Explain Voter Suppression


How Does It Suppress The Vote When Voting Rules & Regulations Are Exactly The Same For All Americans?


Nothing in a Free Society is More Important than an Equitable Vote, where all People who are LEGITIMATELY Registered to Vote, Vote Under the Same Rules, at the Same Time, and in a Manner that Could be Forensically Audited if Contested.

When the LEFT Speak About Voter Suppression Against Black People, Our Retort Should be as Simple as is the Truth . . . LEFTISTS BELIEVE BLACK PEOPLE ARE TOO STUPID TO VOTE!

Why Don’t All People Of Color Have This Problem?

I Could Understand the LEFT’S Angst About Voter Suppression, if the Voting Rules & Regulations were Somehow Different Between People of Color & White People. However, that is Not the Case & Perhaps More Cogently, it’s Not Even Between People of Color & White People. It Seems To Be Only Between Black People & White People.

But Maybe The LEFT Have A Point. If Black People Buy-Into This Propaganda, Maybe They Are Too Stupid To Vote.


Racial & Gender Selection Is Abhorrent To Any Semblance Of A Free Society.

Is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at the Senate Hearing for her to be Confirmed to Sit on the Supreme Court of the United States of America, Primarily Because she is a Black Woman? As I Previously Wrote . . . Because, if that is the Case, then that in Itself is More than Enough Reason to Disqualify Ketanji Brown Jackson from Sitting on the Supreme Court.

Lady Justice Is Supposed To Be Blindfolded . . . Or Am I Missing Something?

But To Add Even More To The Point . . . Any Person Wishing to Sit in Judgment of the Very Foundation of all America’s Freedoms, Should at the Very Least Respond to Legitimate Questions of Integrity & Thought, as Simple as . . . “Define What Is Woman”?

To Obfuscate over a Question as Simple & Transparent as this, Shows a Mindset Not Worthy of Representing the Full Freedoms of all the People of the United States of America.

Also . . . In A National Climate, Where the American LEFT (Democrats) has Created a National Racial Divide, Where Black People Are Being Encouraged To Self-Pity Their Skin Color, and White People are Being Made to Feel Guilty for their Skin Color . . . Why in a Million Years Would the Senate Want to Choose a Person to Sit on the American Supreme Court, Who at Best is Suspect of White Americans, in Favor of Teaching Racial Division in Schools from Pre-Kindergarten to University Based on Historical Untruths (CRT & The 1619 Project)?


Why – Should Politicians, Elitists & Media Be Immune From Judicial Punishment For Conspiracy, Lying & Defamation?

I Can’t Lie with Impunity About Someone or Conspire to Create an Untruthful Narrative for Whatever Purpose I Deem Necessary, Regardless of Circumstance Without Facing Judicial Punishment.

So Why Should Politicians, Bureaucrats, Politicians, The Media & The Social Elite?

I Might Not Like It – But I Completely Accept the Fact that News Media should have the Unbridled Right to Report or Not Report on any Issue they Choose. But that is a Far Distinction Between Creating Stories or Embellishing Stories to Suit a Non-Existent Narrative for Whatever Reason.

Perfect Case In Point . . . CNN & Multiple News Providers Defamed High School Student Nick Sandmann for Being a Trump White Supremacist/Racist, who Willfully Provoked an Elderly Native Vietnam Veteran, who was Peacefully Demonstrating at the Washington Mall by Chanting & Banging on his Native Drum.


Sandmann Sued CNN & Won An Undisclosed Sizeable Judicial Award. Other Media Settled, And Some Are Still In The Crosshairs.

The Amount of Compensation (Money) Sandmann will Eventually Win from all the Defamation Cases is Secondary, Only to the Fact that Jurisprudence has Been Established in a Major-Way Amongst the People (You & Me), which Removes the Belief that the Media are Beyond Reproach. And if the Media are Not Beyond Reproach – Why Then Are The Political & Bureaucratic Classes Not Beyond Reproach As Well?


President Trump Is Suing A Huge Number Of Politicians, Bureaucrats & Media For Defamation & Conspiracy To Defame.

If we the People Cannot Have Full Trust & Faith in the Character & Words of our Politicians & Bureaucrats, Elected or Campaigning to Become Elected . . . Then There Is No Future For Any Real Freedom For Any Of Us In Our Societies.


My Understanding . . . Is that President Trump is Not Suing for Compensatory Damages Based on Financial Harm, Other than, President Trump Is Suing for Costs Incurred for his Defense, the Defense of his Family & Associates and the Cost Suffered by the American People for the Government to Pursue Charges Against the President Based on a Known Lie . . . Vis A Vis The Russia Hoax.


In Typical Democrat Fashion, as Has been Exemplified by the Combination of Obama/Biden from the First Weeks in Obama’s Presidency . . . Biden Went Overseas this Week to Demean & Disparage the Country (USA), which Biden Professes to Love so Much.

It’s Like Someone Telling His or Her Friends How Much He or She Loves His or Her Spouse, but He or She Drinks Too Much, Lies Like a Rug, Eats Too Much, Doesn’t Bathe & Farts in His or Her Sleep . . . But Nonetheless I Love Him Or Her To The Max.

How Do You Undo That Reputational Damage?

While In Europe . . . Biden Told the Tale of the Number of Police Officers Who were Killed During The January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill Riot, and Asked other World Leaders, What They Would Think if that Happened in One of their Capitols?

How Does An Entire Nation Hold The President Responsible For Reputational Malfeasance?

Problem Is – No Police Officers Were Killed . . .  And the Only Victims at the Scene, were Two Unarmed Protestors Who Posed No Threat to Anyone, Who were Murdered at the Hands of the Police.

Biden Also Regurgitated The Lie That President Trump Called Neo Nazis At The 2017 Charlottesville Riot . . . “Fine People”.

These Lies Espoused by Joe Biden Leave an Indelible Stain Upon the Reputation of America and all the People of the United States of America, even the Stupid People who think it’s Good to Fire a Zinger Into the United States of America, Not Realizing that the Stain on America is as Much on Them as it is on Everyone Else.

I Think Trump’s Lawsuit Might Be Amongst The Most Important Litigation The Free World Could Hope For.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “I Think Trump’s Lawsuit Might Be Amongst The Most Important Litigation The Free World Could Hope For.” Loved that ending statement. It is what all this mess has been since Trump took the White House & where we are today. I hope it rakes them ALL over he coals (as the saying goes). My biggest hope now is that the judge & jury are honest, freedom-loving people & judge on merits of case & not emotions. Maddening that it took Trump’s action to bring consequences to those “above the law”. No

  2. We can only hope that the truth about the Obama,Clinton,Biden crime family and what has been going on in Europe for a decade will all come out.The first impeachment was all about Trump getting way to close to the truth about Ukraine.Is Putin an evil guy sure but that doesn’t mean this war had to happen.The fool Austin was in Ukraine last year telling Zelensky the door to NATO was wide open and here we are.

  3. Howard I wanted to tell how much I enjoyed this blog but I’m so overcome by all the crap in DC I’m unable to think straight, forgive me…………..

  4. The chance of Trump winning that lawsuit is slim and none. Even if he does win the idiots in Washington will cover for each other so that no one sees jail time, Biden would Pardon them all. I have lost all confidence in WH, we are heading for a Civil War as gas and food prices rise. The Rich Folks do not care, they can pay what ever, the working class and the retirees on fixed budgets will rise up. It is going to be HELL on Earth as Russia and China will join in. Mexico is already destroying us.

  5. Shame on Justice Stephen Breyer for his repugnant timing in agreeing to step down knowing full well he will be replaced not only by an individual who is fully unqualified but by an individual chosen by skin and gender alone. A more blatant example of political bias from a supposedly unbiased member of a presumed unbiased group I cannot imagine. Shame on him. Anyone in the free world still respect the integrity of the SCOTUS? Not me. We desperately need Orange Man Back!

  6. At the beginning of the week, toughest sanctions the world will ever see imposed on Russia; today, end of the week, santions don’t deter (sic). Jo Biden. Biden is a WEF, could it be what is motivating & driving him to destroy America, & Trudeau likewise, Canada? North America is viewed on the world stage as a weak distopia with despotic leaders & so few seem to recognise or care about it. Are we really that complacent? Who would have thought a book, 1984, written in 1945 would become reality?

  7. Great Editorial! Brown should NOT be confirmed. Justice Beyer showed his STRIPES…Leftie all the way. Glad Trump is suing. Whether this will be finalized…who knows. Trudeau was ROASTED by he EU Parliament…Best I have seen in living color! Blacks comprise 13% of our population but have their fingers in more pies then I can count. Shenanigans to defraud through ‘illegal’ voting is rampant. Where is the Rule of Law and our Constitution? Why are WE giving $1 more billion to Ukraine? Amen

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