And The Constitutional Republic Wins Again


Contrary To The Gloating Democrats & The Saddened RINOS . . . The American People Finally Won Something Worth Winning, in as Much as the Meaning Behind the Term, The People’s House, where the Trust of the Electors Went to Die, Until The Early Hours Of This Morning (January 7, 2023).


To the People Who Disparaged How McCarthy was Eventually Elected Speaker of the House – Wake-Up & Kiss The US Constitution, because Choosing the Speaker of the House is Not a Coronation.

The Speaker of the House is the Elected Leader by all Members of that Portion of Congress (The House), who is Elected to Guide & Manage the Members in How they Should Perform their Constitutional Duties and the Nation they Solemnly Took an Oath to Serve.


The Complainers of the Process we all Just Witnessed over a Number of Days & After 15-Votes are Upset with the Process, because it Took Too Long, it was Messy, Confrontational, Loud, Fluid & Stubborn.

How Many Times Did we Hear from all the Media, Including Fox News, that it Just Wasn’t Right for 20 People to Hold-Up the Appointment of Kevin McCarthy . . . Against The Will Of More Than 200 Members Of Congress-Elect, Which Represented About 90%?


There’s No Choosing What Freedoms & Rights Are Acceptable & Which Are Not.

The Rules Were (Are) Clear . . . To Be Elected Speaker of the House, the Candidate Needed to Win a Majority of One Vote More than the Total Number of Votes Cast for all Candidates Identified by Name (A Vote Of Present Didn’t Count) in the Process.


How Many Times Had we Heard from the Mouths of Pundits like Sean Hannity of Fox News, That They Wish The Negotiations Were Held Behind Closed Doors.


To The American Critics Of The American Constitutional Process . . . Who Said America Became a Laughingstock for the Way the Republican Party Battled Amongst Itself Before Choosing their Leader . . . What Do You Say Now?

Nothing Could Be More Wrong & A Greater Volume Of Bullshit . . . Than Thinking the Aggressive Process of Choosing a Congressional Leader Embarrassed America, where in Fact – The Raucous Process was Proof of What & How a Free Society Governs Itself . . . And Why America Became & Still Is The Greatest Nation In The World.

Twenty Republicans Stood-Out As Constitutional Freedom Fighters – But Two Were Outstanding . . . Lauren Boebert & Matt Gaetz . . . In-Spite of the Continuous Barrage of Arrows & Slings they were Subjected to in Private & On-Camera.

No One Demonstrated Greater Resolve For What They Believed . . . To Be Willing to Face the Storm that Came their Way Without Taking a Knee, that Demonstrated the Same Courage . . . Which We Can All Imagine The Original Patriots Exhibited More Than 200-Years Ago.


And for all the People who Will Heap Praise on the New Congressional Rules, Once they Clearly Understand that Perhaps for the First Time in Generations . . . The People’s House Is Once Again The People’s HouseThank The Twenty & Give Special Thanks to Boebert & Gaetz.


The Best Of This . . . Is That The Result Of January 7, 2023 Will Resonate Worldwide.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This process demonstrated that Republicans are individuals who think for themselves, while Democrats are like a a herd of sheep.

  2. The Republican Caucus should now be called The Republican Clown Car Caucus with Speaker McCarthy firmly under the control of Matt Gaetz, Lauren Bobert, Marjorie Taylor Green, and George Santos. A sad time for democracy. Trump’s hero Putin is laughing his ass off.

  3. Democracy is messy, letting everyone have a say in matters & not following like stupid sheep behind whatever leader expects to be crowned. Gaetz & Boebert showed the wimps in the party what it is to stand with courage for their devotion to the people. The communists will be scornful, the rinos will be aggrieved, but for once, the true American spirit notched a win in the House. I hope to see this spirit dominate the 118th Congress. Now, turn Jim Jordan loose on all the traitors!

  4. Best of luck to the Republicans. So glad these twenty stood their ground. Let’s hope McCarthy doesn’t turn into another “do nothing “ Paul Ryan. I like your line…..The People’s house is once again the people’s house.

  5. Excellent analysis. While applauding the public transparency, a lot of the show could have been cleared up prior to the vote.

  6. With the win of “one Representative can call for a new leader vote,” and President Trump saying he will do the job if asked, this should keep McCarthy on the straight and narrow to honor his promises….he is known for promising one thing and doing another. We can hope and we shall see!! I agree, the whole situation is a win for We The People!!!!! Excellent analysis, Mr. Galganov!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you, Mr. G. It truly saddens me that so many seem to have wholly missed the point of this process. Only time will tell whether the benefits will be worthy of the effort.

  8. But we are not a CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC (or at least that’s what we started out as… “If we can keep it”)

  9. The 20 hold-outs proved that America is the Land of the Free because it is the Home of the Brave. They put principle before power, thus forcing Nancy to fly out of the swamp on her broom. Newly installed Speaker McCarthy now has the moral authority to confront the fascist Dems. Pray he has the balls to take the fight to them.

  10. 20 to be congratulated, honorable, laudible, taking a stand against a lot of opposition. Objective for the Republicans: to get one of their own as Speaker. There were moments when it could so easily have gone to the Dems. I believe McCarthy conceded to a 5 person vote to remove a Speaker. Once that was agreed upon the 20 could, and should have, closed the deal and voted for McCarthy. I noticed Boerbert applauding McCarthy’s speech, but not Gaetz which suggests a personal problem not political

  11. Excellent article , Howard! We conservatives have grumbled for years that we wished the republicans would have some balls and fight for Something. We just saw that last night. Also I have to say the Chip Roy did a great job on tv explaining to all of us what was happening! Power to the Freedom Caucus!

  12. Right on the money Howard! Debate has resumed on the floor of the people’s house. That is what the framers of the Constitution intended as a Constitutional Republic. Let Freedom Reign!

  13. For me, the worst thing I saw over the last few days which made me want to vomit, was watching Joe Biden, the totally corrupt, unaccomplished, pathological lying, senile, child molester, once again lying, in his speech denouncing the patriots who rightfully and peacefully, protested the stealing of the election that ended American democracy. It was bad enough watching the Democrat sheep voting en mass to try to elect a radical leftist, in reality, a communist, as Speaker.

  14. What I regret most is that Nancy Pelosi was not forced to hand over the gavel herself to the new speaker. As for this having been a “sh–show”, I respond that true Democracy can get ugly at times ( like watching sausage being made) and that (like myself) many Americans were both fascinated and educated by the events of the last few days. As Netanyahu once told Obama about Israeli politics, ” Your worst day in Washington is equivalent to my best day in the Knesset”.

  15. Karen Snyder hit the nail on the head: “so many missed the point” (or deliberately tried to bury it). I have never been a McCarthy (Mitch McConnell, Jr.?) fan, but I can accept his election — because of the apparent controls from the true conservatives. Let’s now have a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”!!!

  16. Spot on! I worry about the Freedom Caucus as they got CONCESSIONS from McCarthy and THEY were the HOLDOUTS. However; McCarthy better step up or he will be out…that was one of his concessions. The process was followed. And the results were LEGAL. Now they need to take care of We The People. Term Limits, Debt, Inflation, Pork Bellying, Border, IRS, Hunter & Daddy, oil drilling, pull out of Ukraine, being an independent nation, to name a few. God Bless America.

  17. It was good to witness, at last, a glimmer of Jefferson/Adams type of acrimony which forged a great nation, a “beacon on a hill”. We need more, for all to see. Those who dislike such debate are dangerous to our freedom!

  18. I have to agree with Arlene Burch and Ron Powers. I’m concerned that Mr. McCarthy might turn out to be another Rino, which we can’t afford. But the process worked well. And by the way, a whole lot of Congressional “do-nothings” were pretty much forced to show up and earn their pay for several days. THAT”S MONUMENTAL in itself

  19. As you said Howard, from the mouths of pundits like Sean Hannity, “that they wish the negotiations were held behind doors”. Come on folks, use your heads! What do you think the democrats were REALLY doing in Joe Bieden’s basement for six months in the summer/fall of 2020? How to WIN the Nov. 2020 election AND I still believe that they were behind setting up the est. 200 ultra right republicans who were invited/ushered into the Capital Building Jan. 06, 2021. Bob Haak, Sr., Royal Oak, MI

  20. Howard I agreed with the whole article until you lauded Gaetz and Boebert. They along with Andy Biggs are a disgrace. I hope the 3 of them lose the next primary. The heroes were Chip Roy and Jim Jordan. Please stop glorifying Trump. He was great until he lost in 2020 and has been a losing asshole ever since. He’s done! Get with the program Ron DeSantis will destroy him.

  21. Our Gov’t is sad, too many power pushers backed by lobby money. For the Dems it was simple, vote the way Nancy says or we cut off your funds, so they are in lock step. McCarthy like so many have been there too long, Term Limits will not pass at Fed Level, States will have to make it happen. I doubt there will be much done as far as accountability for Joe, Hunter, Nancy, McConnel and the rest of the swamp. We are heading into a monster Inflation, they will starve folks into submission, more BS.

  22. A new year with new hope. God is still in charge. He continues to protect this great country….Thank Him and Praise His name more often. I for one pledge to start this new year, with a new Congress & Speaker, with optimism with the knowledge He, our Lord & Savior, is in charge. Happy New Year to everyone, God Bless you Howard for continuing to keep us on our toes. Blessings to you, Ann & Tavor. Mary Bemis

  23. What we witnessed those four days must be a lot like what went on in the Constitutional Congress in writing the document that to lay out how our country would function. Just like today, the framers knew power must be limited to remain within the individual states & locally, to belong all the people, not just those in the Capital. That kept us a free people. I’m thankful those 20 showed us it’s still alive and well. We need to grow the number of Constitutionalists in The Peoples’ House.

  24. Howard—-Ditto…Ditto…Ditto… regarding your comments. Our prayers have been answered! Now, the Republican House has to PROVE itself! There is No Doubt that the Democrats are Fearing the future! Let’s Make America Great Again by re-introducing the Truth & Christianity. Amen!

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