How Badly Does The Supreme Court Want To Crash & Burn?


Take All The Anecdotal Information, Sworn Testimony & Evidentiary Facts & There’s No Question Who Won On November 3rd.


Make No Mistake About It – The People We Trust Most – Are The People We Should Be Trusting The Least.

There is No Question that America and the World Will Be in a Very Bleak Place if the LEFT Seizes Power in the United States of America . . . But even if President Donald Trump Retains his Presidency – the LEFT (Communists) Won’t Rest Without Some Serious Restrictions – Legal & Practical.

I Have Often Written (For Years) . . . That the Greatest Threat we Have as a Free Society, are the Freedoms that Make us Free, Construed by Men & Women (Appointed Judges) we Trust to Enforce our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms, who Instead of Applying the Meaning of the Laws, Interpret the Laws as they see Fit . . . As Philosopher Kings Rather Than Straight-Up Guardians Of The Freedoms.


The LEFT Love To Debate . . . the More the LEFT can Debate, the More the LEFT can Muddy the Waters, and the More Interpretive the Laws Become, which Eventually Morph into What the Jurists Decide the Laws Should Actually Mean, Opposed to What the Laws were Designed to Mean.


The Segment Of This Editorial Is Not About Language . . . It’s About Freedom.

Let Me Give You An Example . . . In Canada, the Constitution (Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms) Defines Freedom of Expression as Meaning – Freedom to Express Oneself in all Venues such as Speech, Written, Electronic – Etc . . . Is That Clear Enough?

However . . . In the Political Landscape of Canada, which by Canadian Definition, is that Canada is a Bilingual Country (English & French), which in all Practicality CANADA is Not; in the Province of Ontario for Example, where the French Language Accounts for LESS Than 4% of the Entire Population of almost 15-Million People, Certain Jurisdictions (Communities) Near the City of Ottawa Mandated the FORCED Use of BILINGUAL Commercial (Retail/Industrial) Signs.

In Effect . . . Taking Away Freedom of Expression, Considering that a Person in These Jurisdictions Can by Law Only Express Himself or Herself as the Government Sees Fit. And in the French Speaking Majority Province of Quebec, The Unrestricted Use Of The English Language Is Against The Law.

So One Might Ask . . . Do The People Or Don’t The People Have Freedom Of Expression In Canada? The Answer is . . . Canadians have Freedom of Expression – as Long as a Federal Court Says Canadians Do . . . But To What Extent?

The Extent Of Freedom Of Expression In Canada Is Defined Thus . . . Not Necessarily as to What is Said, but Rather, in Which Language the Message is Said (Conveyed). But Given this Reality, How Far Down this Slippery Slope will it Be Before What is Said in Addition to – How It’s Said . . . Will Become The Law?

Taken What I Just Wrote . . . & Given the Reality of the Censored Social Media Worldwide . . . How Long do you Think all of Our Freedoms of Expression will be Interpreted – Not by what was Intended by the Constitution, but Rather, by the Appointed People who Interpret the Meaning of the Constitution?


I Have Never Advocated Violence In All Of My Speeches & Writings . . . But On Multiple Occasions I Have Encouraged Civil Disobedience, and even More-So, I’ve Actively Organized & Led Peaceful Actions of Disobedience – And If Now Is Not The Time To Stand-Up & Be Counted . . . There will Never be Another Time in our Lifetime, at Least at my Age – Not in my Lifetime.

And If you are Not Prepared to Peacefully Take to the Streets Here & Now to Stand-Up for what you Believe – and for your Freedoms, When you will Finally be Prepared to Fight for what is Being Stolen From You (All Of Us) . . . Peaceful Will Not Be A Word To Describe The Consequences.

Every Tyranny Begins The Same – The Velvet Glove Of Understanding Becomes An Armored Gauntlet Of Oppression.


I Believe With Great Trepidation . . . The Supreme Court of the United States of America will Find or Create a Philosophical Excuse to Camouflage their Cowardice in the Face of the Single Greatest Threat to the Freedom of Humanity (The Stealing Of An American Presidential Election), because the Supreme Court Justices, Save Perhaps a Few, Have Lost Touch with the True Meaning of their Position to Defend, Not just the Nuance of the American Constitution, but Rather, The Very Essence Of The American Constitution.

At A Time When Humanity Needs Clear Thinking Patriot Fighters . . . The World Has Supreme Pretenders To Justice.

I Say Again . . . Take To The Streets – Let all our Politicians & those who Believe that we Serve them Opposed to them Serving us in One Way or Another – Understand that the Consequences of their Actions will Not be Benign.

I’ve Already Told The Conservative Party Of Canada, In No Uncertain Words, Where They Can Take Their Drivel & Shove It . . . Just as I’ve Done the Same with the “Progressive” Conservative Party of Ontario. If these So-Called “Conservatives” Want to Kiss Liberal Ass, They Can Kiss Mine Too, and Wait for Support from the People (LEFT) whose Intention is to Bury them Along with Us.

I Blew-Off Fox News & Welcomed Newsmax & the Epoch Times. I Told Netflix where to Go as Well, even though they send Emails Several Times every Week Begging me to Come Back. I Won’t Watch any Professional Sports. Nor will I Shop at any Store that Doesn’t Live-Up to my Values.

I Will Get Together With Whomever I Want To Get Together With . . . When & Where I Want to Get Together. And I Won’t Wear a Mask – Unless there is No Other Choice for me to Purchase a Product and/or a Service I Really Need to Purchase.  As for Buying something Made in China . . . Only When That’s A Last Resort & I Really Need To Purchase What I Need.

If There’s An Anti-Lockdown – Anti-Mask Protest . . . I’ll Be There. If there is any Way I can Punish Anyone for Violating my Personal & Civil Rights & Freedoms . . . I Will Punish Them To The Max. And when Someone (Anyone) Opens their Liberal Mouth to Spew their Socialist Crapola, I Will Shout-Them Down As Loudly & As Aggressively As I Can – No Matter When Or Where.


And If The Government Tells Me To Stop Speaking, Writing Or Advocating – They Too Can Shove-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In addition to Newsmax and the Epoch Times, another good source is the One America News Network (OANN.Com if you can’t get them on cable).

  2. You say: “As for Buying something Made in China . . . Only When That’s A Last Resort & I Really Need To Purchase What I Need.” You won’t believe this Howard, I bought a pair of boots at Walmart yesterday and guess what, they are MADE IN CANADA !!!! I was shocked. I wonder if it’s because of the plandemic and the china virus that we see the beginning of companies re-starting to manufacture in Canada. I hope the trend continues.The supreme court will cave, I’m pissed !!!!

  3. Great article again Howard. Living in Georgia we have a Governor who is AWOL and a Secretary of State who hates Trump. We are seeing the same voting problems again – being bombarded with absentee request. The Dems have brought in people and money from out of state (big money). There is Atlanta & Savannah – then the rest of the state mostly conservative.Unless there are changes we will have the same!

  4. Before buying, read the label and remember this: ABC, which stands for Anywhere But China. We don’t have a voice in the media, but we sure as hell can hit the enemy where it hurts.

  5. I have come back to your site and continue to find it to the point and refreshing in the face of all the other media crappola…. Keep up the good work. Thanks. pH

  6. Howard, great article. For the special election in Georgia, they should not allow ANY mail in voting whatsoever. Only real live voting on the day of the vote should be allowed. Stacy Abrams can take her mail-in-ballots and shove them. Won’t the people ever learn!

  7. Thank you Howard as always for your wonderful editorial. Both our countries are in trouble with our nutty Senators on the left side of the room no matter who they are they want to bring our countries down, I do not buy from China no matter how much I need it. Take care you and Anne be safe & keep well. God help us all .

  8. Howard, the Supreme Court Judges had better THINK TWICE before CAVING IN because were Biden to become Pres., he and his cohorts would PACK THE COURT, thus a THREAT to this COURT! Trump spoke of VOTER FRAUD in 2018 and has/had already PREPARED himself to CONFRONT this CRISIS! It appears that his GOAL has/had been to do just that–TO GO TO THE SUPREME COURT for a WIN! The Supreme Court now holds a CONSERVATIVE majority and looks PROMISING for Trump. Hope I’m right! GO TRUMP GO! GOD HELP US! AMEN!

  9. The Supreme Court may opt for a stance in place of a true Justice delivery. Even if that is self destructive. Th dual election massive “fix” is plain to see. It is a totally rigged “election”. Fronted by the “media”, systems wide scam. Durham, Sullivan and Barr knew all along just as much as Graham, Feinstein and the rest knew or participated in the massive “fix”. Hidden Bidden did not have to campaign… he knew it was all set up. I dread if the Obamatites sail through. Blocking?

  10. AMEN Howard, you are right on again. If our Supreme Court does in fact trash he Constitution, then we have had it!!!!!!!!!

  11. Agree Howard. The final straw for us shopping at Walmart was when we found out they gave money to the terrorist group BLM. We also try to not buy things in China and the third reason we don’t shop at Walmart is their use of majority self checkout. They crossed the line for us.

  12. Howard, if you had watched levin on Fox last night, he had a college professor on, that told the truth. This is a Marxist movement, to destroy America and rebuild into a communist nation. Please note Bidens written statements and verbal comments ,rebuild America right. The militant wing is antifa, headed up by no other then Barak Huessien Obama, w/ an office 2miles from the white house. This operation is financed by none other then George Soros, The Clinton foundation and other such groups.

  13. I share your thoughts and actions 100% and as the line goes. “O Canada, some of us stand on guard for thee”. We anxiously await for what will happen in America. It seems to be far from over yet. Fight on President Trump, the world needs you more than ever today.

  14. Great article Howard, as usual! I agree with you totally in that we must start PUSHING BACK! WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING,EVIL TRIUMPHS!

  15. Loved this, Howard: “And when Someone (Anyone) Opens their Liberal Mouth to Spew their Socialist Crapola, I Will Shout-Them Down As Loudly & As Aggressively As I Can – No Matter When Or Where.” I no sooner stepped out of my car last week when a woman shouted over to me to WEAR A MASK!” Before my mouth engaged with my mind, (or maybe it did) I was telling her in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to “MIND HER OWN BUSINESS!!!” What’s happening to people that they feel justified in scolding perfect strangers?

  16. This is way more than vote fraud. This is an attempted overthrow of a sitting President by hostile foreign powers aided by the America CIA in order to place a puppet of China in the White House. Let’s not forget that Kamala Harris was in Hunter Biden’s computer as a Chian contact along with the traitorous whore Dianne Feinstein.

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