They’re All Angry – Why So Angry?


I Watched Obama Giving A Stump-Speech Today (October 27, 2020), which Reminded me why Obama was Such a Disgrace to the Greatness of the American Dream . . . BUT WORSE – Why Have so Many of the American People Become a Disgrace to the Knowledge of their own History & Sacrifice.


I Have Written Countless Times . . . How I Believe that our Educators are the Basis of all the Problems which Plague our Societies, since it all Stems from the Foundation of Critical Thinking, Meaning – How Can We as an Educated Population have NOT Learned to Absorb & Separate all the Facts Available to Us, so we Could Come to Conclusions which Best Reflects the Reality . . . Where We Find Ourselves?

Critical Thought Takes Thinking, Questioning & Reasoning.


The One Constant, where the LEFT . . . which Includes Democrats, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and their Core Supporters, even Amongst the More Passive LEFTIST Population, is in their Level of Anger & Darkness, Where to People like You & Me – A Free Society Should Be Venerated, but to them, For An Unintelligible Reason . . . Individual Freedoms Are Actuality Despised.

This Doesn’t Just Happen . . . This Level Of Anger, Ignorance & Intolerance Is Indoctrinated Over Years Of Propaganda.

From the Politicians, the Bureaucrats, and the Media – Including Social Media . . . The Anger, Intolerance, Ignorance, Misinformation & Invectiveness has Become Intolerable & Dangerous.

And Who’s To Blame For This Disgraceful Socio/Political Truth Of The 21st Century?

The Politicians, Bureaucrats, Media of all Stripe & Average People on the LEFT are the Product of their Education. They Have Learned How to be Intolerant of the Views of Others (Safe Spaces) & Accepting of Untruths without Question (Critical Thinking).


It’s Appalling To Come To The Conclusion – That The Possible Death Of Freedom Started In Kindergarten.


1 – The First Challenge – Is Winning The November 3rd Election.

2 – The Second Challenge – Is Keeping The United States From Civil War.

3 – The Third Challenge – Is What To Do About The American Educational System.

Even If President Trump Wins This Election . . . As I Surmise He Will . . . What’s Going to Happen in Four Years from Now, if the Same Blather by the Same Antagonists Continues Unabated?

WORSE – What if President Trump Wins the White House . . . But Loses the Senate and the House, or Keeps Just one of Them? Will the Never-Ending Kangaroo Courts to Fully Impeach “Trump” Cease to Exist, bringing the American Government Back to some Form of Normalcy? Not Only Do I Doubt-It . . . I Can Pretty-Much Guarantee It Won’t.

If the LEFT were to Win the White House or Senate . . . the Men & Women who were Responsible for the Attempted Impeachment of the President of the United States of America, and the All-Out Assaults on Conservative Americans (Tea Partiers – Etc), and the Political Weaponization of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Department, IRS – Etc, will be Home Free – To In Effect . . . Carry-On Their Soft Tyranny.


As A Jewish Person, even though I am a Canadian . . . Selfishly – I Am Terrified at the Thought that the LEFT Could & Would Control the World if Donald Trump is Either Defeated or Politically Neutered.


6-Million Jews Were Slaughtered In The Concentration Camps – But So Were 6-Million Non-Jews.

Anti-Semitism Isn’t A Perception . . . Jew-Hatred Never Went Away & Never Will, and Given the FACT, that the LEFT (Socialists/Communist) . . . No Less than the Far Right (Fascists & Nazis) are Jew-Haters – is a Terrifying Prospect, Knowing that they Could-Be in Command of Jewish Freedoms . . . But It Doesn’t End There.

If You Think What I Just Wrote Is An Exaggeration – Ask Any Jew Who Escaped Communism Or Fascism.


About 1,000 Motor Vehicles Owned & Driven Under The Auspices Of “Jews For Trump” – Peacefully Paraded (Conveyed) through the Streets of New York City this Past Weekend, Displaying Trump Signs, Banners & American Flags, who were Pelted by Goons with Eggs & Rocks. So Who Was Arrested?

Other Jewish Owned Vehicles Came Under a Far More Personalized Attack, with Thugs Physically Assaulting Jews in their Vehicles. So Who Was Arrested?

Jews are Beaten-Upon, Threatened & Insulted just about Every Day on the Streets of Mostly Jewish Boroughs in New York City. So Who Was Arrested?

With The Disgraceful Help Of The American Media – Religious Jews were SPECIFICALLY Singled-Out in New York City for Special Treatment by DeBlasio & Governor Cuomo, as Virus Super-Spreaders, when Statistically & Scientifically, that Canard was Proven to be an Outright Lie. So Where’s The Apology & Public Media Retraction?


We Know From What They Said . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib are all Socialist Anti-Semites of the First Order, as are their Cohorts – Who are Anti-Semitic People like Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison & Louis Farrakhan to Name Just a Few.

They Don’t Hate Jews, So They Say . . . They Just Hate The Jewish State Of Israel & The Jews Who Support Israel.

If Biden Were To Win The White House . . . It Would Mean Harris Becomes President of the United States of America, and the Above Mentioned Socialist Anti-Semites will Have an Enormous Amount of Influence over the Rules, Laws, and the Direction America will Travel Domestically & Internationally, For Far Beyond Four Years.

And that Means You (Conservatives) – Just Like Me (The Jew) . . . Will Be In Their Cross-Hairs.


They Will Kill America – And What’s Happening To Jews Now, Is Only A Precursor Of What Will Happen To All Of Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We already have a one-party state. There’s no difference between establishment Democrats and Republican parties. Both of them are spending all their time figuring out how to keep robbing us blind and stupid and have been for decades. obama was the most blatant one, but there’s no difference between politician and looters except that politicians pass laws to do thing WE THE PEOPLE would go to prison for doing. I’m not a Republican–I am a Trumplican.

  2. We must win both the House and the Senate along with Trump to get our freedoms back to what it should be. I’m thinking Trump will win and both the House and Senate could win enough people to make both Republican. I’m also thinking that the left will go out of their minds if they loose everything. It will be just like the last election, the left thought they had everything covered with all of their voter fraud but didn’t count on the good Americans votes. It may end up as a shooting war.

  3. If President Trump loses then we all lose. I agree with you Howard; people are idiots. Biden should not even be close.

  4. I am terrified that we may lose the House & Senate. And with Trump at the Helm for 4 more years it is going to be Same Crap Different Day. I voted last Thursday & voted for Trump/Pence & every Republican I felt ‘worthy’ of MY vote. This election truly is THE ELECTION that MAY change the WORLD. Vote Trump. God Help Trump and ALL of America.

  5. Praise God and pass the ammunition and we’ll all go free. My greatest fear is the left will gain the senate, thus as you say “neutering the president”. RC&SunA

  6. I’m certain there will be chaos no matter who wins – if Trump (because he won) – if the other side (because they will feel free to be chaotic). The one side will try to mitigate the problem while the other side will encourage it.

  7. How could Biden honestly win? He promises to raise taxes, put us back under Obamacare, reverse the great paths President Trump has instituted, force masks on every person in the US and “put us all in chains,” so to speak. Who are the people who actually want this? Biden is unable to speak coherently for more than a few minutes, which makes a win for him likely to be fraud, which, by the way, he actually admitted is organized, as shown on a video clip on the Tucker Carlson show last week.

  8. It seems inconceivable that the greatest country the world has ever known will commit cultural and economic suicide a few days from now. But then, millions of dumbed-down idiots voted twice for the worst president in the nation’s history. At least we can credit The Donald for placing 3 sterling conservative judges on the Supreme Court. For this we owe him our everlasting gratitude.

  9. The commie left is crazy for power Got to vote the crazy ones out forever and save our coiuntry

  10. I agree with every point you hit on but will only respond to one: Biden is the unknowing, sacrificial (?) pipeline tp get Harris in office. . . . and the moment Joe is declared incompetent, which won’t take the Left long, we are in a world of hurt and the trilogy of terrorist politicians you mentioned will be on board with her.

  11. WE can only pray that Trump and the house will win. I hope there are enough people to vote for Trump over Biden and that he has got himself in some very hot water now with this man who went on T.V. tonight with Tucker Carlson and spilled the beans on the Bidens. Yes knew that Biden would be gone and the witch would take over being President. Did not take a rocker seienctist to figure that out. Pray & vote for the right people and by the way Howard not everyone dislikes Jews wish a happy week

  12. People have become weak and wishy-washy in both thinking and actions, so they have naturally been attracted to like, do-nothing leaders. These leaders mirror what they feel. People feel soft, compassionate and easy-going on many issues, so as a result no longer demand harsh or definitive actions from their leaders. Just look at Canada and Trudeau. And look at the way Trump ruffles so many feathers. The rise of weak ideologies and leadership is an antithesis to the strength Trump stands for.

  13. Howard, I have been reflecting on Why are they so angry. I think that you have given us one of the answers. Who was it that decided that every child should get a first place ribbon for being in a completion? Probably a teacher with the rationale that “we” don’t want to hurt their feelings. That is not life! Not everyone gets to where they would like to be,so accept that rational. Or try again with more work. Now those children are adults and angry and want to get that undeserved reward! Tamperon

  14. Biden has been compromised as evidenced on Tucker Carlson last night. Bobolinski has blown up the Biden Crime Family. Stay tuned folks!

  15. Used to say, 535 congressional bodies in DC, all corrupt. Now after decades of educational brainwashing, I am saying millions of corrupt takers bullying the naive, mindless makers trying to satisfy the spoiled child by giving it what its demanding, is causing an irreversable chaotic division no matter whose in the Oval Office. I fear that it will be civil war, but not just a few states, every state in the union. And Mr. G, the left not only hates Jews, they hate GODS people everywhere.

  16. Howard, you have hit the nail on the head. What we are seeing today is the failure of our lieniency of the sixty’s. The import of foreign professors into our colleges, during this period was i believe the root cause of the problems of then and today. Many of these prof’s came from socialist and communist countries and projected their views on to weak minded, impressionable young people. This could be called “brain washing”. These students of the 60’s are the teachers of today.

  17. I just have 3 words to say here if you are American – VOTE FOR TRUMP.

  18. If you look at how many radicals, particularly Muslims, have gained positions of power along with a barmaid it it easy to see who is being funded by the likes of Soros, destabilising America & Canada. BLM & Anitfa are by-products of the propaganda of the four and led by incompetent Biden, Kamala Harris’s puppet. Next Tuesday we can only hope 2016 is repeated to the stunning amazement of the pundits and pollsters. Trump must win or we all lose, including the perpetrators of socialism. Vote Trump

  19. How can anybody think that Biden can win this election when you see all the people attending the Trump rallies? They know the only way they can win is to lie, cheat, and steal, and the rallies prove it. You’d have to be Helen Keller to not see that Trump has a following of millions and the support behind him to win this election. If only voter fraud didn’t exist, as “they” say. But sadly it does, along with ballot harvesting, dead people voting, people voting multiple times, etc. JUST VOTE!

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