Lord Of The Flies


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To Continue Along the Vein of Wednesday’s Editorial (June 15, 2022) Concerning the Media . . . It Seems that the Only Time Trump Gets Credit for Anything is When One of the Candidates Trump Endorses DOESN’T Win, and the Media is all a Titter for what they Describe as Trump’s Loss.

Even In Baseball . . . A Hitter Who Has A 300-On-Base-Average Is Considered A Superstar, which is Just One On-Base, in Three Up-At-Bats, but Not in the Case of President Donald Trump, Whose Primary Pick Average Is Closer To 1000 (100%) For Members Of The House & Senate & Much Better Than 500 For Other Hard-To-Win Primary Candidates, which According to the Media, the Democrats, the Never-Trumpers & the RINOS . . . That Somehow all of Trump’s Winning Picks Were Sure-Things, Like a Long Ball Hitter, Only Being Served-Up Lollipop Pitches.

And If That Is Indeed The Case . . . Why Is A Trump Endorsement Considered The Golden Ticket To Winning A Primary?


If You’re Reading This Editorial . . . You’re Most Probably Old Enough to Remember the Classic School Book, which Most Schools Made Mandatory Reading at the Level of Junior High School . . . “Lord Of The Flies”, at Least in Canada where I Went to School in Greater Montreal.

Here’s A Refresher, Which I Doubt You Need . . . But It’s Good To Remember – Especially Now.


In This 1954 Novel By William Golding . . . A Normal Group Of Boys Found Themselves Stranded On A Deserted Island, where they Had to Create their Own Society Without any Adult Supervision & No Judicial Guidance or Consequence.

It Didn’t Take Long for the Disparate Group of Boys to Divide – with One Group Becoming Tribal, which Opted to Follow a Violent Leader Based Upon Contrived Rituals, While The Other Element Chose Reason & Debate.

It Didn’t Take Long Before The Violent Group Seized Control . . . Through their Ritual of Paying Homage to the Rancid Head of a Pig Stuck-On a Wooden Spike, Surrounded by the Filth of Buzzing Flies.

Whomever Controlled The Head Of The Rancid Pig . . . Controlled The Group.

Before the Adults were Able to Rescue the Boys After an Elongated Amount of Time Alone on the Island, the Group of Oppressive Boys Had Created & Committed Mayhem, Terror & Murder, Which Blew The Minds Of The Rescuing Adults.

How Could British Lads Become So Savage? . . . The Rescuing Captain Demanded To Know.

I Bring This Book To Your Attention . . . Because even Though it was Written Almost 70-Years Ago . . . with the Memory of Nazi Europe and the Horrors of the Holocaust still Fresh in the Minds of Most People . . . Lord Of The Flies Reflects Upon The Age-Old Proclivity Of Mankind To Do Evil . . . When Evil Is Not Confronted.

Isn’t that Where we are Today, with Rampant Violence Breaking Out Throughout America, as Individuals, Gangs & Organized Crime Proliferate . . . Where Law & Order Has all but Been Suspended in Major American Cities (Defund The Police) Governed by LIBERAL Administrators?

I’ve Read A Great Deal Of Books, Plays & Sonnets . . . Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Histories, Philosophies & the Belief in Various Religions . . . But Thinking Back . . . I Don’t Believe I Ever Read a Book that was More Insightful, which also had More of a Profound Effect on my Way of Thinking & Understanding as a Young Man, than Did Lord Of The Flies, Which To This Day Is As Fresh In My Mind As It Was When I Read-It Some 60-Years Ago.


And Knowing How Our Societies Are Degenerating In LEFTIST Enclaves Throughout North America (The USA & Canada) . . . In Front of Our Eyes, the More I Understand Why LEFTIST Academia Fought Tooth & Nail to Have Lord of the Flies . . . If Not Outright Banned, Than Outright Removed From The Teaching & Learning Curricula Throughout North America.

I Often Make Reference To Two Epic Novels . . .

The First . . . which was Written by George Orwell & Published on June 8, 1949, Just Four Years After WWII & the End of the Holocaust, Describes a Dystopian Society, where the Government was the Ultimate Arbiter of Humanity . . . Which Evolved to be Known as Big Brother . . . Where Freedom Was Whatever Big Brother Said Freedom Was Allowed To Be.

The Second Classic Novel, Which Also Had A Profound Effect On My Way Of Thinking & Seeing The World . . . was Written by Ayn Rand & Published on October 10, 1957, Called . . . Atlas Shrugged, When Society Became the Opposite of a Meritocracy, Where Individual Accomplishment was Considered Unwelcomed, Because the People who Ruled the Government Decided Between Winners & Losers.


Just As An Aside – Remarkably . . . Elon Musk Reminds Me of the Atlas Shrugged Hero . . . John Galt, the Brilliant Scientist/Entrepreneur who Wouldn’t Bend a Knee to the Powers of the Governing Insiders, Who Also Believed that Freedom of Expression & Freedom of the Individual were the Foundation of Who we Are.

Another Production . . . This Time Being a Movie, which I’ve Referenced Before in My Editorials at Least Once . . . Was Putney Swope (1969), which Portrayed a Powerful Ad Agency whose CEO all of a Sudden Died, Which Immediately Demanded A SECRET Vote Amongst The Directors Of The Agency To Choose Another CEO,

The Problem Or Challenge With The Vote, was that None of the Directors were Allowed to Vote for themselves, which Led all the White Directors to Vote for the Least Qualified Director, Putney Swope, who was the Token Black Man on the Board of Directors, With The Belief That He Could Never Possibly Win.

Remarkably, Putney Swope Won 100% Of The Votes Less His Own . . . And Immediately Seized The Mantle Of CEO.

Within No Time At All . . . The Black Man (Putney Swope) with Zero Qualifications to Run the Advertising Agency, who was Now in Charge ONLY because he was a Black Man, Surrounded Himself with Other Incompetent Black People, to Whom Swope Lavished (Dolled-Out Cash) Undeserved Wealth, who Swope Brought in from Outside of the Agency . . . They Ran the Company Into the Ground Until there was Nothing Left . . . Just Before Putney Swope Absconded With Whatever Remained Of The Agency’s Money.

Does This Story Sound Familiar, Given The Current Situation In American Politics On The Left?


The Warning Bells Have Been Ringing For Years . . . Through the Novel 1984 (Published 1949), Lord Of The Flies (Published 1954), Atlas Shrugged (Published 1957) and Even the Movie Putney Swope (Produced 1969) . . . All of which the LEFT will Hide from the People at all Costs

We Can’t Know What We Don’t Know . . . But We Better Start Learning Sooner Rather Than Later.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well, schools used to teach critical thinking… and they even had debate clubs… Fast forward to 2022. To criticize anything coming from the gov. will get you labelled an “extremist”… and why debate when you can just protest and burn down the cities…

  2. North America needs a John Galt and maybe Elon Musk is the right man to lead us into the hidden valley.

  3. Howard I remember Orwell and Rand being 88 when the schools and colleges could have then on the shelf, but today the left would be in high gear to have a book burning………soooo sad!!

  4. Howard, a treasury of recall and forthright observation! Some of my favorite books, and a succinct observation of our current governing situation.

  5. I liked Gulliver’s Travels, Animal Farm and Bill-the galactic Hero–or almost anything written by Robert Heinlein!

  6. As always, you are correct. Add Orwell’s books to that list. Our educational (indoctrination) system will not allow these. Again, to quote Karl Marx: “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.”

  7. Putney Swopes is alive and well in every black run city in America. Look at what the democrats have done to our formerly fine cities, like New Orleans, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, the list is endless, and it is disgusting to see the deterioration of once beautiful places into city wide ghettos. Most of these mayors are in the mold of Idi Amin and other African despots. They are corrupt to the bone, and will never be held accountable by the law-by design, of course.

  8. After Atlas Shrugged, I read Unintended Consequences by John Ross, it is the Semi Fictional Account of Gun Control in the US. Both Books are almost like the authors had a crystal ball into the future. We the People must use our powers of Vote to rid our countries of idiot Politicians. The problem lies in that the Libs have coveted the Education of so many since the 60s that we are battling what they call freedoms, abortion, rampant Drug Use, Unpunished Crime and Lying Politicians on both sides

  9. Those books prophesied the future, for the US/North America, & now the whole of so-called free-world nations. The leftists, progressives, liberals – whatever the latest philosophical titles – are simply the latest groups doing the work of the One World Order/Government cabal of a small group of world’s wealthiest families. Exception being Elon Musk. The cabal is aided by the UN, WEF, World Bank, & all other “world” organizations. They want centralized control w/one leader. Bible foretells sam

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