Finally – An Honest Debate In Congress


It is No Secret that the Government of the United States of America Has Become a Disaster at the Hands of the Politicians and the Bureaucrats. And it is Also No Secret that all that’s Happening in Government is Controlled by Wealthy (Usually Corporate Players – Lobbyists) and a Handful of Political Insiders in the House and in the Senate.


Someone Should Tell the Life-Time Politicians & Bureaucrats in the Names of the Schumer, Pelosi, McCarthy & Others . . . that Serving the People Means Exactly as it Says – Serving the People . . . Opposed To The People Serving The Politicians.

What Would The Election Of McCarthy As Republican House Speaker Change?

McCarthy Has Been in a Power Position in the US Congress on the Republican Side for 14-Years . . . Question Is – What Has The Republican Party Done To Show Any Real Positive Results Of McCarthy’s Stretch in Congressional Power.

The Republican Party Lost to Pelosi Under McCarthy and Barely Won in 2022, When it was Broadly Anticipated there was Going to be a Huge Red Wave. Everyone was Blamed for the Disastrous Results in the Senate and in the House – Specifically Donald Trump . . . But Trump’s Name Wasn’t On Any Of The Ballots.

So – If The Leader Of The Republican Party Isn’t To Be Blamed . . . Who Is?


Why Would American Conservatives Expect A Different Outcome With McCarthy At The Helm?

Why Bother Electing Hundreds of (535) Congressional Men & Women if these Men & Women are Nothing More than Congressional Props to Give the Impression that “Democracy” Reigns Supreme, When in Fact – the Members of Congress are there Essentially to Do the Bidding of the Insiders?

If We In Canada Would Have Stood-Up To Speak Against Our Party Leadership When It Counted . . . Maybe we in Canada Wouldn’t Have Been in the Political Hinterland for Generation Upon Generation.

And Most Probably – Canada Wouldn’t Be on the Ugly Path to Communism and the Suspension of our Civil Rights & Liberties.

I Was A Card-Carrying Member Of The Conservative Party Of Canada. I Donated to the Canadian Conservative Party, I Posted Lawn Signs for the Candidate in my Riding just as I Voted for my Conservative Candidate, Until I Realized I was Wasting my Time, Energy & Money Supporting Liars & Cheats in the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

How Does That Make Me A Rebel For Not Wanting To Be Lied-To Anymore?


What’s Happening In The US House Of Representatives Is Ugly – But America Has a Choice . . . Live up to the Constraints of What the Constitutional Framers Designed as the Foundation of American Constitutional Freedoms – Or Scrap The Whole Thing (American Experiment) And Become The Society The Patriots Fought Against, Some 250-Years Ago.

Are We To Believe That The Framers Got-It All Wrong, and that the American People are Neither Capable Nor Worthy of Managing their Own Affairs, and are in Dire Need of a Limited Appointed Few in Government & Wealthy Elitists from the Outside, To Dictate The Extent Americans Can & Should Expect Their Rights & Freedoms To Be?


The Gauntlet Of Freedom In Government Has Been Dropped . . .  And Whomever Wins the Leadership of the Republican Party in the House will No Longer be the Monarch of the Party . . . And What Should Be To The Chagrin Of The Democrat Party . . . Freedom in Government becomes Contagious – Even To Democrats.

The System Is Broken . . . And If This Is The Only Way To Fix-It – So-Be-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you for that great article,and THE TRUTH! McCarthy is NOT the BEST answer to lead Congress!!! I would prefer someone like Jim Jordan! But McCarty is most definitely the WRONG answer for America!!!

  2. As a student of history, I’ve always been curious about how do democracies become dictatorships. It’s difficult to understand and visualize when our politicians don’t have thick German accents and goose-step. The American election was obviously stolen, democracy is dead, the Democrat government is supported by corporations, the media, FBI, CIA, DOJ which is the very definition of fascism while the Republicans in their ignorance still describe the U.S.A. as the greatest country in the world.

  3. The crazies on the left – aka the Demonrats – simply cannot resist the authoritarian impulse. It must be in their genes. Scratch one of them and out pops a dictator. You can see it in the way they stick together in the House – lining up like good Soviets and never challenging their leadership. Ideology rules, and damn the people. The GOP approach appears chaotic, but at least it’s democratic.

  4. The checks and balances built into the American political system are quite remarkable. I truly hope enough Americans still realize it. Having lived in Canada ( for quite some time ) , i’d choose a Republic over a Democracy any day of the week.

  5. I love what is happening with the Speaker vote right now. It shows that the system needs fixing, and although it might be a hard road to get it sorted out, at least the non Rinos are putting up a fight. I wish we had the US system in Canada. What we have is basically a dictatorship, cobbled together by 2 Communists, Trudope and Singh! And there is nothing we can do about it until the next election.

  6. Doug Ford, never lies until he opens his mouth that is why I left the Conservative Ontario party. Why vote when the democrats have been stealing the election for years

  7. After 8 or 9 votes for speaker, it is clear that the Republican party is not yet totally united, behind McCarthy. This party needs to unite with someone soon, as their Speaker, or all of the oversight they promised could be in jeopardy. The Democratic party is united and will use this Republican division to try to convince the American people that they are dysfunctional, and cannot be trusted to run the country. David Gallo Ancaster Ontario.

  8. We are in the 11th vote round, 5th for day three. McCarthy withdraw, but that will never happen as his greed for power is all-consuming; no humility in him. How many know he moved into the Speaker’s office over the New Year holiday like he had it in the bag knowing he didn’t have the needed votes? How many committed votes were result of ‘tit-for-tat’? Humble? I think NOT. The Dems brag they are united, with one candidate, intent to make GOP look dysfunctional/broken. Could drag on indefinit

  9. Great Editorial, Mr. G. We have people in the HOUSE who now make $212,000 year w/all the PERKS. And yet, to govern, there must be compromise. Trump’s name was put up by Gaetz as Speaker. The Republicans need to be in a ‘secluded’ room (all of them) to come to a conclusion and to know how to remove the SPEAKER if necessary. At the moment there are 21 who are ruling the roost and this will continue if NO compromise is met. The 21 are RULING the House. Worse then Ms.Pelosi. MYPOV

  10. On target, as usual —– but, don’t worry, the R’s are going to figure a way to “GUM -UP” this opportunity. The people (grassroots) are inconsequential as the power structure (McCarthy) pushes for more power & money!!!

  11. It takes an abundance of hubris to begin moving into the Speaker’s office before the election process even begins! I am heartened to see even a handful of people with the determination to upset the forward momentum of the existing business as usual, go along to get along system. If you didn’t see it, please find MT(R) Matt Rosendale’s nomination speech from this afternoon, wherein he describes just one example of current brokenness. I say it’s just possibly a big messy blessing we’re g

  12. Like Old Roman Senators, Washington it the most corrupt. Pelosi and Obama are leading this Dead Head of a President by the nose. Term limits will only come via State to State, Idaho will be the First State to put this on the ballot. The Swamp is big and wide, why do Dems all vote as directed? The treat of losing a position, Black Balled, loss of funding, all of this. We need a real Civil War to restart this country. Crime is all time high everywhere, Save your money if you have any to survive.

  13. GOD has changed the course of history to favor America from many different disasters since our founding! I have to believe HE’s still saving us from our selves and our enemies now. So, be concerned and observant, but Trust in GOD!

  14. Investigations against the Biden family business have been started by House Republicans because of suspected crimes such as wire fraud, tax evasion, & money laundering. Are we surprised that the Democrats are doing everything possible to delay the needed votes for the Speaker’s position? They Know that soon, thereafter, the Swamp will Slowly be Drained & much Truth will be revealed. Thanks to Elon Musk for Exposing the LEFT’s Twitter contents! It couldn’t have happened at a better time! Amen!


  16. I love my computer it sends for me before I even finite writing what I ‘m going to say. So what I was about to say is the men & women in D.C. are acting like children before they can get their toys. it is enough to make y our stomach turn over watching all of this mess. Shame on ALL of them. As always your Editorial was great. You Anne & Tavor have a great week end. Be safe &7 well.

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