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Who’s John Galt?

If You’ve Never Read The Ayn Rand Classic – “ATLAS SHRUGGED” . . . Here’s a Brief Synopsis For You. But First – Ayn Rand was Born (1905) in Communist Russia, to a “Privileged” Household (Father was a Successful Pharmacist), who saw her Father & Others Lose Everything to the Communists.

Rand Left Russia – Moved to America . . . and in 1957, Published her Classic Novel Atlas Shrugged, which has become A Bible for Freedom-Loving People Worldwide . . . Illustrating the Difference between the Makers & The Takers.

IN ESSENCE . . . Atlas Shrugged Tells the Fictional Story of an American Society, where the Government Decides between Winners & Losers, who will be Allowed to Innovate, and who will be Permitted to Prosper, where Individual Freedom is Appropriated by the “Collective”.

In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged . . . There exists a Hidden Hero by the Name of John Galt, who is able to Create a “Power Device”, which in addition to Powering Everything, it can Also Mask-Out-Of-View a New Society Galt is Creating, where only Freedom-Minded People are Invited to Become A Part Of.

In Atlas Shrugged – In The End . . . The Taker Society Fails Miserably, while the Maker Society Flourishes within its World of Individual Freedoms. Where the Government Doesn’t Dictate by Bureaucratic Rules & Regulations.

In Many Respects . . . Ayn Rand – Who Personally Saw & Felt the Devastation of Socialism/Communism in her Russian Home-Country under the Bolsheviks, Developed a Philosophy which Promoted Individual Freedoms through Free Choice & Open Enterprise, where the Government Should Play the Smallest Role as Possible in a Free Society.

Ayn Rand Was Worried About Losing All The Many Rights The US Constitution Protected. And, as we are all Bearing Witness Today, People are being Smeared by the well Connected & Powerful Enemies as a Means of Political Warfare.

We’re Watching the Weaponization of the Courts & Inside the Power-Structure (Justice Department, FBI, CIA, NSA – Etc) by Members of the US Congress, or more Importantly, by the Financial Backers of the Members of the US Congress to do the Political Bidding of the LEFT.

The Word Primary In Canada Does Not Exist.

In Canada, it’s a Different Assault, because our Political System Doesn’t Leave any Room for Individuals to Defy Party Lines, Mostly because all Members of Parliament have ZERO Power, and are Hand-Picked by the Leader & Insiders of Each Party.

That said, Canadian Politics is no less Corrupt than it is in the United States of America. It’s just not as Evident.

What Set The United States Of America Above & Beyond All Other Societies Was Simply The Following . . .

The Premise of America was in the Words of Abraham Lincoln – Of, For & By The People. What we are seeing today is an America . . . That Is All About The Politicians & Bureaucrats – The People Be Damned.

Do You Earn More Than $170,000 Per Year – Plus A Plethora Of Perks & Tax Free Benefits?

The Basic Average Income for a Canadian Member of Parliament . . . NOT INCLUDING Perks, Paid Lifestyle & Tax-Free Benefits – Is $172,000.

The Average Household Income For A Canadian Family of Four . . . Is $71,000.

The Basic Average Income for an American Member of Congress . . . NOT INCLUDING Perks, Paid Lifestyle & Tax-Free Benefits – Is $174,000

The Average Household Income For An American Family of Four . . . Is $59,000.

Special Note – When You Take Into Consideration . . . The Less Expensive Cost of Living in the USA Compared to Canada, the more Generous Tax Structure in the USA Compared to Canada & the Value of the American Dollar Compared to the Value of the Canadian Dollar, the Average American is doing Far Better than the Average Canadian, even though on Paper, Canadians are Earning more Money in Dollars, which are Currently Worth Less Than 30% Of The US Dollars, Which in Comparison to what Each of our Politicians are Paid by You & Me . . . IS DREADFUL.

Where the Average Non-Government Employee has to Effectively Work for A Full Year Less Some Vacation Time to Earn his or Her Money, which is Actually a Fraction of what the Politicians Earn . . . The Average Work Time For A Politician Is A Joke.

More Than $200,000 In Taxpayer Income . . . After all is Said & Done, is an Awful Lot of Money, which Buys an Awful Lot of Political Party Loyalty and an Awful Lot of Lobbyist Fealty.


Our Societies Have Morphed Completely To The Point . . . Where all the Politicians Share Three Common Political Goals as Members of the same Herd . . . Get Elected – Stay Elected – Get Re-Elected!

And Because Of This Political Philosophy Of Protecting The Herd . . . All the Politicians are Interchangeable . . . Except Perhaps for a very Few, they’re Almost All In-It for the Money – More Than $200,000 Per Year (That We Know Of) To Do Nothing But Talk-Talk-Talk . . . Is Some Serious Money.

To Give You An Idea Of How Greedy These Politicians Are . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who before being Elected to the House of Representatives was a Bartender Making a Minimum Salary & Tips, who all of a Sudden Began Earning More than $200,000 Per Year with all the Attendant Accolades as a Member Of Congress . . . Complained That She Wasn’t Earning Enough Money.

The Family Income In The District Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is $60,000.

Alexis De Tocqueville Wrote . . . “The American Republic Will Endure Until The Day Congress Discovers That It Can Bribe The Public With The Public’s Money”.

So Here We Are . . . With Congress Bribing the American People who want Free Stuff (Canada Is No Exception), who seem to be in the Majority these Days, who have Absolutely no Concept that the American or Canadian Governments have NO MONEY.

The Only Money Which A Free Society Has . . . is the Money it can Tax (Confiscate By Force) from the People. And in the Most Famous Words of Margaret Thatcher, Former Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain “Socialism Works Until You Run Out Of Other People’s Money”.


We Are Witnessing The Worst Prediction From Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

We The People . . . are Working for the Government – Opposed to the Government Working for the People, and the Politicians have Discovered that they can Bribe the People with the People’s Own Money . . . But That Money Is Quickly Running-Out.

The Politicians Have Circled The Wagons To Protect Their “Group” Interests . . . And if they’re Not all Dirty – Most Of Them Are. And each one of them has Personal Reasons Not to Want to see their “Friends”, Including Politicians on the Other Side of the Political Divide, Pay A Real Price For Their Malfeasance.

In A Fair & Just World . . . The Three Clintons Would Have Already Been Behind Bars, as well as Most of the People Associated with them. The Obama’s would have no Shortage of Questions to be Answered. And People like Donna Brazile, the Self-Confessed Clintonite Democrat Liar & Cheat . . . Wouldn’t Be Working For Fox News.


How come so many Politicians and their Families who entered Politics as Middle Income Americans, all of a Sudden Become Millionaires? How Does That Work? And then in the Case of Bernie Sanders . . . Rails Against Millionaires.

Remember The Words Of Thomas Jefferson In The Tree Of Liberty . . . It’s Coming.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Oh, who is John Galt?” Ayn Rand was prescient writing “Atlas Shrugged.” I read it just a year or so ago and couldn’t believe how much what she was writing was embodying itself in today’s political/social culture. Should be mandatory reading for every college sophomore. I didn’t know her biography until reading your piece today, Howard. Thanks for that. And, you’re right; Canadian and American politicians have a racket going – at taxpayer expense.

  2. My Liberal member of parliament in the riding of Vaudreuil-Soulanges is a whore. A popular whore, but a whore just the same. The idiots who voted for him may be accurately described as whoremongers. Canada is swiftly descending into tyranny because its enfeebled citizens hold their wrists out for the chains. Howard, you have stated the case for freedom far more accurately than most. You should be hailed as a national hero. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  3. Howard, I read all your messages & love most of them but today’s message is so accurate that it is difficult to believe how stupid we are, as a people. Most Canadians are so comfortable living in the current state of Welfarism that they don’t really care about our provincial or national debt. Most people know they don’t have to pay it – that’s left to their grandchildren & who cares about them? I’m serious – most Canadians like the socialist state – they are now totally addicted – sorry!!!

  4. Sadly the populace is too stupid today to read or have read Atlas Shrugged, Animal Farm and 1984. The schools no longer teach them, and people believe they have become too smart and sophisticated and advanced to need them. And that these works have somehow become irrelevant. Stupid sods.

  5. Kim McConnell, it’s not only our children and grandchildren that will be paying for it but we are already paying for it. Ontario and quebec pay around $25 Billion in interest payments alone each without putting anything into the capital of those debts to reduce them, the debts and interest payments keep increasing because politicians keep making huge deficits. Imagine what we could do with that money. Howard, politicians become rich from all the bribes they take in from lobbyists.

  6. Fat cat Politicians, Multiculturalism, Marrakesh Agreement (non binding is a joke), Climate Change Hoax – Carbon Tax grab, Globalism, Billions on French language preservation, Open Borders, M103. Read all about in a hypothetical sense in Ayn Rands ‘Atlas Shrugged’ because it’s really happening in the USA, U.K. and Canada NOW. Thanks Howard for explaining and bringing it to the attention of you readers. Where is our John Galt?

  7. The Canadian Loonie is worth .76 USD at midnight on 10/24/19. The USD is worth 1.31 Loonies. Therefore your comment that “Currently Worth Less Than 30% Of The US Dollars,” is awkward. It should be that the Loonie is worth 30% less than the USD or it is worth only 70% of USD.

  8. In 2 weeks I’m going to a camp in Northern Alberta, where I will stay until December 22. I will work 6 days/week(sometimes 7 if we have to make up time) at 12 hrs/day outside and another 1.5 to 2 hrs inside doing reports. I have to find time to eat and shower. Then go to bed to be up by 430am to get ready for my 630 meeting. I know people who are on welfareAISH(disability) who tell me I’m crazy. I have no life. BUT they are the 1st ones to ask me for $. They are used to free stuff. No shame.

  9. I’ve not read the book Atlas Shrugged but seen the movie. Dubbed Sci-Fi, that said;so was space travel, going to the moon, Star Trek with there “Flip Phones communication devises, was that not “Sci-Fi? Here in America we’ve lost 2 generations to a dumbed down education system with a purposely designed AGENDA to do just that! GOD, Family, Country was at one time the Moto in the USA. God has been rejected, family has been replaced with a Village, Free Stuff has become the Lure! Trump 2020 OR Bust!

  10. I have read the book, Atlas Shrugged was an eye opener. President Trump is like Reardon with the politicians always trying to get him in control. Shame there is no Utopia. My wife an I live on less than 40K a year, own our home and do just fine. I see people waste so much money it is a joke. We enjoy the outdoors, golf,boating and hunting on this limited income. We owe nothing except utilities and health care. There is nothing FREE, someone pays for it all until the money runs out.

  11. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged a total of 4 times over the past 40 years but come away each time with a better understanding of Ms Rand’s prescience. I agree with Dave from Wichita that this book should be mandatory reading for all. It’s frightening how close we’ve come (and probably will again) to the society Ms Rand portrayed in that book. Where is John Galt when we need him?

  12. If Donald Trump were to accomplish nothing else he has opened many eyes to the corruption that exists in our government (and media). I hope and pray enough eyes will get opened to make a difference.Thanks for doing your share Howard!

  13. The way the Liberals and the Democrats are working, their interests are more for foreign nation’s and illegal immigrant’s welfare. Trudeau is working hard to limit free and open speech, and the Dems are determined to stop the truth (calling it hurtful or fake news) and disallow conservative speech. Trudeau and the Dems are working hard to please the UN and force economic redistribution. We are heading into dangerous times. Have all the leftist voters taken the doctored Koolaid?

  14. I read the book several years ago and opened my eyes to the evil in the world today; much of it political!

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