Conservatives – Domestic Terrorists


First It Was Just Covid-19, the China Virus that was Going to Kill the World. So According to the Governments we had to Shut Down the World with the Promise from the Government, that Within a Few Weeks we’ll Flatten the Curve & Life will Go-Back to Normal.

As Things Started to Sort-Of Return to Normal, then Came the Delta Variant and this was Even More Contagious & More Deadly than the Original, so for Almost Two Years We’ve Continued Locking-Down the World.

The China Virus Was So Bad . . . that According to the Little Prick Fauci – EVERY Assemblage of People, Including Religious & Family Gatherings were Outlawed by Force . . . UNLESS you were Part of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and their Willing Dupe Followers by the Millions, who Took to the Streets to Destroy as Many Segments of the American Dream, History & Civility as they Could by Smash, Steal & Burn . . . Otherwise All Other Public Gatherings Were Illegal.

Funny Thing . . . The Rioters Were NOT Deemed Super Spreaders – Why Not?

There was No Shortage of Brave Americans & Canadians who also Said Enough is Enough, who Took to the Streets, who Went to Big Trump Rallies & Super-Large Motorcycle Events like Sturgis . . . And Guess What Again? No Super-Spreads.

And I’m Proud To Say That Anne & I Were Amongst The Maskless Demonstrators Marching For Freedom In Ottawa.

We were Told that In-Person Voting was Too Dangerous for the 2020 Presidential/Congressional Election, so the People Have to Mitigate the Risks by Use of Mail-In Ballots Nationwide, Unsupervised Ballot Drop-Boxes, Vote Harvesting, Zero Voter ID Verification, Non-Witnessed Vote Counting & Extended Voter & Vote Counting Deadlines.

And Even The Justice System Ignored ILLEGAL Bureaucrat Voting Mandates, which Were Not Created Through Legislatures.

And The Result . . . Was that an Idiot Who “Campaigned” from his Basement, and Occasionally Ventured-Out to his “Rallies”, which Couldn’t Attract Enough People to Cram Into a Telephone Booth . . . Won The Election – Really?

YET . . . President Donald Trump was Turning-Out Voters Nationwide by the Many Tens Of Thousands at Outdoor Venues Regardless of Heat, Cold, Rain or Time of Day or Night at Each Event, of which they were Non-Stop Events, which in the Final Analysis Won More Certified Votes (74-Million) for President Donald Trump than Any Previous President Ever Received for a Re-Election Campaign.

And Somehow The Dufus (Biden) In The Basement Won The Election . . . Do You Really Believe That?


The Lock-Downs Continued. Independent Businesses were Grounded to a Halt. People were Paid to Stay Home & Not to Work. In-School Education was Suspended for More than a Year, Going Onto Year-Two.

And Where There Was Education By Computer At Home . . . Parents Discovered that their White Children were Being Educated to Hate Themselves – Because According to the Educators . . . All White People Are Born With Raging Hate In Their Hearts For Black People.

And What About The Abhorrent Sexual Debauchery Being Taught To The Nation’s Children?

And While We’re At It . . . Please Explain How & Why Florida, a State with More than 21-Million People with No Government Lockdowns, No Mask Mandates & No Vaccine Mandates has Substantially Fewer Covid (China Virus) Cases than any Other State by Comparison in America?

And Why Did Sweden With No Mandates, Fare So Well, While The Rest Of Europe Didn’t.


Problem Is . . . This New Variant (Omicron) Is Supposedly so Virulent, that According to the Scientists, who are Similar to that Little Nazi-Like Prick Fauci, Tell-Us that Everyone in The World is Going to Get-It, Vaccinated Or Not.

So – If Everyone In The World Is Going To Get The Omicron Variant, Vaccinated Or Not – Why Bother Getting Vaccinated?

But Here’s The Rub . . . Also According to the Scientists, Not just the Little Prick, but Real Active Scientists, it Seems as Though Getting the Omicron Variant Establishes a Natural Immunity from the Other Variants of the China Virus.

And If That’s True – Shouldn’t That Be Great News?

According to Everything I Have Been Able to Discern from Reading about Omicron, Watched & Listened-To . . . from Real Doctors & Scientists, this Variant Seems to be No Worse than the Effects of a Common Cold, with Virtually No (Or Limited) Hospitalizations, No Ventilators & Too Few Deaths to Mention.

Even Though the Vaccines Have Proven Not to Keep Everyone from Getting the Virus, Especially as the Vaccine Effectiveness Wanes, there Seems to be Substantial Proof from Sources I Trust, that the Vaccines Contribute to Easing the Prospect of a More Intense Sickness for Some & Possibly for Many.

Anne & I Have Been Double Vaccinated & Are Considering Getting the Booster Shot, Not Because of Government Mandates, and Not Because of that Little Prick Fauci, But Rather Because of Medical & Science People & Sources I Trust & Respect.

So When Did We Ever Close Down Countries & Suspend Civil Rights & Liberties Because Of A Flu Or The Common Cold?


The Only Constant During This Entire Draconian Global Mess Is The Extreme Politicizing Of Communism.

With Every Passing Day . . . Whether it is in the Congressional House, Some in the US Senate, Amongst an Army of Mainstream Media & Even as Part of Hollywood Movie Themes . . . The LEFT is Portraying American Conservatives as Racist, Misogynist, Gun-Happy Domestic Terrorists, which in the Words of the LEFTAre Enemies To Democracy, as if What the LEFT is Really Doing Isn’t a Real Attack on all the People’s Freedoms.

It Wasn’t by Accident that Barack Hussein Obama Said During his First Campaign (2008) for the Presidency of the United States of America, About Conservative Americans . . . (To Paraphrase) That They Cling Onto Their Bibles & Guns.

Obama Was Indicting As Many As . . . and Perhaps More than Half the American Population for being Unhinged, as if there was Something or Anything Wrong or Sinister with American Citizens Loving their God, their Values, their Constitution and their Right to the Second Amendment.


MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT – The Desperate LEFT are Concocting a Political Platform to Besmirch American Conservatives as being Unrepentant Domestic Terrorists for the Purpose of Negating the 2022 Election . . . Or for Using Legal Trickery to Keep President Trump from Running Again in 2024 . . . Because I Think The Virus Has Run Its Course Medically & Politically.


And This Time Around For 2022 & 2024 . . . Stealing The Election Will Be Much Harder Than It Was In The Year 2000.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As a practicing physician for about 45 years I have developed some rather stringent sets of skepticism. There are four steps to dealing with a pandemic…the first is prevention and then there are two steps, early and then late treatment. Both these have been ignored. ‘The last is vaccination. HCQ and IVM were actively suppressed since their use would preclude the need for an EUA for the vaccines. If the vaccines were so great, mandates would not be necessary.

  2. There are 213.8 million registered voters in the United States and the voter turnout across the country was about 66.2%. This equals 141.5 million voters who voted this year. Okay, boys and girls…what’s 141.5 thousand who voted. If you take away Trump’s acknowledged 74 million votes, that leaves Biden with 67 million votes. Gee where did he get his 13 million extra votes? To make matters worse the Democrat Nazis have literally hundreds of Americans still in prison.

  3. I felt that this was a conspiracy from the first. When in my 88 1/2 years have they EVER found a vaccination that worked in less than two years? Why was the government so insistent that EVERYONE get it? Always we quarantine the person who got sick. Why are they still squashing proven medical cures? Has there ever been an illness that hit the entire world in a matter of weeks? MAYBE this is a conspiracy of some kind, so start preparing. Get your immune system strong and stay healthy.

  4. Too many have the HUTA variant and it is highly contagious – Head Up there ….

  5. It was NEVER a pandemic. The data shows a death rate in the US of 2% or less today at 1.49%. The resulting mail-in ballot campaign was the reason for it–the outcome was the goal. We were duped; Dems drew on every illegal action possible, lied & cheated AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. As for Obama, Soros comes to mind. I still believe he is primary one behind all this. He sees US as a challenge to whether he can bring us down, uses his $$ to buy/finance Antifa, BLM, etc to destroy & separate us.

  6. The SoFaComs need to go…SocialsFacistsCommunists – they ARE the virus, or cancer, too bad there’s not a medical inoculation against them. Dr. Jack, who commented above, may can confirm there’s no vaccination against ignorance or malfeasance. Joe Z – here’s another – BOHICA – Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Howard – thank you very, very much for doing what you do.

  7. Howard, the people behind what is going on do not even live in America, Soros does, but the problem is coming from the United nations, in their attempt to form a ONE WORLD GOVT. They are now a nation with in a nation, and the first thing i would do if I were Trump would be to throw the low lifes the hell out of the U.S. They are worthless.

  8. There is a lesson to be learned from the greatest American President, Abraham Lincoln to whom it is attributed said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but, not all of the people all of the time.” The people will rise up and reclaim their government.

  9. As the world turns so are the days of our lives. A corrupt gov’t pushes to gain control of our lives by causing fear of man made virus. So many have died from the FLU that has been around for centuries. Death is part of life no matter how you die. Dying because our Gov’t is pushing bad medicine is enough reason to fight. As our country fails to protect life and property the more hate raises for those who are lawless. Time to raise up arms and help the Police and protect the weak from the bad

  10. BC DOCTOR REVIEWS ‘SHOCKING’ STATS FROM RELEASED PFIZER DOCUMENTS -(COVID19 = FLU). ⍺ to Ω, we are presently at omicron. Fauci n Tam can keep lockdowns, masks n jabs going thru the whole Greek alphabet until the end Ω omega. mRNA jabs do not eradicate the virus (flu), confer immunity, prevent infection, sicknesss or death, thousands, maybe millions of unrecorded deaths. Everything upside down, it’s the unjabbed with immunity who should have the passports. Only we can end this mass psychos

  11. The biggest pandemic we have in our world today is LIBERALISM. Help stop the braindead zombies from taking over!!!

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