All “Hail” Musk


The Communists Have Succeeded Through Academia – But Not Yet Entirely . . . Through the Entrenchment of Plausible Disinformation & Self-Doubt of American History, the Mis-Truth of America & the Denial of American Accomplishments, Permeating our School Systems from Pre-Kindergarten to University . . . That They Could Turn America Against Itself.


We Should Have Been Terrified When Barack Obama Said On The World Stage – “America Is Not An Exceptional Country”.

With Those Very Words . . . Barack Obama Described his Strategy to Destroy the Freest & Most Productive Nation on Earth, which People Worldwide Envied & Wanted Most to Emulate.

And What Was The Response To Obama’s Dropping Of The Gauntlet? – SILENCE!


We Allowed the LEFT to Indoctrinate the Entire Orwellian Strategy of Lies while Adding Many More Of Their Own Reversal Of Truths – Such As . . .

Black Lives Matter, where in all Reality to the Charlatans of Black Lives Matter – Black Lives Don’t Really Matter – Power, Money & Opulence Is All That Matters.

ANTIFA is all about Being Anti-Fascist, where in all Reality, Antifa is as Fascist as We’ve ever Seen in What we Have always Considered to be our Free Society.

CRT (Critical Race Theory) is the Supposed Study of Racial Accord & Equity (Whatever That Means), where in all Reality, CRT is Just the Opposite of Racial Harmony in the Racists’ Promotion of Racial Discord to Divide & Disrupt American Racial Unity.

LGBTQ – Or whatever Gender Alphabet Soup the LEFT Can Fashion to Manufacture a Freakish Gender Dysphoria, with which to Thrust Upon a 99% Population of Normal People, so as to be Accepted as Being Equal to the Majority for the Purpose of Destabilization . . . Has Nothing To Do With Normal.

And Then Of Course . . . The Liberal Concept That “Controlled” Speech Is Somehow “Free Speech”.

The Nazis Knew . . . that to Win the War for the Hearts & Souls of the People – First they Had to Win the War for the People’s Minds. And there Was (Is) No Better Place to Win that Victory than in the Education of the Children . . . At The Youngest Age Possible.

The Nazis Believed (Rightly-So) . . . That if Given a Child with a Clean Mental Slate, that Child Could be Indoctrinated Into their Brand of Educational Thought – Away From Their Parents – Away From Competing Thoughts . . .

. . . For Which The Nazi Educators Would Return A Child Inculcated To The Nazi Narrative.


The American Democrats & Canadian Liberals Hate Being Compared to Nazis, which Makes them Apoplectic – Probably Because the Comparison is Too Close to Home for their Own Comfort. But It Is What It Is.

It’s Fascinating How The Canadian Truckers For Freedom . . . Were Openly Compared by the Liberal Government and the Canadian Liberal Infused Media as Nazis – Yet In Canada, Trudeau Is Making It Illegal To Compare Him Or His Party To Nazis.

Hillary Clinton Famously Opined To All Who Would Listen . . . “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”. Funny thing though, When it Came to Raising Hillary Clinton’s Daughter Chelsea, There Was No Village In Sight.

So I Guess In Hillary Clinton’s Communist, Elitist, Ideological World . . . It Takes a Family to Raise the Children of the Elite and a Village to Raise the Children of all Others.

Russian Chairman Nikita Khrushchev . . . was Right when he Repeatedly Said that Communism would Never Defeat the United States Through the Front Door. But Through the Back Door . . . Communism would Inevitably Defeat the Constitutional Democracy of the United States of America without Firing a Shot.

Don’t Capture The Enemy’s Army – Capture The Minds Of The Enemy’s Children.


Before You Can Start The Process Of Getting Out Of The Hole – You First Have To Reach The Bottom Of The Hole.

Before you Can Begin to Shake Away an Addiction – First you Have to Realize & Admit that you Have an Addiction. In this Case, the Addiction is Ignorance, Mis-Focused Trust & Apathy.

Most Of Us Never Saw It Coming. And we Never Realized the Extent of the Danger we Allowed to Seep Into our Societies, Because we Allowed Ourselves to be Convinced that Standing Against Immoral Social Issues is an Immorality Within Itself.

But Not Fighting For Your Own Values Is A Sin Of Surrender.

There’s No Dishonor in Fighting for Your Freedoms & Values. And there’s No Honor in Defending the Values of those Who will Destroy Yours.

Perhaps I Will Fight To My Death To Defend Your Right To Speak . . . But I will Not Fight to Any Extent to Give you the Right to Destroy . . . That – In Which I Believe.


The Only Power On Earth Capable Of Destroying Freedom . . . Is The Unwillingness To Defend Freedom:

We’re Now Beginning To Hit Rock Bottom, and it’s Time for the Long & Painful Climb Back-Up – And the Higher we Climb, the More Desperate the Communists will Become to Pull the Ladder Away from Under-Us, as they Declare Laws to Impede our Progress Upon Every Rung of the Ladder.


DONALD TRUMP PICKED UP OBAMA’S GAUNTLET . . . And In-Spite of all they Threw at Donald Trump and at Trump’s Warriors (Family Included), Trump Never Cowered, Never Retreated & Never Retrenched – President Donald Trump Simply Kept-On-Going . . . And Now – Trump Isn’t as Much on His Own as was the Case For The Past 6-Years, as a Most Unlikely Super-Powerful Ally Has Joined the Fight.

I Don’t Suggest that Elon Musk is in Any Way in Collusion with Donald Trump. I Don’t Even Know if they Like Each Other . . . Let Alone Converse With Each Other.

Moses Led The Jews To The Promised Land – Trump & Musk Will Lead America Back To Freedom.

Whether Trump & Musk Know Each Other, Like or Don’t Like Each Other, Collude or Not Collude with Each Other . . . Is 100% Irrelevant, Because the Only Thing Relevant Between Trump & Musk – Independent Of Each Other . . . Is Their Mutual Objective – Of A Global Reach For Freedom.


We Get The Government We Deserve . . . But Not All Of Us Deserve The Government We Get.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I hope Trump and Musk are only two of the fighting warriors this nation needs – that more will come. The proposed change in Twitter policy will give a much-needed open avenue to free speech, not abusive but honest. But I don’t doubt for a second that some other onslaught will be coming to strike us down – again as the enemies used covid – two of those enemies are Schwab & Soros, et al.

  2. Great men like Trump and Musk will ultimately be remembered for more than their business exploits and accomplishments. They will forever be known for their fearlessness and guts in the face of the worst evil -That which seeks to destroy our freedoms. Now if a few more billionaires can grow a spine and stop their cowering and get on board to help get good sense back we may just have a chance to stop this tide of liberal idiocy.

  3. While reading this ed.l,Hillary’s “it takes a village to raise a child” is what the Left believes. I rather raise my own children thank you and teach them my family’s values, faith and honesty, something that is lacking in the Left’s beliefs.I don’t know what will take them down, but my faith is keeping me zeroed in on our basic freedoms and what America used to be. I missed wishing you and Ann a Happy Anniversary. We celebrated our 61st. year in 2016, but lost my love to Alzheimer’s.

  4. I just finished installing a new LED lite fixture in our closet to replace the fluorescent unit that went kaputt. I was in a great mood and decided to check my email. Now I’m down in the dumps and absolutely PISSED because EVERY LAST WORD OF YOUR LATEST TREATISE IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE! My friends and I are spreading the word, but we need more people to WAKE UP and do what they can to help turn things around. We continue to vote Republican, but that doesn’t mean much these days, unfortunately.

  5. No one has articulated the case for freedom more eloquently than you, Howard. In the 60s I read an amazing book called ‘None Dare Call it Treason’ by John Stormer. I was so impressed I ordered 50 copies and distributed them to everybody who promised to read it. Nobody with a sane mind can disagree with your premise that liberty is under assault by our ruling elites with the connivance of the liberal media. But who has a sane mind these days? Certainly not the sheeple.

  6. Hey Howard. The preponderance of Canadian major media is paid by and eagerly supporting the Liberals led by Canada’s National Broadcaster, the CBC. Now Trudeau/Butts minion Guilbeault is trying to push free speech censorship through Parliament. In America, Hunter Biden’s laptop revelations were actively suppressed by a conspiracy between the leftist media and directly contributed to Biden’s win. Suddenly, Musk promises to open up a free speech channel and the Disinformation Czar is appointed

  7. from Canada with concern, sad situation of having the socialist NDP blend themselves with the liberals and create total control of the internet so we will be dictated to of how we can communicate with each other and not be able to openly discuss how we feel and how we think, closing in on reporting on your neighbou’rs

  8. Well said. Focused, accurate. For a moment I hoped for a Trump – Musk d’ Santis US government… Board.

  9. Internet: Bill Gates announces creation of pandemic “GERM” team to monitor sovereign nations & decide when they need to suspend people’s civil liberties, force them to wear masks, & close borders. There will be one pandemic treaty, one GERM team, one global vaccine passport, & WHO will monitor every person on the planet. This is a complete contadiction by Bill Gates, a dedicated Eugenicist who said the world needs 10% depopulation and he knows how to do it. Remember this when you vote.

  10. I’m not sure but still have a hard time comprehending the possibility that 2 billionaires have the best interest in mind for the average human being. Lets hope they do and are not 2 Trojan Horses. Yes we like what we hear however could it just be a huge hail mary behind a smoke screen.

  11. We have accepted that WEED is not bad at all not even as bad as alcohol. They are pushing to make it legal nation wide. Talk to someone who smokes regularly and you will find a mind that is not functioning well. Accept the radical tattoos, purple hair, pierced parts of the body as normal, LBGQT as normal, Men competing in Women’s Sports as normal. This is all BS driven by the left, their is no moral compass as they say the Bible is wrong. Musk is opening the world so the truth can flow easily.

  12. Howard, this is the BEST Editorial you’ve ever written. You DESCRIBED the various GROUPS which are TRYING to RUIN America! Many people HEAR about them, but don’t KNOW what they truly REPRESENT. They are “capturing the minds of our children” by indoctrinating them via our EDUCATION process. The children are being “DUMBED DOWN”! Azevedo’s comments also “say it all” re: Marijuana! OBAMA is serving his THIRD term via O’Biden. Let’s hope that “Trump & Musk WILL lead America Back to

  13. I agree with everything Pauline M Demers said. Especially about the children being “dumbed down”. Put the adults in this category as well.

  14. Amen Brother! Bless you for standing your ground and writing the truth!

  15. We are thankful for you. Nobody can write like you.

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