Competition Of Screamers


I Watched The Trump Michigan Speech & Then The Democrat Leadership Debate Afterwards . . . And the Contrast Between the Two was so Great, that I Decided Not to Write About Either Until the Passion of the Two Events Subsided, which Would then  Allow me to Make a Reasoned Assessment & Comparison Between the Two Events.

Had I Written My Thoughts Immediately After The Two Events, or even Just the Morning After the Two Events – I Would Have Probably Written The Following:

I Would Have Written . . . That Trump was Brilliant in his Classic-Way, Giving Hope & Inspiration to all the People who Turned-Out by the Thousands to be Inside the Building or Outside at the Venue of His Speech, and the Millions of Others who Watched-His Speech on Television (Newsmax-Live), Read-It or Listened To-It on the Internet.

I Would Have Written . . . That Both Fox Business (News) and the RNC were Pathetic in the Way they Arranged & Conducted the Post Trump-Speech Debate Amongst a Group of Screamers with Limited Content.

I Would Have Written . . . That a LEFTIST Trump Hating, Open Border Advocate, DACA Promoting Hispanic Speaking & Sick Piece of Work in the Name of Ilia Calderón from Univision, Was An Insult To Have Anywhere Near A Republican Debate Forum . . . Much Less As A Moderator.

I Would Have Written . . . That Fox Business (News) Further Disgraced Itself by Having Gavin Newsome in the Spin Room for his Evaluation of a Debate that Stood for Everything that was Diametrically Opposed to Newsome’s Sick Way of Thinking.


I Would Have Written . . . That Fox Business (News) Teed-Up this Debate as a Form of Entertainment to Showcase themselves, Opposed to Managing a Serious Contest of Ideas & Policies Between the 6-Men & One Woman, One of Whom could Win the Primary to Take-On . . . Whoever Will Be The Democrat Candidate For The 2024 Presidential Election.

I Could Have Written . . .That Dana Perino was Far out of her Element Pretending that she Knew What she was Doing. And I Could Have Written . . . That Perino Had No Right to Interject Herself in What was Like a CNN Candy Crowley Moment . . . when Perino Stole the Thunder of Ron DeSantis, who Rightfully-So Made an Important Point of Answering the Military Call After 9/11 to Serve his Country in Uniform . . . In War-Torn Iraq.

Why Would Perino Point-Out (Unsolicited) That Haley’s Husband Is Also Serving In The Military?

Do You Remember When Candy Crowley, the CNN Moderator Rushed to the Defense of Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney During their October 2012 Debate, Where Crowley Wrongfully & Non-Factually Intervened to Help Tip the Scales in Obama’s Favor?

I Don’t See Much Difference Between What Crowley Did Compared To What Perino Did.


I Would Have Written . . . From Multiple Sources & Comments Which I Heard, Saw & Read Immediately Following the Debate . . . That Amongst The Candidates, It Was A Shit-Show.

I Would Have Written . . . That Out of all the Blabbers On-Stage that Night, the Only Two Candidates Out-Of the Seven that I Would Think Could be Presidential Material . . . Were Ron DeSantis & Doug Burgum.

Had I Written Right After The Debate . . . The Preceding Is What I Would Have Written.

But I Didn’t Write Just After The Debate . . . I Waited About Two Days. So Now After the Delay, and After I was Able to Focus my Thoughts & Think with a Cool & Impassionate Mindset . . . That What I Would Have Written Is Exactly What I Wrote Just Now.

There Was A Winner In This Last Debate . . . His Name Is Donald J Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with your assessment. The debate was a sh-t show and fox embarrassed themselves. They are the new cnn. As far as the demorat response to his speech to the workers, it showed a complete lack of intelligence. I don’t care if the workers were nonunion or actual members. What Trump said is fact and truth. EVs and AI will take their jobs. Not protect it. The union bosses and the biden crime syndicate are selling the members down the drain.

  2. I wasn’t able to watch either, but Howard if I hear what you say, I totally agree.

  3. Somehow, about 10% of the way into your commentary. I suspected what your final words would be. Even before the presentation I knew what it would be like and I was exactly right. I also, after watching a few news hilites, that Fox is messing up trying to make Perino something that she is not and also that Calderon was even considered to be a moderator. Finally, why would Trump even bother to attend this pathetic attempt to hilite these individuals? Desantis looms large way in the future.

  4. What in the world are republicans thinking allowing that so called primary debate to be mismanaged that way? I would have expected that of MSNBC or CNN. Those weren’t issues conservative republicans care about. I think the appropriate response from the “debaters” would be to say, I reject the premise of the question and I’m going to talk about x, y or z; which might be the border is wide open and illegal aliens are destroying the country, or other similar travesties in the USA. Embarrassing

  5. Altho pitiful, my choice would have to be Doug Burgum! Fox is spedily becoming more disappointing!

  6. I used to be at least luke warm on Perino, now I will not have her on my tv ever again. Last month she introduced Killary as the amazing Hillary Clinton at some event. FOX and the RNC are not our friends for sure!

  7. Agree with your thots as well as Jim Pope’s. Your two choices mirror mine from debate #1, but I still think DeSantis should finish out his commitment to Florida, then run for president. To me it would not bode well that he reneged – i.e., what else will he not follow through on? So Burgum as my 1st choice. I didn’t watch the second as I figured it would be more of the same as Fox has gone over to the globalist, leftist, Democrat side. That became my thought when they fired Tucker Carlson.

  8. I agree with you, however, Jesse Watters (Fox News) is our new TUCKER! Has his own Prime Time Show!

  9. Howard, Your excellent observation is one of many reasons why I switched to NEWSMAX back in April after being a loyal Fox News Junkie for 20 years. I am over Fox News!!!!

  10. Christie was acting like a clown as usual, He should have kept his mouth shut and be thought a fool than, to open it and let it be KNOWN!

  11. Dana Perino’s eye makeup gave would give any drag queen a run for their money.It reminded me of a class of 5th graders with a substitute teacher who lost control.

  12. That last statement has me still laughing. You do have a way of making a point……..

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