If You Debate Stupid – What Does That Make You?


Anne & I Have a Gorgeous 3 1/2-Month-Old European Bred German Shepherd Puppy, Which We Bought At 3-Weeks-Old.

Anne & I Know a Lot About Animals, Since we have had Horses (Still Do), Cats & Dogs. And I can Tell you With 100% Confidence, that Raising & Training a Young Animal is No Different than Raising & Training a Young Child.

If Your Puppy, Kitten, Yearling – Etc . . . Has the Right Stuff (Mental Foundation) To-Begin-With, How that Animal is Going to Turn-Out (Mature) is Entirely (100%) the Result of how that Animal was Raised, Nurtured & Believe it or Not . . . TAUGHT VALUES.

You Can’t Argue, Reason . . . Or Debate With An Animal Whose Mind Is Mush . . . No Less a Person. Because . . . In the Final Analysis – All You’ll Get Will Be A Bad Result.  And that’s where we are Today with our WOKE Idiots. They Want us to Debate with them, so that we will Get Right Down in the Mud where they Have Nothing to Lose, and we Have Nothing to Gain.

Tavor Is A Magnificent Puppy . . . He has Everything a Puppy Needs Psychologically to be Great. And How Tavor is Going to Develop as a Full-Grown Dog will Depend ENTIRELY on How Anne & I Raise & Train Him.

Having any Puppy, but Especially a German Shepherd Puppy Bred from a Working Dog Line (Guard, Police & Military), with a Strong Prey Drive, is a Great Deal of Work, Patience, Frustration & Obligation. But with the Right Amount of Commitment & Training . . . A Good Dog Becomes A Great Dog, and a Dog that Could have been Great, but was Never Nurtured or Trained Properly is Usually at Best a Nuisance and at Worst a Problem.

Same Can Be Said About Children. We’re Seeing It Today.

This Is Tavor Photographed Yesterday At 3 1/2 Months

We Call Him Tavor, Which Has Three Meanings For Us . . .

FIRST – if you Don’t know, Anne & I are Shooters . . . Handguns, Carbines & Shotguns, So Now You Know.

SECONDA Tavor Happens to be One of the Very Best Assault Bullpup Carbines on the Market, which is Made in Israel.

THIRD – There Were Two Significant Battles at the Mount of Tabor (Biblical Spelling).

The First Happened 12-Hundred Years Before The Birth Of Christ & 200-Years Before King David, when a Jewish Israelite Heroine (Deborah) Ordered Her Generals into Combat Against the Vastly Superior Armored Troops of the Canaanites, where the Israelites Emerged Victorious, which Established Israel as the Land of the Jews.

The Second Battle Of Mount Tabor (1799), Pitted Napoleon Bonaparte’s French Legion Against a Turkish Army, which was Far Superior in Numbers to the French, but was Nonetheless Routed because of Napoleon’s Superior Military Strategy.

Which Brings Me To Why We Call Our Beautiful Puppy Tavor.

THE BREEDERS . . . Where we Bought Tavor are Located in Fort Langley BC, just 10-Minutes or so from where Anne & I were Spending our Winter. And What was Most Interesting . . . No-One in Canada which we could Find, and Believe-Me we Tried, had Puppies for Sale, Especially European Bred German Shepherd Puppies of Excellent Breeding.

And Not Buying a European-Bred German Shepherd Dog was Not an Option for Anne & Myself, since over the 48-Years that Anne & I have been Married, Tavor is our Fourth German Shepherd Dog; Meaning that we Really Know what we’re Talking About vis a vis German Shepherd Dogs.

For Us . . . Nothing Would Suffice – Other than A European Bred German Shepherd Puppy from Excellent Breeding Stock, since Whichever Puppy we Bought, Would Become A 10-12 Year Member Of Our Family & Hopefully Longer Than That.

I Don’t Want To Brag . . . But When It Comes To German Shepherds, Anne & I Have Forgotten More Than Most People Will Learn.

SO – You Might Understand . . . Why Anne & I were Very Reticent about Buying a German Shepherd Puppy (Especially At A Hefty Price) from a Breeder who had 5-Puppies from the Same Litter for Sale, When we Couldn’t find Any Breeder in all of Canada with any Puppies.

In Our Transaction For Tavor . . . Not Only Did we Find a Phenomenal Breeder and a Great Puppy, but we Also Learned a Tremendous Lesson about the Sikh Religion.

The Breeders Were A Sikh Family . . . Absolutely Dedicated to German Shepherd Dogs, Boarding all Dogs, Using their Dogs for Drug & Explosive Sniffing for Outgoing Cruise Ships & Training Police & Military Worldwide on How to Train their own Service Dogs.

As It Turned-Out The Breeders Were Also Famous For Dog Rescues From Bad Circumstances Throughout Mainland British Columbia.


Why Do You Have Puppies When No One Else Has?

The Answer Brought-Us Partly To The Culture of Sikhism . . . Where Unknown to us, in the Sikh Religion, Dogs are Revered, and it’s Far More Important for the Sikh Breeder to Find the Right Home for their Puppies, than it is for the Breeder to Make the Most Amount of Money from the Sale of the Puppies by Being Indiscriminate Where the Puppies Wind-Up.

Anne & I Asked The Breeders A Gazillion Questions . . . About their Dogs, from the Males, Females, Puppy Lineage & Breeding Program . . . all the Way to How they Wean their Puppies, for which they Didn’t Hesitate for a Second with all the Right Answers . . . But What Impressed Us Most, was that the Breeders Asked us a Gazillion Questions, Testing us on our Knowledge of Dogs, but Most Specifically on What we Knew about German Shepherd Dogs.

It Didn’t Take Long Before Anne, I & The Breeders Bonded, Especially Since We Were Very Doubtful that we were Going to Make a Deal on a Dog with them for Various Reasons.

One – The Price was Way Out of Our Range. Two – We Suspected they were Something (Puppy-Mill) . . . Which They Were Definitely Not.

Also . . . There Was A Very Unexpected Circumstance, in as Much as When the Breeders Placed the Three Male (3-Week-Old) German Shepherd Puppies on the Grass, one Immediately Fell Asleep. The Second Sat in One Place Looking up at the Clouds, while the Third Wiggled his Plump Behind . . . About 6-Feet To Lay On My Foot.

When I Pushed-Him off my Foot & Took Several Seps Backwards to see What he would do, this Same Puppy, Got-Up & Waddled-Over to Lay Down on my Foot Again. And Unbeknownst to me, Anne also Selected this Puppy out of the Three as a Possible Puppy for us to Purchase.

At One Point . . . I Asked The Husband . . . “Because You Breed & Train Shepherds For The Police & Military – How Do Your Dogs React To The Crack of Gunfire”? I Asked this Question, Because Anne & I Go to the Shooting Range Quite Often & Once a Dog Comes Into our Home and our Life, Where We Go . . . Our Dog Goes.


The Breeder Looked At Me Quizzically & Asked – “Why? Do You Have Guns”? To which I Answered . . . “Lots Of Guns. My Wife & I Both Shoot & Are Members Of Several Shooting Ranges In Canada & The United States”. At which Point, I figured, Being in Uber LEFTIST British Columbia on the Mainland Nonetheless, this Relationship was Just About to End . . . The Husband Looked at me and Said . . . “I Just Got A Brand New Israeli Tavor . . . Do You Want To See It”?

And That Was That . . . They Dropped The Price By $1,000 & 4-Weeks Later Tavor Was Our Dog In Our Home.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wow, Howard, what a great and wonderful story. I look forward to meeting all y’alll and Tavor.

  2. I’ve owned 5 in my lifetime Howard. Every single one was my best friend.

  3. Dogs, especially smart dogs can read human minds – big dogs especially – you know that – but most do not believe it. That’s why your pup chose you.

  4. You are right about dogs and children. I find that people whose dogs are an untrained mess that their children are no different, and invariably the parents are liberal.

  5. Are you sure you own Tavor or is it the other way around? I grew up with dogs – working dogs. I’m a dog person. Give a dog a responsibilty and you will get a great dog. You said they start out like children. On the other hand try a cat and find out what life’s about. Just asking – I think.

  6. Truly karma for you, Anne and Tavor! Wonderful story.

  7. Truly karma for you, Anne and Tavor! Wonderful story.

  8. Thank you for another excellent editorial, Howard! Congrats again to you & Anne for making Tavor part of your family!! Can’t add much to the other comments, but as dog lovers already know…dogs make us better humans…especially those children who are raised with them & by them! We love all animals, including our precious cats, but there is not the same “connection” as with dogs who seem to know us better than we know ourselves. God bless you all.

  9. Tavor has found his wonderful, forever home. He couldn’t be in a better place. thank you so much forsharing hpw Tavor came to be part of your family. He’s one lucky pup!!! AND, OH SO HANDSOME!! Love the picture!

  10. Good read but Stupid being Stupid as the left Wing are. While here is little old me that is more Right Wing than the Reform Party. Every day that I go on your blog Sue asks me if their are photos of Tavor boy he sure grew in 3 weeks sence we last seen him.

  11. With those ears, you need to keep him out of the wind LOL

  12. Must be something about the best of BC breeders. My wife and I have a Great Pyrenees that we obtained from a breeder in northern BC. He asked us all different kinds of questions to see if we would be good owners of one of his dogs. At one time he had 60 GPs at his place. We learned about him through two owners that we met. One in California and the orher in Washington. They both had beautiful well-behaved dogs. It took almost a year before Jon Luq said that he had a dog for us.

  13. What a beautiful pup you have. My brother breeds Golden Retrievers, & during visits to North Idaho & Washington, he asked me about getting a puppy. I’m single, & didn’t think a dog would fit into my life. While at my brothers looking at all the 4 week old pups in the litter (11), one of the pups kept walking over to me, then jumped up on the side of the kennel, wagging his tail, and couldn’t give me enough dog kisses when I picked him up. I got my pup, he picked me, easy to train, best dog ever.

  14. You are correct, Howard–“Raising & Training a Young Animal is No Different than Raising & Training a Young Child.” Tavor is a BEAUTIFUL dog! Can’t get over the size of his ears! AMEN!

  15. Awesome story Howard. A great way to start my Saturday. Thank you.

  16. You CAN’T argue with a Leftist MORON! As you already know, half of America is stupid. How else would Sleepy, Creepy, Bumbling, Stumbling, Mumbling Beijing Biden have a 49% (or whatever it is) approval rating? There’s NOTHING we can do to change that. THEY WON’T LISTEN!!!

  17. Hi Howard.. having started a rescue org and saving all breeds of dogs & cats from kill shelters and horrible situations for over 25 yrs, we have been death on breeders. Bad breeders, puppy mills, back yard breeders. These breeders of Tavor gives me hope for change in the breeding world. “The greatness of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals” Mahatma Gandhi / Mary Bemis

  18. You & /Anne were at the right place at the right time for you to have your handsome fella Tavor. Oh and he will grow to be really more handsome than he is today .Wishing you three all the best there is to havr,

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