I was Watching the Congressional Hearing Questioning Merrick Garland, Revolving Around Garland’s Use of Politicizing the Justice Department with the FBI Against the Parents of American Students . . . My Take-Away From The Hearing Is As Follows:

It Seems to me that Merrick Garland, who was Tagged-By Barack Obama to be On the US Supreme Court as a Justice to Replace Antonin Scalia, Becomes very Nervous & Evasive when Garland is on the Witness Stand.

As A Prosecutor & Judge Merrick Garland Could Dish-It-Out. As A Witness, Merrick Garland Was An Embarrassing Travesty.

With Every Question Asked by Republicans about Issues Focused on Matters of Great Profile & Equally Great Importance, Garland’s Response was Either I’m Not Aware of the Issue, I Can’t Respond to that, or Garland Gave a Long-Winded Retort Avoiding a Yes or No Answer.


. . . A Perfect Case In Point . . . Was The Savage Rape Of A High School Girl By A Freakish Boy Dressed In Girls Garb, In The Girl’s School Washroom, which Possibly Wasn’t this Freak’s First Rape, But Certainly Wasn’t His Last, since the Freak was Arrested & Charged with a Subsequent High School Rape Following the One in Question.

This Incident Was So Outrageous . . . that there was Hardly a News Day that Passed, When this Rape Wasn’t Profiled Somewhere in the Media, which Also Led to the Unwarranted Physical Arrest of the Girl’s (Victim) Father, who Showed-Up at the School Board Meeting in Loudoun County where the Rape Took Place to Demand Answers.

This Father’s (Scott Smith) Query About His Daughter’s Rape . . . Was So Outlandishly Ignored by the School Board, that Smith’s Rhetoric Became Heated, to the Point of Violence AGAINST the Father by the Police.

If The Raped & Sodomized Girl Was Black & Raped By A White Boy In A Dress, What Do You Think Would’ve Been The Outcome?


What Transpired Was So Egregious . . . That it Made International News, and was the Primary Trigger for Merrick Garland to Invoke a Full-Blown FBI Surveillance on Behalf of the School Boards To Classify Parents . . . Not Freakish Transexuals, but Concerned Parents who are Dismayed at the Schools of America’s Curricula, Anti-White Racism & Sexual Deviance . . . As Domestic Terrorists.

And Even Though This One Incident Of Loud Consternation By Concerned Parents  . . . One of Many, was the Catalyst for this Hearing and the Reason for the FBI to Target Parents Across America, as Potential Domestic Terrorists if they Speak-Out Against the Schoolboards, which are Paid by the Parents, and are in Place Effectively to Answer to the Parents . . . Federal Attorney General Merrick Garland Pleaded Ignorance Concerning The Rape & The Subsequent Arrest Of The Aggrieved Father.


It’s One Of Two Things For Garland’s Claim Not To Know – Garland Is So Stupid & Ill Informed, Or Garland Is A Flat-Out Liar.

If Garland Is That Stupid & Ill Informed? Thank God he was Never Confirmed to the Supreme Court FOR LIFE, where Garland would Sit in Judgement of the Entire Nation of America. And if Garland Really is that Stupid & Ill Informed, Garland Should Immediately be Removed as the Attorney General of America.

The Other Possibility (Probability) . . . is that Garland Flat-Out Lied, which Would Make Him a Criminal by Lying to Congress, and a Confirmed Participant in the Deep State to Overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America.

You Decide.

In Essence . . . The Only Good that Will Come from This Hearing is to Heighten the Outrage that is Already Becoming Extreme Amongst the American People who the “WOKE” . . . Has Woken Up.


If What I’m Reading Is Correct About Canada’s Liberal Parliament, as I’m Pretty Sure it is, the Liberal Minority Government of Justin Trudeau has Delayed the Opening of Parliament by Several Weeks, Because Trudeau Feels Compelled to Help an African Country with its Economy before Dealing with the Severe Issues of the Canadian Economy.


The Other Outrage Involves Canada’s Parliamentary Committee, which is MOSTLY Controlled by Trudeau’s Liberals, which has Decided for all 338 Elected Members Of Parliament, that if they’re Not Fully “Vaxxed”, they Cannot Sit in the People’s House.

If These Outrages Weren’t So Serious, They Would Merit A Performance On Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

As I’ve Written Many Times . . . Canada Is A Lost Cause, Based Upon Years of Academic Brainwashing in Favor of Communism and the Steady Government March Towards Totalitarianism.

And if there will be Any Hope for Canada, that Hope will Resonate from a Return of Conservative Values & Governance in the United States of America.


I was Considering Hosting an Invitation for a ZOOM Get-Together for as Many as 100-Readers Of (First Come First Served). When I Decide to Do It, There will be No Cost, No Commitment to You, and the Amount of Internet Knowledge to Participate will be Negligible.

I Will Embed An Invitation Link & The Time To Join The Group In A Forthcoming Editorial If There Will Be Enough Interest.

And Since I Can Only Host 100-Invitees (Free To Me), this is the Way I will Start if there is Enough Interest. If There Is Enough Interest, I will Spend the Money & Purchase the Upgraded ZOOM Program that Can Accommodate as Many as 1,000 Guests.

If We Do This – The Programming Will Be Thus . . . I Will Mute Everyone’s Computer/Smart Phone Mic Upon Entering the ZOOM Get-Together. I will Speak for About 15 To 20 Minutes, and then Throw the Mic Open to People who Want to Make BRIEF Comments or Ask me Questions.

Because Of The ZOOM Free-Use Rules – The Entire Meeting Cannot Be Greater Than 40-Minutes Total.


I Will Embed The Link & Set The Meeting-Time On The Same Day, Most Likely At Seven O’Clock Eastern Time.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Looking forward to your hearing words, and comments. I will be tuning (Zooming) in.

    Frank Cyzick, Tavares, Florida, United States
  • Yes, Canada is a lost cause…I feel sad for the younger generations as they will have to live with these idiotic decisions today’s politicians are making! A Zoom meeting would be great! Count me in.

    Roch Lalande, Ottawa, On, Canada
  • I watched a lot but not all of the hearing and can only conclude that Garland is just another of Biden’s liars. How could anyone in his position be so unaware of so much that people who follow the American political scene would be aware. As a Canuck I don’t follow the Canadian political scene closely because it is so depressing watching the destruction of our beloved Canada by a politically correct, ignorant clown. I was shocked to read here about clown trudeau about to save an African countr

    David Cameron, Lyndhurst, Ontario, Canada
  • Great idea.

    Patricia Quinlivan Eubank, Cheyenne, WY, United States
  • I’m ready to zoom in with you and this group…

    Robert Stalcup, Copan, Oklahoma, United States
  • Merrick Garland is a big joke. So glad he wasn’t appointed to Sup. Court. Our justice system is in a mess and I wonder if we would ever have a trully free trial for any offense, state or fed. Zoom sounds like a good idea. These goons always claim they never heard of these offenses. Where do they go to ignore the news?

    Marie Quale, Shapleigh, ME, United States
  • Howard, I welcome the opportunity to attend a ZOOM meeting you host, if it works out so. Thank you for you diligence and time you spend doing what you do here.

    James Edison, Temple Hills, Maryland,
  • I listened to sock boy today telling us about his great idea of a “vaccine passport”. Freeland also said ALL the jobs that were lost have now returned. Yet she also said help, (aka government handouts) will remain for some to help stimulate the economy. If 100 per cent of the jobs have returned, why do we, the tax payers, still need to support those not working? Wasn’t this CERB supposed to only be temporary? I’m in for your Zoom…..

    Arlene Burch, Haliburton, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
  • Definitely zoom meeting.

    Cory Cameron, Timmins ON, ,
  • Garland has no problem taking the written request of a school board organization to label parents terrorists who protest at a school board meeting. And he did so with no clue of circumstances or investigate the reason for their request. Guess he got so used to sitting in judgment he forgot about investigating claims to get to the truth – what legal firms do before or upon taking a case. Then is unable to justify his actions when questioned. And this is the top legal person in our country…sad.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • Do it! I’d love to participate.

    Jim Pope, Phoenix, Arizona,
  • ZOOM I want in!

    Dick Black, Potwin, Kansas, United States
  • I’ll take Garland is a flat-out liar for $10.00 Howard.

    Arnold Silverman, Ile Bizard, Quebec,
  • Count me in on the zoom!

    Dan Coffey, Hastings, NE,
  • I would love to be part of the zoom!

    Marlene Leavey, London, Ontario, Canada
  • Please include me in the ZOOM meeting.

    SHIRLEY DAWSON, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • You can use a free program called Jitsi with no limits on time or number of attendees. Ask your computer person or contact me for more info.

    Wynn Payne, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • I would like to be included, thanks Howard. Gary

    Gary Northrupp, Cadillac, Michigan,
  • Saw Garland – what a sad ass of an AG. How could he NOT know the details of the rape? THe entire board, principle, Superintendent of that school system needs to be FIRED. ZOOM – yes, yes, yes. Please count me in. Thank you. Love stories about your travels and Tavor.

    Beverly Coleman, Wilmette, Illinois, United States
  • One of the few good accomplishments of MCConnell was to keep Garland off the Supreme Court.

    Linda Timmes, Queen Creek, Arizona, United States
  • ZOOM it !!!!

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Zoom will be grand fun with conservative intelligent people!!!! Thank you!!!! Of course a camera shot of Anne and Travor would be wonderful, too!!!!! Thank you!!!

    Susan Sheldon, Coral Springs, Florida,
  • Garland is just another scumbag liar put in place by obama who is running the country behind the scenes.

    Teri Newman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  • Zoom me in 2

    Nick Zaferis GDC1, Montreal, Quebec,
  • zoom me in as well !

    Joy C. Parsons, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Please invite me too! BTW, did you know that Zoom is owned by the Chinese? There is a class-action lawsuit over allegations of spying.

    Robin Greenwood, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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