There’s A Simple Recipe For A Long Marriage That Doesn’t Take Rocket Science To Understand.


Fifty-Years After Our Oath . . . I Have To Guess That We Both Meant It, since there was Never a Time When Anne & I Allowed our Differences to Come Between-Us.

We Fought & Argued Plenty . . . But We Always Knew – The Enemy Was Never Each Other.

The Day We Both Said I Do . . . Was the Beginning of an Incredible Adventure in Life . . . That We Could Have Never Imagined . . . from the Times We Lost Sleep Because of Bad Financial Issues, to the Times of Extreme Illness, to the Times of Physical Socio/Political Death Threats . . . That Required 24/7-Armed Security.

Here’s A Word We Never Said To Each Other . . . NO! We Never Denied Each Other Anything.

And Here’s Another Word We Never Said To Each OtherBLAME . . . As In – I Blame You for Whatever Went Wrong. And Believe Me . . . Plenty Went Wrong.

But As Our Own Two-Man Army – Whatever Challenges We Faced, We Faced Together.

As I Wrote In One Of The Preceding Paragraphs . . . Anne & I Knew the Fear of Real Poverty. We Also Knew all About Corporate Losses, Life Threatening Illnesses, and Life Challenges that Struck Pain at our Hearts . . . But Whatever Pain We Experienced – We Experienced & Rode With Together.

In Fifty Years Of Marriage . . . And One Year Of Previous Engagement . . . There was Never a Moment or a Thought of Betrayal to our Oath of Marriage or to Each Other, No Matter the Circumstance.

And Now – FIFTY-YEARS Later . . . We Can Sit Back Some, and Remember all the Good Times, which were Most of the Times, which we Could Not Have Appreciated Had it Not Been for the Times of Challenge.


You Can’t Know Success If You Haven’t Known Failure. You Can’t Live with Trust for Each Other if Your Life is Predicated on Lies & Deceit. And you Can’t Understand Each Other if you Don’t Do Battle . . . And Afterwards Make-Up With Compromise.

And You Can’t Respect The One You Love . . . If You Can’t Respect Yourself.


We’ve Been Blessed With Family & Friends . . . Maybe Most Importantly Friends, since we Can’t Choose our Family, but we Do Choose Our Friends. We Have Also Been Blessed in Business with the Many People we Partnered, and with Many of the Hundreds of People we Employed in One Capacity or Another Over the Years.

And We Have Also Been Blessed With The Animals That Became Part Of Our Lives.

A Great Marriage Is What We Make Of It . . . It is Perhaps the Hardest Challenge we Have in Life. And In-Spite of What We Believe About Other People and their Marriages . . . It’s Never Easy – But All The Best Things In Life Worth Having & Keeping Are Never Easy.

I Don’t Believe In Fairy-Tales . . . And I Don’t Believe In Fairy-Tale Marriages.

Hallmark Works Great On The Silver Screen . . .  But on the Real Silver Screen of Love & Life, it is Hard Work, Commitment & Loyalty. Anne & I Have Been Blessed With Both.


If You Want To Know What Keeps Me Going – Anne & The Past 50-Years Keeps Me Going.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Beautiful! To the 2-most wonderful people I know, just knowing you is one of my greatest honours!❤️

  2. Congratulations from a couple with 53 years. The ups far outweighs the downs.

  3. Mazel tov and Happy Anniversary to both of you. Enjoy celebrating each other!

  4. Congratulations Howard on 50 years of marriage…. You’re on fire lately regarding Trump and I love it…. Trump is a “HUGE THREAT” to these Wokeshevik Fascists!!!!!!!!!….

  5. Congratulations to you both. May you enjoy many more years together – and with your pet. Danny Palladini Lancaster, On

  6. My dear FRIENDS….this is the BEST editorial from you. I am PROUD to be your friend and biker buddy. Mazel Tov…and many more. Huggeses to both of you. Andy

  7. Amazing fantastic to you both–May you enjoy many more years of happiness together

  8. Congratulations to Howard and Anne on your Golden Anniversary! The two of you have done something right! Mazel Tov.

  9. My takeaway: 2 loving adults acting like loving adults. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations Howard and Anne. Both of you – the best of the best. Wish you many more happy, healthy anniversaries.

  11. Howard, may you have another 50 wonderful years together. Marriage takes two committed people who are givers and not takers. And you and Anne show you are obviously givers. Long lasting marriages are always good news and show the possibilities when people put their hearts and minds to it. Mazel Tov.

  12. A hearty Mazel Tov to two outstanding people from a couple with 59 years of sharing much “naches” together. May you both have many, many more.

  13. Happy 50th Anniversary to you both!!! Wishing you both many more years of love, respect, and oneness. Hope you CELEBRATE BIG.

  14. Wishing Howard and Anne a very Happy and Blessed 50th Wedding Anniversary. God bless you both and here’s to 50 more wonderful and healthy years together. Marlene xoxoxox

  15. Congratulations! And thanks for reminding us all of some of the most important things it takes to get there. I, and my wife, have also been blessed with success and failure and have come through it together.

  16. Monique and I will celebrate our 51st this Saturday. The day of our wedding we promised that we would never yell at each other unless the house was on fire. So far so good. Hearty congratulations to you both.

  17. Congratulations we had our 50th 13 years aqo, and going for 75!

  18. Mazel Tov to you two! “Trust, respect, commitment” – Amen.

  19. Happiness is being married to the one you love! Love you…… Boss and Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, CA.

  20. Congratulations to both you and Anne – I think you gave some amazing words of wisdom and truth

  21. Congratulations to you and Anne. My wife and I recently celebrated that milestone.

  22. Congratulations on fifty years. My wife and I have also passed the 50 year mark.

  23. Out of the park!!! Way to go!!! Yahoo to you both! Blessings and Light, Susan

  24. Congratulations! It only gets better….I lost my beautiful wife/partner of 52 years in Nov. 2021 to COVID. Cherish every day you have with one another as being together is absolutely the very best!

  25. Congratulations to both. You are a gift to each other and to all of us. Thank you.

  26. Golden congratulations to two great people who deserve many more.

  27. That is an AMAZING accomplishment. Congratulations to you both and wishing you many more!

  28. Congratulations! May you celebrate many more anniversaries together!

  29. Happy golden anniversary! God bless you both and I wish you many more. Thank you for all you do in telling us the truth about what’s going on in the world.

  30. There is so many things happening today, tomorrow, that is a wonderful break from it all

  31. That puts a smile on my face! Happy Anniversary you 2 love birds

  32. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, Howard! Mazel Tov! Congratulations on your Fiftieth!! And big hugs to Tavor, too!

  33. Howard and Anne. Mazes Tov on 50 great years. The fact that you can write such a positive and caring article to share your experience and optimism is a tribute to your wonderful relationship. Please continue to to have many more good and healthy years together.

  34. Congratulations Howard. Having made it through 55 yrs with my hubby, I know, as you do, what it takes when you say “through thick and through thin!” My husband is my life-long blessing and the animals we have had. Wishing you many more happy years.

  35. Howard, CONGRATULATIONS To You & Anne.As a young kid from Da Bronx, Commitment was a HUGE word in my life.That was something I learned to do IF/WHEN you made a choice.For my Wife and I that was a Monumental Choice we both made in the year 1971 when we got married. BUT being 19 the Gravity of that choice would be tested, time & time & time again. Most have stories we can, we have shared & how we made it through. For us it was Jesus, and us Yielding to Him, Crying out for His Help, 52 is coming.

  36. Happy 50th Anniversary to you and Anne!! And I wish you both, many more years to celebrate!! God Bless

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