The Sticks & Stones Revolution

It All Comes-Down To The Right Of People To Own & Bear Arms

This Is A Fact . . . Every Major Law Enforcement Agency & The Vast Majority Of Street Cops Support The 2nd Amendment.

When Biden and the Like, Cry For Gun-Control, What they are Really Demanding is People Control. Guns Kill – They Really Do. But so Does Junk Food, Knives, Baseball Bats, Fists, Feet & Cars. So, Why Isn’t Biden & His Anti-Gun LEFT Screaming To Ban All Of These Apparatus? Arson Kills Too, but I Don’t See a Ban on Matches & Gasoline.

As We All Know . . . Or Should Know – The Second Amendment Isn’t About Hunting & Protecting Yourself From Your Neighbor.

The Second Amendment . . . The RIGHT to Own & Bear Arms – is all About Protecting the Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Freedoms for Which it Stands.

Hunting & Personal Protection Are Only Several Bonuses Of The 2nd Amendment.


We’re Watching A Nascent Revolution For Freedom From The Tyranny Of Their Government . . . Trying to Take Hold on the Streets of Communist Cuba, Where the Freedom Demonstrators are Facing a Vicious, Trained & Well Armed Communist Para-Military, who are Literally Beating, Kidnapping, Murdering & Destroying People (Non Violent Protestors) Before our very Eyes, as the Brutality Unfolds on Television and over the Internet.

How Are These Brave Cuban Freedom Fighters Supposed to Fight For Their Freedoms Un-Armed?

The Answer Is . . . They Can’t, Unless Someone High Ranking in the Cuban Military or Paramilitary (Police & Secret Police) Rise-Up to Take the Fight to the Repressive Communist Regime on the Part of the People. But I Don’t See That Happening.

Or, If Another Nation, Somewhat like the USA, Decides to Intervene by Surreptitiously Arming & Equipping the Cuban Freedom Fighters . . . Which Under The American Socialists In Office – Seems Highly Unlikely.

If This Was The Trump Administration . . . I Would have Confidence that there Might be Some Kind of Clandestine Support for the Cuban Freedom Fighters from the CIA & Others from Within the Military World of the US Government. But this isn’t the Trump Administration, So Good Luck With That.

But There Is Another Possibility, which Includes the Support of a Wealthy Intervenor, or a Cabal of Wealthy Intervenors with American Cuban Participation, Giving the Cuban Freedom Patriots A Fighting Chance . . . But Not Like The 1961 Bay Of Pigs Fiasco.

After All Is Said, Written & Done . . . It All Comes-Down To The Right Of People To Own & Bear Arms.

WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO OWN & BEAR ARMS . . . Where’s the Guarantee for Freedom in the United States of America from the Excesses of Government? America Would Become CUBA.

Let Me State This Again . . . The Right To Own Arms Was The First Major Right Suspended By The Nazis & We Know Why.


At The End Of The Canada-Day Long WeekendJuly 3rd, I was Either Stung by Mosquitos or Bitten by Ants or Bitten by a Spider on my Right Inside Ankle. From what was just a Simple Itch, the Bite Morphed Into an Infected & Painful Raw Wound with Swelling, Virtually Overnight.

So I Needed A Doctor to Have a Look at this because it Hurt . . . And Mostly, because I’m a Type Two Diabetic & Having an Infection in the Lower Extremities . . . Could Very Well Become Sufficiently Serious . . . Sufficient Enough To Require Something As Extreme As Amputation.

To See My Family Doctor Of More Than 35-Years . . . Meant an Appointment Not Before the Beginning of August, More Than 30-Days Away, Because in Canada, there is a Dearth of Doctors because . . . It Simply Doesn’t Pay For Many To Practice PUBLIC Medicine.

So I Did what Most Canadians Have to Do When they Need to See a Doctor Now . . . and I Went to the Emergency Ward at the Local Hospital (Glengarry Community), to Sit with Numbers of Other People Doing the Same thing for Hours Upon Hours.

I Did This 8-Days Ago & Sat for a Very Long Time in the Emergency Ward to see a Doctor for Him to Take a 30-Second Look at my Ankle & Prescribed a 7-Day Regimen of an Antibiotic.

“And What If I Still Have The Infection In 7-Days? I Asked Him . . . Then You’ll Have To Come Back” He Responded.

So . . . After 7-Days, the Infection, Swelling & Pain were No Better, I Think They Were Worse, so I Went Back to the Emergency Room, and after Waiting 4-Hours, Occasionally with No One Else Waiting, I Had Enough.

I Went to the Registrar & Gave Back the Alarm which they Handed to me to Signify When the Doctor would See Me when it Buzzed. . . And I Went Home.

It Took Me A Half Hour Each Way To Drive To The Hospital, The Cost Of Gas, Parking & 4-Hours Lost From My Life.


When I Initially Saw The Triage Nurse, she was Incompetent, Dismissive on this Side of Rude, Didn’t Know How To Operate the Computer, Mixed-Up my Healthcare Card & Needed Assistance from Another Nurse to Complete a Simple Task. Incompetence in the Public Field is Not Reason for Discipline or Punishment.

That’s Not The Kind Of Initial Treatment That Builds Confidence.

I Told Her What The Problem Was . . . And I Shouldn’t Have Had to Tell Her Anything, Because She had the Record of my Last Visit from Just a Week Ago Right in Front of Her, And That all I Needed was a Doctor to Have a Simple Look, Perhaps for as Long as Maybe Two Minutes, just to Tell me if my Problem is Stable, Getting Better or Getting Worse . . . And If I Needed Another Prescription For Antibiotics.

Anne & I Are Fortunate, because Both of us are Aware, Computer Savvy, Inquisitive, Won’t Take Stupid & Incompetence for an Answer and we’re Resilient, to the Point, that at Around 9:00 O’Clock Monday Night we were Able to Track-Down Various Telemedicine Websites Staffed by Certified MD’s (Doctors) Funded by the Province of Ontario, One of which we Contacted, who Listened to our Problem, Diagnosed the Solution Over the Phone & Had the Authority to Prescribe Reasonable Medication.

This Isn’t The Best Solution, But It’s Better Than Nothing.

So, Sitting in the Comfort of our Living Room with my Foot-Up in the Air on the Recliner, I Spoke with a Certified Doctor, Explained my Problem, Didn’t have to Sit for 4-Hours in a Waiting Room, Only to be Told that I Would Need to Sit for at Least Another Two Hours, by Public Healthcare Workers who Couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About my Pain, Situation, Discomfort & Stress.

I Don’t Think I Should Be Pushed To The Head Of The Line . . . But I Also Shouldn’t Have Been Ignored Like A Piece Of Meat.

After a Few Minutes of Discussion with the Telemedicine Doctor, He Asked for the Address of the Pharmacy we Use & Within a Moment, the Doctor Told me that the Prescription was Sent.

And First Thing In The Morning (Tuesday) At 9:00 O’Clock Sharp, I Called the Pharmacy. The Pharmacist Told me that He had Already Prepared the Prescription and it was Ready for Pick-Up. So Here’s Hoping.


If You Want Canada-Style Healthcare . . . This Is What You Have To Look Forward To & Much Worse.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The reason the 2nd adornment was written is the Founding Fathers wanted the citizens to defend themselves against the Government. They fought against the government of England for their freedom and knew we needed weapons to do the same if the time came that the Feds tried to take away our freedoms. The current people are trying to do such and we must stand for our rights & tell them ON WAY are we giving you our guns. Go after the bad guys not our guns.

  2. To today’s Leftists – just like it was with the Nazis of 1930s Germany – gun control has nothing to do with guns. Instead, it’s all about their getting more & more control; usually at the expense of someone else’s Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties.

  3. A Constitutionally mandated “government” that fears and would disarm those who elect it into office is called a dictatorship. Why we keep playing around with the concepts of rights to bear arms “to hunt” rather than to protect a citizenry from such a government has become just plain nuts. It is time, well past time, to describe those who would disarm citizens as what they are – dictators wearing many coats but all the same nevertheless.

  4. I agree with you but….. You had said in last article you would not tolerate anyone talking about violence or armed insurrection,, that we need to do this by all legal means. The 2nd amendment is in place so that the legal means to stop illegal governments is at the end of a gun! Here in Canada our NAZI totalitarian government has illegally, and with the help of the judiciary, done away with our supposed highest law in the land , The Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

  5. Here in Soviet Kanada we don’t have a Second Amendment. This means that as the Liberals encroach on our rights, we’re sitting ducks. As for healthcare, I experience private healthcare every winter in Florida and state-monopoly healthcare every summer in Kanada. The difference is night and day, and it’s called rationing. That’s because the Kanadian system views each patient as a cost while in the US he is a customer. What’s the use of “free” healthcare if you can’t get it when you need it?

  6. I almost lost my right leg to an infected spider bite and I still have flare ups from the staph infection left from it. So I feel your pain Howard. Get better, and good luck.

  7. Howard, you hit the nail on the head ,when you said tyranny. It will not be accepted and I believe that if it can not be destroyed peacefully it will be destroyed by force. The commie bastards have pushed it to that point. Gun confiscation will result in bloodshed if they try it. Ghost guns are burried by the thousands in almost every state. come and get them Biden

  8. I have been affiliated in some manner with law enforcement for over 40 years, never an officer. Search and Rescue in 3 different states. I have carried a concealed carry permit for most of that time. Only once has it ever been challenged and that was by a local City Chief in a CA town. I could carry in the state but “Not in His Town”. I moved to another State. Most cops value the back up support of well trained armed Citizens, had this discussion many times in ID where I now live. Biden no go.

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