It Has Long Stopped Being Of, By & For The People


I Always Say Thank You To All The People Who Support Galganov.Com . . . But This Time I Have To Really Say . . . THANK YOU!

In this Hateful Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic World, I Would Not Have Been Surprised to See Fewer People Supporting Because of my Unabashed Support for Israel. I Would Have Been Disappointed But Not Surprised . . . However, I am Neither Surprised Nor Disappointed . . . So Again – THANK YOU!

I’ll Never Get Rich Doing This . . . But As Long As I Can Hold My Own – That’s More Than Good Enough.


Anti-Semitism . . . Has Been with the World and a Curse Upon Jews Everywhere for Thousands of Years. But Every-Now & Then – Public Jew-Hatred Subsides Amongst Polite Society, But Never Goes Away.

And Even Though the Elitists Level the Charge – That it’s Only the Far Right that Hates Jews . . . The Truth Is Opposite, Succinct & Historic – The Nazis Were of the Far LEFT as Were the Russian Communists . . . And No One Hated Jews More than the Nazis & Stalin’s Communists – Which Can Now Be Said About American Socialist Democrats & Canadian Socialist Parties (Liberal, New Democrat & Green).


Since 9/11 2001 . . . Anne & I Have Always Flown A US & Canadian Flag Wherever We Were . . . But Not Anymore.


In Support Of Israel, and the Jewish People of Israel, who are the VICTIMS of a Savage Regime of Arabs (Palestinians), who Seem to Live to Create . . . Terror, Death & Mayhem Wherever They Go – I Decided to Fly my Israeli Flag (Magen David) On the RV Compound Which & Where Anne, Tovar & I Built, Lease & Live.


And I Am Never Ashamed, Frightened Or Leary To Be A Visible Jew.

But Anne, Tovar, Our Horses & I . . . Are Not the Only People who Live on this Large Working Horse Farm . . . And Given the Hateful Unfounded Animosity Towards Israel & Jews in Particular throughout Canada, I Felt that I Didn’t Have the Right (Even Though Our Friends Who Own The Farm Were Supportive Of Our Mogen David Flag) to Place my Friends & their Business in Such Potential Jeopardy by Standing-Out as Supporters of Israel.

As I’m Writing This . . . So-Called Canadian Palestinians, Palestinian Supporters & No Shortage of Jew Haters Under the Guise of Sympathy for the “Poor” Palestinians who Started a Terror Campaign of Rocket Attacks (By The Thousands) Against Civilian Israeli Targets (Infrastructure [Hospitals, Schools, Community Centers Etc], Men, Women & Children) . . . Have Now Started Physical Attacks Against Canadian Jews.

What Kind Of People (Palestinians) Start A War Against Civilians & Then Hide Behind Their Most Vulnerable?


They Don’t Say-So . . . But It Is – What It Is.

In Spite Of What Far Too Many Canadians Believe . . . The Canadian Constitution (Charter Of Rights & Freedoms) is No Guarantee for Constitutional Freedoms, Since the “Constitution” of Canada was Put-Into-Force in 1982 by Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Father of the Liberal Justin Trudeau Jerk, who is the Current Prime Minister of Canada, which was Created by Trudeau Senior with the Codicil that Canada’s Charter of Rights & Freedoms . . . Was To Be A Living Document Subject to Judicial Changes & Interpretations.

A Constitution Open To Judicial Interpretation Is A Subjective Guarantee Only To “Selected” Freedoms.

In Canada . . . There is NO First Amendment. There is NO Second Amendment or Anything Close to It . . . And the Freedoms Americans Take for Granted are Freedoms in Canada that Might or Might Not be Constitutionally Guaranteed Subject to the Whimsical Interpretation of any Legislative Body, Including an Inconsequential Town Council and a Partial (Biased) Judiciary.

And If America Is Not Careful, Especially With Its Philosopher-King Inspired Supreme Court – America Will Be Like Canada.

In Canada . . . Our Rights were Always “ASSUMED” Rights – Never Codified in an Ironclad Document such as the American Bill Of Rights and the US Constitution, which were Defined Specifically to be Understood by American Laypeople in the Fewest & Clearest Number of Words.


What The “F” . . . Is This Stupid Cow Talking About?

There Are No Israeli Government Agencies . . . Legislating Anything in Gaza for the Gaza Palestinians. There are No Jews of any Nationality Living in Gaza. And for all Intents & Purposes . . . Gaza Is A 100% Sovereign Palestinian Territory.

I Heard Amy Kellog – Senior Correspondent of Fox News, Say On Sunday May 16, 2021 At 1:35 PM Eastern Time . . . that the Israeli Occupation is Equally to Blame as is Hamas for the Fact that the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza Have No Bomb Shelters to Run to, to Avoid the Israeli Retaliatory Artillery & Air Strikes.


Amy Kellogg Can Make All The Pained Dramatic Facial Gestures She Wants To . . . But Stupid Is As Stupid Says.

On August 16, 2005 . . . SIXTEEN YEARS AGO – Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Ordered all 7,000 Israeli Jews to Leave the Territory of Gaza . . . Abandoning their Houses of Worship (Synagogues), Schools, Health Clinics, Hospitals, Homes, Businesses, Farms, Greenhouses – Etc.

As A Matter Of Historical Fact . . . I Personally Witnessed Watching Israeli Soldiers in Real Time, Weeping as they Were Forced to Physically . . . And Often Violently DRAG Fellow Jews out of their Homes who Refused to Leave, with Virtually Nowhere for Them to Go.

More To The Point . . . Jews Worldwide, but Specifically American Jews, Raised Millions of Dollars to Buy the Abandoning Jewish Israeli Greenhouses in Gaza to GIVE to the Palestinian People as a Gift, for the Gaza Palestinians to Have a Significant Industry to Kick-Off their New SOVEREIGN Territory that will be JUDENFREI.

And What Did The Gaza Palestinians Do With These Million Dollar Greenhouses Given To Them As A Gift From The Jewish-World? . . . The Gaza Palestinians Trashed Them!


We Are Cursed By Stupid & Ignorant People & A Corrupt/Biased Media . . . I Won’t Fold To Anti-Freedom Nor To Anti-Semitism.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Forget Kellog – she’s a jerk. I must come to the defense of Fox News. Fox is the only major tv network that offers an honest conservative alternative to the Demorrhoid crapaganda everywhere else. Weeknights watch for Primetime at 7, Tucker Carlson at 8, Sean Hannity at 9 and Laura at 10. Saturday evening watch for Jesse Watters at 8 and Judge Jeanine at 9. Sunday evening it’s Mark Levin at 8 and Steve Hilton at 9. These patriots are the REAL DEAL and outshine the libtard lunatics by a long shot.

  2. Dan Bongino just joined Fox, I believe it’s a weekend Show. Refreshingly honest.

  3. This is a much bigger issue than just anti Semitism. The issue goes back a thousand years or more. It is Islam against the rest of the world. Primarily focussed on Jews, but also Christians, and the secular world. Iran calls the US “the Great Satan”, and have vowed to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth. And their $$ support terrorism, including Hamas. Why any sane Country would let these vile haters immigrate is beyond logic and common sense!

  4. Well Howard, once again, there are people that are in positions of authority that don’t believe what has happened historically. There was a Holocaust for the Jews, there was a Holocaust for the Armenians. People don’t like to hear about those sad parts of human history. We can learn form them and try to not repeat such hatred or remember the past and pray plus stand up to those persons who begin to walk down that road once more.

    Alan – Thank you for your Comment. What Happened to the Ukrainians by the Russians and to the Armenians by the Turks were Horrible acts of Genocide . . . BUT THERE WAS ONLY ONE HOLOCAUST – HG:

  5. I live on a farm and know enough to not poke a hornets nest every day and not expect a serious amount of stings back each time I poke the nest.

  6. Canada is now reduced to palestinian-supporting thugs beating up on Jews in our streets. I’m waiting for our esteemed PM who is anti-hate to make a strong statement against this. I guess I’ll be waiting a long time. It seems he is no different than the rest of these leftist idiots who see it ok to attack those they despise and disagree with on any level. These Leftist crumbs should know we have their number. They are not fooling anyone except their brainwashed followers.

  7. People who feel any kind of sympathy towards the people of Gaza should know that Hamas started the missiles barrage aiming at Israeli cities with the full intent of killing as many civilians as they can while the Israeli military strikes back with pinpoint precision trying to avoid civilian casualties. However, that is almost an impossible task since Hamas position ALL of their rocket launchers in civilian neighborhoods, on top of schools, homes, hospitals killing their own for the sake of PR.

  8. Excellent Editorial. How can so much hatred not just in North America but around the world be so hideously allowed to attempt to destroy a Religion, Ethnicity,Countries? To that I say…..I received your e-mail….and when I opened it, there was a YELLOW BANNER across the top indicating THIS MAY NOT BE SAFE. Gov’t, Media, Hi Tech are all in this together. AOL censors are apparently working overtime. Everything SEEMS out of control. That is what the LEFT loves. But NOT me.

  9. I have to agree with you on Fox News. Tucker is given more leash than the rest, but Hannity lost me long ago by making the rino Senator Lindsey Graham a regular on his show. Graham is one I’d love to see sent home for good; he talks big, but when it comes to really standing firm in the Senate, he’s as squishy as Louisiana mud. I quit watching all of them, preferring OANN for straight news.

  10. I still have video of the peaceful loving Palestinian people burning a synagogue and dancing and burning a Torah scroll when Gaxa was given to them. When the Palestinians were under Israeli occupation, really refugee camps, they lived far better then they do now. Do not let facts get in the way of a good story.

  11. It’s the same old same old. Why anybody would think it would be any different this time needs to wake up. If the Palestinians learned anything over the years, it’s how to play and manipulate the Western and World leftist media. They do it all the time. Notice how they waited until Biden got in to start this. They got the green light. One thing is for sure. You can’t keep poking the bear and expect nothing to happen. Unless of course you know you are going to get the world on your side!!

  12. The judiciary here in Canada is just as biased/crooked as that in the US – vis what happened to Trump’s ultra certain election. The fraud is everywhere. I personally got experienced by our judiciary as you did Howard. Quite an experience , transparent for all to see and breath taking in it’s zero in honesty. This is reflected in all government institutions – I think.

  13. I listened to a Pastor from Chicago yesterday and his sermon was based on Ezekiel Chapt. 39. I found the prophecy of how the Lord will handle the invasion of enemy nations against Israel so interesting – As if it was happening right now. I pray that the people of Israel will be strong and stay faithful.

  14. First of all, in my opinion Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who Ordered all 7,000 Israeli Jews to Leave the Territory of Gaza . . . Abandoning their Houses of Worship (Synagogues), Schools, Health Clinics, Hospitals, Homes, Businesses, Farms, Greenhouses – Etc. did the worst thing anyone could have done. That land has been the Jews every since it was GIVEN to them by God who is the only one who has the right to take it away. He was ignorant and Jews have paid the price since then.

  15. Canada is a Democracy! The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic! And now you begin to see the difference. I will bet you that less than 10% of our ‘?Public servants?’ can tell you what the difference is.

  16. There needs to be petition started to make Ariel Sharon’s grave into a pubic latrine. Sharon uprooted Israeli Jews without compensation and gave Gaza to the PLO – when Egypt did not want the strip back. Sharon is the reason Gaza is a deadly problem to Israel.

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