EXPOSED as FRAUDULENT by The TIMES OF LONDON in 1921. It is still widely available today in many languages, in print & on the Internet and CONTINUES to be presented as GENUINE. No matter what GOOD the Jewish people CONTRIBUTE to the world, anti-Semitism REMOVES!

  26. Howard, it is a real honor and privilege to sat at the table with you and Anne, we have even enjoyed sharing rides together, Jewish and Christian celebrations, standing for right together. I visited a Holocaust museum, one of the most moving, In Richmond VA. The lady doing the intro connected it to the plight of the blacks. In Chicago it was the LBGQT issue – it made me furious. Just returned from Israel to honor the IDF & in 2020 will ride w/Jewish riders across the USA & from Poland to Moscow

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