Pay People Not To Work & Guess What?


We’re Living Under Martial Law, Which Is Dishonestly Propagated By The Media As Benign, Whether You Acknowledge It Or Not.


I Am Incredulous Of The Number Of Supposedly Smart People Who Are So-Screwing-Up Everything They Touch.

Any More Of Their “Brilliance” . . . will Destroy Everything that has Taken Two Centuries for our Forefathers to Build in America & Canada . . . And Less Than Two Presidents & One Prime Minister To Destroy (Obama/Biden/Trudeau).

I’m A Businessman – At Least I Used To Be . . . And When I Hired People in the Past to Manage for me, I Never Hired People who were Less Talented & Knowledgeable than I was, Because Who I Hired, I Needed to Trust to be Smart Enough to Get the Job Done & Not Cause Anne & Myself Problems.

We Even Vetted People Anne & I Hired To Feed Our Horses & Muck Their Stalls When Anne & I Weren’t Available.

So, When I’ve Written Often in the Past About the Acumen of our Politicians, and Have Stated Repeatedly that I Wouldn’t Hire Most of these People to Clean the Manure out of our Horses’ Stalls . . . I Wasn’t Just Whistling Dixie.

Here’s Something Else I Did. I Invited Prospective Managers to Visit with Anne & Myself at the Farm for BBQ Lunches . . . WITH THEIR CHILDREN!

Why with their Children you Might Wonder? If their Children were Ill Behaved, Non-Respectful or in Any Way Unpleasant – I Didn’t Want The Parent To Be Working For Me.


So How Do Tens Of Millions Of People Support & Elect Such Massively Incompetent Men & Women To Be Their Leaders?

When Anne & I Were Running our National Advertising Agency (Business) Promoting a Large Number of Companies in the North American Media & Hospitality Industry, we had One Client who was Quite High in the Pecking Order, who was Extremely Presentable & Exuded Enormous Competence.

The Problem With Him, Was That He Was As Dumb As A Rock & Strutted Like A Conceited Peacock.

He Was A Real Dufus, who was Consumed with his Own Perceived Brilliance & Title (Regional Vice President), which Made it Very Difficult for Anne & Myself to Do the Best Job his Company Deserved. But the Company he Worked-For Paid us a Lot of Money . . . And We As Business-People Said Thank You With Every Paid Invoice & Went Along To Get Along.

We Also Figured – If His Company Was So Dumb, To Have Elevated Him To A Position Beyond His Capability, That Was On Them.


This VP Worked in the Private Sector, which Unlike the Public Sector (Government) – Demands Competence & Success – Excuses In The Private Sector Are Never An Acceptable Option For Failure.

This Guy Really Was Stupid . . . But in Irony – Was Also Smart Enough to Hire Assistant Managers who were as Stupid as Him so as not to Feel Job-Threatened, Who were also Worried about Getting Ahead & Staying Ahead . . . That Brown-Nosing Was A Vital Part Of The Job.

At One Point . . . This Executive VP Offered Anne & Myself (Our Agency) Full Control of all their Advertising & Marketing for their Entire Number of Hospitality Properties in one Major Canadian City, which Were Part of an Extremely Well Known International Corporation, which was a Foothold for Our Agency to Become a Major Player Amongst the Big Boys . . . We Said No.

Not Long After We Decided To Walk Away . . . This Executive VP Was Let-Go & Shunned In The Industry.

Our Agency Was International . . .  But Not Substantial. And even Though Anne & I had Plenty of Employees, a Great In-House Creative Commercial Art Studio, I Wrote, Edited & Produced Literally a Thousand or More Radio Commercials and a Hundred or More Television Commercials over the Period of Doing Business (35-Years).

We Ran Our Agency (Promar Media Group) Virtually As A Mom/Pop Corporation, Which Was The Way We Liked-It.

With Us (Anne & Myself) Everything Was Hands-On . . . So When we Hired People, we had to Make Sure of Several Non-Negotiable Issues (Personal Social Assets):

We Paid Our Staff Really Well, Far More Than Some Of Them Deserved & More Than They Would Be Paid Elsewhere.

But We Weren’t Suckers . . . We Knew (Know) that if we Wanted Productivity, we Had to Pay the People the Most they were Worth, Show Genuine Appreciation for their Efforts & Results . . . And Say Thank You as we Handed our Employees their Weekly Paychecks.

BUT . . .

1 – They had to be 100% Competent & Capable.

2 – They had to be Open to Learn New things.

3 – They had to be Honest.

4 – They Couldn’t be Clock-Watchers.

5 – Their Time at Work was our Time.

6 – And they Always had to Try to Do their Best.

The Preceding Was the Criteria for all People to be Employed by Anne & Myself, Whether Working at our Advertising Agency, Helping with the Gathering of the Hay, Mucking-Out our Horse Stalls, Working to Maintain our Walking, Hiking, Riding Trails on the Property or Just Babysitting our Animals.

Imagine Hiring A Person Who NEVER Wrote A Paycheck Or Ran A Company To Run The World’s Greatest Economy?

So Here’s a Special Congratulations to all the People out there who Weren’t & Still Aren’t Smart Enough to Elect a Competent & Honest Leader.

All the Evil, Incompetence, Misery, Riots, Inflation, Energy Crisis, National Crime Wave, Homeless Pandemic, Contrived Domestic Racism, Illegal Immigration, Drug Epidemic, Unsupportable National Debt in our Respective Countries (Canada & The USA) . . . INCLUDING the Arming of the Worst Savages & Misogynists (Taliban, Al Qaeda & ISIS) Known to Humanity, the Abandonment of Countrymen, Women & Allies to be Tortured, Raped & Murdered in Afghanistan . . . PLUS The Thirteen Murdered American Servicemen & Women . . . If You Voted For Biden – IT’S ALL ON YOU & YOU’RE PROBABLY TOO STUPID TO KNOW-IT.


Don’t Be Silent. Don’t Argue With The Ignorant LEFT. Don’t Be Afraid To Withhold Your Business & Services & Turn-Out The Vote.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen, Howard. Every new small business owner would be extremely successful if they followed your timely and sensible recommendations. Their long-term success will definitely depend on their following them!

  2. Loved your analogies! One of the Sunday messages from an online pastor we enjoy described part of the problem today as parents changing from “helicopter” parents where they allow children to learn from their mistakes but still be there for them, to “curling” parents that have to remove any obstacle for their little Jonny or Jane. That hit me as a great reason there are so many people that don’t know how to cope with life these days!

  3. Back when I was growing up I lived on a small farm. I had daily chores to do and if I didn’t do these chores I got my ass busted. My pappy didn’t give out much money to us kids, maybe 10 or 15 cents a week. When hay making time came around my pappy would hire some kids to help but not city kids. My pappy was very strict, us kids were never allowed to bring school books home to study as he said do our chores, eat supper and go to bed. The way I was raised would not go over very good now days.

  4. Howard, thank you for the excellent commentary. The Biden voters don’t know that they don’t know and until they know that they don’t know, they won’t know what they should know!

  5. Ministers (US Secretaeies) are almost never chosen for their experience in their particular Ministry. As Candidates, they are voted in by the public who knows little about them. They are put in Ministries that provide coverage across the Country and “learn” how their Ministry works from Deputy Ministers who may have worked for the previoussly defeated Party. What can anyone expect from unknowledgeable, untrained, elected polititians who think they can do help the Country, but within Party lines?

  6. There’s an old expression; Those who can’t do, teach! This still rings true today. For some stupid reason we refer to academia for questions on all sorts of topics and issues plaguing society. Like asking professors about economic trends, as though they were the gurus. Instead of smartly asking industry professionals, business owners and people on the street who can give better and far more relevant analysis and impressions. It is our own fault for hailing these Marxist losers as go-to pros.

  7. Howard, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer; neither am I the dullest one. I have known several highly educated people with Ph. D’s, with no common sense. I have mucked out animal stalls & Chicken roosts, done all kinds of manual labor and earned a BA degree, unlike several that I knew who were fraternity rats. Some rarely attended class & took courses selected by their fraternities which had copies of every test given by certain professors. They only had to study the tests to get an “A”.

  8. There are at least 2 problems with politicians–1. Once elected, they think that they know everything–2. What’s even worse–they think that they have to do something–please leave it alone!

  9. I have made money for doing projects for Highly Educated folks who had no idea how to do simple things for themselves, mechanic work, simple home repair, etc. I worked with a female for 3 years at a large corporation who was totally inept, damaged lots of equipment and caused injury to others, she was finally fired. She became a High School Teacher, which my kids had, years later. She was finally let go for Morals and Drug charges, I was part of a Parent group to get her fired, the SB liked her.

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