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Hitler Was A Monster . . . But So Was Stalin – Who Were Allies Before They Weren’t.

Almost A Year Before D-Day . . . The Fight For Freedom Began In Earnest . . . as the World Realized just how Vulnerable Freedom Was at the Hands of the Nazis. But, What No One Seems to Speak About are the Soviets, who Were on the Other Side of the Totalitarian Coin.

Americans, Canadians, Brits, Free French, Indians (India), Australians & The Jewish Brigade Hit The Beaches Of Sicily.

On Saturday – July 10, 1943 . . . Almost a Full Year Before D-Day, George S Patton Led 150,000 Allied Troops on the Beaches of Sicily as they Stormed the Shores of Sicily to Begin the Long Hard Push through Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands (Holland) to Eventually Reach Germany.

My Dad Was With The Allies As They Hit The Beach At Sicily. He was Wounded & Decorated at the Battle of Monte Casino, where he Temporarily Left the Scene of the Battle for Whatever Medical Attention they could Give Him, so he Could get Back to the Fight as Soon as the Blood of his Wound (Head Shrapnel) was Contained.

Like All The Allies Who Were Wounded . . .  If They Could They Did – My Dad Got Back Into The Fight.

By The Time Of D-Day . . . Patton’s Troops & the Allies were well Ensconced in Europe, where Millions of Young Men from Mostly English-Speaking Countries (USA, Canada, England, Australia & New Zealand) were Shedding Blood & Treasure for the Freedoms of People of Other Languages, Cultures & Nationalities.


The War (WWII) Was Just Ended & General George S Patton & British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill Were Advocating Going To War Against The Russians.

Both Patton & Churchill Believed that their Allied Troops were More Powerful Together After the War than they would be in the Future, while the Russians were Still Reeling from their Battles with the Germans.

Patton & Churchill Were Right . . . American Democrats (FDR & Truman) Were Wrong.

Patton was Extremely Worried about the Russians’ Proclivity to Spread Communism Around the World, Especially in the United States of America. Churchill was also Worried about the Inculcation of Communism in England – but was Equally Worried about Russia’s War-Like Grab of Eastern European Countries, which the Allies Fought to Make Free from the Germans.


After All These Decades . . . Not Only Were Patton & Churchill Right In Their Individual Ways . . . They Were Both Prescient.

The Soviet Union & The Iron Curtain Have Both Fallen . . . However, Communism in Many of its Guises, which is No Different than Fascism, which is the Other Side of the Same Coin of Communism, has Infiltrated our Society from the Basement to the Penthouse. And All Of It Through Academia.

I’ve Been Giving All Of This A Tremendous Amount Of Thought & Have Concluded With The Following . . .

I Have Written For Years . . . That Academia has Been one of our Greatest Problems. I was Wrong. ACADEMIA IS OUR GREATEST PROBLEM.

I’m Not Writing about Teachers who are Educating our Children in the Skills of Reading, Writing & Arithmetic . . . I’m Writing about our Socialized Academic Trade Unions & School Boards, which Have in Many Ways Usurped Education with Inculcation . . . Indoctrinating our Children from Nursery School to Post Graduation (University) with the Ideas & Philosophies of Karl Marx and other Notable (Despicable) Communists.


WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE FULL TRUTH OF JOE MCCARTHY . . . Because The LEFT Is Changing Facts & History – But . . .

I Couldn’t Give A Rat’s Ass . . . About the Personal Life of Joe McCarthy or the Inartful (Politically Incorrect) Means & Methods McCarthy used to go After American Supporters of Communism, Especially Communists in the Media . . . And Specifically in Hollywood, Because, as the Dust is Currently Settling . . . McCarthy Was Right . . .  And the Progeny of these Communists & Communist Sympathizers of these Post WWII Communists are Doing Exactly what McCarthy Warned America was Going to Happen.

Communist Leader . . . Secretary Nikita Khrushchev was Clear When he Said (To Paraphrase) at Several International Forums . . . Russia Will Never Have To Worry About Destroying America, Because America Will Do That All By Itself From The Inside Out.


We Have Been Asleep At The Switch.

We Have Taken Our Freedoms For Granted.

We Have Allowed Avarice To Become An Objective.

We Have Traded A Meritocracy For The Expectation Of Entitlement.

We Have Not Paid Attention To The Values & Virtues Of The People We Elect.

We Have Forgotten Our History.

And We Have Allowed – More Precisely – We Have Encouraged Academia To Raise & Indoctrinate Our Children.

Because Of The Excuse Of The Chinese Caused Pandemic . . . The Unions of Academia Shut-Down Schooling for a Full Year in Most Places, but Most of all in LEFTIST States & Cities . . . But the Unions DIDN’T Shut-Down The Revenue Paid To Teachers Who Didn’t Work . . . When we Consider the Cost to our Children Who Have Lost a Year of their Lives of Scholastic & Social Development Because of these Forced Teacher Unionized Scholastic Shutdowns . . . I See Blue Skies Ahead In The Clouds Of Academia.

Shut Down All The Schools Where The Teachers Are Determined Not To Teach . . . and Do What President Reagan Did (August 5, 1981) to the Air-Traffic Controllers who Didn’t Want to Work . . . And Permanently Fire The Lot Of Them.

And For Those Who Are Not Fired “Yet” . . . Make It Clear – Indoctrination Is Not Part Of The Three R’s.

I Realize that the States are Responsible for Education. And I also Realize that as Long as there is a LEFTIST Government in Washington, what I am Proposing is Not Feasible . . . But There Won’t be a Socialist Government in Washington Forever, Probably Not Past 2022 . . . So Now’s The Time To Organize & Let It Be Known.

If We Want To Defeat The LEFT, Take It Down At Its Roots . . . And Make The Teachers Pay!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thomas Sowell: “Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.”

  2. SULLEN? Dis you mean sullied?

    I Could Have Used Morose Instead . . . But Sullen Is What I Chose

    PS – If anyone has any Edit Suggestions Please send them Directly to my Email Address. This Service is for Comment Only – HG:

  3. I have sai for years Tail Gunner Joe was right…. Thank You for writing that…… Communists are everywhere… the use polite language like socialist or progressive …b ut a pig with lipstick is still a pig…

  4. Bless you for righting a terrible wrong. Joseph McCarthy is vindicated.

  5. Artificial intelligence doesn’t have a chance in hell at beating out natural stupidity.

  6. Even if we return to school how can people like us ever trust the education system. We can’t Keep them home so we can teach our children what’s REALLY going on. And band together to form militias cuz the heavens are going to open soon.

  7. Wow, you brought back many memories. I retired from CA education nearly 20 years ago. I taught grades 7 – 11, was a principal of 2 elementary schools & 1middle school in the heart of Silicone Valley. I experienced first hand what the stupid, progressive tendencies of fellow teachers who taught what they wanted based upon their ideology. I had a hard time surviving then and I wouldn’t survive today. Yes, fire the lot of them if they fail to show love of our Constitutional values.

  8. As usual, you are spot-on! I am not optimistic about reversing the indoctrination of our youth by academia. This has been going on for decades & decades. .

  9. Truer words have never been spoken.You are right on the mark.

  10. I’m sure my father, who served for 4+ years in WW II, is rolling over in his grave at what is happening in our public education system today. is it any wonder that young people are now thinking that Socialism/Communism is a great idea?

  11. The reason I LOVE your Blogs is because you are so on target that I do not feel so all alone in my thinking in this crazy world. Thanks again for the history lesson on WW2 as I am a great student having 5 uncles ( plus 1 aunt) to serve during that time. My dad kept a day by day scrapbook on WW2 starting with the “dress rehearsal” of the Spanish Civil War. Daddy predicted WW2 and was right! I have most of his scrapbooks and was inspired to do the same thing during the 6 Day War in 1967

  12. Great article Howard. While visiting the Eastern European Countries I discussed the Russian take over after WWII with some of the people. Most appreciated the U.S. and Allies but also felt that their country had been prostituded because they wanted to hurry up and get out. They also did not want a confrontation with Stalin. Patton and Churchill were right. We forget but it was only a few years ago that these people were free.

  13. Lord, thank you for Winston, Joe and George………AND Howard!

  14. My father was at Utah beach 7 days after D Day. As a Heavy equipment operator he was assigned Burial Duty. He trenched miles of beach so that others could lay the remains of those who died there could be buried. He said many times that Patton was right about Russia. Years later when we went into Iraq, Swartcov, sp, wanted to go into Iran and finish the Job but was stopped by Politics. Both were right. Look what is happening to Israel, it could have been prevented. Schools are ruining our Youth.

  15. Let’s not forget that MacArthur wanted go from Korea into China. Truman fired him. Would have solved a lot of current problems.

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